Good Search will support our efforts.

Good Search uses the Yahoo Search Engine

Go to

Below where it says:

Who do You GoodSearch for? 
type in (or cut and paste) International Wellness Directory

Every time you search there, one penny will be donated to our organization.
If everyone of our half a million readers did this just once a day, we'd be out of debt in one month.

Below our name, you'll see Free! - Get GoodSearch for your IE, Firefox or Mac toolbar


For you Windows Users, go to Microsoft Update and get the latest version of Internet Explorer.

After IE version 7 is installed, in the top right you'll see a search window.

You can click on the down arrow (to the right of the magnifying glass)

for Search Options,

choose Find More Providers

GoodSearch is NOT listed, so you have to do a search for it


IN YELLOW  is where you will Create Your Own.

Now this is a bit tricky, but listen up:

In Step 3, paste/type this:

In Step 4, type: GoodSearch.

Then hit 

That's it...from now on, you can search GoodSearch from your computer using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 AND every search will send a penny to the International Wellness Directory so we can keep doing what we do best: Save Lives!

Blessings to All,