Companies and individuals often send us products and copies of their books or CDs to review. We cannot conduct double blind or clinical studies, but we will give your our honest opinion of a product. We have nothing to gain or lose in this process, since we do not sell the things we review.

Reviews of Photo/DVD/Video Software

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AminocareŽ A supplement to prevent cancer and creams that reverse wrinkles at the genetic level.
Atomidine  Detoxified Iodine, we review two different versions.

Smoke Rx

Used to be called 7 Day Smoke Away, but was confused with Smoke Away, who refused to join in our review. They finally had to change their name.

Amazon Herbs

Quality herbs harvested in a manner that preserves the rain forests and created a cottage industry for the indigenous natives.
Chia (Salba) Chia is a superfood, filled with your essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and much more.
De Coco-Crčam The best, creamiest, and tastiest PURE coconut oil you can find.
Electrolyzed Water Thirty years of experience in Japan with this technology; finally came to America where the product was stabilized. This is one of the best products we've ever had the honor to review.

Essential Oils

Newsletter May 03, also see Essential Oils I and Essential Oils II
EnergyCel A device to get better gas mileage with fewer emissions.
Eniva High quality vitamins and minerals.


For Your Inflammation.
Heartland Products Natural products for your home.
Heart Math We are currently working with the Heart Math Institute on a review of one of their programs.  
Himalayan Salt There is more to salt than chemicals. There is subtle energy.
Jiaogulan Tea China's Immortality Herb.
Learning Strategies Paraliminal CDs


Years ago, when we first found this series on tape, it was a great program. Since then, they've added HoloSync™ technology to the Paraliminals and put them out on CD. They are even better.

Learning Strategies has some of the best programs we've ever found. They are life changing.

Magnascent Still another version of Edgar Cayce's nascent iodine, but this time we have the instructions.


Smoking cessation help.
NOW Foods Super Enzymes  Very good digestive enzymes with extra acid.
Nutiva Health foods from hemp, flax, and coconut oil. Healthy never tasted so good.
NutriBullet Rx A blender that blends into drinks and cooks them into soups.  
OraWellness A program for periodontal disease.
Omegasentials The best food product we've ever discovered in all our years searching.
Salley Enterprises The best herbal skin creams we've every had the pleasure of using, let alone reviewing. One of our previous reviews is here: December 2006.
Shivani's Soap Homemade, pure soaps.
Smoke Away We contacted these folks, but they refused to join in our reviews of quitting smoking tools. They advertise heavily.
TF Cardio Targeted Transfer Factor for Heart Health.

Transfer Factor Plus

An Immune System Booster May 03

Quitting Time Watch

An amazing tool to help you quit and keep your mind focused on the goal.



Burzynski ─ The Movie We've interviewed Dr Burzynski and talked about his cure for hopeless cancers. This movie is just so much better than reading about this genius.
The Calcium Bomb The Nanobacteria Link to Heart Disease and Cancer.
Cancer Salves One of the best books we've ever had the honor of reviewing, filled with history, instructions, and guidance.
Cancer The Forbidden Cures A very unique movie made from archived footage and interviews. Very comprehensive.
Cancer’s Natural Enemy Great eBook for anyone battling cancer.
Coconut Cures An amazing book about this amazing food, by Bruce Fife, ND
Coconut Flour Bruce Fife has created some great recipes from this high fiber food.
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Bruce Fife has another winning book.
Dying to have Known The story of Dr Max Gerson's nutritional cure for cancer. A beautifully crafted movie that is truly moving.
The End of All Diseases A story of mystery, intrigue and unsolved homicides. The story of a cure for disease that would have wiped out Wall Street, but instead, it ended the lives and careers of all involved.
Facing the Wall: A Mission The story of an ex marine with PTSD as seen through his loving wife's eyes.
Fat Flush Plan Better than Atkins! Newsletters July 03 and Sep 03.
Fear Cancer No More His wife died from cancer, and so he set out on a journey that led to this book.
Iodine — Why You Need It; Why You Can’t Live Without It Dr Brownstein's consummate book on Iodine. A must reading for everyone.
The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil The best book around on the history, use, and healing properties of coconut oil.
Money Driven Medicine by Dr David K. Cundiff, MD. You can read this book online.
Money Driven Medicine by Maggie Mahar
Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing Dr Bruce Fife goes into detail in this subject that for two years I've been researching and trying in order to write an article. Thanks Dr I don't have to write the book.
The Omega-3 Miracle A very thorough book by one of our favorites, Dr Garry Gordon.
Painless Cancer Cures A book by Deanna K Loftis, RN, BBA. She tells us her quest of answers began at this site.
The Palm Oil Miracle Dr Bruce Fife has one more book on Palm's like Olive Oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A all in one.
Side Effects A great movie you'll want to watch, share, then watch again. Also, a great documentary: Money Talks--Profits Before Patient Safety.
The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius:
The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife
Double DVD set that will have you glued to your television. You get to look through the Rife Microscope, listen to Rife speak, watch interviews with people who knew and worked closely with this genius.
Sweet Misery One great documentary on Aspartame; it's history and the destruction it has left behind.
Understanding Trauma:
A New Approach to Healing the Sources of Conflict
A revolutionary method of healing the pain and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Virgin Coconut Oil

A Book by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy.