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The 2015 International Wellness Directory
(expected to be updated in 2017)
This is the largest directory of this sort ever constructed. It cost us over $2,000.00 to make it, thanks to all the people who have donated to our cause. We're going to try to make another in 2017, but we will have to bring in a lot more donations to do so.
This was once part of our 3rd Edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota. It was once available on real paper with a real cover (printed on 100% hemp paper from Canada).

To print, we turned everything to shades of grey for printing and editing, so we apologize for the lack of color.
Using the latest science in exercise, nutrition, and metabolism, people who have followed this routine have lost up to 9 pounds per week.

You also get a special page at our site for updates.

And this book will be updated soon (we hope) to include a maintenance program.
       These two books were written by a friend of our site. The first is Cancer's Natural Enemy, the story of oleander and Anvirzel and how to make the herbal extract safely, and Collected Home Remedies.

You can purchase both right here (they will be sent to you by email) for $15.95

Reprieve and Other Shorts
The author/editor of this site has been writing for years. Valuing his anonymity more than fame or fortune, his stories have been published in literary journals and some have won awards here and there.

But now, I (the author) have decided we need to do a bit of fundraising and so I am offering a tantalizing Collectors Edition of my shorts.

Sure, copies will soon be available for less, but still, they will be overpriced because you are not only buying my life's work, you are donating to one heck of a good cause: saving peoples' lives.

Testimonial (after reading just one short): "I laughed, I cried, I demanded a copy of his book when its finished!" ~ Rose P, Edina, Minnesota


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