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Gary (GLG002). He told me, "I love my truck."

She won't tell me her real name (gee, I wonder why...LOL). She's a student of Qigong.

Jeannie is one of the first people I met online. She's a chef here in Minneapolis.

Nita, a fellow computer wiz from Duluth who beat a brain tumor. She is filled with light.

Fran (FF179) and Kirst32313 at the Hugfest in Atlantic City.

Lesley, from San Francisco is beating breast cancer.

Sumer, Camranger, Teapot, NoSleep. Betsy, and Mimi at the Mass gathering.

Mimi and Betsy at Hugfest, AC.

Mona (MCBorja).

Roadhzrd2 (Nancie) and her husband.

PEGASUSn10, one of the originals from the Cancer Support room. She makes everyone smile.

Phil6740 (Tom), and Rox.