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The History of Electrolyzed Water

Our journey to understanding electrolyzed water begins with a man who was self educated. He worked for a book binder and at nights he read the books brought in for binding; he read voraciously. One of the most influential books he read during this time was the first set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, published in just three volumes.

The section that interested him the most was the section on “electricity.”

Michael Faraday today is considered the father of electrical engineering.

Faraday was amazing. I know this personally because one of the early science classes I taught was inspired by his research. Here is a quotation from Faraday: “There is no more open door by which you can enter into the study of natural philosophy than by considering the physical phenomena of a candle.”

We have to keep in mind that “natural philosophy” today is “science,” and the experiments he performed using just a plain, wax candle are even today amazing because in the eyes of the children in my humble little class on the science behind the candle registered gleefully the entire hour. I know they went home to show their parents.

In 1834, Faraday founded the principle of “electrolysis” in water. He wrote up the principles, the rules, and the how-to’s. But that was it. He could think of no use for it and the concept was shelved. Later on, other scientists would dabble with this concept (Nicholson & Grotthus), but they to found no practical use for it and again the subject was shelved.

Now if you are researching electrolyzed water machines, you will most likely run into the Hunza water. Someone is always talking about the Hunza water. Here’s what I found at one site (selling, of course, electrolyzed water):

It is thought that Dr. Henri Coanda, a renowned Rumanian scientist and subsequent Nobel Prize winner, was the first to explore water within the realm of applied science. He is known primarily for his study of fluid dynamics and his aeronautic inventions. However, his obsession with the structure of water was not to be extinguished. His scientific quest was based on a personal search for a source of longevity and his hunch that it was the water of Hunza that would satisfy his mission. In the 1930's Henri Coanda personally journeyed to the country of Hunza to investigate his hypothesis that the water of Hunza had a unique chemistry that fueled the remarkable health and longevity of the native people. []

The thing they want you to believe is that their machine will deliver you something nearly identical to Hunza water. This is bulltwaddle.

I have no idea what Hunza water has to do with electrolyzed water other than Hunza water has minerals in it that raises its pH.

Electrolysis sat shelved until right after WWII when the Russians again began dabbling with it. When the Japanese heard of this, they too got interested. Perhaps the studies of “healing” Hunza waters enticed them to experiment with water electrolysis, we don’t know, but we do know that working together with the Russians, they produced the first “water ionizers.”

In the early fifties, Japanese universities put their “electrolyzed water” to the test in numerous studies. The first thing they learned was that plants thrived better on acidic water, and that cut plants lived longer in acidic water. Human and animal studies would take longer, but they quickly realized that they did not thrive on the acidic water and those studies quickly concluded that drinking acidic water was not beneficial at all, but in fact was obviously detrimental to ones health.

After 10 years of research, Japan finally certified electrolyzed water for medical uses. It’s funny, but there are a lot of “skeptic” sites on the web that “attempt” to debunk electrolyzed water. Some tell you that it’s impossible to make water acidic or alkaline without adding chemicals. Another site claims that the Japanese are easily fooled by quackery.

I remember in the mid eighties when Japan dumped their televisions on our shores for less than they cost to make and within just a few short months destroyed the American television market.

So who is easily fooled? I’ve found only one American company that manufactures televisions today.

The first use for electrolyzed water was its acidic form. At a pH of 4.5 to 3.0, it can kill all bacteria and parasites on very expensive cuts of fish without harming the fish. Sushi is a way of life in Japan, not just a food. This has saved the industry untold millions over the years.

Next the acidic water was used on wounds because it killed fungus, bacteria, and even viruses on contact. The first video I ever watched on electrolyzed water showed patients soaking their feet in acidic electrolyzed water.

Acidic electrolyzed water was used to clean instruments and used throughout hospitals. In the eighties, Korean officials passed the machines for use there, and as usual, the first uses were in hospitals.

Today, they’ve been able to create water with a pH of 13, which is now used in hospitals because water at that pH kills all pathogens on contact. Even though it is water, they’ve discovered that users should keep covered and not get splashed with even water at that pH.

Today, it is estimated that 20% of homes in Japan have electrolyzed water machines. All the hospitals have them, for sure. Millions of units and other devices for making electrolyzed water are manufactured yearly. Hospitals everywhere are adopting the technology for cleaning since, in the end, the water is environmentally sound since it eventually reverts back to a neutral pH.

There are many companies making these machines and touting benefits. Some of the companies are honest, some less than honest. Multi-level Marketing companies charge thousands of dollars for their machines.

Personally, I like the Bawell company because I heard about it from a friend and reader who raved about their machine and Bawell approached me asking me if I’d like to try one out. They are easy to install and much easier on the pocketbook. You can visit their site by simply clicking on the picture of their Premiere Water Ionizer.


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