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Understanding Trauma: 
A New Approach to Healing the Sources of Conflict
by Janet Thornton


Janet sent us her book for review because of our web page on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Janet set out to write a book with many chapters, but upon finishing the first chapter, she decided that this alone was enough to explain her theory concerning her approach to healing trauma wounds.

So she self published her first chapter in a booklet form and sent us a copy.

Having researched the topic of healing Trauma for many years now, I am often surprised at the sheer number of methods used in this field. Janet has created another one. One that I first became familiar with while doing some Earnie Larson work. However, Janet goes a lot deeper into it than I had ever suspected possible. 

Many of our behaviors are passed onto us, quite subtly. We never really know where they came from, and no matter what method you use to relive a previous trauma, there will be behaviors that seem to come out of nowhere.

There is a theory of behavior called "atavism." We are said to have atavistic behaviors, at times.

For most people, atavism has a biological meaning: the reappearance of a trait that has been absent for a few generations.

In psychology, it describes ancestral behavioral traits that have suddenly showed up. How they got there, is unknown. But, they’re there!

Janet’s book, Understanding Trauma: A New Approach to Healing the Sources of Conflict, is a brand new approach. She goes into those behaviors that seem to come out of nowhere by locating where they came from, our ancestors. As she puts it, she has learned to "stop the cycle of negativity that exists within my family simply by doing my own work conscious of myself as an embodiment of that family."

Her little book is inexpensive, wonderful, and a true eye opener for anyone who is stuck in the healing process working through past traumas. If you are stuck, this might give you a vantage point from which to gain new insights into your pain and how to heal from it.

You can look for a copy at www.webbooksuk.com or write to Janet at [email protected].