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In the previous article, Spring Forest Qigong, you learned the basic self massage; this is the minimum massage you should do after a Qigong session. 

Now you are ready to learn the full massage. It is stimulating, relaxing, and helps your organs to detox, not to mention getting the qi flowing through your meridians, because we will be stimulating acupuncture points along many of your major organ meridians. You do not need to know exactly where these meridians are or which organ systems they are associated with; just do this full massage and you'll be sure to hit them all.

The Face

Previously we washed the face energetically. Now we are going to work on some important points. You are going to use the knuckles on your thumbs. Your hands in a loose fist, tips of your thumbs captured by your pointing finger (resting/pushing against the knuckle of your pointing finger), your thumb knuckle will be bent, pointing toward you. Start at the eye socket, alongside the nose, and twisting your hands, massage up and down from the top to the bottom alongside your nose. There are some very important points here. Do this a couple of times. If this doesn't feel right, just rub the sides of your nose up and down with your fingers.

Next we will go around the eyes. Using your thumbs, start at the top of the eye socket, inside and work outwards. Follow the illustration below, points 1 - 8, and simply press inward with your thumbs. Do not pull the skin, simply apply a little pressure against the points of both eyes at the same time. Then using your middle finger, do the same to the points on the bottom of the eyes. 


We have learned from Dr Deborah Banker, MD (from Boulder, CO: 303.449.6162) who uses natural methods for reversing a host of eye disorders, including macular degeneration, that there is one of three points you might wish to work on, depending on your situation.

If you are near sighted, focus on the point colored red. With the tip of your middle finger, press in and relax, press in and relax. Do this for at least one minute. 

If you are far sighted, focus on the point colored purple. It is located on the side of your face, just outside the bone of the eye socket. You'll find a slight indent there. With the tip of your middle finger, press in and relax, press in and relax. Repeat this for at least one minute.

If you require bifocals, focus on the point colored blue. Just below the center of the eye, on the bone making up your eye socket, you will find another little indent. Place your middle finger on this point and make tiny circles on this point. Again, repeat this for one minute. 

If you do this daily, within a few weeks you will realize a vast improvement in your eyesight.

Next, starting at the purple point, with a knuckle of your pointing finger, start making little circles, and rub (using the little circles) straight back to the top of your ear.

Your ear has some points to focus on.

 Just above where your ear connects to your head, you'll find a small indent. Rub it with a tiny circle. Then right in front of where the ear connects, you'll find another small indent. Rub it also with a tiny circle. Finally, right in front of that cartilage flap of your ear, in line with the top of that flap, you'll find another little indent. Yes, rub that too with tiny circles.

Your ear contains hundreds of important points, so, massage every point, and when you are finished, pull them down three times. This was something I learned from a holistic veterinarian years ago. It is very natural to pull a dog's ears; to reach out, grab them both, and tug them (lightly, of course). It is also one of the most wonderful things you can do with your pets. Pulling the ears stimulates many points which has a delightful effect on all the organ systems. As your kids are running off to school in the morning, grab them, give them a big hug, then pull their ears three times. 

For hearing problems, there is a morning routine called Beating The Heavenly Drums. There are a number of ways to do this involving snapping the fingers, but to keep it from getting complicated, I shall explain the simplest: Place the base (palm) of your hands over your ears (covering the canal) with the tips of your fingers either touching or overlapping directly behind, on the back of your head. Then, using one hand at a time, slap the other fingers three times. Then do this with the other hand. Slap the fingers. Make sure that the canal to both ears are covered. Do this for one minute, and then "pop" your hands off your ears (pulling them sharply away). Over and over we have learned (and witnessed) that a host of hearing problems can be relieved with constant application of this therapy.

The Head

The top and sides of the head contain many acupuncture points, most of them are from the gall bladder meridian. Always remember: if you don't have a gall bladder, you still have a bladder meridian, and that meridian must maintain a healthy flow of qi (energy). 

Place your fingertips of both hands on the top of your head, in a line parallel to an imaginary line running from the center of your forehead, over the top. The tips of your fingers on one hand should be only a quarter of an inch to half an inch away from your fingers of your other hand. The little finger in front, right about at or below your hair line (or where your hair line used to be), and your pointing finger is probably (since there should be a gap between each finger) nearly at the top, center of your head.

I've drawn only one side here (to keep the picture from looking cluttered). Begin tapping in the direction of the orange arrow: front to back, and around to the front again. Do this two, three or four times. First the red line, then separate the hands a short distance and do the purple line, then the blue and lastly the green line.

Dr Banker recommends, for many eye sight problems, to do circular massages following the same direction as our acupressure, making larger and larger circles, even down to the jaw. She says that you can always spot the people who've been to one of her seminars because they leave the room with their hair all mussed up.

Do this tapping (acupressure) a few times, and we can move on to the rest of the self massage:

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