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When you see an ad like this:

. These people are going to take your money. 

We found TWO sites running this sort of advertisement.

Here is the first site:

Note that they trash all the competition (at the bottom of their page). Note the pretty graphics, the references to studies, and their sales pitch. The product is Svetol®, a substance derived from green coffee.

The studies are impressive. Readers of 
Rapid Save Weight Loss get a special newsletter that goes into depth on Svetol®, but all you need to know is this: The study had the experimental group take 200mg of Svetol® twice a day prior to meals.

Here is the label to their product that they want to sell you.

Their product has 200mg of Svetol®, but touts an additional 600mg of Green Coffee Extract. More is better, right?

In the study, only 200mgs of Svetol® had been used. In the study, not one milligram of Green Coffee Extract had been used.

The price of this product (they tell you) that is so much better than all the rip-offs: just $39.95 for a month’s supply, but for you, you’ll get a 30% discount and pay only $27.96.

But wait, here is the other site (you gotta see this): 
aPProved. They start with: 

If You Are The Kind of Person Who Hates Wasting Your Time, Money - Even Health - On Mediocre Products That Might (Or Might Not) Work... 

...then you are going to love what we do!

 Hi, we are the Rag-Tag Research Geeks™. We spend all day, every day looking at real science, the actual research data.

We use that data to find products that most closely match what was used in those studies — therefore giving you the best possible opportunity to see the results you are dying for ...

As for green coffee bean supplements ...

Now take a look at their label: A whopping 500mg of Green Coffee Extract (with 50% Chlorogenic Acid).

But not a drop of Svetol®. And they're going to save you $20.99!

Pssssssst. I did my homework. Swanson sells a month’s supply of exactly what was used in the studies right 
HERE for $9.99.

Over the next week or so I will bring to your attention some of the great rip-offs in the MULTIBILLIONDOLLAR weight loss industry. In the next newsletter I will introduce you to the studies on Svetol®. 

Let me leave you with this: if the sales pitch says you don’t have to change your eating habits or your lifestyle, and you will lose weight: RUN RUN RUN!

This is a lie.

Einstein said of the universe: “Nothing happens until something moves.”

The same goes for your life. Nothing happens till something moves. And you’ve got to get up off your ass and make change happen.

I originally posted some of the following information on Facebook and a friend came along with his response; that none of these supplements do anything.

Obesity is an epidemic in America. The CDC is worried about it. So, the first study that I am going to show you was first found at the CDC’s site: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects. I posted this as a response to my friend's claim.

He read the study and responded that there were only 16 subjects and that in the end the product produced a small, but significant weight loss over 22 months. “In other words statistically significant but clinically meaningless.”

I countered with the fact that these people weren’t on diets. That the people in the study had no idea about what was going on and so the weight loss was totally unexpected by the participants. I also said that were they on diets they could easily realize still greater weight loss. Well, that was my mistake. Never use the word “could.” He jumped all over that.

I did some more research and I finally found an actual weight loss study (which, by the way, supported my “could” theory):

In a study published in Phytotherapy ... "researchers used 400 mgs of Svetol brand green coffee bean extract with 50 participants aged 19-75 during the course of a 60 day placebo controlled study. Interestingly, in this study scientist tried to mimic what happens when people diet by asking participants to reduce their daily caloric intake by 500 calories. Both groups lost weight, however those on Svetol green coffee bean extract lost considerably more. The group on placebo lost 5 lbs. while the group on Svetol lost 11 lbs. In addition the BMI of the group on Svetol green coffee bean extract went down by 5.7% and the ratio of lean (muscle) mass to fat mass increased by 4%. This shows that the green coffee bean extract caused participants to lose weight by increasing fat burning while sparing muscle tissue (exactly what you want when losing weight). The participants took 1 capsule containing 200mgs of Svetol green coffee bean extract with each of their 2 biggest meals."

Here is a graphic that shows the differences between the experimental group and the control group:

Coffee contains hundreds of chemicals. If you watch the news regularly, you know that every once in a while they jump on a coffee study saying it’s good for your heart, and then a little while later they jump on another coffee study and tell you that it will kill you.

This is why I don’t listen to network news.

In green coffee, the chemical compounds responsible for the weight loss are called chlorogenic acids. Most people, when they think of coffee, think of caffeine, the stimulant, and they automatically assume that this is the cause of weight loss. In fact, Svetol® has no caffeine in it.

In every cup of coffee you'll find chlorogenic acids, but green coffee has much more because the roasting process reduces the amount..

To understand the effects on your body produced by chlorogenic acids we have to first define a few terms.

Adipose tissues are tissues that store fat.

Cytokines are proteins, partial proteins (peptides), and partial proteins bonded to sugars (glycoproteins); cytokines modulate our immune systems. By the way, scientists cannot seem to agree if these things should be called cytokines or hormones, so you will often hear them called either depending on the piece you're reading.

One of the cytokines in our bodies is called Adipokine (note the similarity to the word adipose). Two adipokines (hormones) are leptin and adiponectin. Both of these hormones affect weight loss.

Chlorogenic acids are antioxidants that, in studies, appear to slow the production of glucose after a meal and then go on to slow the release of the glucose into the blood stream, keeping insulin levels from rising. At the same time, they appear to stimulate the production/circulation of adiponectin which enhances your muscles' ability to burn carbohydrates, boosts metabolism, increases the rate at which you burn fat, and curb your appetite. It is interesting to note that the leaner you get the more your fat cells release adiponectin, so once you get rolling, your body helps you keep up your fat loss. 

The reason slowing production of glucose (after a meal) and slowing its release into the blood stream helps us lose weight is that without that glucose/sugar in your blood stream, your fat metabolism is turned on. It’s that simple. And with a regular exercise program, you can burn even more fat.

One thing all the readers of our book Rapid Safe Weight Loss know for sure is that when insulin levels rise, your body stores fat. 

Considering all this, you’d think that coffee consumption would be pretty good prevention of type two diabetes and you’d be right. JAMA published a study from Amsterdam that concluded that people who consume coffee regularly have a much lower incidence of type two diabetes, and a Harvard study concluded the same thing.

But we’re not talking your latte or mocha or cream and sugar coffee drinkers. This is black coffee (to sweeten it perhaps some stevia or erythritol).

Anything done to the coffee bean, from decafination, to roasting, to fermentation will lower the amount of chlorogenic acids in the coffee been and that is why green coffee beans are used to make Svetol®.

Not all green coffee extract is Svetol®. Svetol is a specific green coffee extract that is 45% chlorogenic acids.

So if you want to prevent or reverse your type two diabetes, you now know that drinking a strong cup of coffee after a meal (espresso) or taking Svetol® before a meal might be a good idea.

As far as dieting goes, Svetol® is a good supplement to add to your regimen, but you do have to learn to eat properly and you must exercise. We all must exercise. A sedentary life is a short and painful life.

Again, the best Svetol® (and most inexpensive) I've found on the web is from Swanson.

Further Reading:

Coffee Consumption Is Associated With Higher Plasma Adiponectin Concentrations in Women With or Without Type 2 Diabetes


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