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We're not very big on the so-called "conspiracy" theories surrounding the suppression of medical breakthroughs. Conspiracies, by their very nature, are impossible to prove. Rather than run the illusive gamut of trying to prove that this group did this for that reason or that group did that for this reason, let us begin at a point of no contention at all.

I think we can all agree that modern medicine in these United States is a profit driven force. If we don't get sick, medicine doesn't make money. The head of the largest HMO is America once compared a hospital to a whorehouse: "You don't make money unless the beds are full."

It's all about money. Can there be any doubts? "The oil lobby, perhaps the most powerful lobby on earth, is almost matched by hospital owners and doctors." U.S. President Jimmy Carter (June 8th, 1979).

We've already pointed out the Pharmaceutical Industry's interests in health care. If you haven't seen this article, just click here. And for a complete history of how modern medicine has become a rich monopoly, see this: Health Care for Dummies.

So let me tell you about a cure for cancer and, sadly, how the entrenched medical forces tried to suppress it. First we want to distinguish between curing and healing. A cure gets rid of the problem, usually done by a doctor or health care provider, whereas healing means getting rid of the problem by going to the root cause and eradicating it. Healing takes place within the individual, because of the individual and her/his efforts to change his/her life and lifestyle. Cures come from someone outside the individual. This is the story of a cure. 

In the Beginning....

A young boy in Australia watched his father die slowly from multiple myeloma, a terrible form of cancer that does not respond to chemotherapy or radiation. With every new medicine hope grew and grew until it just ran out as his father got sicker and sicker. This bright young teen felt driven by his father's suffering. The news was filled with breakthroughs in cancer, but still his father lay dying a horribly painful death as his bones began to crush under the weight of his body. Sam Chachoua felt his calling. He would be a doctor, despite the limitations of modern medicine he had witnessed in those painful years. However, because of those same limitations, Sam decided early on that the secret lay elsewhere, way beyond the toxic chemicals and radiation that, to him, either killed or cured, and sometimes left the patient worse off than the disease itself.

He began to question the way in which modern medicine looked at cancer. He began to investigate the phenomenon of "spontaneous remission," why in some people the cancer just went away and why some organs seem to fight off cancers better than others do. He was driven not by fame and fortune, but by the memory of his father. He would find a way to cure cancer and end suffering.

At the age of eighteen, Sam Chachoua (pronounced Cha-CHOO-wa) presented an original paper on cancer before the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia. He was the youngest presenter ever. He graduated from medical school with honors and as his research into cures for cancer took off, he developed some very effective therapies against a host of ailments using non-toxic medicines. Dr Chachoua believed firmly in the first law of medicine: Do no harm. It made no sense to him to stress the body or disrupt the immune system in an attempt to cure a disorder. This thinking remained the foundation of his cancer research.

While focusing on those factors that trigger spontaneous remission, Dr Chachoua developed sera (the plural of serum), extracts, and vaccines. He recognized that in cancer, as well as in AIDS, the immune system has trouble recognizing diseased tissue. Cancer has a real stubborn habit of hiding from the immune system. In metastases, cancer cells bond with fibrin (the clotting agent in the blood) and travels throughout the body unrecognized by the immune system. Dr Chachoua also studied the immune response; the various triggers in the body once it spots an invader like a cold or flu virus. He theorized that if he could "tag" a cancer cell with a cold or flu virus, the cancer would no longer be able to hide from the immune system, and would light up like a Hollywood movie premiere.

Chachoua's sera consisted of concentrated genetic materials that could tag cancer cells (or cells infected with AIDS, damaged heart cells, and even damaged brain cells in Alzheimer's patients). With healthy cells, foreign genetic materials will be attacked and destroyed if they attempt to infiltrate. However, diseased cells do not have this response. Additionally, Dr Chachoua studied autoimmune diseases (such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis) realizing that this response held therapeutic potential, as patients suffering from these diseases could provide him with cultures that could save the lives of others. Patients with lupus lack enzymes to digest invaders, so the immune system compensates with a very unique response that enters cells for correction or defense. Dr Chachoua borrowed his theories from the wisdom of the body itself. Today, his Induced Remission Therapy (IRT) has no equal in the annals of medicine. The effectiveness of his sera and vaccines is unequaled and for those who are terrified at the prospects of an AIDS vaccine passing on the AIDS virus, Dr Chachoua's vaccines consist of healthy cells, not diseased cells. There is no cancer in his cancer vaccine; there is no HIV, no virus, dead or alive, in his AIDS vaccine.

Dr Chachoua's sera and vaccines have been tested. They've proven to be more effective than anything else in history. His cancer serum has been proven to be 85% effective against cancers while his AIDS serum is 99% effective in putting AIDS into remission for six months to upwards of three years. These figures beg the question, "Why haven't we heard of Dr Chachoua?"

Those of us who have heard of Dr Chachoua in the past probably didn't hear of him in a good light. Quackwatch, a web site dedicated to promoting the hard lined AMA/Pharmaceutical Company interests, calls Chachoua a confirmed quack and crybaby suing everyone for his failures. The news media has, on numerous occasions, called him a quack and a charlatan, at times resorting to claims that he's never had any medical training. That is, up until August, 2001, when NBC news headlined this story: THE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR AIDS AND CANCER IN HISTORY.

What caused this change? Very simply, Dr Chachoua sued his detractors in court and won a 10 million dollar settlement. When you win, even NBC, the network that has lied to us about vitamins and minerals, about the dangers of organic foods, about the efficacy of alternative practices, even they had to finally tell us the truth after he took his detractors to court and won.

Modern Medicine: Welcome to the obstacle course!

Dr Chachoua developed his theories, his sera, and his vaccines on his own. Not affiliated with a large university or backed by a pharmaceutical company, he's not found an easy path. His papers went unpublished. His work went ignored. To prove his theories, he's traveled the world over giving lectures, curing patients with cancer, heart disease, AIDS, and Alzheimer's. He offered anyone willing to prove or disprove his theories an unprecedented half a million dollars. It looked like no one would take up his offer until he connected up with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. They designed a program to test IRT, but Chachoua would have to turn over all his research and all his sera holding back nothing. Chachoua, thinking that they were seriously interested, did just that.

Early results were spectacular as Cedars reported a 99% cure and claimed to have discovered in Chachoua's IRT an "exciting new world of therapeutic opportunity!"

Then Dr Chachoua's world began to systematically fall apart. Some people, former acquaintances and associates of Chachoua's and supporters who he had cured using his IRT, opened a clinic in Mexico claiming to be affiliated with the good doctor. They showed videos of his speaking engagements and sold vials of water at exorbitant prices to people seeking cures. People died, fingers were pointed, and a scandal grew. Chachoua quickly had the clinics closed, but then they'd quickly open under another name. He even went to Mexico to personally put a stop to these charlatans when he was arrested. He could not prove he was a real medical doctor (who carries their diploma with them) and the Mexican authorities had been bribed by the charlatans to lock him away.

This was just the excuse Cedars-Sinai Medical Center needed. They denied ever having any relationship with him, issued press releases stating this, and denied ever testing his sera and vaccines.

Instead of giving Dr Chachoua credit for his research, one of the principle investigators who had tested Chachoua's vaccines, wrote and published a paper on the possibilities of curing cancer and AIDS with sera from people with autoimmune disease.

We could go on, telling you how much grief Dr Chachoua had to endure. Let's face it, Chachoua's association with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center began in 1996. The trial ended in August of 2000. That's four full years of abuse, and at the trial one witness even exclaimed that Cedars had committed "premeditated manslaughter" because of the number of lives lost to AIDS alone during this 4 year struggle.

Chachoua endured hell during this time from physical attacks to threats on his life, and the entire medical profession was all over him like fleas on a Tennessee hound dog. The 10 million dollar verdict is nothing compared to the loss of life during this period, or the loss of dignity of this human being whose only desire was to cure the sick. But it was enough to get NBC to finally tell the truth about an alternative cure for cancer.

The trial was exciting, though. Every time Cedars made a claim, a letter was brought out to prove them to be liars. We never tested it: poof, a letter showing the results. They never tested toxicity: poof, a letter showing they could not explain how the sera were so nontoxic and yet they powerfully inhibited the HIV virus. The final blow came when a person suffering from AIDS was called to testify.

Cedars never returned Dr Chachoua's sera. The good doctor was bankrupt. He could not possibly make more of his vaccines, but he did have one dose of his most powerful vaccine left; something he'd held back from Cedars. This last remaining dose just might have achieved more for humanity than any other medicine in history.

Michael arrived to testify. He'd been taking conventional protease inhibitors, the drug cocktail promoted by Cedars for years as everything but the cure. His T-cell count had deteriorated to 124 as the virus took hold of him. However, when asked how he felt, he responded "Exceptionally well." When asked why he felt well, he told the jury that he'd had a dose of Dr Chachoua's vaccine the previous day and that his immune function had doubled (T-cells rising to over 200). In other words, he had gone from full-blown AIDS to remission in one day.

When asked by Chachoua's attorney, "And how do you know that your immune system doubled?" he responded that he'd had several blood tests taken. Where? "Cedars-Sinai Medical Center," replied Michael.

The verdict was unanimous.

Induced Remission Therapy

Ten million bucks is nothing in a world of medicine controlled by a multi-billion dollar cartel we know as the Pharmaceutical Industry.

We focused on AIDS above in our description of the trial, but Chachoua's own research has shown his sera to be just as effective on cancer, heart disease (growing back diseased tissues modern medicine claims is impossible to re-grow), and Alzheimer's (growing back brain cells).

Now that the truth is out, you can expect more and more news releases on "genetic" cures for cancer to be in the headlines. The race is on. Everyone wants to beat Dr Chachoua to the punch. The big players, cancer institutes, pharmaceutical industries, major university medical schools all want to beat Dr Chachoua at the game of curing cancer. No more wasted money. For years every donation to some cancer organization put some researcher's kid, some doctor's kid, some association president's kid through college while cancer patients suffered and died at the same rates since WWII. We've been lied to, beaten up, and buried. But now, with a cancer cure recognized by a jury of twelve and announced by NBC news, the cure will have to come. Right?

Only one hurdle stands in front of Dr Chachoua: the FDA. Now, if we'd all written our representatives in Congress and in the Senate, this step might not be necessary. The FDA must approve a drug based upon effectiveness. Yes, they check safety, but to be approved it has to work, and that costs money and takes time. To prove it's safe is relatively easy and cheap. Had we all written our representatives asking them to pass the Health Freedom act, which would allow us to use any medicine (even unproven) as long as it has proven itself to be safe, we'd all have access to Induced Remission Therapy. But we don't. Yet.

Click here for an article on Induced Remission Therapy [sorry, it's still being written].

Update on Dr Chachoua September 2001

The judge reversed himself on a technicality and awarded Dr Chachoua his original investment of eleven thousand dollars. This means that Dr Chachoua is bankrupt. After battling the system for ten years, Dr Chachoua wins the battle but loses the war. He is so broke he cannot even purchase the organisms he needs to create his cures. 

Dr Chachoua's organization came to us recently asking for help. They discovered this article and were very impressed at our reporting. They had hoped we could help them get a study going here in America. I am doing my damndest, making phone calls, writing letters, etc., but we here at the International Wellness Directory are mere volunteers and we have little pull in the world of medicine. 

Dr Chachoua wants to do a study on heart disease or AIDS. He refuses to touch cancer anymore because the Cancer Industry is just too powerful. Isn't that wonderful. The Cancer Industry, after searching for a cure for some 40 years spending/earning some gazillion dollars for their struggle, have finally had their first major victory: they have suppressed a cancer cure that would have put them out of business. They've finally guaranteed the deaths of hundreds of thousands of individuals. They can do all this, and still show a profit. Ahhh, ya gotta love em. 

Dr Chachoua will do anything to get a study going. His organization has contacted hundreds of AIDS organizations, but since they are funded by our government, no one wants to help him with a study, even though he proved in a court of law that he can put AIDS into remission. Our government just doesn't want to cure AIDS yet; there are just too many undesirables out there with the bug. 

What I see happening is Dr Chachoua will go to Africa or Asia where they do want to cure AIDS because it is a rampant epidemic. Or, Dr Chachoua will die and his therapy will die with him. 

Because he is working at a genetic level, here is what his therapies can do:

  • Reverse AIDS for a period of six months to a year (though Michael, mentioned above, went six years before his illness returned).
  • Reverse cardiac myopathy (dead tissue is replaced with healthy tissue) and scar tissue in the heart.
  • Reverse atherosclerosis without surgery.
  • Repair a heart valve without surgery.
  • Reverse nearly all forms of cancer (especially the deadliest ones). 

If anyone out there has any idea where Dr Chachoua can get a study done, please contact us at 763-689-9355. Perhaps you know a rich person who is dying of one of the above maladies? This is what it's going to take. It is going to take money. Hell, look how much we've spent already and gotten what in return? The Poison of the Month Club. Buy 12 poisons for a penny each and just one more poison at regular rates, and if it works, fine, if it doesn't, too bad. 

Update on Dr Chachoua November 2001

Dr Sam has been taking a beating by our judicial system. He's out of money and cannot afford to fight back. So, he's losing. We all know in America that justice goes to whoever can afford it. So with his health failing, the courts reversing practically everything so that they've left the door open so his detractors may now sue him, and his detractors slandering his name all over the country, Dr Sam is not finding many supporters. Ever web sites that once spoke highly of him are suddenly silent. Most have disappeared. 

The good new is this: because of you and us together, we have found three (possibly) four locations that might be able to help Dr Sam test his therapy. He will probably be leaving America. Africa sure can use him, seeing how people are dying by the thousands with AIDS. 

Watch the News Program that tells all about the
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Lawsuit

It's very big (8MB) and the sound is bad in spots, but it's the only REAL proof we have that our story is true. So, Click Here to view the movie. (You have to have Quicktime installed.) 

Update on Dr Chachoua October 2011

Dr Sam's latest technology is here. It is taken orally. A person with MS needs just one or two tablespoons to go into full remission. The same goes for a person with AIDS.

Cancer patients require three tablespoons a day for up to six days.

However, it costs Dr Sam just under $13,000.00 to make one tablespoon of his serum.

His serum works at the level of the DNA, hence any disorder a person has can be helped by this therapy. People with MS can actually repair brain lesions and nerve damage. The one disease this therapy can stop but not repair the damage is ALS.

Many have asked my why the serum is so expensive. Good question.

The serum consists of many precious metals: palladium complexes, gold, and platinum. It also contains enzymes from insects that can resist boiling and radiation. These enzymes cost about a million dollars for a quarter pound.

Normally, enzymes are used and then passed from the body. Dr Sam bonds the enzymes to the precious metals and they stay in your body for the rest of your life.

If you want to contact the doctor, you will first have to write us: [email protected]

Dr Sam  Update (12/18/13)

You heard it here first

Dr Sam is living in Mexico. What you might not know is that he's part Mexican and speaks the language fluently. 

Now many have referred to him as a "genius," but Sam always shakes that off saying that he's not a genius, he just sees things differently from others.

Perhaps that's the definition of genius: Someone who sees things differently from the rest of us. 

Sam found an area in Mexico near Guadalajara where people engaged in some very dangerous behaviors. They injected drugs and shared needles, and engaged in unsafe, casual sex. Yet no one in the area suffered from AIDS and after he'd tested a large enough sampling, he couldn't find any sign of HIV. 

So he started studying the people, how they lived, what they ate, etc. He then discovered that the goats milk they drank contained the Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus (CAEV). He did a bit more testing and became convinced he'd found a very inexpensive vaccine for HIV.

You see, the CAEV is related to the HIV virus. You can read 
How to Deal with CAEV in Goats here.

After extensive testing, Sam has concluded that one bottle of milk with this virus will protect a human being for life from the HIV virus. You see, humans and animals just don't share viruses. Some bug that gets your dog sick won't get you sick. In this case, the virus doesn't affect a human being by giving that person a disease but rather takes up home in the body protecting it from an infection of HIV. And now for the kicker. If a person does have HIV, this CAEV will protect the cells in that person that are not yet infected by HIV from getting infected later by HIV.

Now the question is this: when will the FDA approve this vaccine?


Never. Because this would destroy a segment of our economy. 

Another question is: When will Bill Gates quit wasting his money on an HIV vaccine? Sam has tried to contact Bill Gates because Sam's convinced that any vaccination created by the HIV virus will just create super HIV versions. 

Right now Sam is trying to find a way to ship this milk into America. I doubt it will happen soon. But he's going to try to find a way. When I get some, I will post it in our newsletter: Sign Up For Our Newsletter

OR you can find someone who raises goats and ask if they have an infected female. Get some of her milk. Since the virus isn't all that dangerous in goats, most of the time the goat doesn't even show symptoms. Fact is, usually the first symptom to show up is the goat's udders start stiffening and she can no longer produce milk.



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