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Dr Sam Chachoua Update
Perhaps one of the most brilliant minds in medicine today.

Medicine is Fraud
There is no other way to put it, especially if you've lost a family member to it and there were other options (outside the box).

Avoid the Hype
We buy the crap they hawk on the internet so you don't have to.

Mercola Hype
A contribution by a new member of our group.

One good, one not so good (even worthless).

Update of Simply the Best
Changes happening there too.

Organic Zero (Erythritol) Update
If you're planning on using this, you'll want to read and stay informed.

Success Stories
Just one, but remarkable.

Ecklonia Bicyclis/Ecklonia Cava (Algoran) Update
It's bigger and better but not quite ready yet.

I Had a Dream Last Night
Does it bother you that your people in Washington can so cavalierly send your sons and daughters off to war while their kids stay home? Does it bother you that we create wars that have no impact on our lives except if we have someone close fighting. If the only thing you do to prevent war is build up your military, then you are not preventing it, you are preparing for it.


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Misha, my pup, has opened a store to support her daddy’s web site. Some great products from Global Health can be found there. So, please, visit my pup’s store and bookmark that page: Misha’s Health Store.






Sedona Labs Probiotics
at Simply the Best




ACDSee Pro 2 Trial



Garden Of Life FucoThin, 90 Softgels
Read the studies on it here:
FucoTHIN Studies

Editor's Note: the main ingredient in FucoTHIN, has been shown to both prevent and fight cancers in animal studies.

The Acai Weightloss Rip-offs

To read the article on all the Acai Berry Weight Loss rip-offs, click the title above; however, you should know this if you decide to order a free sample; when they send you your next bottle, you'll be paying around $6,000 per pound for that acai berry product.


Pace Program
Teach your body to burn calories while you rest.

Order the DVD!



Let your food be your medicine.





Aloe Gold Skin Care Bar


 Silver Aloe Skin Care Bar


Advanced Colloidal Silver 8 oz. bottle



It has been nearly a year since our last newsletter. We have been ultra-busy working with what has been called the largest humanitarian effort on the planet.

Believe me, it’s not been easy. However, when this takes off, our organization will have unlimited funding and we’ll be initiating projects never before seen.

I am also currently looking for people to take over here so that I can start some of these projects. I’ve found some good people, and I’ve also discovered that to do what I have been doing (and more often) will take about eight people. This will mean that we will be publishing our directories yearly and our newsletter will eventually come out weekly.

We have a new contributor by the name of Patti Peters. She’s been a reader of our work for over twelve years, and when she sent me a sample of her work, I thought: “Gee, sounds just like me.”

We have always strived to make our articles readable, personable, and well researched. Making the complex understandable is very important, and most medical journals do not write for the average person.

This newsletter will be a bit smaller than previous editions, but it’s got some good stuff in it.

Please Note:

Even though I’ve not been working on the newsletter, I am still finding articles of interest and action you can take to protect your interests from battling Monsanto and their GMO’s to keeping the FDA’s hands off our vitamins and supplements.

I post nearly daily on our Facebook page: International Wellness Directory.

Since it so easy for me to post articles of interest on Facebook, until we have finished our business here, that’s the place I’ll be posting articles. If you want to know what’s happening or how to maintain your rights as a consumer of vitamins and supplements, you must go there. You do not have to have a Facebook account to visit these pages. They’re open to the general public.

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, send them to us: [email protected].

Dr Sam Chachoua Update


I’ve been working with Dr Sam since the last newsletter. Here are a few things you might not know about him; some details not found in our original article at The Story of Dr Sam.

Sam lost the appeal (filed by Cedar Sinai) because he was arrested at the border (coming from Mexico), tossed in jail, and stabbed. While he was in the hospital, the sheriff who arrested him came to him telling him that they had paid him $40,000.00 to have him arrested, and if he paid $10,000.00 he’d let him go.

A few months later, Sam hopped into his car, hit the ignition, and his car exploded in a ball of fire. He was able to exit the car and put himself out rolling on the street, but he had third degree burns over most of his body and nearly died. His neighbor’s house caught on fire from the explosion and the father of the family was killed.

Sam still suffers from the burns, but has been able to work with patients, though he no longer works for free because he’s discovered that most of his problems have been caused by people he had cured for free.

His new serum is delivered orally. It consists of precious metals bonded to enzymes extracted from insects that are able to resist boiling and radiation. It is very expensive, costing about $13,000.00 per tablespoon just to make.

Dr Sam sent me some of his serum and we used it on two people, one with metastatic breast cancer and the other on a woman who had suffered 20 years with multiple sclerosis.

The results of these to cases were videoed and the results are presented below.

The woman with MS had miraculous results, came back a month later for one more tablespoon of the serum, and has fully recovered from her illness. You can see in the video how miraculous Dr Sam's serum works.


Medicine is Fraud

Like most everyone, I am sick and tired of people dying because the bottom line in modern medicine is profit. Because of my work with Dr Sam, who has pointed me in a few very revealing directions, this is the only conclusion at which I can arrive:

Medicine is Fraud.

 Avoid the Hype


When I discovered Naturopathy in the late eighties, there were just three newsletters available that dealt with nutritional wellness. When I published my first directory in the early nineties, there were six newsletters.

Today there are hundreds. Every doctor, chiropractor, wellness center has a newsletter. The competition for readers is like a feeding frenzy in a shark tank. Attracting readers is difficult today, but very profitable. The more readers, the more sales. Purchase one newsletter and suddenly you’re bombarded with emails asking you to buy another, purchase this magical potion, and even Google has your number and every web site you visit has a Google ad focused specifically on you and your tastes. I know this because every web site I visit has an add for a wellness newsletter or product, or some body/mind/spirit course on 12 CDs with bonuses, bonuses, bonuses.

To get your attention, publishers hype their wares with the stuff that causes cattle farmers to tuck their pants into their boots.

The latest advertising stunt is to present a “video” for you. I put the term “video” in quotations because it’s actually an audio with the script printed out for you. I don’t know who invented this practice, but it must work because everyone is using it. And the hype is over the top. They tell you that they have information nobody else has; that their researchers are the best in the business; that this information has been hidden from you by the powers that be.

They want you to believe that only through their publications will you be getting this information.

It’s all bull. There are very few secrets out there. Anyone with ten thousand dollars to spend yearly can get all the professional, peer review journals. You’ll have to hire a scientist to translate them for you and explain the methodology and disassemble the statistics so that they are understandable.

At this site, that has been my job. Studies upon studies are ongoing throughout the world. When published, what they appear to state has to be thoroughly dissected to find the actual meat of the study. Oftentimes a study is designed to fail. Oftentimes a study funded by a specific industry is designed to succeed. But in the end, there are few real breakthroughs, and surely nothing that has been around for years has been hidden. It’s just not been in your face, at least not in your face like advertising for the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the myriad of newsletters (and spam) I find in my inbox caught my attention. The teaser told of a cancer test that has been hidden for years; a test that is so simple and so inexpensive and so accurate that the ubiquitous “they” have been hiding it from you to protect “their” profits.

Did the world's most accurate and early cancer test get BURIED to keep a BILLION dollar industry alive?

No. It did not get buried. It just doesn’t seem to work as well as the hype surrounding it would make you believe. One web site says it has 95% accuracy for prostate cancer. If it was that successful, you can bet that integrative oncologists would be using it, but, as it turns out, they don’t even know about it. And it’s the integrative community that is constantly searching for more inexpensive and more accurate methods of testing.

I did a bit of research and found that the test is called the AMAS blood test and it’s performed by just one laboratory in Massachusetts.

Again, if it was really all that successful, it would be used all over the place.

Here is a link to the “video” for you to peruse: http://naturalhealthdossier.com/CIR/THC/video/lurkingcancer.php

If you take time to listen to it, note that everything they talk about is hyped. They use all the new scare tactics, implying, no not implying, they are asserting that if you lack the information they have you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

Everything they have, the researchers, the information, and the advice is the biggest and bestest in the universe.

Then try to exit the video. You’ll get a warning: Do you really want to leave this page? If you say no, you’ll get a page (with artwork) of the text of the video, and a chance to buy their newsletter (which will lead to more newsletters, more bonus reports, and everything aimed at saving your life).

One More Story

Boy, do we spend a lot of money reviewing things we find on the web.

One site guaranteed rapid weight loss and the secret to keeping it off. I listened to the video (words appearing as they are spoken) and then went to the page advertised.

There I got the usual spiel about how they were going to save me money. Books and CDs all at 40% off. The final price was about $150.00. I ordered, went through the program and discovered one simple, but overwhelming fact: nothing in this entire program is not covered in the short pamphlet I wrote called: Rapid Safe Weight Loss. And we give it to our readers for $10.00.

I want to tell you now that I’ve been working away on an update of that ebook. One thing about most diet programs is they don’t have a maintenance routine. I lost my weight quickly (as the book states) and then spent over a year just maintaining using a few simple rules. I will add this to our ebook soon. Anyone who purchases the book will get a free update when it comes out. And you won’t get a huge discount and then pay $150.00.

The moral of the story is simply, there is nothing new under the sun, and if you want to know anything, well, just Google it.

Mercola Hype


One of our readers, Patti Peters came to me with an idea for a story. She had already written one for another wellness web site and she sent that along. She told me that the ethics of that other web site weren’t to her liking and wanted to know if she could write for us.

I said, "Sure."

She then told me that the one part she liked best to our site, besides the History of Medicine series, was the section on “hype.”

She had an idea for a story on Dr Mercola’s site and asked me if I’d ever received any letters from my readers about his site and newsletter.

Boy, have I. I passed them onto her for her research.

Normally, we take the “Thumper” stance (from the movie Bambi) on talking about products or other web sites: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

But with the number of mixed emotion letters we’ve received, Patti had a point to make and she did a great job.

Dr Mercola makes his living from his site. I’m sure he employs a few people to pack and ship and answer phones. He’s helping to stimulate the economy and nobody is against anyone making a living and helping to stimulate the economy. God bless them all.

Having said that…..

 Read Patti's article.



We’ve reviewed two products, one is fantastic while the other is a very high priced piece of crap. The first is an energy drink with an amazing list of ingredients and the second is a piece of metal that does nothing, but costs over $300.00.

Sozo Ignite
There is a treat for those of you who want to lose weight in this article.

Amega® Global

Update on Simply the Best


As most of you know, we don’t sell anything at this site. According to FCC and FDA regulations, you cannot write about something and then sell it. You cannot even re-print research published at the FDA’s own web site.

Simply the Best was started by an individual who wanted to help people get some of the products we’ve discovered here at the lowest price, and then turn their profits over to non profits and charities while hiring the handicapped. As a few of you know, the handicapped person they hired embezzled 3 grand, and instead of having him arrested (which would have made him a burden to the state) they waved goodbye and volunteered yours truly to do their shipping.

Ron Salley has been getting excellent results with his new LAM cream. It’s like his Sugar Foot but with extra medication. Eight people have reported that it makes stretch marks nearly vanish. It works just as well on sores and burns as his HealonPF. Women getting radiation burns from breast cancer treatments love it. The burns go away in record time.

His ASC (Advanced Skin Cream) is no longer available. His contacts in Australia for tea tree oil went out of business. He does not use just plain tee tree oil. The oil he got was refined according to his instructions. He got it in small batches that were very expensive, but now is looking for someone else to supply him. Here is a link to his products: http://www.mnwp.org/RSalley/index.html

Sedona Labs no longer makes NextZyme. Their company has been bought out by another company and they are in some sort of transition. It’s sad because I love this product, and I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking why the heck they discontinued it.

Sp-Zyme is no longer available. It was the BEST serrapeptase product on the market. We don’t know the whole story, except that the manufacturer in India is just screwing up. So, Simply the Best now handles a product from Sedona Labs called SerraPhase. The dosage is up to thee capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s a slightly different version of serrapeptase called, serratiopeptidase. So far we’ve received nothing but good reports from it.

Simply the Best is on backorder for all Aminocare products. And I don’t know when they are coming in.

The people who make Del-Immune V® have a new product, called DPS Throat Spray consisting of proline-rich polypeptides from bovine colostrum. It has a nice vanilla flavor, and personally, I can tell you, it works. I had something coming on. I had an itch in the back of my throat. I sprayed, looked for the remote to my DVR, hit the button to tune it in, and bingo, the itch was gone. I later took five capsules of Del-Immune V®, and the next morning woke up in perfect health. Here is the link: Del-Immune V®.

Simply the Best is in transition right now. There will be new owners and management soon. I don’t know what will become of the company, but I’m sure they will still support non profits and charities, and hopefully get more and more products that meet their high standards.

Organic Zero (Erythritol) Update


Having worked with Organic Zero (Etrythritol) for some time now, I’ve learned a few things you should know if you are using it. Go to the bottom of the page at this link: Organic Zero.

 Success Stories


Christine’s dog had uterine cancer. Christine's Story.

Ecklonia Bicyclis/Ecklonia Cava (Algoran) Update


Algoran products are no longer available as they are switching from just Ecklonia Cava to a mixture (half and half) of Ecklonia Cava and Ecklonia Bicyclis, which should be available very soon (March or April 2012). The product (with EBE), according to their research, is just better, as it tends to go to where it is needed.

I’ve already received lots of emails from people who’ve done a bit of research into Ecklonia Bicyclis who tell me that it’s been on the market for some time now, and it is sold in its whole form Arame, a seaweed.

As we’ve often said in the past, we Westerners love reduction. We’ve reduced vitamin C to ascorbic acid and there are many aloe products that reduce it to one or two ingredients. We’ve told you that a product works like an orchestra, all parts working together synergistically. Ascorbic acid cannot do what a C complex can do. As for Aloe, the whole form is intensely powerful with hundreds of phytochemicals working together. Having said that, the extract of EB produced by the makers of the Algoran products is not only one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence with actual lasting strength (most water soluble antioxidants work for just a short time before they’re filtered out by the kidneys), it performs better than their whole form, again as mentioned, going where it is needed most.

Eating Arame is good for us, but cannot perform as well as the extract because you could not possibly eat enough Arame to get the therapeutic benefits of the extract. To get one gram of the extract you would have to eat 11.5 kilos of the seaweed. Additionally, the extract goes directly into your bloodstream and the seaweed has to be digested first. One additional problem with eating Arame is that there are two different types. Ecklonia Bicyclis and Eisenia Arborea. When you buy Arame, you never really know which you are getting.

The Ecklonia Cava is comprehensive in its benefits while the Ecklonia Bicyclis is targeted. The new product from these people in Canada contains 200mgs of both. It’s a bit more expensive, expected to retail for $39.95 per 60 capsules. If you are interested, go to the Simply the Best’s site as often as possible to look for updates. And if you are using Microsoft’s IE, hit Ctr-Refresh when you get there to make sure you are seeing the most recent page.


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