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Just a Note from Your Editor
And a new book we've just published: Rapid Safe Weight Loss.

FDA Will Ban Makers from Telling the Truth about Non-GMO Foods

By our good friend, Tony Isaacs.

From Dr Alan Sears

Frankenfish will not go away unless we, the people, do something about them.

New Cancer Therapy: Hope for the Hopeless

An amazing find that is funded by Canadian research, where they are trying to contain health care costs by using effective, cheaper methods.

Testimonial: "You’ve Saved My Life"

This is the reason we do what we do. It works.

Debunking Viral Emails (and Sites)

We all get them, and far too many just push forward without ever really thinking.

Three Reviews

Three movies with the same theme that should be in everyone’s video collection. If you are battling cancer, then these are a must see.

Scary New "Superbug" Resists All Antibiotics

By our friend Jim Healthy from My Healing Kitchen. It’s good to have friends help you when you have to put out a newsletter.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Don’t Prevent Heart Problems

Just another study designed to fail by mainstream, for profit medicine.

CT Scans Are Killing Us

In our Shorts section, you’ll find out that radiation at any level just is not healthy for our children.


Something new to our newsletter. Lots of information packed into this section.

Arthritis Super Soup

Another great recipe from My Healing Kitchen. If you’re taking the supplements glucosamine-chondroitin, you are spending too much money and not getting enough of what you paid for. You’ll get it in this recipe.

Healing Sounds

Can certain sounds actually heal our DNA? You’ll get your own chance to try it out, for free.

Organic Zero Update

We’ve found a cheaper form and uncovered studies that shows it helps fight dental cavities and gum disease.

Avandia — A Ridiculous Drug

Even in the face of evidence that it was killing patients, it was still being prescribed by doctors to fix a condition you can fix yourself.

The Fox Grape

One potent wild fruit that cuts inflammation that can lead to cancer and heart disease.

Health Care Update

From Jim Guest, the president of Consumer Reports

Watch a Tumor Disappear in Less than a Minute

There is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy.


Hyped as Diatomaceous Earth, I had to check this out for a friend. You’ll enjoy this one, and you won’t be taken for a ride.

Back Pain

A free pamphlet for my readers and a chance to try a supplement for back pain for free.


Things sent to me by readers that are interesting, informative, political, controversial, funny, heartwarming, or just plain off the wall.

Lafter IS the Best Medicine

If you find a good joke that can be told in mixed company, feel free to share.


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Illegal Workers

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Just a Note from Your Editor

Really, just a note.

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You’ll notice we’re using a new font: Arial. The reason being, studies show that Arial is the easiest font to read online. From now on all our pages will be in Arial font and large enough for everyone to read.

We’ve published a new book: Rapid Safe Weight Loss

Actually  we've published two... see below. 

We’ve reviewed every diet book or program to come down the pike. As your editor, I’ve tried them all. They all worked, but many were just painful, and the weight came on again over the next few months because their basic tenets were just difficult to follow (or remember).

Having read a ton of stuff on dieting and the theory of dieting, I wrote this book for me. I lost 35 pounds in less than a month, and 5 months later, it’s still off because I’ve followed a few simple, basic rules.

This is the time of year (the harvest) where I can put on 5 to 10 pounds a month indulging and washing it all back with a Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer.

I’m still enjoying the harvest and still drinking my favorite beer, but I’m not gaining, and once in a while I notice I’ve lost a pound.

The book has some special recipes just for its readers. And once you get the book, you’ll find a section on this site JUST for you, where I will post questions and answers, tips and tricks, an new information I find on weight loss as I come across it.

My proofreaders and those who have purchased the book so far have all reported losing a minimum of 5 pounds the first week. And the great thing is, you get to have a cheat day (or two) in which you can eat all your favorites and not drive yourself up a wall depriving yourself a those nasty pleasures.

One more thing: most diet books that talk about exercise are aimed at a demographic under 40 and in good enough shape to knock out 10 pushups. The exercise programs in this book are aimed at a broad range of age and ability. If the only exercise you get is walking upstairs to go to bed, or pulling open the door to the fridge, this book is for you. I’ve developed routines for everyone, no matter your age, weight, or ability. And so far, readers have responded very positively.

Now I’m not about to hype this book with the lies you read all over the internet about getting hundreds of dollars of freebies if you order NOW. Cripes, I’ve followed a few links to sites with clocks ticking down, telling me that if I don’t order before it hits zero I’m going to lose out.

The only hype I have for you is this: to everyone who finds the book on the web the cost is $19.95. For my faithful readers (we have half a million), it’s just ten bucks. Click on the book and take a look.

Just think, by Christmas you could fit into clothes you haven’t worn in ten years. I know I am.

Another Book?

Yes, I’ve published another book. This one is a collection of my photos. The cover (hard) consists of stylized versions of two of my shots, and the pages are the “accordion” type, allowing them to fold out flat. It’s the perfect coffee table book. I am publishing them one at a time right now, so the cost of publication pretty high.

Many have contacted me inquiring about purchasing some of my photos, so here is a chance to get 38 of them all at once. It’s yours for a significant donation to the Wellness Directory, and so far two people have taken advantage of the offer.

The book does contain a group of my nudes, though no one has ever accused my work of being less than tasteful. You may see the collection (takes a while to load) by clicking here: David’s PhotoArt.

FDA Will Ban Makers from Telling the Truth about Non-GMO Foods       

by: Tony Isaacs


Go to original:

(SilverBulletin) In case anyone had any doubts about who the FDA really serves, the latest news should prove once and for all whose side they are on - and it isn't yours or mine. The Washington Post has reported that, in addition to approving genetically modified "Frankenfish" salmon without requiring a GMO label, the FDA will also be banning the inclusion of any references to not containing genetically modified content on food items which are GMO free.

The FDA, which has been under intense pressure from GM interests to approve the modified salmon without requiring any labeling, stated that it could not require a label on the salmon because the agency determined that the altered fish are not "materially different" from other salmon. Apparently, the agency is using even the same, and even flimsier, justifications to force food companies to hide the truth if their products are GM/GMO free - much to the delight of the multi-billion dollar GM industries.

We should have seen such an outrageous decision coming, given the FDA's past record and continued turn away from protecting consumers' health in favor of industry profits from drug and food companies who are obviously its true clients and masters.

In 1994 the agency warned the dairy industry that it could not use "Hormone Free" labeling on milk from cows that are not given engineered hormones. It claimed all milk contains some hormones.

The FDA told one canola oil maker that it could not use a label that included a red circle with a line through it and the words "GMO," saying the symbol suggested that there was something wrong with genetically engineered food.

It has also recently sent a flurry of enforcement letters to food makers telling them they could not use phrases such as "GMO-free" on their labels, including a food maker which produces an all fruit strawberry spread. In the case of the strawberry spread, the FDA reasoned that the label would be incorrect because GMO refers to genetically modified organisms and strawberries are produce, not organisms.

"This to me raises questions about whose interest the FDA is protecting," House Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) told the Washington Post. Kucinich has repeatedly introduced bills in the House that would require the labeling of genetically modified food but has been unable to overcome the money and influence of the GMO lobbies and companies.

The FDA's actions come at a time when consumers increasingly want to know the content of their foods. In fact, polls consistently show that more than 80% of Americans want genetically engineered foods to be labeled. It also comes at a time when more and more studies are demonstrating the health and environmental dangers of GMO foods.

"The public wants to know and the public has a right to know," New York University nutrition professor Marion Nestle told the Post. "I think the agency has discretion, but it's under enormous political pressure to approve [the salmon] without labeling."

Not surprisingly, the GM industry agrees wholeheartedly with the FDA. As one director of animal biotechnology said, "Extra labeling only confuses the consumer. ... It differentiates products that are not different [and] makes it harder for consumers to make their choices."

In other words, make it easier for consumers to make choices by giving them no choices. Forget about health dangers, our right to know, or the constitutional rights to free speech (which the Supreme Court has ruled includes commercial free speech in anti-FDA decisions). The FDA simply wants to protect us poor consumers from being confused.

Who do you think the FDA is really protecting?

SIGN THE PETITION: Click here: Institute for Responsible Technology

Further Reading:

FDA Ignores Skeletal Malformations, Other Dangers of GMO Salmon

Tax Dollars Helping Pesticide Industry Lie About Dangers

Swine Flu Scam Continues, Exposing Elderly and Others to Needless Risks

Merck Sponsored Study Returns Dubious Gardasil Autoimmune Safety Results

Union to FDA: Say NO to Genetically Modified Salmon

Excerpt: Committee members had better brace themselves for a blast from Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist at the Consumers Union. "FDA requires new animal drugs to be shown to be safe for animals, humans, and the environment. This has not been shown for the GE salmon. The data presented, although woefully incomplete, do raise a potential serious human health issue—that of increased allergenicity," he wrote in a prepared statement (PDF), going on to lambaste the approval process. "The FDA has set the bar very low," he said, citing flaws such as "sloppy science," "small sample sizes (only six fish)," "questionable practices," and "woefully inadequate analysis."

From Dr Alan Sears


I read about something really monumental today. It’s a big event but not necessarily good for your health. The first-ever genetically modified animal – salmon – is on its way to being approved for human consumption.

This genetically engineered fish will contain DNA from two other fish species and high levels of growth hormone. What happens when you eat a genetically modified animal with very high levels of growth hormone? No one knows. I have no idea what this is going to do to people’s health, or how anyone could know, because it’s never been done before. Between you and me, I get the feeling that Frankenstein’s monster has escaped from the laboratory and is running amuck in nature.

These “frankenfish” are triple, if not quadruple the size of a wild Atlantic salmon of the same age. They grow to market weight in 16-18 months versus the 30 months for standard farmed Atlantic salmon.

The manufacturers say this modified salmon is “essentially the same as Atlantic salmon.” Well, I don’t know what they mean by “essentially,” but it seems like another reason to question just how natural these fish are.

In fact, their plan is to “grow” genetically modified salmon eggs in pens within the natural habitat of wild salmon. But, if these hormone-laden fish were to escape and integrate with the wild salmon, there will be consequences. Wild salmon are already endangered, and if these altered salmon get out, they’ll eat all the wild salmon’s food. This could mean the end of wild salmon all together.

Even if the genetically modified salmon proves to be safe in the long run … if incomplete testing is all you need to pass a product through the U.S. regulatory system … who knows what other disasters lie in our future?

As much as 60-70 percent of the processed foods on store shelves contain genetically modified ingredients.1 Some common GMOs include corn, canola, cottonseed, tomatoes and strawberries. These foods have had their DNA tampered with to create more desirable results just like the genetically modified salmon. They grow bigger and faster, but have almost no nutrients.

You can help avoid these potentially harmful products with these tips:

1.    Find a farmer’s market in your area. Eating locally is the best way to get the freshest organic food with no trace of GMOs. Try these websites: or

2.    For dairy products and other packaged foods, look for a “non-GMO” label. This can be tricky, because the manufacturers of genetically modified foods are lobbying hard to get “non-GMO” labels banned. But for now, they’re still legal.

3.    Let your representatives and senators know you’re concerned about this issue and demand that genetically modified crops be banned until proven safe.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Editor’s Note: Contact your representatives in Washington and tell them to support the efforts of Representatives Peter DeFazio, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Thompson, and George Miller, who have requested that the FDA suspend its precedent-setting review process until it thoroughly examines and addresses the flaws in the approval process, including the need for greater public input and independent scientific data.

Better still, send a fax. If you want me to send your rep a fax, email me your complete address and the name of your representative.

Dr Al Sears supports our work with his Wellness Research and his top shelf supplements.

New Cancer Therapy: Hope for the Hopeless


Panax Ginseng is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body handle stress. In the old days, herbs like Panax Ginseng were used in “tonics” that gave the user a lift. However, adaptogens act like modulators, bringing down systems that are overworked and lifting systems that are lazy and slow.

Panax Ginseng is used in energy drinks, and has been touted as a cure for male potency problems. In China, it is also used on cancer patients, though it has never been thought of as a cure for cancer. It helps cancer patients who are suffering the “stress” of the cure they endure.

However, it’s been discovered that one of the chemical components of Panax Ginseng happens to be a very powerful cancer fighter: AGS.

AGS (Algycon Sapogenin) is one of the glycosides in Panax Ginseng. A glycoside is a molecule that bonds sugar to another substance, a carbohydrate, which is not a sugar. When they separate, the sugar goes one way, and the carbohydrate part becomes active.

AGS’s activity, it turns out, is anti-neoplastic, or in plain English, it kills cancer cells.

I must stop here to tell you how I found out about this. Three readers sent me information on it. They all had the same anecdotal stories of a few doctors saving the lives of end-stage cancer patients, but each one had several specifics the others did not have. When I sat down to research on the web and document the information they’d sent me, I could not find anything these readers had sent me. What I did find was a ton of research on AGS in vitro and in animal studies. It seems that no study so far has been done using humans. The anecdotal evidence supplied by a couple of doctors curing cancer, in the world of pure science, do not count as “real” studies since there was no control group. However, when you put an end stage cancer patient on a placebo, for the most part (nearly every time) that person dies.

Here is what I’ve found so far:

1.    AGS enhances chemotherapy at a rate that falls somewhere between (depending on the cancer and the chemo) 1,000 times and 20,000 times.

2.    AGS induces apoptosis (cell death) using a number of pathways.

3.    AGS kills cancers that are drug resistant.

4.    AGS crosses the blood brain barrier, making it affective for bran tumors.

5.    AGS kills only cancer cells without hurting surrounding tissues.

6.    AGS is broadly effective, killing cancer cells in breast cancer, prostate cancer, glioblastoma, melanoma, stomach cancer, colon, kidney, lung cancer, and one of the deadliest locations, the pancreas.

7.    It has been reported that some people have been cancer free in as little as 24 hours.

It is rumored that a biotech/pharmaceutical company is rushing to create an artificial AGS. Next comes the ten plus years of testing, costing over a billion dollars. Imagine the price of this when it finally arrives.

The anecdotal accounts so far reported are:

1.    One oncologist chose to use AGS on terminal and untreatable cancer patients. After five years, 86% were still alive.

2.    In 1999, a naturopath used AGS on 15 cancer patients who had not responded to chemotherapy. At last report, 13 were still alive.

3.    A Dr Paul Ling Tai reports remarkable results with pancreatic cancers.

After hours and hours of looking for a site that sells AGS, I finally came across a company in Canada called Pegasus Pharmaceuticals. They have two products (both very expensive, but then again, how much is your life worth?); one for brain tumors, and one for the rest of the body.

Read and follow the instructions at their site. This is very important. You’ll not get the best results if you don’t do exactly as they say. 

Testimonial: "You’ve Saved My Life"  

A friend of mine came to me telling me about her neighbor, a diabetic who was suffering for two years from a MRSA infection in his foot which had gone systemic. The condition left him in a brain fog and he’d been unable to drive for all this time. The doctors were considering removing the foot, and in his mental state, he was contemplating suicide. He did not want to go on living with a foot missing.

She’d read about one of Ron Salley’s Miracle Skin products called HealonPF. She’d read one of our newsletter articles about a physician who had healed his MRSA on his neck (he’d had to stop practicing medicine because of it) using the HealonPF.

She’d also read a little bit about Covalent Silver Solution (which, if you Google this you’ll find hundreds of sites selling it, but buyer beware: except for two sites, they are all frauds).

Since I’ve met the inventor, he’s granted me exclusive rights to his book, I’ve been buying the real thing from him, and I had a bottle on hand for her. When I got my first bottles, a reader wrote to me that her dog had systemic MRSA and the doctor said the dog wouldn’t last two weeks. I sent her a little bottle, and in less than three days, the dog was better.

So my friend ordered the HealonPF from Ron Salley, and I sent her a liter of Covalent Silver Solution (its brand name is BACO and the company can be found here:

Apparently, in his confusion, her neighbor, David,  quadrupled the dose of BACO. A standard dose is one tablespoon first thing in the morning. Hold it under your tongue as long as you can, then swallow. Some, those with bronchitis or lung cancer, take it in using a nebulizer too. Claes Nobel, the man in charge of the Nobel Prize, healed his fourth-state esophageal cancer in three days using BACO orally and by breathing it in. He came to America to tell his story and shake the hand of the man who’d saved his life.

Well, here is the David’s testimonial, in his own words:

I am a diabetic who has a MRSA sore on my heel for 2 years. I have been seeing specialists for the last 2 years who are trying to clear it up. After 2 years it was still the size of a dime on the surface and still quite deep. I began using Healon PF and after only 10 days, it began to fill in and then scabbed over. This never happened during the last 2 years with specialists, so it has got to be the Healon PF that made the difference. I also used BACO at 2 tbs. twice daily but  learned that the dosage was higher than needed.  I now use 1tbs. BACO daily. Since starting the BACO and Healon PF I have noticed a couple more positive things. My blood sugar levels have become more stable than they have been over the past 2 years. I credit this to the BACO as it is killing off the infection in my body and infection is known to mess with blood sugar levels when one is diabetic. ALSO, and this is VERY important, my confusion is less and I am now able to drive again! Thank you for offering these great products. David Weckert

Concerning BACO: we’ll be publishing more on it in the future, but for now, we have documentation from Belize, Central America (we cannot post it online or every fraudulent site will steal it and re-post it) that it has cured 150 cases of AIDS (still HIV negative five years afterwards). We’ve received 2 testimonials that it has healed Hep-C, three testimonials that it’s healed herpes, and bunches of testimonials that when used with Del-Immune V® that it’s stopped a cold or flu within a day if caught early. If not caught early, we’ve been told that it usually helps them get over the “crud” in two or three days.

Now, because of federal restrictions, we cannot sell anything at our site beyond our books. BACO sells for $400.00 per liter, or $300.00 per 24oz bottle, and you have to buy a case ($1600.00 and $1800.00 respectively) if you order from the company.

HOWEVER, because of my close connection to the inventor and because of the readers who visit my site (many of them suffering from chronic illness), the inventor  sends me (not very often) bottles for sale at a huge discount. I turn them over to Simply the Best, and they sell them on this hidden page (for my readers only): I am told that there are only four liters left for sale plus a few small bottles so you can have some on hand just in case you get hit by this year’s creeping crud that’s already going around.

Please note that taking MORE BACO than recommended is less effective than taking less. This has been discovered in testing.

We’ve posted a nearly viral piece about Covalent Silver Solution at our site that you may read by clicking that link, but beware that some of the facts surrounding its development and testing are a bit off. The data on silver alone is extraneous to the subject, because CSS has very little to do with silver and everything to do with the billions of oxygen atoms bonded through “cold fusion” to one single atom of silver. Even one of the supposed studies mentioned in that section never happened. This is the problem with people passing on pieces that have not been fact checked.

Further on in this newsletter we quote a columnist: “The era of antibiotics is coming to a close. In just a couple of generations, what once appeared to be miracle medicines have been beaten into ineffectiveness by the bacteria they were designed to knock out.”

BACO is way ahead of the pack. I’m going to let you in on two points of interest that will be published in the upcoming book:

1.    The Bush administration ordered a BACO machine to be installed on a ship headed for Iraq in preparation for a biological attack on our soldiers. The machine was not finished in time for the invasion.

2.    The Center for Disease Control has written a paper on BACO that no one you or I know has access to no matter how many Freedom of Information forms you fill out. As the head of the CDC has been reported to have said, “We have to keep track of those things that can destroy a segment of the economy.”

This (number 2 above) is one reason you won’t see any huge marketing push behind BACO. The company is focusing on overseas sales, huge quantity sales, because there are fewer restrictions. China wants to mist BACO throughout its meat packing plants to kill all pathogens.

Personally I don’t go anywhere without taking a bit of BACO along. I take it, my dogs take it, and my chickens take it. This year I lost only one chick to disease, but I’m pretty darn sure it had a genetic problem. It looked sickly from day one.

I am trying to get Simply the Best to carry cases that will be sold at the full price ($1600.00 for 4 liters), but since they can’t say anything about it or what it does, it just seems too futile.

Concerning Ron Salley’s Creams: I’ve said it before: Ron Salley’s creams are the best on the planet. In a previous newsletter we listed the ingredients to Crème de La Mer moisturizer. Crème de La Mer sold, at that time, for something like $100.00 per ounce. It has some pretty good ingredients, but also chemicals that are toxic, along with a few known and suspected carcinogens. 

Ron’s creams are made with the most expensive ingredients produced according to Ron’s own standards.

His latest cream: LAM (Like a Miracle) was made to help arthritis and tendonitis, but was found to help heal psoriasis and eczema.  We’ve just received a testimonial that it helped a man with diabetic neuropathy:

Dear Ron:

I’ve been using LAM on my toes that have extensive diabetic neuropathy, for approximately 6 months with great results.

As you know, I’m a retired PhD organic chemist with almost 35 years of research experience in consumer products. When I was at Eastman Chemical, I was a minor supplier of Vitamin E acetate to you and I got a special pleasure out of seeing someone craft a very high quality product for everybody’s enjoyment.

I have had Type 2 diabetes for some 30 years and this is absolutely the one thing that takes away the pain of neuropathy.


Dr. John J. Hiller, Jr.

Ron sent me some lip balm once. I and everyone who tried it loved it. I’ve even heard from women using it on their crow’s feet. I told Ron he had to sell this stuff, but he balked, telling me that it was too expensive and time consuming to make. So I told him to sell it for $15.00. He wasn’t sure it could possibly sell at that price, but it does and it lasts about three months.

His Sugar Foot is the best foot cream on the planet and HealonPF reverses diabetic sores. I never go anywhere without a bottle in my car.

Finally, recently Ron created the best moisturizer on the planet, bar none. This is no exaggeration. And to this last batch he created, he added BACO. Everyone who has tried it has loved it. I’m sorry to say, it’s not yet for sale, however, when it does go up for sale, you’ll see ULTRA posted in his products at Simply the Best.

For those of you who want to try it, write to me and I’ll try to get Ron to sell you some (though it is really right now in its testing phase): [email protected].

All of Ron’s creams are at Simply the Best, and since we’ve got Christmas coming up (and I doubt if I’ll have time to get a newsletter out by that time) think of giving someone on your list something from Ron’s line of healing creams: Simply the Best.

Quick Update: Just as I finished writing this piece, the phone rang and it was Ron Salley. After working away for the past three weeks, he’s finally created a version of Sugar Foot made with BACO. Stay tuned. We’ll tell you more after testing.

And as we go to print, I just got a call from a friend who after back surgery, found herself with a bad case of neuropathy in one entire leg. Guess what? The LAM cream worked on it. She just called to thank me.

Debunking Viral Emails (and Sites)

They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere!


Like you, I’m sure, I get a ton of crap in my inbox that has little to do with reality. Whether the mail is about politics, health, or just another internet hoax (Bill Gates is giving away his money!), you just know that someone took the time to read it and then forwarded it without thinking. It’s like a reflex action: Hit Forward (but don’t possibly apply any critical thinking or search the debunking web sites to verify it).

The first mail I received was about the lowly Cucumber. Click here to read it and our response.

The next was about a doctor who cures cancer with fruit. This is a piece, according to Snopes, that was written by Chef Devagi Sanmugam from Singapore, however, people along the way like to add their own bits and pieces. Click here to read them and our responses. How to Eat Fruit, and The Amazing Cucumber.

Three Reviews

Three movies with the same theme.


We have three movies for you that all contain the same basic theme: Someone cures cancer and all the experts who support a criminal system of profit based medicine gang up on her/him, calling him/her a dangerous quack. Then the FDA, FTC, AMA join in and through intimidation, arrests, and out and out libel, make this person’s life a living hell for the crime of healing cancer patients who were given up on by these medical hypocrites.

Dying to Have Known: made by the renowned filmmaker, Steve Kroschel, you can’t help giggling when, in the face of reality based science, a group of asshats tell us that up is down and right is left.

Burzynski —The Movie: The horrifying story about a good friend of ours, Stanislaus Burzynski; the trials and tribulations he’s suffered, all for curing incurable cancers.

Cancer — The Forbidden Cures: An amazing movie filled with archival footage that sums up the barriers money based medicine has constructed to reap profits while we all suffer.

Scary New "Superbug" Resists All Antibiotics 


After decades of dithering, the FDA may be close to limiting the use of antibiotics in farm animals destined for our food supply. (Currently, 17 million pounds of farm-administered antibiotics are used annually.)

The agency is particularly concerned with antibiotics employed to speed animal growth, which increase farmers' profits. No one is sure just how antibiotics produce this effect, but many scientists are certain of the imminent dangers they pose, particularly...

Antibiotic-Resistant "Superbugs"

New strains of drug-resistant salmonella and campylobacter are responsible for recent outbreaks of severe intestinal sickness, while antibiotic-resistant E. coli strains are linked to millions of bladder infections every year. Genetic tests confirm the direct connection to animal products.

Because farm animals are given antibiotics on a regular basis from the time of birth, the bacteria they're exposed to develop drugs-resistance. These Superbugs are then transferred to consumers by handling and eating these products.

How Serious a Problem Is This? Very.

Hospitals are reporting that up to 30% of all urinary infections no longer respond to standard antibiotic treatments -- and that newer antibiotics are proving just as useless.

Now, a frightening new Superbug has just emerged which could render all (yes, all!) current antibiotics totally ineffective.

Called NDM-1(short for New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase), it's caused by an enzyme that's easily transferred between different bacteria, rendering them highly-resistant to any antibiotic.

Currently found in resistant E. Coli, (a common cause of urinary tract infections and pneumonia), NDM-1 is confined to India for now. But, with no effective drug to stop it, concerned scientists are worried that NDM-1 could rapidly spread worldwide.                           

One strain of it is already in the US. "We have our own homegrown version of NDM-1 that has been recognized for quite a few years," says Dr. Alexander J. Kallen of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Outbreak Response Unit.

How Did NDM-1 Happen? Antibiotic Overuse.

Antibiotics in India are cheap and easily available over-the-counter, leading to misuse and widespread drug resistance. NDM-1 thrives in germs that proliferate in the gut -- and poor sanitation enhances the spread of these drug-resistant Superbugs.

And poor sanitation is one of the hallmarks of US farm "factories" that produce meat, milk, and eggs.

So the FDA is between a rock and a hard place regarding agricultural antibiotics: More drugs on the farm speeds the development of these new Superbugs. But cutting back, as they're proposing to do, increases the chances that E. coli and other bacteria will spread even quicker.

What About Cleaning Up the Feedlot?

I won't ruin your day by posting another video depicting the sickening conditions in the typical industrial feedlot environment in which 95% of US animal food products are raised. You already know how gross this situation is.

But this is exactly why growers need all these drugs.

Farm antibiotics are being used for "disease prevention" because feedlot conditions are ideal for spreading disease among animals. And given their poor diet (feedlot animals are fed carbohydrate-rich corn, which is akin to humans subsisting on Pepsi and Snickers bars) their natural immunity is extremely low.

And their natural resistance is further weakened by the destructive effect antibiotics have on the beneficial bacteria which are the backbone of their immune system. It's a lose-lose equation.

Free-range animals, on the other hand, don't need antibiotics (unless they become ill) since they're fed well and roam outdoors during the day. This is the best -- and cheapest -- "disease prevention" there is.

But Agribusiness Doesn't Want to Reform

Although the majority of Americans say they don't want pesticides, hormones, antibiotics in their food -- and even though many are willing to pay higher prices for this safety -- corporate interests refuse to change.

They choose to perpetuate this dangerous, disgusting, inhumane system because it is highly profitable, regardless of its deleterious effects.

Like the Big Energy industry, which continues to deny global warming even as the polar cap melts and weather patterns change dramatically, agribusiness lobbyists such as National Pork Producers Council stubbornly maintain: "There is no conclusive scientific evidence that antibiotics used in food animals have a significant impact on the effectiveness of antibiotics in people."

That's Not What Doctors and Scientists Say

On the contrary, dear lobbyists, indiscriminate antibiotic use in livestock is soundly condemned by medical experts who cite circumstantial and genetic evidence that this practice directly engenders antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

"For those of us in the public health community, the evidence is unambiguously clear," says Dr. James R. Johnson, an infectious-disease expert at the University of Minnesota. "Most of the E. coli infections in humans can be traced to food-animal sources."

And in a letter to Congress in July, CDC director Dr. Thomas R. Frieden specified "compelling evidence" of a "clear link between antibiotic use in animals and antibiotic resistance in humans."

Numerous scientific groups, including the American Medical Association and the Infectious Diseases Society of America, are up in arms. Both are demanding even stronger action that the FDA is proposing.

Money Is the Real Issue Here

But as is usually the case, agribusiness cares more for profits than people.

Giving up antibiotics would cost growers $10 per animal in profits -- and maybe more if rampant infections caused them to pay closer attention to hygiene.

If the FDA's proposed antibiotic restrictions passed, agribusiness surely would have to clean up its act. But this is completely doable, as was demonstrated in the European Union when it banned non-treatment uses of antibiotics in 2006.

Denmark, for example, found that the ban actually reduced human health risks without significantly harming animal health or farmers' incomes. In fact, livestock and poultry production have increased since the ban, while antibiotic-resistance has declined.

The bottom line cost to US consumers would raise the cost of pork, for instance, by only five cents a pound. That's a pittance when you consider the benefits.

It's Time Agribusiness Paid Its Fair Share

It really steams me that billion-dollar corporations are allowed to endanger public health like this. And that taxpayers usually get stuck with cleaning up their messes.

It's time to stand up and draw a line in the sand.

Unless we reform industrial agriculture soon, we're going to be faced with a perfect storm of crises -- not the least of which is antibiotic-resistant Superbugs.

Do you realize that 70% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are given to healthy farm animals, not people? And that taxpayer-funded farm subsidies help foot the bill?

Writing in the Guardian, editor and columnist Sarah Boseley said:

“The era of antibiotics is coming to a close. In just a couple of generations, what once appeared to be miracle medicines have been beaten into ineffectiveness by the bacteria they were designed to knock out.”

Two Ways You Can Help End This:

First, refuse to buy any animal products that aren't truly pasture-raised. Cheap meat is no bargain if it's going to upset your hormonal balance, give you cancer, or threaten the world with a pandemic of non-treatable disease.

Don't trust labels. Only purchase brands of animal products that you know and trust. Even better, locate a local farmer and buy directly from him/her.

Second, add your voice to the growing demand for safer, cleaner, more sustainable agriculture.

The FDA was recently deluged with 200,000 letters responding to its request for comments on new rules governing the use of antibiotics on industrial farms. They were overwhelmed.

Leading the charge is the non-profit Pew Charitable Trusts, which is campaigning against indiscriminate antibiotic use in farm animals. Go to and address their "Take Action" letter to your Congressperson. (The entire action takes less than 30 seconds.)

I know that a lot of you follow the website for our recipes and healing information. I routinely receive messages from members telling me they "aren't political."

My response is:

"It's Impossible to Be Healthy in an Unhealthy World"

What's happening to our food supply directly affects you and me. The threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a perfect example.

Like it or not, food is political. How you spend your money has a greater impact on societal change than voting. And it's far more immediate.

It's never been more important that you spend wisely than now.

Editor’s Note: These articles are written by Jim Healthy of My Healthy Kitchen. He’s a great writer/researcher with a great site. You can pick up his two main products here:

Arthritis Interrupted and 30 Day Diabetes Cure

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Don’t Prevent Heart Problems

And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.


How many times must we tell you about a published a study that tries its darndest to prove left is right, down is up, and truth is a lie?

Conventional medicine will never stop creating studies in such a way as to tell us that everything we know is wrong. They have just one goal: to make us all patients who need their drugs. They go out of their way to “prove” that herbs, vitamins, supplements, and nutrition are worthless, harkening back to the late seventies when the official stance of the AMA was that nutrition has nothing to do with health.


This time it’s fish oils. Apparently they designed a study so that the outcome would be proof positive that fish oils do nothing for heart health. Someone forgot to tell them that the pharm industry just came up with a prescription form of fish oils. Did they not get the memo?

To top it off, the study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine this past August. You’d think that such a prestigious publication would be more careful.

The best way to debunk a study is to delve into the methodology. Normally this is near impossible if you don’t have a medical degree because most sites with this information are closed to everyone but professionals, and if you do find what you’re looking for, you’ll need a medical transcriber to translate the study into English before you can understand it.

However, this time the New England Journal of Medicine was kind enough to publish just enough to make clear the intent of the study.

At the start of the study, the participants were asked to consume one of four different types of margarines: one supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids; one supplemented with the plant-derived ALA; one supplemented with both omega-3 fatty acids and ALA; and one with no supplements.

At the end of the study, it was found that 14 percent of the heart attack patients had experienced another major cardiovascular event, with some cases ending in death. Neither low doses of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are found in fish oil, nor of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), derived from nuts and several vegetable oils, provided any benefit to the vast majority of heart patients.

What they don’t tell you is that they had to eat four heaping tablespoons of this poison (yes, margarine is poison) each day.

To create the pharmaceutical grade fish oils, participants in the studies under the aegis of the pharmaceutical industry had to take 1000 mg daily.

Overall, the truly hilarious part of this entire fiasco was that they recommended margarine to heart patients. Margarine causes heart disease. Partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) are a major contributor to cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Isn’t it about time to force our medical students to study nutrition and orthomolecular medicine? Isn’t it time to stop this insanity?

CT Scans Are Killing Us

Is modern medicine the greatest hazard to our health?


This is something we wrote about years ago, but recently, because of stats published by the National Cancer Institute, a number of web sites have taken up the cause. At least half a dozen readers sent me info on this (thank you!) and I’m going to take it one step further.

First, here are the stats:

1.    CT scans from 2007 alone could possibly contribute to 29,000 new cancer cases with 15,000 cancer deaths.

2.    Over the past ten years, 150,000 Americans will die from CT scan-induced cancers.

3.    The incidence of breast cancer directly correlates with the increased rise of medical X-rays.

4.    X-rays and CT scans (super X-rays with hundreds and hundreds times more radiation) causes plaque on arteries, producing untold numbers of cardiac incidents (no one has yet to compile data to get actual figures).

Ironically, the same physician who proposed that high cholesterol was a disease (it isn’t) and that cholesterol “causes” heart disease (it doesn’t) and proposed low-fat, low-cholesterol diets to prevent heart disease (it won’t) is the same doctor who discovered that radiation from X-rays and CT scans leaves atherosclerotic plaque on our arteries. His name is Dr. John Gofman, MD, PhD.

To learn the truth about cholesterol, plaque buildup, and the causes of atherosclerosis, you’ll have to read the articles in our Cardiovascular Wellness section.

The irony of the above is simply that Gofman proposed once that cholesterol caused cardiovascular disease, and now he finds that radiation causes it. This time he’s right, even though in both cases, cholesterol lands on the arteries (which are already sick) and because of a diet low in antioxidants, the cholesterol calcifies causing plaque.

All in all, we should realize that radiation is not good for our health.

We have to ask ourselves why the use of CT scans has increased geometrically. Some say it is to avoid misdiagnosis. Here we have another irony, since doctors misdiagnosing patients’ problems has also increased geometrically.

The next article I’m going to point you to adds an angle to this story that should wrap it all up for us. It’s called The Fading Art of The Physical Exams. You’ll find in the article a great quotation by a Dr. Abraham Verghese: "I sometimes joke that if you come to our hospital missing a finger, no one will believe you until we get a CAT scan, an MRI and an orthopedic consult. We just don't trust our senses."  


Lots and lots of them.


Blood Pressure Drugs Cause Cancer

Lancet Oncology this year reported a study conducted at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine that showed that angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs) increase your risk of cancer by 11% overall, with a 25% increase in your chances of lung cancer. ARBs are also taken for heart failure and kidney disease (in diabetics). Sales of the drugs (Diovan, Cozzar, Hyzarr, Avapro, and Atacand) top 25 billion dollars annually.

Avastin Linked to Kidney Disease

Persons taking Avastin, the most widely used chemotherapy (cancer drug), according to a study conducted at Stony Brook University Cancer Center, were nearly five times more likely to develop serious kidney damage, and nearly eight times more likely to develp nephritic syndrome (causing cholesterol levels to rise and blood protein levels to drop). The findings were based on 16 studies involving 12,268 cancer patients and published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2010.

Vitamin D Protects Against Parkinson’s Disease and Mental Decline

We’ve published past studies showing that Vitamin D protects against cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, but new studies just reported in the Archives of Internatl medicine, 2010 go still further. Researchers have now discovered in a significant group of people aged 65 and older, that those with a severe deficiency of Vitamin D were 60% more likely to suffer significant cognitive decline as compared to people with adequate levels of the vitamin. In a separate major study of over 3000 men and women aged 50 to 79, they found that those with high Vitamin D levels protected the subjects against Parkinson’s. The study had a 29 year follow up period in which they calculated that those with high levels of Vitamin D were 67% less likely to develop Parkinson’s than those with low levels.

Gum Disease Linked to Alzheimer's

Researchers at New York University discovered a connection between gum disease and Alzheimer’s when they found that patients with Alzheimer’s had significantly higher levels of inflammatory molecules from diseased teeth and gums compared to healthy people. The study was published in the International Association for Dental Research, July 2010.

Calcium Supplements Linked to Heart Attack Risk in Elderly

Published in the British Medical Journal, a new study shows that calcium supplements, often prescribed by doctors in older patients to prevent osteoporosis, increases the chance of heart attack in the elderly by 30% for both men and women. Calcium supplementation in the elderly has never been proven to prevent osteoporosis and now it seems it could be very detrimental. The study did not publish whether the Calcium supplements contained magnesium, which, according to most nutritionists is a must combination, for they’ve known for years that Calcium administered without magnesium can be detrimental to everyone. Most nutritionists tell us to get our calcium from dark green vegetables and supplement with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D daily.

Dietary Supplement Proves to be Toxic

1,4 Butanediol is an industrial solvent that converts to gamma hydroxbutyrate (GBH) when ingested. Though regulated in industrial use, it suddenly began to show up in dietary supplements marketed as a sexual aid, athletic performance aid, and for those with depression or insomnia. It’s even sold to cure baldness, wrinkles, and poor vision.

The New England Journal of Medicine, 2001, reported that individuals taking the drug have reported vomiting, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, respiratory depression, combativeness, agitation, blackouts, addiction, and withdrawal symptoms. Thus far two deaths have been attributed to its use.

Sniff Test Developed as a Predictor of Parkinson’s

Currently there is no “cure” for Parkinson’s but it is hoped if it is caught early enough, current therapies might be more effective and slow the disease’s progress. It seems that in the very early stages of Parkinson’s, before it is usually diagnosed, people who will develop Parkinson’s start to lose their sense of smell. So, according to Proceedings of the European Society of Human Genetics, June 13, 2010, a “sniff test” has been developed by researchers that will tell your physician if you’re losing your sense of smell and raise a red flag for Parkinson’s.

Medical Schools Teaching Incorrect Procedures

Filed under “I’m not surprised,” it’s been found that doctors have been taught to treat wounds in the worst possible way for decades and decades.

When a person is injured (sports trauma, infections, etc), the procedure taught is to bring down the inflammation, using ice, or NSAIDS, and once the inflammation is halted, the healing will being.


The Cleveland Clinic has just reported that inflammation is a very important part of the healing process, as inflammatory cells near the injured muscle produce a high level of growth factor that speeds up the rate at which muscles regenerate.

Forget the Gym: Hit the Park

In another study of the obvious published by Environmental Science & Technology, 2010, researchers found that those who exercise outdoors have a better overall sense of wellbeing than those who exercised indoors. Duh. They also noted that those exercising, walking, running, gardening, or cycling near water felt an even greater sense of wellbeing than without the water. Ask your doctor if getting up off your ass is right for you!

Xrays Double the Risk of Leukemia in Children

Again we must state our position: radiation is not good at any level, for it was discovered during the Northern California Childhood Leukemia Study, that just three x-rays are enough to double a child’s risk of leukemia. The researchers reported that the findings surprised the heck out of them because they never expected to find a link.

Swimming Pool Disinfectant linked to Cancer and Asthma

Environmental Science & Technology, 2010, published a warning for those hitting the swimming pools this summer: SHOWER BEFORE YOU SWIM. It seems that the mixture of sunscreen creams, cosmetics, and pool disinfectants produces a toxic soup that can mutate genes, accelerate ageing, cause respiratory problems, birth defects, and even cancers. To prevent sunburn, wrap in a towel and wear a hat when out of the pool. But definitely shower before you swim.

Blood Transfusions Are Killing Patients

After going over data from 221 hospitals in the UK (nearly 4500 patient records, patients who had been admitted for upper gastro-intestinal bleeding) it was discovered that those patients who received a blood transfusion within 12 hours of their hospitalization were 25% more likely to die compared to those who did not receive a transfusion.  UK doctors are now rethinking their policies and say that blood transfusions should be reserved for those whose blood loss is considerable enough to be life threatening.

Cruciferous Vegetables Stop Cancer From Spreading

Though this is something we’ve been talking about for years, it seems that some scientists at the Ohio State University “discovered” that “indole-3-carbinol,” a phytochemical found in this class of vegetable blocked breast cancer cells. However, they also felt that I3C would also fight other cancers such as prostate, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and might even reverse Alzheimer’s disease. It seems that women with advanced, life threatening breast cancer have an abnormal abundance of a specific “molecule” in their blood, and the I3C destroys the cancer and this molecule.

Coincidentally, at Heidelberg University Hospital, this past summer they released a study that showed that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables were better cancer fighters than a new chemotherapy they’d been testing. The drug they were testing (Sorafenib) was designed to fight pancreatic cancers, but in a study using mice, it was effective only for about four weeks. It was discovered that when the mice were fed their veggies, the drug continued to be effective. They also discovered that the veggies were able to break the “cancer-causing sequence in stem cells” all on their own without the drug.

Homeopathy Basis Backed by Nobel Prize Winning Scientist’s Discovery

While Quackpots like Steven Barret publish web pages slandering homeopathy, a “real” doctor, the Frenchi virologist who got the Nobel Prize for connecting HIV to AIDS, Profesor Luc Montagnier has made a shocking discovery. Shocking to his contemporaries, at least.

The basis of Homeopathy is that the potency of a substance increases with dilution. Dr Montagnier discovered that solutions containing the DNA of pathogens emit low frequency radio waves (something that Royal Rife discovered in the 1920s). However, the real discovery was that the radio waves remained in the water, even after dilution.

Weight-Loss Drug Meridia Pulled From U.S. Market

FRIDAY, Oct. 8, 2010. Abbot Laboratories agreed to pull its “obesity” drug, Meridia from the market after the FDA published that showed a 16% increased risk for, heart attack, stroke, and death in its users compared to those taking a placebo.  Additionally, it was found that the drug produced minimal results in weight loss for those taking it.

There is no “magic bullet” for weight loss, and if there was, the moment people go off of it, the weight begins to pile on again. There are supplements that can help boost metabolism and fat burning, and let’s face it, as we age our metabolism starts to drop off and our hormones go missing in action, so we have to work even harder at maintaining a healthy weight.

Again, we have a solution for you who’ve never exercised or have been on that weight loss, weight gain roller coaster: Rapid Safe Weight Loss. Or, you can go in search of a pill: Ask your doctor if heart attack, stroke, or death is right for you!

Walking Linked to Longevity

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, felt that walking was the best exercise of them all. The International Journal of Epidemiology, 2010, agrees. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that people who walked for just 30 minutes a day, five days a week reduced their risk of premature death by 19%, while those who added a bit of light exercise reduced their risk by 24%. Again, ask your doctor if getting up off your ass is right for you!

Reports from Europe that Alternative Therapies Will Be Wiped Out By Big Pharma by the Year 2012

Because of pressure by obscene wealth on the European Union, four laws about to be implemented will reduce the people in Europe’s options to drugs and more drugs.

Here are what the four laws will do:

  • High-dose vitamins will be barred, and will be available only by prescription from your doctor, who may be less than sympathetic
  • Sales of health products will start to slow as manufacturers will be barred from making even the most obvious claim for their product
  • Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs will start disappearing from the shelves
  • Herbal practitioners in the UK may be going out of business unless they can get themselves registered to a standard acceptable to the EU.  They have until April next year to do this.

Expect America to follow as Big Money pretending to be the common people fighting for Freedom and Liberty will now be buying politicians that support this type of legislation. Good bye freedom and liberty.

Mobile Phones Cause Tinnitus

We’ve published warnings of brain tumors being caused by cell phones, but now they’ve found that every ten minutes on a cell phone increases your risk of tinnitus by a whopping 71%. Most tinnitus sufferers said their problem was on the left side, where they held their phone, while 29% also suffered from vertigo.

We are never going to get rid of our cell phones, but getting a speaker phone will sure help protect you. Additionally, a “blue tube” sold by Dr Mercola is another protection. Using a blue tooth or a wired earpiece has the same results as holding the phone to your ear.

Further Reading: Click here: "Disconnect": Why cellphones may be killing us - Nonfiction -

Laptop and WiFi Warning: Making Men Infertile

Recently we’ve heard on the news of this new disorder called Toasted Skin Syndrome caused by using a laptop right on your lap, but did you know that it can also lead to infertility in men?

You can read the full article here:, but the brunt of it is this: USE A DESKTOP, not your lap.

Researchers from Nascentis, a reproductive medical center in Cordoba, Argentina found that WiFi radiation affects sperm motility and damages the DNA. They discovered that virtually every laptop user had damaged sperm when samples were compared with those from men who didn’t use a laptop and WiFi. Industry shills dispute this saying that WiFi radiation is very, very low and couldn’t possibly cause such damage.

Who are you going to believe?

Rice—Which Is Best

Need I mention one more time at this site that processed foods are deadly? Another study of the obvious reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that brown rice is better than white rice. Duh.

Processed foods spike your blood sugar levels and eventually lead to insulin insensitivity. Brown rice contains FIBER, not to mention minerals, vitamins, and a host of phytochemicals. Eating fiber reduces the spikes in your blood sugar.

What the study didn’t mention is Black Rice, which has all of the good stuff found in brown rice, and gives you an antioxidant kick like no other rice. Black Rice can be found only online or in Asian markets. Look for a black rice bran supplement in the near future.

To lower your risk of diabetes, eat rice that is unprocessed. You folks who love sushi should eat a high fiber salad with your meals.

Microwave Tomography Safer Than Mammograms

We’ve warned everyone for a long time about the dangers (myths) of mammography, and now researchers are on our side. Published in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 2010, (Journal of Applied Mathematics???) is a conclusive study showing that compared to Mammograms that expose women’s breasts to radiation while abusing them with pressure, not to mention that they are notoriously unreliable (invasive and unreliable; that’s some great selling points) microwave tomography is cheaper, more accurate, and just plain less risky. But as long as radiologists run the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society is funded heavily by companies supplying mammograms, don’t expect to find too much information on this procedure.

Fetal X-rays Connected to Schizophrenia In Young

Speaking of radiation…

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found that monkeys that had been x-rayed in the womb started to show brain development problems by the time they were five years of age. The monkeys had learning and memory problems, both signs of schizophrenia. They found that the earlier in the development of the fetus that they are x-rayed, the greater the damage. 

Psychiatric Drugs Cause Blood Clots

A recent (soon to be published in the BMJ) cohort study that examined the records of over 25,000 people in ages from 16 to 100 who had developed deeb vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism found something very interesting. They compared those records to 89,000 other people who did not have those cardiovascular problems and found that antipsychotic drugs (like Serouel, Abilify, Solian, Lonasesn, and Risperdal) were at the root of their cardiovascular conditions. Interestingly enough, those just starting the drugs double their chances of blood clots in just the first three months, and those taking low potency versions of the drugs were at an even higher risk.

Psychiatric Drugs Cause Madness

Robert Whitaker’s latest book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America concludes that the drugs aimed at relieving depression, schizophrenia, bi polar disorder, and a host of other mental disorders actually end up causing the problems to worsen. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that 74% of schizophrenics quit their meds because either they didn’t work, or the side effects were intolerable. Whitaker points out after thousands of hours of research that oftentimes these drugs can make a person’s mental illness even more severe than when first diagnosed. Conventional medicine’s response is to up the dose or change the meds eventually creating a downward spiral ending in a total collapse of the patient’s health and spirit. If you or someone knows someone who is on psychiatric drugs, this is a must read. There are nutritional and wellness options, such as physical exercise, spending time in the sun, and tossing Frankenfoods and processed foods out of your life.

HRT Linked To Breast Cancer  

This is something we've talked about for years, however, a recent study shows that Hormone Replacement Therapy increases risks of a more virulent and dangerous form of breast cancer. The lesson to be learned here is that Menopause is NOT a disease and should not be treated like a disease. Did you know that many Alaskan women do not suffer menopause symptoms? Their secret is wild salmon 4 to 5 times a week.

Vitamin E Protects Against Dementia

Published in the Archives of Neurology, 2010, this study focused on the antioxidants vitamin C, Beta Carotene, bioflavonoids, and vitamin E. As it turns out, those who consumed the most vitamin E were 25% less likely to develop dementia. Though not sure why the connection, they did note that vitamin E’s anti-inflammatory properties were probably responsible for the protection, as inflammation seems to be one of the main causes of Alzheimer’s.

·         Additional research shows that vitamin E

·         Prevents Respiratory Infections

·         Lowers Your Risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

·         Lowers Your Prostate Cancer Risks

·         Inhibits Breast Cancer Cells

·         Builds Stronger Bones

·         Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

·         Reduces Your Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

·         Protects Your Brain After a Stroke

·         Wards Off Colds and Prevents Upper Respiratory Infection

Most of these shorts were found at If you want to get them quicker and more often, go get yourself a free membership.

Arthritis Super Soup

Another great recipe from My Healing Kitchen.


Glucosamine-chondroitin is the top-selling nutritional supplement on the market today. The reason is simple: It halts the pain and discomfort of arthritis that makes life miserable for more than 40 million arthritis suffering Americans. And medical studies prove it works. In 2006, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducted the largest study ever on glucosamine-chondroitin and found that the majority of arthritis sufferers who took the supplement experienced significant pain reduction.

In the NIH study, the glucosamine-chondroitin supplement stopped joint pain and inflammation better than the leading COX-2 arthritis drugs or leading NSAID medications, without any of the mild to severe side effects of those drugs. Study participants reported dramatic improvement from the supplement within four weeks–and the longer they took it, the better they felt.

1. Homemade glucosamine for free. What if you could make the most effective arthritis pain-relieving supplement, instead of forking out $40 to $75 for a jar? You absolutely can! All it takes are a few bones from the butcher, some crustacean shells and your favorite soup kettle. That’s all you need to create a high-potency Arthritis Soup Stock full of glucosamine and chondroitin, which have been proven to soothe your chronic arthritis joint pain.

This soup stock was a kitchen mainstay throughout history. Every stove usually had a simmering stockpot into which homemakers tossed bones, shells and vegetable scraps. Later it was used as the base for soups, sauces and gravies. The stockpot has disappeared in the modern era in favor of convenience foods. But now you can still make your own super-soup at home for practically free. Some nutritional experts believe bone broth’s absence from our regular diet partially explains the current spike in arthritis rates. While it certainly isn’t the sole cause, the low levels of joint-protective nutrients in our modern diet, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), glycine, proline (which helps create collagen), and sulfur compounds–all of which are necessary for the creation and repair of damaged joint cartilage–is an important factor. The Arthritis Soup Stock returns them to your diet.

2. The secret ingredients in glucosamine supplements. Here’s the shocker: this high-priced, in-demand glucosamine-chondroitin supplement is made from the same raw materials as bone broth, which are virtually free for the taking. Glucosamine, an essential building-block of the cartilage in our own joints, also comes to us from the shells of crustaceans such as crab, lobster and shrimp. Animal cartilage in soup bones is a rich source of chondroitin sulfate. Together, these two compounds help our bodies repair arthritis-damaged joints and keep existing joints well-lubricated by helping cartilage absorb more water.

3. Make arthritis healing soup stock

1. Fill a large soup pot with beef or pork knuckles, feet, back bones and/or joint bones. Add chicken bones and carcasses. These gelatin-rich animal parts contain the highest concentration of chondroitin.

2. Toss in as many crustacean shells as will fit. They are loaded with glucosamine.

3. Dump in eggshells. Vegetable scraps are great, too.

4. Splash in some lemon juice or vinegar to release the calcium and glucosamine-chondroitin from the bones and cartilage.

5. Cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, cover and let it cook on the lowest possible heat for hours, checking the water level and heat every once in a while.

6. If scum floats to the surface, skim it off with a spoon.

7. When the broth is done, strain the liquid through a colander. Chill and then remove the fat.

The liquid will keep in your fridge for up to four days–or freeze it to use later.

Use this arthritis super-soup as stock for a variety of soups by adding veggies, beans and herbs. Cook whole grains in this broth, too. Or you can simply sip a hot cupful to soothe and repair your joints.

An even easier method: Place all ingredients into slow cooker and let it simmer for a couple of days on low heat. You can also oven-roast raw bones with their meat to bring out their flavor, but it’s not essential. Or you can make a seafood-only broth. Slow cook until you arrive at a gelatinous brew.

For more great recipes to fight inflammation and arthritis, check out: Arthritis Interrupted.

Healing Sounds

Can certain sounds actually heal our DNA?


Sometimes a story comes along that is just too hard to swallow. At first it looks like complete hogwash; something the Quackpots at Quackbusters would have a field day with. As a journalist, I was taught to always be skeptical, but at least be open enough to get the story and check it out.

Well, I have checked this out and now it’s your turn to gawk incredulously.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is a Harvard graduate and public health expert. The first time I ever heard of him was when he tore into Dr Oz over H1N1 vaccine. He’s been labeled (libeled) a quack, yet no one has yet refuted the points he makes.

Howorwitz believes that all healing occurs from “vibrations.” Now this might sound at first a bit hokey, but if you think about it, everything, even medicines, contains energy. Energy creates frequencies. In homeopathy, it is the “memory” of a substance, diluted to the extreme in water, that creates the vibrations that heal. And I know you’ve all read our articles on Qigong that describe the healing energies we all hold. Energy is vibration; vibration is energy. Finally there is Royal Rife who cured cancer with frequencies. If you’ve not read about him, then perhaps this is the best time to do so: Royal Rife.

In walks Dr. Joseph Puleo, an herbalist, naturopath, and Christian minister. Puelo has an enormously wide span of interests. While going over passages in the Bible, he uncovered something amazing. Puleo states that while intuitively guided, he discovered a code repeated in the Book of Numbers. He reduced the code using the Pythagorean method to six numbers consisting of six digits.

You’re going to need a little background.

In music, we have a 12-Tone Equal Temperament Scale where an octave is divided into 12 equal parts (A, Description:, B, C, Description:, etc.). There used to be another scale, an ancient scale called the Solfeggio Scale that has been lost for centuries.

Dr. Joseph Puleo’s discovery, those numbers, turn out to be the lost Solfeggio Scale.

One of these notes, 528 Hz, influences the water molecules surrounding DNA, and affect the DNA in an ultra-positive manner. It is thought, by those studying these frequencies, that damaged DNA is repaired by this frequency.

This lost scale was used in the Gregorian Chants and in a song to John the Baptist. Their resurrection is seen by some as a huge leap forward in understanding the power of energy and frequencies to heal.

In walks Dr Candace Pert, PhD. Pert has a PhD in Pharmacology. She is also a neuroscientist. Her life has been a long, steady march toward understanding healing. She feels that this particular frequency goes all the way to the molecular level where we find 70 different receptors that begin to vibrate, opening the chromosomes and exposing the DNA to these frequencies.

In New York, at the Quantum Biology Research Lab, these frequencies were recently tested. DNA in test tubes were exposed to music composed using the Solfeggio scale. They discovered that the frequencies unwound the DNA helix allowing the DNA to absorb UV Light. We’ve written quite a bit on UV Light already, so you might want to check that out too: UV Light.

In the interest of Full Disclosure, I should tell you that the people mentioned in this little article are considered quacks. Then again, I am considered a quack. As long as mainstream medicine is profit based, we’ll see a lot more studies on alternatives designed purposely to fail, and a constant debunking of anything that interferes with their profits. Healing sounds will never get a fair testing from the mainstream.

As a journalist, I can only give you the facts. I cannot tell you whether this works or not, as it has not had enough studies, independent studies.

With that in mind, I felt that perhaps my readers would like to try these sounds and see for themselves. If anyone gets positive (or negative) reactions to this music, please write to me: [email protected]. I’ve attained a copy of a one hour meditation CD that is yours for free.

To download your copy of what some have referred to as the “frequency of love,” right click the following link and choose to Save Target: 528 Hz Meditation. Burn it onto a CD and fall asleep to it.

Further Reading:  

Organic Zero Update


Since discovering Organic Zero, I’ve continued my investigation and found a few more things I should pass onto you.

First, I’ve found a cheaper version. Organic Zero is Erythritol, which is in a class of sugars that are alcohols. Xylitol and sorbitol are also “alcohol sugar.”

Zero (Organic) - 8/12Oz Organic Zero: GRXylitol helps fight cavities according to studies conducted in Finland in the sixties. Recent research shows that the reason for this is that bacteria cannot metabolize these sugars. Bacteria (like cancer) metabolize through fermentation. Sugar is needed for fermentation. These “alcohol sugars” are sweet like sugar, but bacteria just “under-metabolize” when they consume them, and develop a metabolic deficiency. Thus weakened, they can’t proliferate.

There are two theories ( on how this depletes the numbers of bacteria on our teeth:

1.    The bacteria are starved and weakened and die off.

2.    Bacteria that cannot live off of these “alcohol sugars” are supplanted by bacteria that can, but are not harmful to teeth and their colonization of the terrain pushes out the harmful bacteria.

Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

So, there you have it. Bacteria that normally eat sugars and excrete acidic byproducts that cause dental cavities, just can’t live that cycle in the presence of one of these sugars. The result is less dental plaque which promotes a condition in your mouth where “remineralization” can take place.

Additionally, studies have shown that these alcohol sugars protect against further gum disease even in patients who have advanced gum disease. The alcohols most likely cannot get into the deeper pockets in people’s gums, but good bacteria, being quite motile, can.

There you have it: Healthy teeth and gums.

Peelu's Xylotil Dental Gum Peppermint 300pc Peelu's Xylotil Dental Gum Spearmint 300pc

The reason I’ve talked about xylitol and sorbitol is that Erythritol does the exact same thing. I’ve found examples of people putting these sugars in nasal sprays for sinusitis. It weakens the bacteria and research shows that after one spray, at least 50% of the pathogens in your nasal cavities just drop off.

Side Effects

There are side effects to consuming these “alcohol sugars,” and I’d be remiss if I did not warn you.

We don’t digest them very well. This being the case, some experience digestive disturbances, gas, and diarrhea. I’ve found that a high fiber diet helps this situation. But if you’re going to eat a lot of Erythritol heavily, you’ll be spending a bit more time in the bathroom.

The Price

Many have told me that the cost of Organic Zero is just too high. I don’t blame them at all. So I went searching and found a lot of interesting things.

Cargil has their version called Zerose. They plan to do something with it soon and expect to find products with Zerose in them. Products with Erythritol are already on the market.

And I’ve found for you some Erythritol from Now Foods: GET IT HERE!NOW Erythritol, 1 Lb.

It’s much cheaper than Organic Zero at 8 bucks a pound.

Minor Problems

Because it’s 70% the sweetness of sugar, it’s kind of hard to substitute. Mathematically you would use 1.43 times what the recipe calls for in sugar. However, I like my food a little less sweet than most recipes, so I use 1.25 times the recipe.

Additionally, I’ve had problems getting Erythritol to melt in recipes. I solved the problem by measuring out the amount I need and tossing that into a blender to turn it to powdered sugar. Works like a charm!



[ learn more ]

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Hematrex® is specially formulated to promote normal venous circulatory health by increasing vein durability, wall strength and elasticity. This promotes normal blood flow and helps keep blood moving through sensitive areas where vein constriction and blood pooling can cause daily - even constant discomfort.

Avandia — A Ridiculous Drug


With Type 2 Diabetes in epidemic proportions, doctors are prescribing Avandia to lower blood sugar levels.

Lord knows we need to keep our blood sugar levels under control, and Lord knows the pharmaceutical industry wants us to believe we need a drug for this.

Avandia is just dangerous.

It can lower your blood sugar levels dangerously low to hypoglycemic levels.

It can cause liver inflammation and mess with your liver enzymes.

Sure, lets lower our blood sugar levels, but drugs are just not the way to do it.

In February of 2008, the New York Times published: Diabetes Study Partially Halted After Deaths. It seems that the experimental group, the group that controlled their blood sugar levels using drug therapy experienced 54 more deaths than the control group.

One doctor reported: “It’s confusing and disturbing that this happened. For 50 years, we’ve talked about getting blood sugar very low. Everything in the literature would suggest this is the right thing to do.”

Of course the “literature” suggests this, because the literature also suggests they use drugs.

Two years later, The Times published: Research Ties Diabetes Drug to Heart Woes, as if we didn’t see this one coming. Hundreds of heart attacks and deaths were attributed to Avandia, the so-called “controversial” diabetes drug.

So now the Justice Department gets involved. Congressional hearings to follow. CNN posts online: Senate Report Links Diabetes Drug Avandia to Heart Attacks and Jim Healthy (of writes a great editorial piece entitled:  Should Avandia Executives Go to Jail?

Of course they should, along with a few bureaucrats from the FDA.

They’ve known about cardiovascular problems with Avandia since 2003 and doctors are STILL prescribing it. In fact, after the initial testing, before it was even approved in 1999, one of the doctors from the studies said that patients taking Avandia had nearly twice as many "ischemic myocardial events" as those in the study using other diabetes protocols. And the study was conducted over a period of just six months.

Sadly, the number of actual deaths as compared to the number of reported deaths is much higher. Hospitals and studies always under report the negative side. Studies use strange logic. For example, if you die during a cancer study, your death doesn’t count in the final tally because you didn’t complete the study. If you have a heart condition before a study and die of a heart condition during a study in which people are dropping dead of heart conditions, yours doesn’t count. Our latest health care bill might have wiped out pre-existing conditions, but in a study, they note that pre-existing condition and your death doesn’t count.

To make matters worse, in August of this year (2010), publishes the following story:

New warning on Avandia as researchers discover it weakens bones

05 August 2010

There’s more bad news for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and its antidiabetes drug Avandia. The drug already comes with a strong warning that it cause a heart attack, and now researchers have also found it increases the risk of fracture in postmenopausal women. Avandia (rosiglitazone) and Actos (pioglitazone) may also have the same effect on men who take either drug, too, say researchers from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. They made their discovery when they analysed 786 cases of fractures and matched them against 2,657 diabetes patients who hadn’t suffered a fracture. The drugs seemed to be the one difference between the two groups, and the rate of fractures increased with the dosage. (Source: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, July 14, 2010: doi: 10.1210/jc.2009-2638).

The most irritating thing here, the elephant in the room, is the simple fact that keeping our blood sugar from spiking is very easy.

We are a drug culture and too many people want that pill; they don’t want the responsibility of keeping their blood sugar levels under control.

Did you know that just cutting your caloric intake will increase your insulin sensitivity and thus lower your blood sugar levels? Did you know that taking a walk after a meal will help keep your blood sugar levels from spiking?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil both help stabilize your blood sugar, as does Cinnamon.  

And I know of two books that will give you all the secrets to ending your insulin insensitivity and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I even wrote one of them:


For those of you who are pre-diabetic, these plans will show you results the first week.

For you who already have Type II Diabetes, these plans will take just a little longer.

And keep in mind that web sites around the world have quoted this site on the subject of diabetes and trans fats, and how getting good fats (especially Omega-3s) into your body can help you turn your diabetes around. My favorite product? Omegasentials.

The Fox Grape

One potent fruit that grows wild here in Minnesota.


I’ve talked of this little guy before, calling him a “wild concord grape.” Well, his name is actually the Fox Grape, but that doesn’t change anything.

Wild fruits are better for us than the domesticated versions. Fruits are bred for looks, not potency. Taste is secondary, it seems to the breeders.

The wild strawberry, for example, is smaller than a wild raspberry. They’re hardly any bigger than an apple seed. But their antioxidant punch is enormous.

The phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids in domesticated fruit cannot compare to that found in the wild.

The Fox Grape is just an example of total health and wellness found in the bounty spread out for us by our creator. The resveratrol will clean your arteries, the ellagic acid will eat cancer cells, and the antioxidants (pycnogenols) found in the seed (just chew them up too) are incomparable. No capsule the size of a Fox Grape can deliver the total nutrition of this grape.

We’ve just had our first frost in Minnesota, and so I’m going out to pick some. They make a great jelly and are even better for you eaten raw. Enjoy. even better for you eaten raw. Enjoy.

Health Care Update


On September 24th I got this in my email:

Today the health insurance marketplace looks different than it did yesterday, and the changes may affect you and your family. Get the facts!

Starting today, companies can't deny coverage to children who have a pre-existing health problem.

Starting today, health insurance companies must eliminate lifetime benefit caps, and phase out annual ones, so that people who have insurance don't "max out" the coverage if they fall sick.

And when your health insurance plan next renews, you will be able to add your children up to the age of 26 if you wish to do so.

Read our concise guide to the new benefits and the fine print--and then forward this email to friends and family so they can download it, too.

We'll walk you through the new insurance plans available for people with pre-existing conditions, and changes to Medicare that might affect your benefits.

From our product ratings in Consumer Reports to our investigative articles and shopping guides, Consumers Union tries to give you the facts about products and services so you can get the best deal for your dollar. Health insurance is no different.

Check out our quick guide to the new health insurance marketplace here!

We hope you and your family find this guide useful. If you like it, forward this email. You can help us get this critical information to many more people who might need it!

Jim Guest
President, Consumer Reports
101 Truman Ave
Yonkers, NY 10703

Don’t let the vocal wingnuts take this away from us. Get out and vote.

Watch a Tumor Disappear in Less than a Minute



I found a site that tried to debunk this video by pointing out that the technician can fake the disappearance of something by tilting the instrument. However, it would disappear from the inside out, not from the top down, and the slightest movement would show it growing back. It would have to be one heck of a technician to do this.

Even better evidence is that a group of friends of mine who practice Qigong went to China and got a chance to see this happen. They had the technologist scan the area fully afterwards to see if they could find something.

And finally, why would a hospital (in China they are financed by the government and most hospitals are filled to capacity and then some) fake something like this. They’ve nothing to gain.

I’ll be posting more videos in the future in our Qigong section.


Hyped on the Web as Diatomaceous Earth


A friend and reader buzzed me one evening and asked me what I thought of Diatomaceous Earth. I told her I’d heard about it, but never checked it out. So she sent me a few web sites to peruse. Right away I knew I was being bowled over with hype, so I decided to check it out.

The article is posted at our site: Silica.

Back Pain


I get a lot of mail asking for help. The one subject I seem to get the most is about pain, back pain.

Now, we all should know that as we age, we have to exercise. We have to get up and move. And we should all know that we have to get our omega-3s.

But still, some people have waited (and waited) and now they’re in pain.

I found a product that has been tested widely, the ingredients are top quality, and when I wrote to the company asking to test their product, they replied: “Why not let your readers test it?”

So, I have a little booklet for you on back pain, some dos and don’ts, and at the end is a free offer to try their product.

Fair enough?

One more thing: since I don’t have a bad back, will you please write me and tell me your results. That’s all I ask: [email protected]

Here’s the book: Back Pain Guide.

Feel free to save it to your computer.

Many sent to us by our readers.


 When the Republicans Lie About Health Care, We Have to Fight Back

Share this hilarious video, "The (Mis)Informant," starring Jack Black to fight the corporate lies.

Dog Bites Owner - Saves His Life

October is Non-GMO Month

Europe has banned GMO foods. They won’t buy ours. Yet our people are eating it daily because it’s unmarked. Kraft Foods has been using GMO foods in nearly all their products. And we are getting sick, fat, and worn out.

The people of Europe fought GMO foods and won. We can too. We need to let people know.

Some tell us that Terrorism is the greatest threat to our nation while we let huge corporations poison us. The greatest threat to our nation is ignorance.


Dupont Dame Follows Monsanto Men Into Obama Administration

Starting with his choice for USDA Secretary, the pro-biotech former governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, President Obama has let Monsanto, Dupont and the other pesticide and genetic engineering companies know they'll have plenty of friends and supporters within his administration.

President Obama has taken his team of food and farming leaders directly from the biotech companies and their lobbying, research, and philanthropic arms.

Michael Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President, is now the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods.

Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto-funded Danforth Plant Science Center, is now the director of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Islam Siddiqui, Vice President of the Monsanto and Dupont-funded pesticide-promoting lobbying group, CropLife, is now the Agriculture Negotiator for the US Trade Representative.

Rajiv Shah, former Gates Foundation agricultural-development director served as Obama's USDA Under Secretary for Research Education and Economics and Chief Scientist and is now head of USAID.

Now, Ramona Romero, corporate counsel to Dupont, has been nominated by President Obama to serve as General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Tell Your Senators to Reject Ramona Romero and President Obama to Get Monsanto and Dupont Out of His Administration!

Take Action

Terrorism: Why They Want to Kill Us
By Doug Bandow

Editor’s Note: Though this sort of article is often labeled left wing socialist bullhockey, I find it interesting that it came out of the Cato Institute.

July 02, 2010 "Huffington Post" -- The horrid attacks of 9/11 led to the cry: Why do they hate us? Most Americans seemed to believe that it was because we are such nice people. But the Times Square bomber reminds us that terrorism is mostly a response to U.S. government policies.

After 9/11 President George W. Bush reassured Americans: we were attacked because we are beautiful people, spreading freedom around the world. But often the actions of our government are seen by others as less than beautiful. To seek an explanation for terrorism is not to excuse monstrous attacks on civilians. But understanding what motivates people to kill could help reduce terrorism in the future.

Terrorism is not new. It was used against Russian Tsars, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and British colonial officials. Algerians employed terrorism against the French and later Algerian governments. Basque and Irish separatists freely relied on terrorism. Until Iraq, the most promiscuous suicide bombers were Tamils in Sri Lanka. In none of these cases did the killing occur in response to freedom, whether in America or elsewhere.

Robert Pape of the University of Chicago studied the most recent cases: "The central fact is that overwhelmingly suicide-terrorist attacks are not driven by religion as much as they are by a clear strategic objective: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland. From Lebanon to Sri Lanka to Chechnya to Kashmir to the West Bank, every major suicide-terrorist campaign--over 95 percent of all the incidents--has had as its central objective to compel a democratic state to withdraw."

Consider Chechnya. Both suicide bombers in the recent Moscow subway attacks apparently were "Black Widows," whose militant husbands had been killed by Russian security forces. Even some conservatives, who typically decry discussion of "root causes" of terrorism, pointed to Russian brutality in Chechnya.

Pape, along with Lindsey O'Rourke and Jenna McDermit, also of the University of Chicago, studied 63 Chechen suicide terrorists and found that few had religious motives. Rather: "As we have discovered in our research on Lebanon, the West Bank, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and elsewhere, suicide terrorist campaigns are almost always a last resort against foreign military occupation. Chechnya is a powerful demonstration of this phenomenon at work."

As for America, the Defense Science Board Task Force reported in 2004: "Muslims do not 'hate our freedom,' but rather, they hate our policies." What might those be? Unseating democratically elected leaders, supporting dictatorships, backing Israel's Apartheid-like treatment of the Palestinians, and promiscuously waging war in Muslim lands. America is constantly "over there," as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) put it.

Nearly three decades ago President Ronald Reagan inserted U.S. forces into a multi-sided civil war in Lebanon to aid the minority Christian government which controlled little more than the capital of Beirut. Once Washington joined the conflict, the U.S. embassy and Marine Corps barracks became natural targets.

In 1996 United Nations Ambassador Madeleine Albright was asked to justify sanctions against Iraq which, the questioner charged, had killed a half million children. Amb. Albright did not contest the claim. Instead, she responded chillingly: "we think the price is worth it." Muslims did not view as beautiful the assertion that Washington had the unilateral right to kill hundreds of thousands of Muslim children for its own purposes.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, one of the architects of the Iraq war, said of America's presence in Saudi Arabia: "It's been a huge recruiting device for al-Qaeda. In fact if you look at bin Laden, one of his principle grievances was the presence of so-called crusader forces on the holy land, Mecca and Medina."

In Iraq both invasion and occupation have fomented terrorism. Daniel Benjamin, now the State Department's counter-terrorism coordinator, observed while at the Brookings Institution that "the invasion of Iraq gave the jihadists an unmistakable boost. Terrorism is about advancing a narrative and persuading a targeted audience to believe it."

London's Chatham House reported that Iraq "gave a boost to the al-Qaeda network's propaganda, recruitment and fundraising, caused a major split in the coalition, provided an ideal targeting and training area for al-Qaeda-linked terrorists." Britain's Intelligence and Security Committee studied the July 2005 London attacks and concluded: "Iraq continues to act as a motivation and focus for terrorist activity."

Many Islamists say the same thing. For instance, Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's deputy leader, spoke of "aggression against Iraq." Lebanese Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah stated that "the occupation of Iraq has increased acts of terrorism against the U.S. and everyone going along with it, including the Iraqis themselves."

U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan appear to be having a similar effect. Before being relieved as Afghanistan commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal admitted: "We've shot an amazing number of people [at checkpoints] and killed a number and, to my knowledge, none has proven to have been a real threat to the force."

Faisal Shahzad, the naturalized American citizen who recently pled guilty after attempting to set off a car bomb in Times Square, was a troubled fellow, but there is no evidence that he disliked the liberties of the society which he chose to join. Instead, he grew to hate the policies carried out by the U.S. government.

During his court hearing Shahzad said: "until the hour the U.S. pulls its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and stops the drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen and in Pakistan, and stops the occupation of Muslim lands, and stops killing the Muslims, and stops reporting the Muslims to its government, we will be attacking U.S."

When the judge objected that people walking in Times Square had not attacked Muslims, Shahzad responded: "the people select the government; we consider them the same." As for children, he said: "the drone hits in Afghanistan and Iraq, they don't see children, they don't see anybody. They kill women, children. They kill everybody." Thus his resort to terrorism: "I am part of the answer to the U.S. terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people, and on behalf of that, I'm avenging the attacks."

Unfortunately, Shahzad is not alone. He spent 40 days with Pakistani Taliban/jihadist forces, most notably the Tehrik-e-Taliban, from which he received money and explosives training. Which means the group has turned its attention from Pakistan, which has been conducting military operations against its strongholds, to the U.S. Wrote Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Institution: "This means the United States is facing a larger pool of terrorists in Pakistan committed to attacking al-Qaeda's target set than ever before."

No doubt, some terrorists hope to reestablish the caliphate or knock Madonna off of television. But most anti-American terrorists appear to be motivated by something much more mundane: responding to U.S. government depredations in their own nations and other Muslim lands.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration appears to be as clueless as its predecessor. After Shahzad's arrest U.S. officials raced to Islamabad to urge Pakistan to do more to stop terrorism. But Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said simply: "This is a blowback. This is a reaction. And you could expect that."

The administration seems likely to increase its use of drones. However, Shahzad cited drone strikes. So did former CIA general counsel Jeffrey Smith, who in 2002 warned that they could "create more martyrs."

The moral issues are daunting enough even if the intelligence is faultless, and it rarely is. Americans should consider how they would react if a more powerful nation was slaughtering their relatives and friends--and even entire families--in an attempt to kill a few targeted individuals alleged to be terrorists.

There's also the problem of blowback. David Kilcullen, who advised Gen. David Petraeus on terrorism, and Andrew McDonald Exum, of the Center for a New American Security, recently argued: "on balance, the costs outweigh these benefits." By their count, drones have killed 700 civilians and just 14 terrorist leaders, a 50-to-1 ratio. Writing in the New Yorker Jane Mayer contended that the campaign to get one particular terrorist killed between 207 and 321 other people along the way. Even if the ratios are not so unbalanced, as claimed by U.S. officials, Kilcullen and Exum warned that "every one of these dead noncombatants represents an alienated family, a new desire for revenge, and more recruits for a military movement that has grown exponentially even as drone strikes have increased."

Pakistanis believe the drones kill far more civilians than terrorists. Polls show enormous popular hostility towards America. Moreover, the U.S. has begun targeting Pakistani Taliban leaders. One U.S. official told the New York Times: "The Pakistani Taliban gets treated like al-Qaeda." However, that encourages the Pakistan Taliban to treat the U.S. like al-Qaeda treats the U.S. One intelligence officer said: "Those [drone] attacks have made it personal for the Pakistani Taliban--so it's no wonder they are beginning to think about how they can strike back at targets here." Jeffrey Addicott, a former legal adviser to U.S. Special Forces, said: "Some of the CIA operators are concerned that, because of its blowback effect, it is doing more harm than good."

The same appears to be the case in Afghanistan, where civilians are dying in air strikes, at checkpoints, and from drone attacks. Afghan Najibullah Zazi, arrested last fall for planning a suicide bombing in the New York subway, explained: "I would sacrifice myself to bring attention to what the United States military was doing to civilians in Afghanistan by sacrificing my soul for the sake of saving other souls."

Certainly civilian casualties have spurred more mundane guerrilla opposition to U.S. forces. New York Times reporter David Rohde was held captive for seven months by the Taliban. After he escaped he wrote that he "saw how some of the consequences of Washington's antiterrorism policies had galvanized the Taliban." For instance, "They said large numbers of civilians had been killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian territories in aerial bombings." To his complaint that he was a civilian, they said the U.S. "had held and tortured Muslims in secret detention centers for years," so why "should they treat me differently?"

The point is not that there is never a legitimate case for military intervention or use of drones. However, the high costs of these tactics must be recognized and weighed. To reduce terrorism, Washington should do less, not more, abroad.

September 11 demonstrated that America is not invulnerable. Washington no longer can expect to invade, bomb, and intervene in other nations without consequence. Policymakers should consider all the costs, including terrorism, before they casually thrust the U.S. into foreign controversies and conflicts. As Glenn Greenwald put it, "if we continue to bring violence to that part of the world, then that part of the world--and those who sympathize with it--will continue to want to bring violence to the U.S." That's why many people in other nations not only hate us, but are trying to kill us.

Doug Bandow - Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

Generation Monsanto (GM) - Why We Need Labels on GM Foods Now

Gen-M, the first Monsanto Generation of humans force-fed genetically modified foods hasn't reached reproductive age yet (they were born in the late 1990s). But, if a critical mass of animal feeding studies are any indication, the millennial generation, reared on Food Inc.'s unlabeled "Frankenfoods" can look forward to a long-term epidemic of cancer, food allergies, learning disabilities, sterility, and birth defects.

Corn (85% of U.S. production is GM), soy (91% GM), cotton (88% GM), canola (85% GM) and sugar beets (95% GM) are all genetically engineered by Monsanto to withstand massive doses of the company's glyphosate herbicide RoundUp, or else to exude their own pesticide, Bacillus Thuriengensis (Bt). RoundUp, the favorite weedkiller poison of non-organic farmers and gardeners, causes brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses. And scientists warn that RoundUp, the most extensively used herbicide in the history of agriculture, "may have dire consequences for agriculture such as rendering soils infertile, crops non-productive, and plants less nutritious." In addition, hundreds of thousands of US dairy cows are injected with genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone (developed by Monsanto) in spite of studies linking BGH with cancer, and longstanding bans on the drug in the EU, Japan, Canada, and most industrialized nations.

With genetically modified foods and crops threatening public health and the environment, not to mention the next generation's reproductive capacity, why isn't there a massive consumer outcry to restrain Monsanto's biotech bullying and ban genetically engineered foods and agriculture?

The answer is disturbingly simple. Collusion between Monsanto and elected public officials (including the current Obama Administration) has obscured the fact that almost all non-organic foods in the US contain GMOs. Despite poll after poll indicating that 85-95% of US consumers want mandatory labels on foods containing GMOs, Congress has heretofore listened to Monsanto and corporate agribusiness, rather than their own constituents. In the European Union, Japan, or South Korea, where GM foods must be labeled, there are no GM foods on grocery story shelves (and little or none served in restaurants), since most consumers would not buy them and a significant number would complain if they saw GMO labels on products. Consequently there are very few GM crops being cultivated in the EU (mainly a small amount of corn in Spain for animal feed).

Most Americans simply do not understand that 80% of non-organic supermarket processed foods (basically every product containing soy, corn, canola, cottonseed oil, or sugar beet derivatives) are contaminated with GMOs. While nearly everyone in North America has eaten genetically modified foods, only 26% believe that they have.

People don't think they're eating genetically modified foods because they have no way of knowing whether they are or not. Genetically modified foods aren't labeled.

If we're going to save this generation from reproductive dysfunction and save our farmland from the ravages of RoundUp, we need to stop Monsanto.

The first step is to protect consumers' right to know whether their food is genetically modified.

We need genetically modified food labeled now!

Write your Congresspersons and 2010 candidates for the House and Senate. Tell them to support mandatory labeling of all genetically modified foods.

Take Action

Partisan Politics? Get Out of Here!

Editor’s note: I wrote this a while back for friends, and some asked me to publish it. Perhaps it’s just part of the End The Insanity movement afoot.

We are not a charity because we wanted to remain political. Health is political. Health care, as we have all seen, is political.

And there is nothing more despicable in politics than partisan politics.

Partisan Politics: My side is always right no matter what we do and your side is always wrong no matter what you do.

This is pure bulltwaddle. No side is right all the time and no side is wrong all the time. We can disagree with a philosophy, but when you make that person, side, or political party wrong all the time, then you’re not acting in good faith and you can please take your arguments elsewhere.

During the 2008 election, we received a lot of mail concerning a lot of hot issues. We got mail from all ends of the political spectrum. From the right side, I got this one sentence more than anything else: We need smaller government!

I wrote back: That is a talking point only. What do you really want?

Most did not write back. Those who did write back wrote in generalizations. I could tell by those generalizations that 1. These people were conservative, and 2. These people were not very smart and all they could do was parrot what they’ve heard.

I often responded with, “Why is it that conservatives run on the “small government” slogan but when they get in office, they build the government bigger than their opposition.

I was told by many to whom I said this that I was a liar.

Oh? Let’s look at the facts; let’s look at how much the national debt rose under different presidents since Jimmy Carter:

  • Carter 42%
  • Reagan 189%
  • GHWBush 55%
  • Clinton 36%
  • GWBush 89%

The facts speak for themselves. The platform conservatives have historically run on is not the way they govern.

It irks me also when if one party does something, it’s good, but when the other party does the same exact thing, it’s bad.

A few months back the issue of how to try the underwear bomber has been all over the 24 hour news cycle. When the previous administration tried terrorists in our court system, it was good. When this administration tries them in our court system, it’s bad. The leader of Al Qaeda, Mohammed Khalid Sheikh who planned 9-11 is slated to be tried in New York, exactly where those who planned and carried out the first attack on the twin towers were tried and convicted. When the first trials took place, conservatives said nothing about it. For this second trial, everything is wrong about it. Attacking the other side for any reason possible is posturing, not politics. It gets the country nowhere.

And the lies. Thank God for fact checking web sites. Everyone can make a mistake. I make mistakes in both my positions, as a human being and as a journalist. But far too often lies are circulated until they become the truth. And the only reason they become the truth is that we have far too many uninformed voters out there. It embarrasses me how ignorant our average public has become. I wrote on my Facebook page: No wonder the tea partiers are against public health care when it’s so painfully obvious how they’ve been failed by public education.

But the lying I won’t put up with. When I see it, I’m going to call it out. God Bless Al Franken for taking on the lies in the senate.

I happened to mention this, and was immediately attacked with: “Al Franken is just another left wing liar in with all those other liars.”

I challenged this person to name me one lie Al Franken spouted. He couldn’t.

Again, calling names at the opposition simply because they are the opposition is partisan politics.

The problem with lies is that if they are said enough, they become the truths of the under-informed masses. When John Boehner stands up and says, “The American public just doesn’t want health care reform,” he is lying. His lie is based upon a simple truth; The American public does not want the health care reform that Boehner has described and has helped to create. The American public wants Single Payer or Medicare for All, but the American public will NOT get what they want until we remove money from politics. (And the Supreme Court just sold out our democracy to the highest bidder. Way to go. Roberts and Scalia should have been arrested right after the decision on the grounds that they lied to congress that they would stick to precedent and not legislate from the bench.)

The current administration published that over 300 terrorists have been successfully tried and convicted within our system. Top names from the far right stood up yelling, LIAR!

Did they actually forget that the last administration claimed that we’d successfully tried over 300 terrorists?

It’s hypocrisy and lying.

And then there are the Teleprompter decriers. Did they forget that Ronald Reagan used the teleprompter, and when he was in small groups he had crib sheet cards that even reminded him to end his meetings with “God bless?”

Ironically, using a teleprompter takes a bit of skill. Our last Bush couldn’t use one because it was just too difficult for him. He preferred David Letterman like Cue Cards.

And then there are those who need to write on their hands the things they believe in.


And finally, there are 20 senators who voted against the stimulus package, but then turned around and dished out huge checks to their states lauding the funding.

They want it both ways. They get to vote against it and then take the credit for it afterwards.

This kind of politics has to end. We truly need to lift our fellow voters out of their ignorance into the light. Sadly, some people are just too stupid to realize how stupid they really are. And they will continually support the biggest liars and hypocrites in our government.

I am not happy with Obama’s first year in office, though I certainly feel much better about his presidency than the last one. It’s very refreshing to have an adult in the office, one who actually thinks about decisions that affect billions of human beings. I’m not happy with his putting a Monsanto shill in charge of food safety. I’m not happy with his leaning toward biotechnologies and Frankenfoods. I’m not happy with his war policies.

I am not a partisan. I have ideals and I live up to them. What I say, I do. What I do, I take responsibility for. I want good government. I want everyone in America to realize their dreams. I want them all to have an equal chance. I want the playing field level. If you want to call me a Socialist, go ahead. I’m not afraid of Socialism. I’m not afraid of what most of Europe has: good paying jobs, health care, affordable schooling, two to three months vacation, 35 hour work week, a livable pension. I’m not afraid of all that or the cost of all that. I am afraid of ignorant people who don’t know what’s good for them, and who constantly support regimes that have never done a thing for them. This kind of ignorance has always brought us down. It will continue to bring us down. And in the end, it will destroy us. We are quickly becoming a fifth class nation because of our arrogant ignorant.

None Dare Call It Stolen

Incredible Magician

What’s Really in Your Food?

The psychology of conservatism and liberalism

An interesting article on the psychology of conservatism:

“[People displaying] measurably lower physical sensitivities to sudden noises and threatening visual images were more likely to support foreign aid, liberal immigration policies, pacifism and gun control,” the team wrote in its report, to be published in the journal Science tomorrow.

“Individuals displaying measurably higher physiological reactions to those same stimuli were more likely to favor defense spending, capital punishment, patriotism and the Iraq War.”

From: Conservatives Have Stronger Startle Reflexes?

This backs up other similar findings, such as those in this Psychology Today piece:

In 1969, Berkeley professors Jack and Jeanne Block embarked on a study of childhood personality, asking nursery school teachers to rate children’s temperaments. They weren’t even thinking about political orientation.

Twenty years later, they decided to compare the subjects’ childhood personalities with their political preferences as adults. They found arresting patterns. As kids, liberals had developed close relationships with peers and were rated by their teachers as self-reliant, energetic, impulsive, and resilient. People who were conservative at age 23 had been described by their teachers as easily victimized, easily offended, indecisive, fearful, rigid, inhibited, and vulnerable at age 3. The reason for the difference, the Blocks hypothesized, was that insecure kids most needed the reassurance of tradition and authority, and they found it in conservative politics.

But lest those with liberal leanings feel too smug, individual conservatives tend to respond to a wider range of ethical parameters than do liberals. The topic is too complex for me to explain briefly here, but this article is well worth reading. I intend to write more about it later.

Click here: Hungary: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube - Yahoo! News

Easily Grossed Out? You Might Be A Conservative!

Researchers have found a correlation between being more easily disgusted and political conservatism. (Credit: iStockphoto)

ScienceDaily (June 5, 2009) — Are you someone who squirms when confronted with slime, shudders at stickiness or gets grossed out by gore? Do crawly insects make you cringe or dead bodies make you blanch?

If so, chances are you're more conservative -- politically, and especially in your attitudes toward gays and lesbians -- than your less-squeamish counterparts, according to two Cornell studies.

The results, said study leader David Pizarro, Cornell assistant professor of psychology, raise questions about the role of disgust -- an emotion that likely evolved in humans to keep them safe from potentially hazardous or disease-carrying environments -- in contemporary judgments of morality and purity.

In the first study, published in the journal Cognition & Emotion, Pizarro and co-authors Yoel Inbar of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and Paul Bloom of Yale University surveyed 181 U.S. adults from politically mixed "swing states." They subjected these adults to two indexes: the Disgust Sensitivity Scale (DSS), which offers various scenarios to assess disgust sensitivity, and a political ideology scale. From this they found a correlation between being more easily disgusted and political conservatism.

To test whether disgust sensitivity is linked to specific conservative attitudes, the researchers then surveyed 91 Cornell undergraduates with the DSS, as well as with questions about their positions on issues including gay marriage, abortion, gun control, labor unions, tax cuts and affirmative action.

Participants who rated higher in disgust sensitivity were more likely to oppose gay marriage and abortion, issues that are related to notions of morality or purity. The researchers also found a weak correlation between disgust sensitivity and support for tax cuts, but no link between disgust sensitivity and the other issues.

And in a separate study in the current issue of the journal Emotion, Pizarro and colleagues found a link between higher disgust sensitivity and disapproval of gays and lesbians. For this study, the researchers used implicit measures (measures that have been shown to assess attitudes people may be unwilling to report explicitly; or that they may not even know they possess).

Liberals and conservatives disagree about whether disgust has a valid place in making moral judgments, Pizarro noted. Conservatives have argued that there is inherent wisdom in repugnance; that feeling disgusted about something -- gay sex between consenting adults, for example -- is cause enough to judge it wrong or immoral, even lacking a concrete reason. Liberals tend to disagree, and are more likely to base judgments on whether an action or a thing causes actual harm.

Studying the link between disgust and moral judgment could help explain the strong differences in people's moral opinions, Pizarro said; and it could offer strategies for persuading some to change their views.

"People have pointed out for a long time that a lot of our moral values seem driven by emotion, and in particular, disgust appears to be one of those emotions that seems to be recruited for moral judgments," said Pizarro.

That can have tragic effects -- as in cases throughout history where minorities have been victims of discrimination by groups that perceived them as having disgusting characteristics.

The research speaks to a need for caution when forming moral judgments, Pizarro added. "Disgust really is about protecting yourself from disease; it didn't really evolve for the purpose of human morality," he said. "It clearly has become central to morality, but because of its origins in contamination and avoidance, we should be wary about its influences."

The studies were funded by Cornell.

Dogs have souls, but you already knew that
Animal behaviorists say dogs possess empathy and compassion, the emotions upon which moral sense is built

Originally published May 16, 2009 at 12:00 AM
Page modified May 16, 2009 at 12:01 AM
By Electa Draper
The Denver Post

DENVER — For centuries, humans have imagined they are the only animals with morals. But humans are not alone in the moral arena, a new breed of behavior experts says.

Natural historian Jake Page said some scientists are acknowledging what pet owners have told their canines all along: "Good dog."

Dogs are full of natural goodness and have rich emotional lives, said animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff, professor emeritus at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

A dog's code of ethics is on display daily in parks, backyards and family rooms.

"We're not trying to elevate animals," Bekoff said. "We're not trying to reduce humans. We're not saying we're better or worse or the same. We're saying we're not alone in having a nuanced moral system."

Page, author of "Do Dogs Smile?," said biology no longer dismisses dogs and other animals as "furry automatons" driven by instinct and food.

"People like Bekoff have figured out how to measure these things," Page said. "It's a whole new ballgame for studying dog personalities and emotions."

Bekoff, co-author of "Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals," spent thousands of hours observing coyotes, wolves and dogs. He analyzed videotapes frame by frame. The work convinced him these animals possess empathy and compassion, the emotions upon which moral sense is built.

While much the same can be said of monkeys, wolves, elephants, dolphins, whales and other social animals, dogs are special cases; they share in human lives, he said.

"Dogs know they are dependent. They learn to read us," Bekoff said. "Dogs develop this great sense of trust. We're tightly linked, and there is something spiritual about that unity."

This intimacy and mutual influence prompted Harvard University to open a Canine Cognition Lab, where researchers attempt to gain insight into the psychology of humans and dogs.

"I'm convinced many animals can distinguish right from wrong," Bekoff said.

He said looking for the roots of morality in animals is a difficult scientific undertaking. It begins with looking for emotions central to morality, such as empathy: understanding of another's situation, feelings and motives.

In humans, emotions are centered in specific brain structures and are affected by chemicals called neurotransmitters. Mammals possess the same brain structures, affected by the same chemicals as humans.

"Dogs apparently laugh," Page said. The same brain structures show the same activity in laughing humans and in dogs that are enjoying themselves. A dog's laugh is a rhythmic pant.

Play is necessary for healthy brain development in animals and is seen in many mammalian, and some avian, species, Bekoff said.

Play hones cognitive skills and later helps in hunting and mating. And play would not be possible without cooperation and trust.

"Virtue is its own reward," Bekoff said. "Fairer is fitter."

To prevent any misunderstanding, a dog will signal to another dog that the imminent jostling, nipping and chasing are "just play" rather than aggression, he said.

The game is initiated with the "play bow." A dog, wolf or coyote will crouch on its forelimbs while keeping its rear upright.

Any hard-biting cheats find themselves excluded from games.

"Dogs are thinking animals," Bekoff said. "They seek the outcomes they want. They avoid the ones they don't. They solve problems. They have expectations. They have hopes."

Critics skeptical about some research trends in animal thinking, emotion and morality downplay the evidence as often anecdotal and anthropomorphic, that is attributing human motivation or characteristics to animals.

Bekoff countered that thousands of anecdotes equal data. And anthropomorphism, he said, is a misleading label for what is a shared evolutionary history.

Humans and dogs share most of their genes and a great deal of physiology and behavior. Bekoff sees that shared heritage extending into the spiritual realm.

"If we have souls, our animals have souls. If we have free choice, they have it," Bekoff said. "If we can't know this for sure, let's give them the benefit of a doubt."

Find out which companies in your area…

·         Are exporting jobs

·         Have massive layoffs

·         Have OSHA violations

·         Have NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) violations

·         Have Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs violations

Google 411

Here's a number worth putting in your cell phone, or your home phone speed dial: 1-800-goog411. This is an awesome service from Google, and it's free -- great when you are on the road.
Don't waste your money on information calls and don't waste your time manually dialing the number. I am driving along in my car and I need to call the golf course and I don't know the number.  I hit the speed dial for information that I have programmed.
The voice at the other end says, "City & State."  I say, " Garland ,  Texas ."  He says, "Business, Name or Type of Service."  I say, Firewheel Golf Course."  He says, "Connecting" and Firewheel answers the phone. How great is that?  This is nationwide and it is absolutely free!
Click on the link below and watch the short clip for a quick demonstration or cut and paste.

I use this all the time. It’s great!


Lafter IS the Best Medicine


No one believes seniors . . . everyone thinks they are senile.
An elderly couple was celebrating their sixtieth anniversary. The couple had married as childhood sweethearts and had moved back to their old neighborhood after they retired. Holding hands, they walked back to their old school. It was not locked, so they entered, and found the old desk they'd shared, where Andy had carved I love you, Sally .
On their way back home, a bag of money fell out of an armored car, practically landing at their feet. Sally quickly picked it up and, not sure what to do with it, they took it home. There, she counted the money-fifty thousand dollars! Andy said, We've got to give it back. Sally said, Finders keepers. She put the money back in the bag and hid it in their attic. 
The next day, two police officers were canvassing the neighborhood looking for the money, and knocked on their door. Pardon me, did either of you find a bag that fell out of an armored car yesterday? Sally said, No. Andy said, She's lying. She hid it up in the attic. Sally said, Don't believe him, he's getting senile! 
The agents turned to Andy and began to question him. One said: Tell us the story from the beginning. Andy said, Well, when Sally and I were walking home from school yesterday ....The first police officer turned to his partner and said, We're outta here!

A Jewish father was troubled by the way his son turned out, and went to see his Rabbi about it. "I brought him up in the faith, gave him a very expensive bar mitzvah.  Then he tells me last week he has decided to be a Christian! Rabbi, where did I go wrong?"

"Funny you should come to me," said the Rabbi. "Like you I, too, brought my boy up in the faith, then one day he, too, tells me he has decided to become a Christian."

"What did you do?" asked the father.

"I turned to God for the answer," replied the Rabbi.

"And what did he say?" pressed the father.

"God said, 'Funny you should come to me ....' "

Two Signs on our Southern Border

Two Signs at Ground Zero

Sister Mary Ann, who worked for a home health agency, was out making her rounds visiting homebound patients when she ran out of gas.  As luck would have it, a gas station was just a block away.

She walked to the station to borrow a gas can and buy some gas. The attendant told her that the only gas can he owned had been loaned out, but she could wait until it was returned.  Since Sister Mary Ann was on the way to see a patient, she decided not to wait and walked back to her car.

She looked for something in her car that she could fill with gas and spotted the bedpan she was taking to the patient.  Always resourceful, Sister Mary Ann carried the bedpan to the station, filled it with gasoline, and carried the full bedpan back to her car.

As she was pouring the gas into her tank, two Baptists watched from across the street.  One of them turned to the other and said, 'If it starts, I'm turning Catholic.'


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