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Blessings Everyone!


People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.


1. Online Friends Update

2. New Service We Offer - Locate a practitioner in your area!

3. Bypassing Bypass - Wellness Directory 3rd Edition Special Online Offer Extended

4. On Defining Spirit - In the body/mind/spirit equation, we've spent far too little time on this subject so far.

5. Uncle Mario's Message to All of Us - He passed away recently, but his legacy will live forever.

6. Miracle At A Wisconsin High School - Feingold's work is AGAIN validated. 

7. War - It sure ain't wellness!

8. Mental Illness - It's not a lifestyle choice.

9. Update on Dr. Sam Chachua

10. Tylenol Recall - Drugs, food, you name it; one year we recalled more autos than were built in that same year!!!

12. Messages From Water - An amazing, life giving substance.

13. Iressa - New Cancer Drug Killing Patients.

14. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation - PRACTITIONERS LIST FINALLY!!!

15. Meet AngelFlight - Flying Patients (with financial need) to Treatment.

16. Meet the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

17. Coming Attractions



Online Friends Update

We've moved Online Friends to our website PERMANENTLY. If you want your picture posted there, send it to me attached in an email ([email protected]). It is better to attach it than to "embed" it in an AOL email. For some reason, AOL modifies your picture. Anyone can send us a picture, just add a short blurb why you visit cancer support or visit our site and tell us whether or not you need a prayer or two and we will flag your picture for some prayers. 

We would also like to make an Update page: those of you on the Online Friends pages can send an updated picture with your updated health reports or what's new in your life or anything since your picture was last posted. 

Additionally, if you want to be put on our prayer list, you have to tell us. Do not expect a letter going out to two hundred people to get your name onto our prayer list; you simply have to tell us directly. We know that prayer works, because many have been taken off our prayer list due to wellness being heaped upon their bodies.

Additionally, here is an interesting fact pulled from our recent publication: The Wellness Directory of Minnesota Third Edition; Bypassing Bypass: a longevity study was conducted using three groups of people (all had heart disease and were patients at the same hospital receiving the same food and treatment except for the following): 

Group 1 -- had bypass surgery.

Group 2 -- did not have bypass surgery.

Group 3 -- did not have bypass surgery but did receive prayer from prayer groups around the nation.

Results? The individuals in Group 3 lived the longest. And it did not matter whether the group praying for the individuals in Group 3 were across the street, across the state, or across the continent. Prayer works! Oh, yes, and bypass doesn't. The first group lived (on the average) just as long as the second.


New Service Offered By Us
Locate a practitioner in your area.

Oftentimes people contact us (since we are a directory) asking for names of naturopaths, homeopaths, alternative physicians, etc. etc. in their area. We don't know about everyone in America, but we do have a DVD that lists people/businesses by their professions.

Now we've been spending about $200 per year on updates to this DVD and we've been getting lots of requests. The more requests we get the more it costs us (they charge us for the listings we capture and send out). 

Thus the catch is, we are going to request a donation for this service. We suggest that you donate between $10 and $20 per search. At the rate that we've been getting requests, this would just about pay for the DVD, updates, and the number of "hits" we send out to our readers. 

What you do is this: send us your donation thru PayPal (to [email protected]) and then send a letter asking which businesses/professions you would like us to find. Also, you'll have to send us a zip code and the radius (number of miles) within which you would like us to search. (Sending us an exact street address would allow us to do a more accurate (as far as the radius) within which you'd like us to search.

Below are the professions we can now find for you (though you can feel free to ask for one not listed and we will tell you if this profession is searchable or perhaps suggest to you something close). Yes, we will work with you.

Massage therapists, massage therapy, massage school, massage equipment, physical therapists, reflexology, holistic practitioners, naturopathic physicians, homeopaths, acupuncture, organic farms, organic food services, healthy foods wholesale, health foods wholesale/retail, vitamins, health resorts, health and beauty consultants, health and fitness program consultants, lamps, health, health and nutrition consultants, natural health and education,  health care alternatives, natural foods, spiritualists, healing practitioners, alternative healing, yoga instruction, meditation organizations, Meditation instructions, hypnotherapists, psychics, astrologers,  nutrition consultants, nutritionists.

Again, we will work with you to help you find someone or something you need to change your life. Just ask.

Question of the week: 

How much of our crops are ruined (consumed/destroyed) by pests? (Answer at the end.)

a. One third

b. One sixth.

c. One eighth.

d. One sixty-fourth. 


On Defining Spirit
by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Since we have talked of the power of prayer and have talked of the mind/body/spirit connection, I've decided to reprint an article by a most amazing person/healer/spirit: Dr. Rachel Remen. She is a pioneer in Alternative Medicine and a gentle spirit who is losing her sight as she grows older. I was blessed to have a short conversation with this healer once and just that experience filled my heart with so much joy, that passing this piece on to you re-ignites that joy. I truly hope you enjoy it.

It is found in our Tip of the Month page.

Uncle Mario's Message to All of Us

My niece Angela was married last year. Her doctor, who was her mother's doctor and also a doctor at the clinic where Angela's mother worked, attended Angela's wedding. This physician was lucky enough to be seated next to my Uncle Mario. 

My Uncle Mario was one of a kind. If we had a family event, he was always there. He was a gentle soul whose lips had never uttered a mean word about anyone. 

He was also a people person, a true schmoozer. He engaged the good doctor in conversation during the meal, asking her how she knew the bride. The doctor explained who she was and how she was connected. She also told Mario about Janie, Angela's mother, who was an RN who worked at the clinic. She praised Janie up and down, telling Mario how the clinic could not possible run without Janie's help there; that Janie was the back-bone of the clinic and if she were ever to leave they just wouldn't know what to do. 

My Uncle Mario smiled and asked the good doctor, "Have you ever told her that?"

A few days later, Janie got a call from this doctor who relayed to her the experience with my Uncle Mario. She finished the conversation by telling Janie how much she appreciated Janie's work and by praising her and thanking her for her dedication. 

Do you have someone in your life who has made a difference? Maybe now is the time to tell them. Before it's too late. 

When we tell someone how much they mean to us, it opens our hearts and makes us feel good. It also opens their heart and makes them feel good.

Let's share the love. Share the feelings. Share the wellness. My uncle, Mario, always shared his feelings, and the hearts he filled never ran dry, even with his passing. He left us all a great big legacy of love. 

In Memory of

Mario Bonello
July 2, 1925 - Oct 21st 2002


Miracle At A Wisconsin 

High School

APPLETON, Wisconsin -- A revolution has occurred. It's taken place in the Central Alternative High School. The kids now behave. The hallways aren't frantic. Even the teachers are happy.

The school used to be out of control. Kids packed weapons. Discipline problems swamped the principal's office.

But not since 1997.

What happened? Did they line every inch of space with cops? Did they spray valium gas in the classrooms? Did they install metal detectors in the bathrooms? Did they build holding cells in the gym? 

Afraid not. In 1997, a private group called Natural Ovens began installing a healthy lunch program. Huh?

Fast-food burgers, fries, and burritos gave way to fresh salads, meats "prepared with old-fashioned recipes," and whole grain bread. Fresh fruits were added to the menu. Good drinking water arrived.

Vending machines were removed.

As reported in a newsletter called Pure Facts, "Grades are up, truancy is no longer a problem, arguments are rare, and teachers are able to spend their time teaching." 

Principal LuAnn Coenen, who files annual reports with the state of Wisconsin, has turned in some staggering figures since 1997. Drop-outs? Students expelled? Students discovered to be using drugs? Carrying weapons? Committing suicide? Every category has come up ZERO. Every year. 

Mary Bruyette, a teacher, states, "I don't have to deal with daily discipline issues I don't have disruptions in class or the difficulties with student behavior I experienced before we started the food program." 

One student asserted, "Now that I can concentrate I think it's easier to get along with people" What a concept---eating healthier food increases concentration. 

Principal Coenen sums it up: "I can't buy the argument that it's too costly for schools to provide good nutrition for their students. I found that one cost will reduce another. I don't have the vandalism. I don't have the litter. I don't have the need for high security."

At a nearby middle school, the new food program is catching on. A teacher there, Dennis Abram, reports, "I've taught here almost 30 years. I see the kids this year as calmer, easier to talk to. They just seem more rational. I had thought about retiring this year and basically I've decided to teach another year---I'm having too much fun!" 

Pure Facts, the newsletter that ran this story, is published by a non-profit organization called The Feingold Association, which has existed since 1976. Part of its mission is to "generate public awareness of the potential role of foods and synthetic additives in behavior, learning and health problems. The [Feingold] program is based on a diet eliminating synthetic colors, synthetic flavors, and the preservatives BHA, BHT, and TBHQ." 

Thirty years ago there was a Dr. Feingold  [whose] breakthrough work proved the connection between these negative factors in food and the lives of children. Hailed as a revolutionary advance, Feingold's findings were soon trashed by the medical cartel, since those findings threatened the drugs-for-everything, disease-model concept of modern healthcare. 

But Feingold's followers have kept his work alive. 

If what happened in Appleton, Wisconsin, takes hold in many other communities across America, perhaps the ravenous corporations who invade school space with their vending machines and junk food will be tossed out on their behinds. It could happen. 

And perhaps ADHD will become a non-disease dinosaur that was once attributed to errant brain chemistry. And perhaps Ritalin will be seen as just another toxic chemical that was added to the bodies of kids in an crazed attempt to put a lid on behavior that, in part, was the result of a subversion of the food supply.

For those readers who ask me about solutions to the problems we face---here is a real solution. Help these groups. Get involved. Step into the fray. Stand up and be counted. 

The drug companies aren't going to do it. They're busy estimating the size of their potential markets. They're building their chemical pipelines into the minds and bodies of the young.

Every great revolution starts with a foothold. Sounds like Natural Ovens and The Feingold Association have made strong cuts into the big rock of ignorance and greed. 

First published 10-14-2> 

Editor's note: Feingold's work has been discussed in a previous newsletter. His work is considered "classic" among behaviorists and psychologists. He demonstrated that most kids w/ ADD and ADHD could be helped by simply giving them a diet of whole foods (w/o additives and coloring and added sugars). The most amazing thing about Feingold's work is that it is completely ignored by the medical community (not to mention by families) while we continue doping up our children with Ritalin. When will we learn that nutritional disorders cannot be cured with medicine?

A colorful diet?
Researchers discovered that the color
inhibits appetite. Thus losing weight can be facilitated by eating
in a blue kitchen, on a blue table cloth, with blue plates and napkins.
(Thanks Bathroom Reader!)

What is it good for?

I've received lot of letters after the last newsletter asking me to not get political; asking me to support our country and let President Bush have his war. 

Wellness is not limited to what you put into your body. It is not limited by what you think or breathe or eat. Wellness is all encompassing.

As an ex-soldier, I have every right to express my views on war. I don't want your children to have to go through a war. Yes, there are times when the nation must get together to end an injustice that is taking over the world like a cancer, but friends, this time the cancer began right here. Our weapons of mass destruction are scaring the hell out of smaller nations. 

While Saddam might look like a bad guy, why must we kill hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children and old men to get to him? 

I never want another human to have to fight in war. Why? The war never ends. Every night when I close my eyes, I go back to Vietnam. Every day a flashback reminds me of the hell of war. 

Yet every American soldier I see reminds me that freedom is not free. I want to shake his/her hand. I want to thank them. And I want to do anything I can to keep them from going to war.

This war in Iraq began right here in America. We funded his weapons. We gave him the biological weapons of mass destruction...and just recently I learned that, "The United States, which edited Iraq's weapons declaration before distributing it to other members of the U.N. Security Council, removed the names of 150 companies that were listed as contributors to Iraq's arms programs." And where do you think most of these 150 companies call home? Just as George Bush used the false story of Iraqi Soldiers killing babies, his son is making up his own stories. 

We do not have to live in fear and trembling. 

The picture to the right is something I'm entering into a Vietnam Veterans Art Show. Wish me luck. 

War is not wellness. If ever we have a war that must be fought to save humanity, you can be assured I'll be the first one to grab a weapon. But in the meanwhile, we you can check out a book called, War -- A Call To Inner Life.

Additional links to read by people opposed to the war (most Americans are):

All I Want For Xmas and 

"Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding."
Albert Einstein

Mental Illness

Since wellness is body/mind/spirit, perhaps it's time again to talk about mental illness. I found this wonderful article about mental illness that everyone should read. It states a very basic and simple problem. It's about helping our fellow beings. Yes, we can spend billions on weapons, but what do we do for people in our country who are suffering? We usually ignore them.

Click Here.

Update on Dr Sam Chachua

If you do not know about Dr Sam, then we ask you to read this story: The Truth Will Set You Free

We received a letter from Argentina. They want to help Sam test (and to use) his therapies there. Sam is currently still locked in a court battle trying to regain the original win we reported in that article above. As most of you know, because Sam is out of money, his detractors are decimating him in court because as we all know, money buys a lot of justice in this country. And justice is determined by the winning side. 

Sam's auto was firebombed in October. This is how terrified the powers that be are of him and his therapies. Sam and his therapies could easily be buried together some day soon. However, in the meanwhile, he and his people have asked me to pass this on to you.

If you have AIDS or Heart Disease (even genetic heart disease) and you CAN afford a costly therapy (by costly therapy we mean this is not covered by your insurance and the sera (plural of serum) he uses are pretty spendy) and want his help, he is working alongside some physicians who are willing to help him and he is having some great successes. The only reason he is not choosing to work with cancer patients is that every time he gets a success, the original oncologist takes all the credit saying, "Well the chemotherapy finally kicked in."

The person whose AIDS he reversed in court in the original article is still HIV-. He's helped one more person with AIDS who is also HIV- now. If you know of someone who can afford specialized treatment, please send them to Sam. Dr Sam is more than willing to help right now as long as the money for the sera is there. He's gone broke healing people and can no longer afford to foot the bill. Let's face it, we get what we pay for. So, if you know someone who can use Dr Sam's help, please send them to him. 

You can contact Gilbert by email: [email protected] or by calling Lucy at: 323-655-0271.

Once more we put this out to the universe: if there is anyone out there with "connections" to people with AIDS, Heart Disease, or research facilities who want to test (and have the financial backing to test) this already "proven" therapy, PLEASE contact us or the people above! Let's not let the monied interests who thrive off the suffering of humanity win this one! Let's not let a successful and nontoxic, non-painful therapy disappear with its creator. Let us work together to win this one for all of us. We are "the people" of the constitution.

Tylenol Recall

If any of you watched the Sixty Minutes show about the prescription medicine rip-off, you can skip this first section.

For those of you taking prescription meds, here are some spooky facts:

1. the FDA only tracks the development of a drug

2. once the drug leaves the pharmaceutical company, the FDA has no jurisdiction over what happens to that drug.

3. there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people standing between the drug and the drugstore where you get your prescriptions filled.

4. crime in the industry is rampant and few checks and balances are in place to protect the consumer.

In other words, an actual recall on drugs that have been watered down or substituted is not something that the CDC or FDA or FTC can demand because it is out of their hands. 

We did receive notification of a recall of Tylenol. Here are the facts:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released the following information.

a) Children's Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Oral Suspension,
160 mg, 4 Fl oz (120mL) bottles, Bubblegum Flavor,
NDC #50580-407-04. Recall # D-096-3.
b) Children's Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Oral Suspension,
160mg, 4 Fl oz (120mL), Grape Flavor, NDC #50580-296-04.
Recall # Recall D-097-3.

a) Lot #EFM041 exp 7/04;
b) Lot #EFM040 exp 7/04.

McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Fort Washington, PA, by letter on November 20, 2002. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.

Defective container; product packaged with incorrect dosing cups marked with metric measurements rather than with U.S. standard measurements

116172 bottles.


Note that the FDA released the information. They are NOT required to do so. And if you think that prescription drugs can be dangerous if mishandled or mucked with, look at these food industry figures: 

Everyday in this country, approximately 200,000 people are sickened by food borne disease, 900 are hospitalized, and fourteen die. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), one quarter of the population suffers a bout of food poisoning each year.

From Fast Food Nation, we get: "Recent studies have found that many food borne pathogens can precipitate long-term ailments such as heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, neurological problems, autoimmune disorders, and kidney damage."

Although E. coli 0157:H7 is oftentimes the culprit behind many poisonings, the CDC estimates that more than three quarters of food related illnesses and deaths in the US are caused by microbes not yet identified

Now comes the really spooky news. The USDA is powerless in forcing a recall of bad food. When President Reagan deregulated the food industry, he took away the overseers' powers and left us all at the mercy of the food industry. The meat recalls you hear about are always too little too late. When we hear about a person dying, like the Jack in the Box situation out in California a few years ago, we don't hear that no one has the power to force a recall. It is completely voluntary. And so even though a meat company might ship 400,000 pounds of beef a day, they recall just 30,000 pounds. And then later they recall a little more. And usually, what happens is that most of the meat has been consumed by the time they really get around to recalling the bad meat. 

And now, the E. coli strains are mutating. "The CDC now estimates that roughly 37,000 Americans suffer poisoning each year from non-0157 strains of E. coli, about 1,000 people are hospitalized, and about 25 die." [Fast Food Nation] 

80% of Your Body - 80% of Your Health

We have discussed different water products in the past (Microhydrin®, Crystal Energy®, Willard Water®) and you can read about them here: You Are What You Drink.

Recently we've been trying a new water product we found called Primordial M-Water, and we would like to send you to the site that has information about this.

Additionally, there is a site that is absolutely amazing that has a few pictures of water crystals as seen through a darkfield microscope. 

Water is an amazing substance. It is the only substance that in its solid form is less dense than in its liquid form. Without water, there would be no life on this planet. And as you will learn at the site with pictures of water crystals, water has memory and it can be affected by prayer.


Look at the pictures and make your own judgments. Dr Emoto simply presents for us his pictures and allows us to make our own conclusions. Messages in Water.

Here is the site for Primordial M-Water:

Here is a site to see some of the images captured by Dr Emoto in his work:  You can also buy his book there (we don't get a thing on this one).

And here is an interview with Dr Emoto: 

There are many machines out there that treat water from reverse osmosis filters to ozonators that charge the water with oxygen. We have currently found three machines that we wish to test ranging in price from $300 to $3,000. Hopefully, from sales of our book, the 3rd Edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota, Bypassing Bypass, we will get enough money to do this. 

And why treat our water? Again, our bodies are 80% water. It is a simple equation: 80% of our health and wellness is based upon the water we drink. If we are drinking water that is chlorinated, then you really need to purchase our book because that water is attacking your arteries. One very expensive water machine is being tested in Europe now to take the place of chlorination. We are told (and we will check this out) that just ten gallons of water created from this machine can be dumped into a well and the water will not need chlorination for ten full years. So, if you wish to donate to our cause, you know what to do: go to and send something to [email protected] . Make sure you mark it as a donation to our research and we will do our research and when we get that completed, we'll send you some of the water we have modified from these machines (as well as tons of blessings for helping us to help others!). 

However, just to fill you in on the research we did here at the Wellness Directory, here is what we did:

We filled 12 bottles with treated waters. The original water came from a reverse osmosis filter (by the Culligan Company). Each water was mixed as we here like to drink them: with Willard Water®, Crystal Energy®, Microhydrin®, etc. Then we had a third party test the waters, only he did not know what was in the water. Each little jar was marked only with a letter.

I knew which was which because I had the key.

Each treated water had a low surface tension, high "negative" redox potential, and was alkaline. The water that was most alkaline with the highest negative redox potential was Microhydrin®. All of the waters were better (and wetter) than the original filtered water from which they were made. 

Allow me to explain Redox Potential. The redox potential is a measure (in volts) of the affinity of a substance for electrons - its electronegativity - compared with hydrogen (which is set at 0). Substances more strongly electronegative than (i.e., capable of oxidizing) hydrogen have positive redox potentials. Substances less electronegative than (i.e., capable of reducing) hydrogen have negative redox potentials. 

Fresh juices have a negative redox potential. As they age, the vitamins dissipate, and also, the negative redox potential shrinks. 

The greater the difference between the redox potentials of two substances, the greater the vigor with which electrons will flow spontaneously from the less positive (or negative) to the more positive substance.

Our bodies have a positive redox potential and fresh juices have a negative redox potential, meaning that they give our bodies electrons (the opposite of oxidation). This is exactly what antioxidants do.  Yes, fresh fruit or vegetable juices are antioxidants. 

The same goes for the water you drink. The lower the number (which we measured), the greater the negative redox potential, the more  electrons are exchanged with your body and the better the antioxidant activity. 

We tested more waters later (including the Primordial M-Water) and the results surprised me. For example, I do qigong (for those of you who do not know what this is, click and read). After a qigong session, one day, I put Qi (chi) into the water. That's it. I just aimed and put some Qi (chi) into the water. 

When we tested the waters, one surprise was this: Primordial M-Water was consistently high in negative redox potential and high in alkalinity even though NOTHING is added to the water to turn it into Primordial M-Water. The water is simply swished around and hit with laser lights or something...NOTHING chemical is added to the water. It was not as low as any of the other products but it was significantly lower than the original filtered water. This was amazing. 

Even more amazing was the simple fact that the Qi (chi) water was slightly less (in Redox Potential) and slightly higher in alkalinity than regular water. It was just a few points. Just a tiny few. But it was consistently lower, hence better, meaning that the water had changed. 

There is one more thing you should know about filtered water. We all know that it is better for you than polluted water. However, the less that is in the water you drink, the more the water pulls out/washes out of your body (good news for those of you trying to detox). However this can mean that filtered water is actually pulling "good" stuff out of your body too, such as minerals and vitamins (water soluble). We lose water soluble vitamins daily, but the mineral loss CAN be harmful. This is why we here use Celtic Sea Salt and/or Sea Vegetables daily. We get our minerals because we need them and our water is filtered. 

So, this is something you might want to consider if you are filtering your water. Using Celtic Sea Salt or Sea Vegetables, or drinking some form of colloidal minerals daily is always healthy, but especially needed if you are drinking filtered water. 

Speaking of Water . . . . 
English novelist Arnold Bennett succumbed to typhoid in Paris after drinking
a glass of water in order to demonstrate that Parisian water was perfectly safe to drink.

(Thanks Bathroom Reader!)


New Cancer Drug Killing Patients

On Sep. 23rd of last year, Iressa was fast-tracked by the FDA. It won approval in a vote that ended 11-3. The company's stocks immediately soared as this new form of cancer drug was suddenly available for use. However, being available did not mean it was thoroughly tested. Many drugs in use are not yet fully tested on human subjects. 

This is the case with Iressa. People in Japan using it started dying. The numbers climbed. Today, 124 people are reported to have died from the drug. 

If you are faced with being a guinea pig for the drug companies and your oncologist wants you to try Iressa, keep in mind that one of the side effects is death.

As the commercial says, "Ask your doctor if this is right for you."

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation 

We've received a ton of letters and phone calls asking for a list of physicians, naturopaths, etc., who use UBI therapy. If you don't know what UBI Therapy is, then you need to click here to read the entire article. Otherwise, after the article is a list of practitioners (click here) who use UBI therapy. At the end of the page is a link to the site in Germany that makes UBI Therapy equipment (click here).

If you know someone suffering from a chronic or acute infection, then this is the therapy that will help them. This works when antibiotics don't.

Meet AngelFlight
Flying Patients (with financial need) to Treatment for Free

For those of you who haven't caught on yet, we are a directory. That is the main reason all this (the web site, our publications) exist. We originally began as a directory of alternative practitioners. We've since grown to include any organization/business that is progressive and helps to heal the individual, the community, or the planet. Thus we are constantly looking for these types of organizations. One of our readers was kind enough to send us an organization that, like us, works for free to help the sick and injured: AirLifeLine. 

Little did this person know: their head office is in Minnesota.

AirLifeLine is exactly that. If you cannot afford to fly to your doctor or to your therapy, and you are ambulatory (medically stable and can sit in a plane), this group will find you a pilot who will carry you to your doctor/therapy. These are not commercial airlines. AirLifeLine has collected a list of pilots from all over the contiguous (48) states who will donate their airplane, their time, and their gas to get you where you have to go. 

These are small planes that travel 300 miles at the most, so if your destination is further away, expect a transfer to another flight. 

Cross country flights are not recommended. They will take hours, and you'll be hopping from plane to plane. Yes, they can be arranged, but keep in mind that because you are flying a small plane (sometimes just you and the pilot), there are weather restrictions, time restrictions and you'll be in a small plane all day long. 

It is recommended (when possible) to take along someone to help you, someone for support. No, there won't be room for this other person in a Two-Seater, but they'll try to find you planes that have more than two seats.

If you're coming from Alaska, then you're in luck. Air Life Line has an agreement with two commercial airlines to get you to Washington. 

Not many will fly into Mexico. That is up to the pilot. Most will, however, cross into Canada. 

If you need a flight, can't afford transportation, and you are not afraid to fly in a small plane (they are exciting), then give these people a call or visit their web site:

5775 Wayzata Blvd #700
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Meet the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

Here is a great resource we found right before going to print with our third edition. These people have some great information and some of the best success stories we've ever found. Their site is very professional, easy to read, and amazingly informative. If you want to support an organization that is moving and shaking up the world of medicine, this is one:


Coming Attractions 

How to Quit Smoking!

Yes, many many people have asked for me to pass this on to you. And why am I an expert? It took me nearly 30 years to quit (fully). Over the years I used a good number of techniques and started smoking again for a good number of ridiculous reasons. Today I am smoke free and I know how to stay smoke free. It's a challenge for some and it's nearly impossible for others. Nicotine is THE most ADDICTIVE drug ever known. You all know the reasons to stop smoking. Now you will know how.

And there'll be something for you non smokers too. 


How much of our crops are ruined (consumed/destroyed) by pests? 

Throughout the world, 1/3 of our crops are destroyed (or eaten) annually by pests. Now interestingly enough, most people think that the major crop loss occurs in countries that are backwards; where modern chemical technologies are not available, but this is a myth. For example, China experiences less than a 20% loss of crops and America has a resounding 37% loss. China uses age old techniques of manually removing pests, raising up insects that eat the pests, crop rotation and more. In America, our addiction to chemicals has caused us to forget our grand fathers' agricultural practices that kept pest damage to a minimum and we've become dependent on chemicals. However, as Rachel Carson suggested years ago, the insects eventually become immune to our pesticides, and we have to increase their strength and the amounts used to kill the same amount of pests. If we keep this up, the insects win. Eventually to keep pest damage down we will have to poison our own food supply. Now that's American ingenuity!