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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

So you've waited some three/four months for this newsletter...right? I hope so, because we have good news for you:


The Third Edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota is FINISHED (almost).

It is at the proofreaders for one final proofreading, and we will start filling orders near the end of October. But first, since a lot of my most faithful readers and friends seem to have misconceptions surrounding this web site and our publications, I thought I'd fill you in on the history of this company and what we've actually done up till now. If you're not particularly interested...just jump to the table of contents below.

The Wellness Directory of Minnesota was conceived in 1990. There was a need for a directory of practitioners of the alternatives. At that time, finding someone who did homeopathy or naturopathy was nearly impossible. We had an alternative newspaper in the area, but it listed mostly psychics and astrologers and a few people who did hands-on healing. I discovered a small directory of about 50 names and then another of about the same size, but these both had the same focus as the newspapers with only a sampling of homeopathic "consultants" and only two naturopaths. Physicians who used nutrition at the time refused to list in some of these publications because they handled only psychics and astrologers and new age "weirdos," at least to their knowledge. It took a while, but I made a few contacts and started collecting names. Since I was a computer programmer at the time, I created a database that would not only hold the names, it would help me contact them and eventually spit out a directory in nearly the format we needed for publication.

The first edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota was published in the fall of 1993. It was published using low tech and printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. At that time, to get that sort of recycled content into paper, the paper had to be very thick; each page was cover stock weight. We had no focus for this edition, but we did receive quite a few articles from practitioners listed within its pages. As the editor I had the honor of reading many fine articles sent to us, finding interesting filler to take up the white space, and I even got to write a few editorials and one piece about Natural Birth.

In 1989, I had begun to write a book that (I thought) would one day be called: Beating Cancer Naturally. All of the research I had collected up to that point in time just began to coalesce into a book. With the publication of our first edition, it struck me that the next Directory would contain that book. In 1996, the Cancer/Immune System Edition hit the book stores. 

That edition cemented many of our policies. We decided never again to sell through the large book stores. They didn't care about us, had ridiculous demands, and only one buck from each sale came back to the company. The format of the Directory also came about at this time. We placed articles on the left pages and the listings on the right pages. This way, as the articles were read, the listings were seen. We felt that it gave everyone visibility. We had always given away a free listing to every practice whose business fit the scope of the Directory. We listed psychics and astrologers too, mainly because if a person believed in that sort of thing, that person's immune system was bolstered by getting a reading. We listed only chiropractors who specifically came to us. The Yellow Pages were full of Chiropractors. We wanted only those who wanted to be affiliated with a movement. Additionally, when someone told us that their business was full and they weren't taking on any more patients/clients, we told them, this isn't advertising: it's a chance to stand up and say, Hey, I'm part of THIS community. 

There were only 1000 copies of the first edition printed, and more than half of those were given away. We'd studied the market, saw what was out there, saw where they went wrong, and we knew that the only way we could ever make an impact was to get our name out there, show them that we weren't going to go away, and publish a second edition. All the companies we had studied folded up and closed their doors shortly after their first publication. So directly upon publishing our first edition, we went right to work on the second. 

The second edition has 3000 copies in circulation, only 500 of which were given away. We were a best seller for three months here in Minnesota and sold out very quickly. Once the edition was sold out, we decided to take the best articles and place them on the web. This is how this web site initially started. Most of the articles here (especially the ones on cancer and the immune system) came from that second edition. Placing them on the web did two things: it put a lot more people in touch with the information we had researched and published, and it forced us to keep the articles up-to-date. 

In 1994, while marketing the first edition and putting together the second edition, we decided to focus on Heart Disease, the number one killer in America. Dr Dean Ornish was the God of Heart Disease in America at the time, he was frequently covered by Time and Newsweek, and his book on heart disease was a best seller So we started looking at his work as a basis for our research, somewhere to start from. 

Today, I have sitting next to me at this time, a nearly completed copy of this unprecedented third edition (all it needs is a proofing and some minor changes to be completed). I say "unprecedented" because no other hard copy Directory of this sort has ever made it to the third edition. And no other directory has ever had this scope or the numbers we've collected. The Directory portion lists over 5,000 practitioners and businesses, 15% of those are outside Minnesota. We sell nothing here but the truth, and everyone is a volunteer (only paid position is the advertising sales person who gets a commission). We have no conflicts of interest, no agenda, nothing beyond getting the truth to our readers. 

And what is the truth? Well, we found out that Dr Dean Ornish was full of a lot of crap. Then why did his patients get better? One thing we've learned in our research is that the human heart is one of the easiest organs to heal. If you just do "anything," it will start to heal. If you bring a little love into your life, it will start to heal. If you get up off your duff and take a walk, it will start to heal. If you pray over your food and thank your creator for the great abundance of this endless universe, your heart will begin to heal. 

Check back soon at our site: On the Home Page we will put a link to purchasing this edition. It is filled with so much wonderful information from some of the greatest healers in America who were more than willing to share with us. We crush a good number of myths surrounding heart disease, and we not only give you hope, we give you a guide map to a long and healthy and productive life. I plan on playing tennis into my eighties. If you do too, let's set a date. 

P.S. There's more on the Directory below...all the fun we've had over the past 8 years battling with computers, the phone company, software...etc., AND a special pre-printing/publication offer to all our readers.


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2. Manifesting Cancer vs. Manifesting Health - Another Success Story

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4. California Passes Health Care Access Freedom Act

5.  Notes From the Underground

6. More Bull In Your Mailbox?

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8. Energy Medicine - Magnetism to Fight Cancer, A Little Buzz to Fight Bugs 

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Online Friends Update

The site is down. I've not been able to get ahold of the webmaster. I don't know how long it will be down, but we do have friends out east (Susan and Bob) who have wanted to give us space for some time now. Please, give me at least a month to figure out what's going on here. If I have to move the entire site I will. 


Manifesting Cancer vs. Manifesting Health
By April

Another Cancer Success Story

Editor's Note: This is also published at our web site under the Success Stories.

Three years ago when I was diagnosed with advanced small cell lung cancer, the outlook was not encouraging and neither were the Doctors or the statistics on my survival.  My first thoughts were to accept all the beliefs that surround a Cancer diagnosis: I was going to die. 

Accepting that, I had a deep desire to know how and why I found myself in this predicament. What I uncovered went far beyond the fact that I had been a person who had smoked.

I started to read books on how illness is a manifestation of our thoughts and emotions, and how stress could suppress the immune system.  It made perfect sense to me as I looked back over the year before my diagnosis and saw an event for which I had held deep grief and anger.  My view of cancer began to change and I started to see Cancer as a creation I had made with my mind and emotions. Just as I had manifested these thoughts and emotions in my body, so too had I manifested the Cancer. And if I could create it, I began to realize that I could uncreate it. This was my first glimmer of hope. 

I set about doing whatever would facilitate healing.  I began hearing about others who had healed themselves against all odds.  I began treatment for cancer believing in the possibility of full recovery and restored health.

Choosing health daily as a priority, I looked at every choice I made and judged it against one rule: would it lead to health or or illness?  

I changed my thinking and attitude from always expecting the worst, to looking for opportunities in life each day to enjoy whatever came along. I even discovered the benefits to having cancer in that I could learn from the experience and the treatments and pass these on to others who were struggling just as I had in the beginning.  I challenged myself to rise above the painful experience of treatment and realize that we are creators of our own lives, our own futures, whether we are aware of this or not.

I am now fully recovered with no sign of cancer in my body, and I am currently enjoying the best of health I've ever experienced in this lifetime.


More Success Stories

We've received two other success stories that will give hope to anyone battling this terrible disease called cancer. 

And I wish to answer critics who claim that we have an agenda here that borders on hatred of conventional medicine.

We will accept all success stories, whether you used Conventional Means, Alternative Means, or Alien Intervention. The only agenda we have here is the truth. And the simple truth is that there has been only one cohort study that we know of comparing cancer patients who did conventional medicine and people who did nothing and it showed conclusively that those who did nothing lived longer. Nothing is an alternative. Until someone writes up a study with different findings, we'll stick with this one. 

And the bottom line is: if you have a success story and you want to shine your light so that it can light the way for others, please, feel free to send it to me: [email protected]

Debbie's Story: this is a good one that we got some time ago and I put it into the wrong folder and lost it for a while. 

Beshant's Story: first the doctors ignored her and then they wanted to kill her. Eventually they listened and her story helped to change medicine.


California Passes Health Care Access Freedom Act

In 2000, Minnesota was the first state to pass a Health Care freedom act, which allowed practitioners of complementary medicine (homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition, etc.,) to practice their form of health care without being hauled into court and charged with practicing medicine without a license. In some states today, a homeopath can be arrested for practicing homeopathy. 

However, on September 24th of this year, California became the second state to pass this law giving freedom to practitioners, and even more important, freedom to the citizens of California to choose Naturopathy or Nutrition (or a host of others) over conventional therapies. 

This is a gigantic step into the future and many insurance companies will soon follow. 

However, for those of us who choose the less toxic therapies, this is no time to be complacent. Right after I learned of the passage of this act in California, I got a call from a reader telling me how the person who saved his wife's life was just sentenced to 9 years in prison for using an unapproved (by the FDA) instrument. It was a Rife box. For the story on Royal Rife and his "documented" cure for cancer, Click Here. It's spooky.

So, we still have a long way to go to get medical freedom in this country, even though we are told we are supposed to be the most free country in the world. 

It all started when the Bill of Rights was being drawn up. One man came forward asking for Health Freedom. He claimed that without it, one form of medicine could easily get too powerful and force out all other kinds of medicine. They laughed at him.

Years later, the AMA was formed (not a scientific organization as they would like you to think, but this is a political organization with the sole purpose of protecting medical doctors' practices) and they began to close down homeopaths, naturopaths, and herbalists. As of 1979, the AMA's official stance on nutrition was: Nutrition has no bearing on one's health.

In China, for over 6,000 years, they've known, taught, and practiced the philosophy that "You are what you eat."

And we call them primitive.

Notes From the Underground

We gave MGN-3 a real strong focus early on in our web site. We published all the studies conducted on it and praised it's potency as an immune system booster. 

It is now rumored that those studies were faked. I say rumor, because the stories are circulating and we've yet to pin down and confirm their sources. However, we are told that scientists testing MGN-3 are NOT getting the same results as Dr Mamdooh Ghoneum apparently got in his studies. It has also been alleged that MGN-3 was created by Dr Ghoneum, and is named after him: MGN being his "full" initials and 3 being the number of people in his family.

We too have received testimonials from our readers who claim that MGN-3 did nothing for them, and that they began to rapidly improve when they got onto other immune system bolsterers such as Agaricus Mushrooms or the AHCC mushrooms. 

We are going to leave this right here in the status of rumor until we can prove, either way, where the truth lies. If MGN-3 turns out to be a bust (a very expensive bust) you can guarantee we will rip every mention of it right out of this site as if it never existed. 

Flanagan Flees RBC

The genius behind Microhydrin™ and Crystal Energy™ (from the article You Are What You Drink) has left Royal Body Care and is producing his two products under a different name. The reason he left and anything surrounding his leaving is all hush hush because both parties are in court battling it out. 

So, if you want to get the ORIGINAL products, at a newly reduced cost, contact [email protected]

And one more thing concerning that article. We finally found out the source for all those things you can do with Coca-Cola (besides destroy your immune system -- it's a treat, folks, NOT a staple) which we will once again list here: 

Polish Your Furniture with Panty Hose: And Hundreds of Offbeat Uses for Brand-Name Products, Vol. 1The author is Joey Green, and he has graciously given us permission to reprint his work and in return...I'm gonna sell you his book: 

Polish Your Furniture with Panty Hose: And Hundreds of Offbeat Uses for Brand-Name Products, Vol. 1, Joey Green (Hyperion, 1996)


More Bull In Your Mailbox?

I have been receiving Health Freedom's Newsletter in my mailbox for about three years now, and I've finally told them to quit sending it to me. So far I have caught them passing on internet hoaxes and rumors. This last one was the third and last strike. 

I've always written to them pointing out their error and have even sent them a link or two to a site that debunked their BULL, but so far they have never changed their newsletter (they are all posted online) nor have they posted or sent out a retraction.

The people at Health Freedom Resources make some of Dr Schulze's wonderful herbal formulas. They are students of the good doctor and their products are very good, however, when they send out BULL to my mailbox, and they refuse to make any amends for their errors, it's time to sever ties.

Their latest bit of garbage had the following two quotations in it:

"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war
   in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor,
   for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword.
   It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.
   And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch
   and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed,
   the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry.
   Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism,
   will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.
   How do I know? For this is what I have done.
   And I am Caesar."

   -- Julius Caesar

"Naturally the common people don't want war:
    Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany.
    That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS
    of the country who determine the policy and it is always
    a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a
    democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament,
    or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people
    can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy.
    All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE GOING TO BE ATTACKED,
    and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing
    the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."

    -- Hermann Goering (Hitler's right hand man)
        at the Nuremberg Trials

Both of these are phony. For one thing, during Caesar's time there was no word for patriotism. The biographers of Goering state that he said a few thing close to the above, but that this is total bull.

Some of you might have received these in your mail from your friends. I think most of us want to believe what we get from our friends, but for the sake of truth, I have to tell you that there are places on the web to go check this stuff out when you get them. I'm not going to give any more links to sites that debunk this stuff....if you want to, you will search the web and find them on your own.

Personally, I am against the war for many reasons, but I refuse to support my stance with lies, rumors, and stupidity. I am against the war because George Bush has no domestic policy, no foreign policy, and he's a spoiled brat; a playground bully trying to pick a fight (and like Vietnam, he won't have to fight this one either). He is using all known tactics to keep Americans in a constant state of fear. If we attack first in the Middle East, we will become the enemy of freedom, the enemies of many, many nations and it won't just stop there. If he wants a war so badly, he and his oil cronies should pick up a rifle and go fight it, because he  and his ilk will make billions from a war. If war were not profitable, this country would certainly find a way to make it profitable, or we'd simply not fight them.

We are not the most moral people in the universe. It wasn't that long ago when Ronny Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to Iraq to shake hands with Saddam Hussein. As writer Robert Fisk puts it: 

Strangely, Mr Rumsfeld is silent about this. As he is about his subsequent and equally friendly meeting with Tariq Aziz – which just happened to take place on the day in March, 1984, that the UN released its damning report on Saddam's use of poison gas against Iran. The American media are silent about this too, of course. Because we must forget.

We must forget, too, that in 1988, as Saddam destroyed the people of Halabja with gas, along with tens of thousands of other Kurds – when he "used gas against his own people" in the words of Messrs Bush/Cheney/Blair/Cook/Straw et al –President Bush senior provided him with $500m in US government subsidies to buy American farm products. We must forget that in the following year, after Saddam's genocide was complete, President Bush senior doubled this subsidy to $1bn, along with germ seed for anthrax, helicopters, and the notorious "dual-use" material that could be used for chemical and biological weapons.

And when President Bush junior promises the Iraqi people "an era of new hope" and democracy after the destruction of Saddam – as he did last night – we must forget how the Americans promised Pakistan and Afghanistan a new era of hope after the defeat of the Soviet army in 1980 – and did nothing.

We must forget how President Bush senior urged the Iraqis to rise up against Saddam in 1991 and – when they obeyed – did nothing. We must forget how America promised a new era of hope to Somalia in 1993 and then, after "Black Hawk Down", abandoned the country.

We must forget how President Bush junior promised to "stand by" Afghanistan before he began his bombings last year – and has left it now an economic shambles of drug barons, warlords, anarchy and fear. He boasted yesterday that the people of Afghanistan have been "liberated" – this after he has failed to catch bin Laden, failed to catch Mullah Omar, and while his troops are coming under daily attack. We must forget, as we listen to the need to reinsert arms inspectors, that the CIA covertly used UN weapons inspectors to spy on Iraq.

I still remember that war I was a part of in that little country from which we fled leaving millions to be wiped out because they shined a GI's boot or sold him a plate of noodles. Our reporters were visibly absent from those killing fields. We need leadership right now, and personally I don't know where its going to come from. Nuff said. 

So, if you want to order your Herbal Formulas from Health Freedom Access, that's up to you. But you can get your herbal formulas from Dr Schulze himself by calling 800-HERB DOC.

Oh, and here is another piece of garbage that has been seen in many of your In-Boxes:

Think  about this:

a. The number of physicians in the US is 700,000.
b. Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year is 120,000.
c. Accidental  deaths per physician is 0.171. (US Dept. of Health & Human Services)

Then think about this:
a. The number of gun owners in the US is 80,000,000.
b. The number of  accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups) is 1,500.
c. The number of  accidental deaths per gun owner is .0000188.

Statistically, doctors are  approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.


Please alert your friends to this  alarming threat. We must BAN DOCTORS before this gets out of hand! As a public  health measure I have withheld the statistics on lawyers for fear that the shock could cause people to seek medical attention.

This is a joke. It is a joke "loosely" based on the truth. The figures are entirely made up. Though it is based upon truth, it is not truth. Spreading this around the internet as if it were the truth is irresponsible. Maybe someone on this mailing list will look up the actual facts (for a given year) and get them back to us so that we can have something more resembling the truth. 

Smallpox, Vaccines, and Germ Warfare

Well, we're back to the hype that our High Commander wants to bring into your home and into your minds and bodies. 

Spin Doctors are out there whipping up a batch of fear pudding for everyone to slurp down.

What is the truth about Germ Warfare? Is Smallpox a "terrible" threat? And how safe are vaccines? 

First off, the threat of Germ Warfare is much higher if we go to war than if we don't. This is just sheer logic. Whatever our "enemies" want to do will be done if we attack them (they have nothing to lose, and are perfectly justified). 

Keep in mind that our Desert Storm soldiers came back here with two bugs in their blood that were designed by our Dept of Defense. (Go to to learn all about those.) We sold them to Saddam Hussein to use on Iran. Did we think he wouldn't use them on us?

But the fear of smallpox is much, much greater than the reality of smallpox. Our Spin Doctors want us to believe that if we are attacked with smallpox that all our lives are in danger. In history there have been many plagues. They never killed off everyone. A majority of people survive.

They want us to believe that at least 30% will be wiped out. The actual numbers are much smaller. 

They want us to believe that people with smallpox will be out in the public spreading the disease. No, they'll be very sick in bed, long before they become contagious. 

For the truth on smallpox and how it is spread and the actual figures according to the scientists at the Center for Disease Control, read this: 

Now how about vaccines? Are they safe? Well, we've already pointed out in a previous newsletter that the polio vaccines in the fifties, years later, were found to contain OVER 200 OTHER LIVE VIRUSES. 

Do you remember this tidbit from a previous newsletter? It seems that 61% of all new cancer patients are found to have a virus, a suspected cancer virus, that came from our polio vaccinations in the fifties. []

That's comforting.

Then there's this article we found about the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine: 

If you don't wish to read the article, I can highlight its points by telling you:

1. Fresh evidence was discovered  to suggest that the MMR vaccine is linked to autism.

2. A young boy became autistic shortly after getting vaccinated.

3. The government's position is: MMR is safe and there is no proven link between the vaccine and autism.

Deja Vu? You bet. This is the same old story over and over again. Your government has to lie to you because it has an agenda. It tells us lies to scare us and it tells us lies to placate us. It's not against the law to lie. It's also not against the law to be stupid. If it were, you and I would be the only ones not in prison. 

The agenda of any government is to maintain the status quo. 

Now, while we've already focused on both ends of our Freedoms here in America (i.e. California passes a health freedom access law while on the other coast a man goes to prison for 8 yrs for using a non-FDA approved device to save a woman's life), let's again point out here that on one hand, I have the freedom to tell you our president is a flipping idiot, yet on the other hand, I AM LOSING MY RIGHTS TO DETERMINE WHAT GOES INTO MY BODY. We all are, people, we all are.

In my neighboring state, Wisconsin, a law was just passed that forces people to undergo emergency vaccinations or risk prison, fines, and the loss of our home. You have to read this: 

And finally, with the fall of GE foods (yes, the industry is suddenly collapsing because of a few very significant failures, including the Mexican government refusing to purchase corn from us because its people are getting sick from the stuff we already sent them and the discovery that Super Weeds have been discovered that cross bred with GE Foods, and they're going to be tough to stop) suddenly someone's come up with an even more ludicrous proposal: Engineer vaccines into our fruits and vegetables. Suddenly Old MacDonald had a prescription, eee eye eee eye ooooo! 

Does this make sense? Conventional medicine has been attacking the alternatives because there are no standards in our vitamins and herbal formulas, and now they want to make sure that we all get uncontrolled dosages of vaccines in our foods? Where do they get this stuff? 

For just one moment, let us forget where we live (the country, the times, the planet) and focus on just one thing. We do not get sick because we do not have vaccines in our bodies. We get sick because our immune systems are not in tip top shape due to toxins, poor nutrition, and unhappy thoughts. 

Living Downstream: A Scientist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and the EnvironmentFollow-Up to Living Downstream

We focused our last newsletter on that wonderful book, Living Downstream: A Scientist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment by Sandra Steingraber, At the end of her book, she tells us we must get political. We must get involved. We have to stop the spread of toxic chemicals. We have to demand that each chemical is tested and proven safe for an embryo before it is allowed into our lives. 

Well, too late. Our beloved president has to pay back all his cronies for helping him slip into office. So, he's overhauled all the committees that were established by his predecessor to protect the public by replacing their members with people who will protect his buddies in industry. From the Washington Post we get: .  

One of the committee's major endeavors has been to assess the health effects of low-level exposures to environmental chemicals, yet as first reported by Science magazine last week, several of the new appointees are well known for their connections to the chemical industry.

They include Roger McClellan, former president of the Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, a North Carolina research firm supported by chemical company dues; Becky Norton Dunlop, a vice president of the Heritage Foundation who, as Virginia's secretary of natural resources, fought against environmental regulation; and Lois Swirsky Gold, a University of California risk-assessment specialist who has made a career countering environmentalists' claims of links between pollutants and cancer

The committee also includes Dennis Paustenbach, the California toxicologist who served as an expert witness for Pacific Gas and Electric when the utility was sued for allowing poisonous chromium to leach into groundwater. The case was made famous in the movie "Erin Brockovich."

Hey, Democracy is still a great theory.

Energy Medicine

Those of my faithful readers (and there are at least two) know all too well my position on Energy Medicine: it is the medicine of the future. 

The ancient people in the East knew over 6,000 years ago that we are not just physical bodies, but that we are energetic bodies. Our life force is energy. When that life force is blocked, or stagnant, or interrupted, we begin to get sick. A Tradition Oriental Physician's job is to determine the flow of that energy (through diagnostic techniques) and to unblock it and keep it flowing and keep you well. If you become ill while attending a TOM (Traditional Oriental Medicine) physician, the physician treats you for free, because it is the physician's job to keep you well.  

This would not go over well in America. Medicine is a business, and everyone profits by your illness, not your wellness. 

Now at this site, there are many forms of Energy Medicine we've discussed in the past: Qigong, the Rife Machine, Cantron, the Quantum Xxroid Conscious Interface Biofeedback System, and Poly-MVA, to name a few. 

Today's topic will be magnetic energy, or as it is also referred to: Electromagnetic Energy.

Many of you have tried magnets for pain. I have friends who, when they get a headache, wrap magnets around their heads and the pain goes away. I know many people who swear by magnets.

In the Second Edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota I allowed someone to write an article on magnets and their healing power. At the end of the article she stated that there were no side effects. Well, that was debatable at that time, and I wrote an editors note at the end stating exactly that. 

Here is what we know today about magnetic energy and the poles.

The North Pole emits negative (-) magnetic energy. Negative magnetic energy arrests bacterial and fungal growth, is anti-inflammatory, reduces congestion and pain, calms "nerves," attracts oxygen, slows overactive organs, decreases acidity (increases alkalinity), contracts (shrinks) tissue, controls bleeding, and dissolves fat.

The South Pole emits positive (+) magnetic energy. Positive magnetic energy increases circulation, stimulates underactive organs and glands, stimulates growth. Unfortunately, it also stimulates the growth of tumors and bacteria (and fungus). Hence, the negative side effects. 

We all are surrounded by electromagnetic energy. The earth produces it and all our gadgets and appliances produce it. You've all heard the controversy concerning cell phones and tumors. In Medicine, one of the best uses of electromagnetic energy is in the MRI which is one of the safest diagnostic devices ever constructed (especially when you consider a mammogram gives you the equivalent of 16 x-rays; and then there's the CT Scan and how you're able to read without a night light afterwards. (j/k) Oh, and another thing: our bodies actually create magnetic energy at a cellular level and we are surrounded by an electromagnetic field (which can be measured). 

The neat thing about all this "science" is that it is confirming the 6,000 year old concepts of the orient. 

By the way, the use of electronic devices is not a new concept to medicine. I'm told that the earliest recorded medical use of electricity is in 46 A.D. when the Roman emperors physician recommended treatment with the electric torpedo fish for rheumatism and gout. Then there was good old Benjamin Franklin who  used electricity to treat people with neurological problems. We're pretty lucky here in Minnesota where we have a museum of ElectroMedicine that was built by the inventor of the heart pacemaker. Some of it quackery; all of it interesting.

And as we age, our ability to heal begins to slow. We're finding that increasing the electromagnetic energy near the site of a break stimulates the bone to grow faster. This came about by studying chameleons and how they grow their tails back. It seems that the reptilian brain (we have that too) though primitive does send out a lot of energy just for things like growing back appendages, at least in reptiles. Our reptilian brain is the part that goes postal and exhibits rage (gnashing of teeth, hurling epithets, and picking fights -- apparently exhibiting all the qualities we look for in a president today).

And how many of you out there have a TENS unit for blocking pain? 

The benefits of negative (not to be confused with the "negative energy" we talk about in TOM) polarity magnetic fields were discovered in the early seventies and some clinics today are using this knowledge to help in healing cancer.

Now this is NOT a cancer cure by itself, but rather an adjunctive form of medicine that can be used with other therapies. The theory is this: cancer cannot grow in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. A negative field of energy does exactly this: supplies more oxygen to the body and increases alkalinity. 

Even though this therapy is 100% harmless, the FDA does not allow this therapy in America and you have to go to Mexico to get it. 

Here is one clinic that is using this therapy, and the good doctor who was kind enough to help with this article speaks fantastic English and is even a member of AOL (for that he can be forgiven).

Dr Gerardo Villarreal Cavazos, MD (Dr Jerry)
Cancer Research Institute, S.C.
Ave. La Clinica #2520 Despacho #218 Col. Sertoma
Monterrey, N.L. Mexico
Phone: 01152.818.348.2787
Email: [email protected]

 The results he's attained at his clinic using this adjunctive therapy are

1. Reduction to elimination of pain

2 Recovery of appetite

3 Recovery of strength

4 Better sleep

5 Better breathing

6 Overall increase in well being

Dr Jerry's clinic also practices food therapies and he, like me, will tell you to avoid PROCESSED FOODS and MICROWAVED FOODS and increase your cruciferous vegetables and fruits, whole grains, salmon and tuna. 

A Little Buzz to Fight Bugs

We've not listed Hulda Clark's cancer theories here at our web site, mainly because of her Zapper. She's made a ton of claims about her zapper that have never been tested. Her other theories on cancer are pretty accurate, in our opinion, but when she writes books called The Cure For All Cancers and The Cure for All Disease, well, it's just hard to put up with that kind of ego, really.

Hulda Clark might just be a whacko. As most of you know, I happen to like whackos. They tend to get things done when all the normal people are off having meetings. 

Well, it seems that Dr Clark's Zapper has finally been tested, and yes, in the laboratory it was discovered that it selectively kills cancer cells. Here is the original research:

The investigator is quoted as saying, "To be quite frank when I started the research project I expected that the zapper would do nothing . . . now we must find the mechanism how the cancer cells are killed. If we can do that then I think we can improve the treatment and make it more effective. If we can reduce cancer cells by 42%, we should be able to reduce them by 100%."

In her books, though, the Zapper was intended to kill liver flukes that she claims are the cause of all cancers. 

Between you and me, parasites, bacterial growth, viruses, and fungus can all lead to cancer in that they suppress the heck out of the immune system and any cancers present can take off unchecked. 

The fact that a little electrical charge kills cancer was also discussed in our paper on Poly-MVA which is a microscopic battery that sends a charge into your cells as it circulates thru your body. Healthy cells love it; cancer cells die. 

So, let's take a look at Electro Medicine all over again from the very beginning

In 1910 the Flexnor Report discredited Electro Medicine and set it back a few (understated) years. The Flexnor Report was subsidized by the Rockefellers who were major stockholders in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Because of this, few scientists investigated any further into Electro Medicine until an announcement in 1991 at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies, when two researchers from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, reported that a small amount of electric current, flowing through a dish of fluid containing the HIV virus, reduced its ability to infect cells by up to 95%. And it was just a very small amount of electricity too; the blood was not affected, only the viruses.

Now this did not make the evening news, for any number of reasons, but one person who did hear about this was a researcher by the name of Bob Beck. While the two researchers clamored off to the patent office to stake their claim on this monstrosity of a machine that took blood from your body, passed a current thru it, and then returned it to your body, Bob holed up in his own lab and came up with a much less invasive method of doing the same darn thing. His idea was to place electrodes directly over the arteries at the ankles or wrists and zap a controlled current into the blood stream flowing beneath the skin while the patient rested, read a magazine, or watched Dumbo (the movie, not the President) on TV. 

Because Bob was about to help cure incurable disease, he was forced to leave the US (where we happen to like our incurable diseases, thank you!) to test his equipment. During his two-year vacation, he determined the amount of electricity needed, the length of the treatment, the safety of the treatment, and finally the effectiveness of the treatment.  His machine became known as the Black Box.

Later he noticed that some people, after treatment, got reinfected and he had to go back to the drawing board. He realized that the viruses must have been hiding somewhere else and were not traveling through the blood where he thought they ought to be. We now know that viruses congregate in certain organs (especially those that have collected heavy metals) and in the lymphatic system.

What Beck next devised was a Magnetic Pulser. This little gizmo pulsates and causes contractions (like squeezing a sponge) and empties the lymph into the blood stream where the little buggers can get zapped by his Black Box.

Does this kill them? No. It slows them down so your immune system can kill them.

Now, even though the FDA doesn't want any of you buying these harmless devices, they are sold in this country. You can go to and take a look at his research and his site and the wonderful little gadgets he makes and sells there. They most certainly cost less than anything you're taking right now. And they are painless and in the long run, quite effective. However, there can be dangers so please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

What are some of the dangers? Well, in America if one aspirin works in five minutes, two should work in 2.5 minutes...and maybe three even faster...right?

Some people, when they get these machines, use them way too long. There is a set time to use them. Do not go over that time. The right time to use them is early in the morning, before you've eaten or taken anything. The process; this little jolt of electricity on your blood makes the blood absorb things faster. If you get out of your car and plug yourself in, you could die of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you smoke before using the machine, your blood will also be filled with all the poisons and toxins and you could find that you've just smoked your last cigarette. So PLEASE, READ and FOLLOW the instructions. 

Mushroom Update

I have discovered a new mushroom site online that I just had to pass onto all of you. It looks to be your one-stop mushroom site of the future. The prices are ridiculously low.

And I've discovered something about the Agaricus Blazei Murill I'd like to pass on. Vitamin C and Propolis both potentiate the effects of the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom. You do not have to use Vitamin C and Propolis together, you can use either one, because either one seems to potentiate (make bigger) the effects of the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom.

Now, keep in mind that nothing yet discovered by scientists boosts the immune system like the Agaricus Blazei Murill  mushroom. However, the better your immune system in the first place, the more it can help you. Your immune function is the result of proper nutrition. If you are taking the correct amount of Vitamin C daily for "your" situation, and you add the agaricus to your regimen, you will be doing your immune system a favor. Add some propolis (often referred to as "bee glue") and you will be doing your immune system even more good, as propolis has been known for some time to enhance one's immune system. 

Now, another thing about mushrooms. Taking the extract, a concentrated extract is the BEST way to get the MOST of the immune enhancing properties of the healing mushrooms. This is good news for those of you who hate mushrooms. However, if we believe that we should let our food be our medicine, then go ahead and buy the entire dehydrated mushrooms, boil them up to release the healing chemicals, and use them in your food. If taking a pill of a concentrated extract is equal to many cooked mushrooms, then go ahead and cook them, enjoy them, and let them boost your immune system. At the end of this article is my Super Stuffing recipe...which, if used in conjunction with a free-range organic Turkey or Chicken this holiday season, can help carry you cold and flu free through the cold and flu season. 

Now I know we've talked about the different mushrooms (other than the Agaricus Blazei Murill ) at this time. The reishi or Ganoderma, was discussed in a recent newsletter. The articles on Alternative Cancer Therapies and the Immune System all talk about the healing power of mushrooms. 

Super Stuffing

I am a classical bachelor cook. Excuse the simple fact that I really don't measure as I cook; it's mostly a matter of "taste."


Dried Bread (multi-grain mixed with a soft wheat)
½ lb. Butter
½ Can Chicken Broth
1 Large Onion
Pistachio Nuts
Agaricus Blazei Murill, Maitake, and Shitake Mushrooms
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme
Celtic Sea Salt and Pepper 

Cut up the bread in cubes and place into a large pot. Now you'll add the moisture, however, if the Shitake mushrooms come dehydrated, it is best to warm up the chicken broth and butter and rehydrate the mushrooms for at least half an hour (cooking the mushrooms releases the healing phytochemicals - please note that you might have to add a little water to this rehydration process as it does take a little time). 

Cut up the rehydrated mushrooms and add them with the butter/broth concoction to the bread crumbs and mix well. At this time you can also add some Shitake sauce or Agaricus Extract (found in Chinese food stores or health food stores) and a pinch of salt and pepper. 

Chop up the onion and add it to the mixture, then cut up the giblets. I prefer to blend them in the food processor (it should look like blackberry yogurt). Then add that to the mixture.

If you have fresh spices, you should have a good handful of parsley and lots of sage. Add a few pinches of rosemary, and slightly more thyme and blend them together. If you don't have fresh spices, go get them. (Or use a little more of the dried.) You will know if the mixture of fresh spices is right when the wonderful aroma has a distinct hint of the stuffing your grandmother served you as a child.

Mix in the spices and stir well. Finally mix in the celery and pistachio nuts, if there are any left after shelling them. By the way, the pistachio nuts are the secret ingredient. They add a delicate sweetness to the flavor, so hand pick the good nuts and avoid the ones that look bitter.

Stuff the chicken/turkey and bake the left over stuffing in a pan next to the chicken remembering to take it out early. You'll know when it's done.

Remove the stuffing right away when the chicken is done, and mix it with the left over you just baked and put it back in the oven for another fifteen minutes covered.

Lyprinol Update

I got a chance to use Lyprinol this summer, while playing tennis. I had been injured earlier when my horse kicked me, and the elbow had a touch of arthritis. 

For those of you who don't know, Lyprinol is an essential fatty acid that comes from the Green-Lipid Mussel. It was discovered that it is about 300 times more powerful than Ibuprofen in relieving joint pain. 

It is NOT a pain reliever. It is something your body needs anyway and unlike a simple pain reliever, this goes to the root cause of the pain. It has no known side effects. 

I saw a Bufferin commercial the other day. This woman has back pain. She takes some Bufferin. She dances off happily. 

Who can believe this crap? She has a back problem. Instead of fixing the problem, she takes a pain killer and dances off. She is probably doing even more damage to her back. The problem with pain relievers is that they give us a false sense of relief. They do not fix the problem. People who take pain relievers and play sports can do even more damage to their bodies, because pain has a reason for its existence. It warns us that something is wrong. It is supposed to tell us to slow down. 

I took the Lyprinol with some yogurt before going to play tennis. Since it is an oil, it is best to take with something oily to absorb it better. (Or, since it is a fat, it is best to take it with fats for better absorption.)

I would never take an aspirin before playing tennis, because it is only a pain reliever. But taking Lyprinol is a bit different. It is something that my body needs. It is not classified an essential fatty acid because it is optional. Our bodies need them, and this is a great form to take when you have joint pain.

As to the results, the days that I took the Lyprinol were much better than the days I did not take it. My arm felt much better during and after the games.

I found a place online that sells Lyprinol for nearly half the price of other sites.

So, go give them your business: 

And one more thing: You sushi lovers, or shell fish lovers are in for a treat. The Green-Lipid Mussel is now found in your frozen food section. I found a pack in an oriental food store. It isn't called "exactly" the same name, but you'll see the word Green and New Zealand on the pack. Eat up.


________________________Quotation of the Century________________________
"We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
Lee Iacocca.



Annual Oktoberfest Party

Click here to see a map. The party is October 26th and you are all invited. BUT PLEASE RSVP....we really need to know how many are coming


The Real Story of the Third Edition
And Special Offer for my Readers

So, using the worst business sense in the universe, I began a venture in 1990 that was guaranteed to lose money. And boy, do I know how to lose money. 

But we did want to survive and break even and save lives, so the entire focus was on this Third Edition. If we could make it that far, we'd eventually be paid back for our losses and we'd be assured that we could survive and publish more.

Now don't misunderstand me here: the Second Edition was a HUGE success. We printed 3,000 copies which sold out in less than six months (some 2,000 being sold in our first two months). But because of costs in production and the money spent on our seminal production, when all was said and done (profits were placed against the losses) we figured out that we had lost $4.00 per copy of that second edition. 

Break out the champagne! Why? We had $1,000 in the bank (probably mine and my brothers' since we were supporting the company) and we were still going to produce our third edition.

Then the stuff hit the fan. 

The research was going well. We'd learned a lot about cardiovascular care; therapies about which the average person did not have a clue. We had added some 3,000 more businesses to our database. We did not have enough money to do a mailing to everyone, so we gambled on doing a mailing to the new listings (who had never heard of us) and from the advertising dollars brought in, we would do a second mailing to those who we knew supported us. I would be their advertising dollars that would produce the Third Edition.


We hardly received a dime from the first mailing. And JUST as the returns were coming in, we learned from the phone company that they were breaking up the area codes in the Twin City area (the largest representation in our Directory) into 4 area codes. In other words, we had the wrong phone numbers on some two thousand listings. 

Deadlines for  1997 edition came and went. 

But I don't give up that easily. 

Since we couldn't print anything, it hit me that we could at least save a few lives using the information from the second edition, and thus began this web site.

The best way to get anything, is to give everything. So I began rewriting all the articles in the second edition, updated many of them, and did a bit more research into even newer discoveries in the world of Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies. I had already become a standard prop in the Cancer Support Room on AOL, and I was constantly sending them any information I could find. With a web site, I could just send out links. And wouldn't you know it, we started receiving letters of thanx; letters telling me I'd helped save a life. This was our goal in the first place. So, despite going broke and missing our deadlines, we accomplished our main goal. This was something. 

Someone asked me during this time, "When's the third edition coming out?" We had, by this time, developed a slight income (we were taking in about 7 bucks a month from our website; from advertising and our link to Barnes and Noble) but the problem was, the web site cost us more than we brought in. I just responded blankly, "Well, it looks like someone's gonna have to die and send us money in their will."

Then the weirdest thing happened. Someone died, and her husband sent us a huge donation. 

We were back in production; this time working a bit more cleverly, we hoped. Instead of sending out a three page letter, we sent out a little postcard (to some 4,000 people) using first class mail so that we'd get back (from the post office) cards from those who had moved. Volunteers started making phone calls. The database grew from new names and shrunk from old ones who'd moved on. 

At this same time, we suddenly learned more about Cardiovascular Wellness than we'd ever learned in the past. We'd had one advisor, Dr Bruce West whom we had approached asking his assistance. But then the world opened up and sent us two of the top minds in Orthomolecular medicine: Dr Garry Gordon and Dr Matthias Rath. Suddenly we had the inside track to repairing heart disease and the book, with my little fingers banging wildly at my keyboard, came right together. We had compiled the definitive book on Bypassing Bypass Surgery.

We all knew we had a winner (the initial proofreaders, including our advisor Dr Dan Harper, were all just amazed at the information we'd compiled). And we knew from the past, because of letters and calls from our readers, how popular the Directory had become. We also knew this because we were consistently told that "the book got legs and walked off."

So there we had a new tagline: The Wellness Directory of Minnesota: The Book With Legs.

Our original tag line had been: The Wellness Directory of Minnesota: Healing the Individual, the Community, and the Planet. 

Then friends sent us a few more: 

The Wellness Directory of Minnesota: If it's not in here, you're dead. 
The Wellness Directory of Minnesota
: Read it and sleep. 
The Wellness Directory of Minnesota
: And now you know the rest of the story.

We decided to stick with our original.

Ok, now let's talk about publishing. When I tell people that we have a book ready, one question is: "Oh? Have you a publisher?"

The local alternative newspapers are all self-published. All of the directories we've found were self-published. No publisher in the universe is going to take on a losing proposition. They want winners. In addition to being approached by Burton Goldberg (a ruthless business man who had produced the Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine) after my second publication, a few publishing companies approached us. Long story short: everyone knew we were going to have a huge success in our third edition, and suddenly everyone wanted a piece of the action.

We spent some 20+ thousand bucks on printing our second edition, most of which was advertising dollars. When we ran out of copies, that was it. No more.

We decided, that with the advent of newer printing technology, that we could, for that same 20+ thousand bucks, get our own printers and publish it in house. 

The book had always been 8.5 X 11, so it made sense to keep it that size. We did some brainstorming on how to cover it (the cheapest method was a buck a copy by a local bindery), but not quite satisfied, I kept asking for input when one day a close friend said, "Why go the cheapest route? Why not put it into a 3-Ring View Binder. That way you can send updates."

Bingo UPDATES! We already knew that by the time we go to print, anywhere between 10 to 20% of our listings have moved or changed something (a name, a phone number). Sending updates would also bring in some income (even if just a little) during years in between publishing. We could easily make one dollar per update which could be between 5,000 and 10,000 bucks we did not see during our non printing years. 

We have already received nearly 2000 requests for a copy of this edition. These came from people on our Newsletter Mailing list. Of those we expect at least half to come through. 

We've had to increase our price from $21.95 to $25.95 simply because the cost of this production went up too, and this edition is nearly twice the size of our previous. The cost of production is right around $12 bucks per copy. When we sell wholesale, that doesn't leave much of a profit, so the orders we get online will be the backbone of our sales and pay off the printers, the paper, and some very old debts (still hanging around from our 1993/1994 publication). 

There you have it....full disclosure. 

But there's more. You see, there is this thing called Desktop Publishing. Before anything can be printed, it has to be created. In the past we had used Microsoft Word. We created the directory by first writing and gathering and editing articles, and then we compiled them all into one document. Then we had to take all the names in our database and dump them into another document and then format the ads and add display ads. We've got ourselves one unique publication: we print the articles on the left side and the directory on the right. This way, when people read the articles, our listings get a bit of visibility too. Let's face it, some people paid good money for display ads. 

So, once both sides of the directory are created (in two separate files), we chop it all up into single pages. In the past, we passed each page to the printing company in a postscript file. This time, since we were the printer, we would have to gather all the separate pages into what Word refers to as a Master Document. After having our publication crash the gazillionth time, we finally got Microsoft Support to admit to us that the Master Document feature of Word really doesn't work all that well. 

Next we decided to go with the "The Industry Standard" in Desktop Publishing programs: Quark Express (version 5.0). It costs 1000 bucks. Being a non-profit, they gave us a discount, but it took some 5 months for them to make up their minds. This was a big delay. Then, a friend of mine sent me names of people familiar w/ Quark so that if I ever got stuck, they could help me out. Learning new programs is not fun. Especially a program like Quark in which nothing is automatic. I had 19 names of helpers. One friend showed up and showed me the basics. That was fun. 

Alone the job bogged down every time I ran up against a feature that either didn't work or, more often than not, destroyed the entire document - I had to learn this early on and take measures to recover.  So I started calling the 19 names. Not a single person on this list was familiar with the latest version, Version 5.0. No one could help me. So I called Quark. Support was $35 dollars per incident or $220 per year. I bought the entire year. When the day was done, had I gone the $35/incident, it would have cost me $245 bucks. 

Slowly, I have become the Quark expert in Minnesota. I designed a publication they had never seen before. Each page on the left flowed to the left pages, each page on the right flowed to the right pages. If I changed something on one page, if affected all the pages flowing into the next down all the way to the last page, depending on which side I edited. Left were articles; right was the directory. Everything went just as we had planned. Until we hit the brick wall.

The book was suddenly 300 pages, and Quark kept crashing. All I could do was open it, make a few changes, save it, close it, shut down and restart Windows, and then do it again. The book was just too big. 

I called and learned how to break apart the file, and put it all into a "book" which would manage the sections. After trying this three times, I discovered a slight problem: since each page was linked (from the first page to the last), no matter which page I pulled from our BOOK, when I pasted it into a new section (new document), it turned out to be the first page. 

So, I called Quark Support back after spending an entire frustrating weekend trying to cut up our BOOK. It was then that I was told I had to unlink the pages. I asked them how I would do that. They told me to go to this site online and look for a program called Linkster. 

I went there, and ordered some "add-ons" to Quark and, after spending $150 more, I attempted to cut up the book.

Crash. Ran out of memory.

So I sent a piece of the book to the people who made Linkster, and they tried it, worked like a charm. The problem was, my book was too big to break ALL the links, and so I had to break only a few links and then copy those into the BOOK. However, there was a slight problem. The program would not work with Quark 5.0 and Win98 and I would have to wait for the programmers to modify the program. 

A week later, I got the program and it still did not work properly, however, with tech support on the phone, together we were able to break the book into seven sections. 

Back to work and a week later, the book was finished. All of the articles were in, all of the page numbers were correct, everything flowed as if still connected and we were ready to print. 

So I ran to Wal-Mart to get me a few reams of paper. We have an order for Tree Free paper that will arrive soon. We always print on Tree Free paper, but I needed a lot of paper quickly so I could get copies to proofreaders.

Next I copied the book and all the graphics to a CD and took the CD into the back (printer) room and plugged it into my laptop computer. I told the printer I wanted one Postscript (best choice for graphics) copy and used all the parameters my printer support people told me to use. Crash. As soon as it hit a font that wasn't in the printer's font table, she hung up. So, I made a few changes and started again. A few more changes, and finally, I had the first copy sitting in my hands. It only took me 6 hrs of starting and stopping the printer and changing the parameters. 

So I decided to try it once again, with all the modifications I'd set to get out the first copy, and it worked like a charm, popping out the copy in about 25 minutes. The following copies, because the book was now on the hard drive of the computer, would come out at around 40 pages per minute (both sides) with three holes punched..

I was very satisfied. The book looked good. So, next I told the printer to print me 3 copies of the book for my proofreaders. 

It printed three copies of the first section and then printed three copies of the second section. I shut her down. I called support. I said, "This is unacceptable. There must be a way to print multiple copies of this whole book, right?"

Wrong. This was how the book would be printed by Quark. I had broken it into sections and it would print multiple copies of each section that I was expected to collate manually. 

I told them I did not purchase a 17 thousand dollar printer so I could collate copies manually. I was then told that I could write a postscript program that would print the copies properly. I told them I wasn't in the mood to learn another programming language. My brain had reached it's quota for languages somewhere between Hebrew and Fortran. They told me to give them a day to figure this out. I said, Ok, but calling Quark the Industry Standard was like calling George Bush a genius. 

Here we see the leader of the Free World holding a child's book, entitled America, upside down. 

Hmm, America, upside down, our president...hmmm, all makes spooky sense.

In all fairness, this picture was PhotoShopped. The President did NOT have the book upside down.

They called me back the next day and gave me this solution: I had to convert the program to an Acrobat file (pdf files -- you all probably have the Acrobat Reader to read these files). So, I opened up the book, clicked on a chapter and tried to convert it. I was told I was missing a program. I called support back and asked where this program is located. To my dismay, I found out the program was located at the Acrobat Web site -- and cost $265.00. 

So, I went there, and gave them my credit card, and bingo they sent me to a site to download some 30MB of files. I did that. It took about three hours. I opened the program and was told halfway through the installation that the file was corrupted and I'd have to download it again. Easily said, but I had to call support, have them reset my account and wait half an hour for that to take effect. I went back to the program and  tried it again. This time, four hours later, I started up the install and it ALMOST made it all the way to the end before telling me that the file was corrupted and that I had to re-download it one more time.

I called support and told them to mail me the program.

In the meanwhile, I sent off three copies to proofreaders and along the way learned something about the post office.

Apparently one stamp will get a letter across the street or across the nation. But if you send a package, the further it goes, the more it costs. And this little book, since it weighed over 3 pounds (the pages, the cover, and the Priority Mail cardboard box) costs between $5.30 and $10.35 to send out. Without the Binder it isn't all that much cheaper: between 3.95 and 6.85. So how the heck do I figure out the postage? Best way? Charge the average and hope it works out. Then there's always the Book Rate, but I 'd have to buy boxes if the Binder is included, and who knows how long that will take to get wherever. It would only save a buck or so, and it could take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Well, the Acrobat program finally arrived. Long story short, I converted each section into a PDF file (uncompressed, graphics at the highest resolution) gathered them all together and got this 300MB monstrosity of a file that I copied to a CD, passed to printer thru the laptop, and bingo. First one printed out in about 20 minutes, second copy came out in under five minutes, and the third at that same speed. This was yesterday. Saturday, October 12th, 2002. 

We finally have a book. All I need now are the proofed copies, make a few changes, and start running off copies. So, until that time, I am offering all my readers a little prepublication offer.

The book sells for $25.95 retail (comes with a 3 ring view binder) and ships for $8.00 (Priority Mail). Minnesotans have to add $1.69 in sales tax.

Without the Binder/Cover, we will sell it for 23.45 and it ships for 5.50 (Priority Mail). Minnesotans have to add Minnesotans have to add $1.52 in sales tax.

Since we also have an online version, we will sell that at 21.95. Minnesotans have to add $1.43 in sales tax.

This is how we will sell it on the web. We will warn all people who want the Online (Acrobat) Version that there is a wide inside margin so that three holes can be punched. The page is only a quarter inch from the edges on the outside edge. We cannot guarantee that it will print out properly on their printer, unless you view the pages side by side, the pages will be presented to you alternating Articles/Directory. There will be no links in the online version that work; jumping from page to page will be manual and if you want to visit a web site listed in the book, you will have to cut and paste the URL into your web page. We apologize, but we never planned on creating an online version and there is no time for us to work on it now. It's going out as is.

So, here is our special (no hassles) offer to our readers:

Third Edition with Binder sent Priority Mail: $30.00 

Without Binder sent Priority Mail: $25.00

Sent electronically: $20.00

(MN Residents: we'll pay the sales tax.)

And if you wish to donate, besides our thanx, for donations $5 or greater we'll send you a bumper sticker.

Note that the pages, sent without a binder will be placed into two envelopes to "try" to protect them from being damaged in shipping. With the binder, they will be inside of one envelope for protection, and then inside a cardboard box.

And for a limited time, there is a chapter of the directory online in PDF format (you need Acrobat Reader). If you want to see what we're doing and how we're doing it, then you should download this. Also, it is one of the most important chapters from our book: it is on Congestive Heart Failure. Even if you don't wish to purchase our Third Edition, download this file and save it. It WILL save a life. 

The file will be at this location for a very limited time (I will remove it the moment we have our online store created and the proofing phase is completed.) Keep in mind that it too has not been read by our final proofreaders. Click here: Congestive Heart Failure. (To save to your computer, WINDOWS: Right click and choose "Save target as" (then go put it where you won't lose it); MAC, hold down the mouse button then make your choice.)

How to get money to us:

There are two ways: send us a check or pay us thru PayPal online. 

For those of you who have no problems buying things online, PayPal is the most wonderful service ever invented. You need to go to and open an account. Just fill out the forms and you're done. Once you've done this, you can send money to anyone in the world who has an email account. It's that simple. You give your credit card info and an email address of the person you are sending money to and bingo, you're done. The person you are sending money to in this case is [email protected].

Then, for those of you who hate to purchase online, send your check to:

Minnesota Wellness Publications, Inc.
36644 Hastings St NE
Stanchfield, MN 55080
763.689.WELL (9355)

As long as your letter is postmarked before the store goes up, we'll honor this offer. 

That's it for now, be well!


My thanx to Aprilsea, Donna, Barbara, Robbin and Janet for proofing my ramblings.

Good Night from Stanchfield, MN.