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Intravenous Vitamin C
(How it helps to kill cancer...)

I've heard that oncologists tell their patients not to use vitamin C because cancer has an affinity to vitamin C and it will protect the cancer.

As Dr Gary Gordon (who does his homework and has studied nutrition and orthomolecular biology) says, "That's what we call poppycock."

If your oncologist tells you this, it's because of one single paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that came to this conclusion even though there was no research to back it up.

Cancer has an affinity to vitamin C because a vitamin C molecule is very close to a glucose molecule, and we all should know that cancer has an affinity to glucose, or Cancer Loves Sugar. If you haven't read this, you really should.

Now, for every oncologist who tells you not to take vitamin C, how many tell you not to eat foods high in sugars (processed, white sugars are the worst) or high in carbohydrates? Just yesterday (3/19/02) a person in the Cancer Support Room related that his oncologist told her/him to eat a lot of ice cream. Personally, I'd get a new oncologist after a ridiculous statement like this.

I find it outrageous that a physician would be so misled as to tell a patient not to take vitamin C while advising this same patient to eat ice cream; all because of one single paper that had no scientific basis other than the simple fact that cancer has an affinity to vitamin C -- because it has an affinity to glucose and a vitamin C molecule resembles a glucose molecule. Outrageous because the tumor will thrive with excess sugar in your system and you’d think that the purpose of visiting a physician is to STOP THE THRIVING CANCER. Oh well, a lot doesn’t seem to make sense these days.

All this aside, I've done some homework, learned where all the hubbub over vitamin C and cancer came from, and I'm here to relate to you how vitamin C is used to help destroy cancer. Let me state here and now that vitamin C is not a cure, but just one of the weapons used. It doesn’t kill cancer, but rather makes it become apoptotic.

First let me explain apoptosis: in normal cells, apoptosis is a "form" of cell death. When a cell's DNA is damaged, the cell will "commit suicide" in an attempt to keep the damage from reproducing and creating a cancer cell. Your immune system is constantly working to keep you healthy and tries to clean up and get rid of cancerous cells. However, before your immune system even has a chance to kick in, and because a cell with damaged DNA can become cancer, apoptosis occurs. This is an "automatic" process, one we might say occurs at the lowest level of our immune system. This lowest level could be equated to a computer program that is built into your computer, or the BIOS or an EPROM (a chip with a program hard coded into it). Cells are programmed to replace themselves when the DNA becomes damaged. The program is found in the gene p53, the tumor-suppressing gene. Before rapid, uncontrolled replication can occur (cancer does this), the p53 gene instructs the cell to undergo programmed cell death, called apoptosis.

Now, in a cancer cell we've got a bad program. The damage mutates the p53 gene, which now tells the cells to have at it and they continue to multiply even though the DNA is damaged. The whole system gets out of whack, because everything involved in keeping this from happening is mutated, including the genes that are supposed to turn this off. At this time only the immune system can save you.

Keep in mind: your immune system is only as good as your diet and lifestyle. Every human being has cancer cells in their bodies. Every study ever done on corpses turns up cancer cells: millions and millions of cancer cells. A healthy immune system will keep these cells from growing out of control and becoming a clinically recognizable cancer.

Back to apoptosis: apoptosis in a cancer cell is not cancer death. Apoptosis in cancer cells makes the cancer visible to the immune system because, let’s face it, the immune system cannot kill something it cannot see. Apoptosis causes the inside of the cell to flip up and become the outside of the cell. Suddenly, phosphatidylserene, which is supposed to be on the inside of the cell, is found on the outside and this triggers the immune system. Phosphatidylserene is found on the outside of cancer cells, viruses, and old blood cells that need replacing.

With this in mind, now I can show you how vitamin C helps to battle cancer.

Laboratory studies show that vitamin C kills cancer. There are three types of tumor models: the sparse model layer, the dense model layer, and the hollow fiber tumor model. Most of the solid tumors in the body are of the hollow fiber tumor model, with the sparse and dense models being found on the outer layers of the tumor. Studies show that plasma levels of just 200mgs/deciliter (one tenth of a liter) will kill all the cells in the dense and sparse models, but hardly touch the hollow fiber tumor model. At 700mgs/deciliter we get about 50% to 65% live cells remaining in the hollow fiber tumor model.

So, we know that these large doses of vitamin C are cytotoxic, or deadly, to cancer. However, it is hard to maintain this high plasma level of vitamin C and the level sought in IV C treatment is 400mgs/deciliter.

Now for those of you taking mega doses of vitamin C orally, you should know that the most you will ever get into your plasma is about 10mgs/deciliter. To get these higher levels, you must have vitamin C administered intravenously (through a needle directly into your vein).

Back to cancer's affinity to glucose: cancer draws in vitamin C thinking it is sugar. Cancer needs sugar, and a lot of it, to metabolize. So it draws in the vitamin C hungrily and greedily. Now, when your oncologist tells you that the vitamin C will begin to protect the cancer, s/he is speaking out of ignorance. You might want to give your oncologist a short lesson in biochemistry (and nutrition—the one science your oncologist knows nothing about): at these levels, 400mgs/deciliter, vitamin C is no longer an antioxidant, it is a pro-oxidant. It causes oxidation or medically one would say: vitamin C is peroxidative.

At this point, the cancer is in trouble. It needs to "quench" this peroxidation, but lacks the enzyme catalase needed to convert the peroxide, and an aldehyde is formed that is toxic to the cancer cells.

With repeated treatments, over a period of time, we start to kill the cancer off: the layers on the tumor begin to peel away just like peeling away layers of an onion, until the hollow fiber tumor model is revealed and at this point, the kill rate on these cells lessens, but, the really good news is that the peroxidation causes these cancer cells (in the hollow fiber tumor model) to become apoptotic.

This is where immune stimulants come in; this is where Aidan Clinic's Imm-Kine comes in. Imm-Kine will specifically attack apoptotic cancer cells.

Now, we have to point out here that getting your plasma levels up to 400mgs/deciliter is a difficult procedure. As we state in our disclaimer, everyone is different. The same dosage in two people can produce very different results. Thus your physician will administer and then test and administer and retest.

One way to avoid any dangerous levels is by using another invention of the Aidan Clinic: IVC-Max

IVC-Max was designed to make intravenous vitamin C work even better. They have documented their successes at the Aidan Clinic, and using the IVC-Max, to get the same "kill rate" in the hollow fiber tumor model that was realized at 700mgs/deciliter they had to use only 120mgs/deciliter.

This might not seem a very big accomplishment, but in actuality, it is a stupendous feat. For one thing, your physician does not have to worry about giving you a dosage you can't handle and it takes less testing to get you to a safe level. Let's face it, if only 120mgs/deciliter is doing the same work as the higher levels, your physician doesn't have to test as often or be particularly concise; if it turns out that they have you at somewhere between 120mgs/deciliter and 400mgs/deciliter you're set. So in the long run, with less testing, it will cost you a lot less and the entire event will be a lot less critical. You can sit back and read those year old magazines knowing you're safe, you won't go home and puke out your guts, your hair won't fall out, and your cancer is gonna take a beating from substances natural to your system.


Thank you for all the kind and wonderful letters lately.

One of the letters (or types of letters) we get here are the Conspiracy Letters. Many ask us about conspiracies to suppress cancer therapies, while others tell us about them.

A conspiracy, by its very nature, is a covert (hidden) action by a group of two or more people. They must get together and make a plan.

There is no conspiracy to suppress cancer therapies in that no two people have ever had to meet to plan such a move.

It is NOT conspiracy; it is called Capitalism.

In Capitalism we have a free competitive market that is motivated by profit. In Capitalism, it makes perfect sense to put your competition out of business; to destroy your competitors. This is the goal of all businesses: to make more money than the competitors.

But there IS a problem here. When people ask me what I think of our free market place, I usually respond, "It’s not free."

Those people with the money and power make sure they keep the power and the money and they use all means possible, including our government and government institutions.

For a great example of how our free enterprise is not free and how moneyed interests kill competition using all means available, go to You will see an invention that could have saved lives in Vietnam by providing lightweight bridges (but the providers of the existing bridges that were ineffective and cost countless lives shoved their weight around) and providing lights along the highways that would be strong enough to withstand any weather condition, but safe enough to smash apart and not injure drivers who crash into them. The captive column is an amazing invention. It can be made by machine, or by hand. In fact, grade school children, with a little supervision, can put them together. But like any invention that will take money away from someone in a position of power, the captive column was beat up, kicked about, and suppressed. The inventor was traduced (slandered/libeled) in newspapers kowtowing to moneyed interests. (Another story of how power and money monopolize an entire industry is found in the book, Fast Food Nation.)

In this country, profits are more important than human lives. This is a fact of life.

The people who own America claim they want the government to stay out of business, that is, unless forming a partnership with the government is profitable to them. Walt Disney believed in laissez-faire economics and wanted the government to keep out, "the economy works best if private industry is not regulated and the markets are free." However, Disney was not averse to a little government welfare when his artists went on strike and WWII broke out.

Conventional medicine is a business. The American Medical Association is not a scientific organization. It is a political organization that spends millions of dollars influencing our lawmakers.

It is in the best interests of conventional medicine to kill their competition: put them out of business, wipe them out, and leave them in the dust.

In America we do not have Medical Freedom. The Bill of Rights does not contain a Medical Freedom Clause. One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush, spoke during the constitutional convention saying that if we did not include a medical freedom clause in the Constitution, it was very likely that one group of doctors would monopolize health care by passing laws to make other types of doctors illegal. This is exactly what has happened.

The AMA was formed and quickly started to throw its weight around. First went the Herbalists, about 10,000 in the twenties. Then the Homeopaths. Their last push was against Chiropractic. This battle went all the way to the Supreme Court where it backfired because the bigwigs in conventional medicine forgot to shred their documents that showed the effectiveness of Chiropractic Medicine.

But it has not stopped there.

There are laws all over this land making it a felony to practice medicine without a license. They want us to think that this law is protecting us, the common person, when in reality it is protecting the interests of the Medical Business. If you give a person an aspirin, you can be arrested for practicing medicine without a license. If you show someone where her/his pancreas is, you can be arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

A Naturopath telling his client to use garlic and vitamin E to thin his client’s blood can be arrested for practicing medicine without a license in some states. The law is very capricious. Sometimes they get tough, sometimes they sweep it under a rug.

Here in Minnesota we've had some landmark cases (besides, we also told the 9-11 hijackers to get lost; we here in Minnesota weren't about to teach someone to fly straight and level without also teaching him to take off and land—duh!).

The first landmark case was about a farmer selling colostrum, the first milking, to humans. Because he's made the claim that colostrum boosts the immune system (which it does) and told people that boosting the immune system could possibly help fight and prevent cancer (which it does). For this, the medical community took him to court for practicing medicine without a license. The community came to this farmer's side, found him a great attorney, and after a long battle, he won.

The second case was against a naturopath. We really don't know who started this, whether it was Skip Humphrey (the Attorney General) or the Medical Practices Board, because once the community came to the naturopath's aid (thousands and thousands of concerned citizens), the powers that be realized they'd shot themselves in the foot and each party blamed the other for starting this fiasco.

In the end this naturopath won, but the community went on to create and pass the first comprehensive Health Freedom Laws in America. Tomorrow morning, if I want to hang up a shingle and tell the world I'm a Witch Doctor, I can do this as long as I follow a few simple rules.

There is NO CONSPIRACY. The simple fact that alternative cancer therapies are not profitable to the medical community means that they will be attacked, suppressed, derided, and vilified; practitioners employing them will be jailed; and physicians will continue to use fear tactics to force you to pour poison into your bloodstream.

This is Capitalism at its very worst. It is all that is wrong with Capitalism, and all that's wrong with America. Ostensibly we are protecting the poor benighted people of America from quackery, when in reality we are keeping them from the absolute truth: that our medicine in America is not all it’s cracked up to be; we kill way too many, injure many, many more, and suppress therapies that are successful and inexpensive.

Someone wrote to me that there is no conspiracy because the people involved with this so-called conspiracy can get cancer too, so they are really working for a cure for cancer. I had to laugh. This is where that logic breaks down:

First off, young physicians, fresh out of medical school, are still pretty idealistic. They really think they’ve learned everything they need to cure the diseases of the world. They have no idea that there are better cancer therapies available. The older physicians? They’ve seen so many people go through the chemo door and come out in a box that they now know how deadly their medicine is. I tell people to follow your doctor around when s/he gets cancer. They usually leave the country. There are 23 countries curing cancer at rates better than ours. Only 9% of oncologists choose chemotherapy if they get cancer.

And then there’s the story of Graviola. Go read it. It shows how a pharmaceutical company tried to bury a successful (and CHEAP) cancer therapy because they could not figure out a way to make money from it. Are these not the same people who could one day possibly get cancer? Why are they suppressing a medicine that could save their lives?

Why does someone steal a purse (and risk jail)? Instant gratification. Some people are more interested in profits in the here and now rather than the possibility that cancer will strike their family in the future.

There is no conspiracy. It is just sound capitalism to kill the competition. And it is greed, not foresight, compassion, or intelligence that controls business. Business is controlled by the bottom line, profits. This is the definition of business and capitalism.

As one of my readers remarked: where there is money involved, you’ll find corruption. Again, this is why no one working for the International Wellness Directory makes a dime (except in sales; they earn commissions). We walk our talk here.

Another letter asked, "Hey, why don’t people know about all these therapies you list?"

Graviola, Agaricus Mushrooms, Poly-MVA; they’re all curing cancers at rates better than anything conventional medicine has to offer. Why doesn’t your oncologist know about them? Why aren’t more people screaming out for these wonderful therapies?

Whoever told you that this world was logical? That life made sense?

Listen people, we live on the wrong side of the looking glass.

We live in a world where Dolly Parton lost a Dolly Parton look-alike contest. We live in a world where Charles Eastman (who started Kodak) hated having his picture taken; where Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a phone in his office because the ringing drove him crazy. Just luckily, Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.

We all know that the Wright Brothers were the first to fly, but it took the scientific community some two years to admit it. While they were making daily flights, our own government responded to the Wright Brothers' letters with form letters. They refused to believe that humans had actually flown even though movies had been made, photos had been taken and published, and newspapers had run stories.

What kind of world do we live in? It wasn’t until 1935 that the Smithsonian Institute acknowledged that Wilbur and Orville actually were the first human beings to fly.

Old truths die hard. Skeptics delude themselves. And stupidity sells. Welcome to America.

"If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too." W. Somerset Maugham.

This next letter I got, I've gotten before, and have often been asked the same thing while I've visited chat rooms: "Do you live in a bubble?"

This question is related to the statement: "Everything will kill you nowadays."

These are "cop-outs," plain and simple. By taking the stand that life will kill you in the end, these people have shrugged off all responsibility for their health.

Yes, the environment has exceeded the body's ability to defend itself. This is a given. But does it mean we give up? No, if we want to live a healthy, active, fulfilling life, we must take even better care of ourselves. 

Does this mean we have to live in a bubble? No, we cannot live in fear of everything and never take risks. But we can do many things to lessen those risks.

Personally, I have an immune system disorder and I must care for myself. How am I doing? In the past five years I've had only one cold that lasted longer than two days. The only time I've ever been sick was when one of my physicians put me on some drugs. What does this tell you? I have a sinus problem that is not an infection. I'm working as hard as I can to discover its source. But other than that, I’m in pretty darn good health considering my immune disorder.

I do not drink pop. There is no reason to put this stuff into my body. But I do drink coffee and cocoa. I make the cocoa myself. I also drink beer or wine w/ meals. I also drink all the filtered water my body needs.

The other night I barbecued one of my organic chickens over mesquite chips. The resulting chicken was juicy, tasty and carcinogenic. I know that the smoke is a known carcinogen, but do I run from it? No, I eat other things that turn carcinogens into harmless chemicals, like broccoli or green tea. That night, because we were out of broccoli, I took three capsules of Agaricus mushrooms. These prevent cancer at a rate of 99.4% (when the carcinogen used in the studies works at a rate of 100% of the time).

Here is the rule: It's not what you do Saturday Night that counts. It's what you do the rest of the week that counts.

Some people say "avoid red meat." I like Chris Rock's response. "Don’t eat red meat? Don't eat GREEN MEAT!"

I do not avoid red meat. I don't eat it every day either. But the red meat I eat has no growth hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics in it. The meat I eat comes from organic farms.

I live a very normal life, but I eat organic foods, supplement what I cannot get in my food, detox once or twice a year, exercise, meditate, and thank my creator for each new day, because not a single one is a "given."

Now, to tell you the absolute truth as I know it: if you have cancer, you will want to care more for your body than if you are cancer free. If your family has a tendency to get cancer (there are no onco/cancer genes, just genes that "might" show a propensity), then you might want to care more for yourself than if your family did not have this tendency.

However, if you have cancer and you are on Chemotherapy, I do not know if eating crap that feeds your cancer (ice cream, pop, cooked foods) really affects the cancer that is under attack by the chemo. You might be perfectly safe to eat this junk. The chemo attacking the cancer might (and I say MIGHT) counter the foods you eat that feed the cancer. It might be a wash.

People often say "I have to do something fast because this cancer is a fast growing cancer."

For fast growing cancers, we must fast. Stop eating and you stop feeding the cancer. This is KNOWN. It is PROVEN. The body, to feed the cancer must start turning your proteins into sugars in a process called glycogenesis and this takes time. Luckily, 50% of the time you can stop this glycogenesis process using hydrazine sulfate.

Additionally, we know that cooked foods feed cancers and raw foods do not. We know this. It has been proven.

But for you people doing chemotherapy, we do not know how foods affect you; we do not know if the chemo up against the foods that feed the cancer are a wash, whether it would help the chemo or not to eat raw foods because conventional medicine just doesn’t want to know this and will not do a study. I can only say that if I had cancer, I would be eating a diet that fed my body and did not feed the cancer, no matter which additional therapies I was on.

We also know that prayer helps. We know that taking immunostimulants helps to save your hair during chemo and even can help stave off some of the nastier side effects. We know that love works too. Anything to boost your immune system, especially since the chemotherapy is wreaking havoc on your poor immune system, will work on your behalf. Prayer, meditation, hypnosis, supplements, immunostimulants, detoxication, chelation (to pull heavy metals from your body), tai chi, qigong, yoga, you name it. If it is GOOD for you, then do it.

Finally, I got a letter in my mailbox a few weeks ago from a person who is computer illiterate and wants to stay that way. I am going to publish it in our Success Stories. The trouble is, this story should be read by people who never make it this far, by people who will not ever read this newsletter, by people who are willing to die for their beliefs.

The terrorists in this world aren’t the only people who are willing to die for their beliefs. We have them all around us. We meet them online in Cancer Support chat rooms. They are the ones that tell you that they are dying and nothing can be done to stop it. They believe this. They are willing to die to prove it. They are willing to die to prove their doctors are correct. Their doctors are so good, they will die to prove this.

Their doctors told them that there was nothing out there that could help them now. Perhaps their doctors even told them that mushrooms and Poly-MVA (if they’ve even heard of them) are worthless and will not help them.

This is one reason doctors should not be treated as if they were gods. They are sorely misinformed and they are an authority figure to many. When a doctor says a patient is going to die, far too often, the patient does just that. Belief is a powerful thing.

If you are willing to die for your beliefs, I just wish you would also consider living for those who love you. Perhaps you know someone who needs to hear this story. If you do know someone, someone willing to die for his or her beliefs rather than live for the ones who love them, then cut and paste this story and send it to them.

Dear Wellness Directory of Minnesota,

I don’t know who you are or why you do what you do, all I know is my wife loves your web site, and that [unreadable] saved my life.

I was diagnosed with a glioblastoma and took three months of radiation. The tumors shrank just a bit, but I was told at my age, that there was nothing more they could do. I had been to both Sloan Kettering and the Mayo Clinic. Each time there was nothing more they could do.

My wife kept printing out things she found at your web site. For breakfast, there’d be a sheet of papers next to my coffee. I told her there’s nothing they can do. Over and over. Seemed like just a silly waste of time and effort. I would rather just spend the time I had left being alone with her and the grand kids. My will was made out and a coffin paid for and I was all ready to move on. Finally, one day I just got tired of her nagging me to try something or read something specially [sic] since my vision [was] nearly gone and so she started reading to me at nights. I said, enough is enough, how much is that stuff? When she told me it was nearly $4000 I said, sorry, no way, that’s just too much to waste on a dying man. I told her if she wanted to get it she’d better sell her car or something because I wasn’t about to waste our money on it. Well, she sold her car and bought it for me, this Poly-Mva. She also had me on the crapper drinking charcoal and clay and was making me drink mushroom tea morning, noon, and night and bought a juicer too. At first I thought this was one hell of a way to treat a dying man, but then I started feeling better.

To make a long story short, before the poly was half finished, I got my vision back again and was walking round the neighborhood with her and feeling like I was going to live forever. Last week, my oncologist says it’s a miracle: no signs of a tumor.

I don’t know who you people are, but here’s a little something for what you’ve done for me and my wife, because I’m supposed to be dead right now.

Oh, by the way, I went out and bought her a new Cadillac.

Joe & Diane



"First, I was dying to finish high school and start college.
"And then, I was dying to finish college and start working.
"And then, I was dying for my children to grow old enough for school, so I could return to work.
"And then, I was dying to retire.
"And now, I am dying . . . and suddenly I realize I forgot to live."

St John's Wort and Chemotherapy

We who are lucky enough to be on Diane's ([email protected]) mailing list received the warning about St John's Wort and how it diminishes the effects of Chemotherapy. 

I had to laugh because not only do we not recommend the use of chemotherapy here, we've never promoted St John's Wort.

But we do have to make a comment. First off, this is an outright attack on "alternatives." The medical industry (and it is a business) is always willing to bend its rules to attack the alternatives. The classic case that demonstrates this statement was the JAMA edition that printed up a high school student's research project that "proved" that healing touch does not work. To get an article into JAMA you have a host of hoops to jump through: peer review, editorial review, etc. But this story went right into the pages avoiding all the precautionary procedures simply because a high school student "debunked" healing touch. 

The actual truth concerning this high school study is: Healing touch does not work under those conditions. Conclusions are always open to interpretation, and sadly when you have an agenda, we get really bad science. Science goes out the window when they're on the attack. A whole new set of rules applies when debunking. For example, a recent 20/20 feature had Steven Barrett handing the reporter a "zapper" that is "said" to zap parasites in the liver. The reporter said, "I don't feel a thing," and Barrett replied, "Of course. It doesn't do anything." 

Ahhh, if you take an antibiotic, can you "feel" it doing "anything?" This is really bad science, but the only other option is to allow a third party (independent and objective) to thoroughly test the "zapper" which they will not...because they are afraid that it might just work. 

The medical profession is slowly falling apart. More and more people realize that good health is not magical. That good health is based upon some very simple and sound principles: you are what you eat, drink, and think. That we're spending more than any other nation for a quality of health care that is second (third, fourth, etc.) class. Again, the World Health Organization statistics tell the story. Twenty-four other countries are doing it better than we are, and don't forget, they're doing it cheaper.

The St John's Wort article did not tell us about the hundreds of other drugs that affect chemotherapy, many of which chemotherapy patients are also using. They did not mention foods that can affect our chemotherapy. And they certainly did not tell you what chemotherapy can do in the long run. This is one area where medicine has to lie to us: the sin of omission. How many chemotherapy patients out there have rotten teeth? How many have brain damage (brain fog). How many have Scleroderma? secondary cancers? lupus? chronic fatigue? fibromyalgia? 

Those of us born in the fifties were born before the concept of drug interaction came into being, despite the fact that it has existed for well over 100 years.

And St John's Wort is a drug. Herbs are drugs. More than 40% of drugs come from herbs. If you want to beat your depression, quit eating sugar and caffeine and read Nutrition and Depression.   


What is: amyl acetate, amyl butyrate, amyl valerate, anethol, 
anisyl formate, benzyl acetate, benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, 
cinnamyl isobutyrate, cinnamyl valerate, cognac essential oil, 
diacetyl, dipropyl ketone, ethyl acetate, ethyl amylketone, 
ethyl butyrate, ethyl cinnamate, ethyl heptanoate, ethyl heptylate, 
ethyl lactate, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, ethyl nitrate, 
ethyl propionate, ethyl valerate, heliotropin, hydroxphrenyl-2-butanone 
(10% solution in alcohol), α-ionone, isobutyl anthranilate, isobutyl 
butyrate, lemon essential oil, maltol, 4-methylacetophenone, methyl 
anthranilate, methyl benzoate, methyl cinnamate, methyl heptine carbonate, 
methyl naphthyl ketone, methyl salicylate, mint esential oil, neroli 
essential oil, nerolin, neryl isobutyrate, orris butter, phenethyl alcohol, 
rose, rum ether, γ-undecalactone, vanillin, and solvent?

Answer to be found in the next article.


The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines

In our previous newsletter we talked about my favorite epidemics here in the US of A. Well, sorry, but I really left out one. I left out the biggest one of them all. My number one, all time favorite epidemic in this wonderful land of ours: Malnutrition.

Yup, with all this food (we throw out more food than some nations eat) in our country, more than half of us are starving to death. With obesity on the rise, so is malnutrition.

One thing wrong with the word malnutrition is that when we see the word, images of thin, emaciated, children with big eyes, with rib cages like wash boards with bellies puffed up and flies landing on their faces. This is simply a problem of context.

Malnutrition means: a lack of healthy foods in the diet or an excessive intake of unhealthy foods, leading to physical harm. [Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P) 2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.]

So it isn’t lack of food, it’s a lack of healthy food. To take it one step further (as we did in our previous newsletter), the inside of your intestines are still the outside of your body. What you put into your mouth is in no way guaranteed to get "into" your body because we have digestion to deal with.

Mark Twain once wrote: "To eat is human. To digest is divine."

If you are taking antacids, the odds are you are malnourished. We’ve stated this time and again (and now again) 80% to 85% of acid indigestion is caused by too little stomach acid rather than too much. Too little stomach acid causes the partially digested food to sit around and ferment. Fermenting causes gas and bubbling which can reach the esophagus and cause heartburn. Taking an antacid will kill off all the acid in your stomach, stop the pain, and you will have a bowel movement from this food in about three to four days. Normal digestion (healthy digestion) takes 24 hours.

I have this problem and so I take digestive enzymes and additional stomach acid with meals. Sometimes I do get acid indigestion because some foods will cause excessive stomach acid, and it is at this time that I take a B Vitamin Complex and up to 2,000 mgs of calcium. Something my body needs anyway.

I take the B Vitamin Complex because (with all this acid) I’m guaranteed to digest and absorb it, is all. It’s the Calcium that will buffer the stomach acid.

An interesting note: loss of bone (as in osteoporosis) can be caused by a diet too rich in meat or a body just a bit too acidic. (Diets high in animal protein leave the body acidic.) Calcium is a natural buffer. Where is your calcium stored? In your bones. So, if your body is acidic, calcium is "leached" from the bones to adjust your body’s pH and you get bone loss. One secret to maintaining proper pH? A teaspoon of lemon juice daily.

Another solution comes from the people at As we age and have spent years eating cooked food along with poor food combining, our body's ability to produce hydrochloric acid and other digestive enzymes is greatly diminished. A lifesaver in restoring our ability to digest our foods is to make a "vinegar cocktail". Take one teaspoon of raw, unprocessed honey and add to it 8 ounces of warm purified water. To this mixture add 1 to 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar. Drink this 30 minutes before your meals. It is important to swish each mouthful thoroughly so that your saliva is well mixed with the vinegar solution before you swallow. It is best to use only organic vinegar and honey. This simple solution has helped thousands overcome the above-mentioned digestive complaints. It is also important to start your meal with a salad or some other raw food and chew it thoroughly. The enzymes in raw food will be of tremendous help in improving your digestion. Dr. Christopher told his patients to chew their liquids and drink their solids, which simply means that everything we put in our mouths should be chewed thoroughly and mixed with saliva before swallowing. Did you know that there is one and a half-pints of saliva available for digesting each and every meal? Our bodies are truly amazing and God has given us all the tools we need to heal ourselves if we simply take the time to ask for help, listen to the answers, and apply what we learn to how we live our lives.

As to the honey, I recommend Golden Pride/Rawleigh’s Formula #1, which is Honey, Royal Jelly, some of the B vitamins, a little ascorbic acid (the main ingredient in vitamin C), honeybee pollen, and Disodium EDTA. The reason I recommend this is that besides being the best honey available anywhere, the EDTA helps pull toxic heavy metals from your body (leaving them in the toilet).

The 2 key principles behind Natural Medicine are

1. What goes in.

2. What comes out.

The two concepts we must then accept if we are sick is, what goes into our intestines doesn’t necessarily go into our bodies and what goes into our bodies doesn’t necessarily come out.

"Doesn’t everything that goes in come out?" is an often heard question when I speak. No…we breathe in toxins that stay with us. As Dr Gordon will point out in nearly every lecture he gives, "The environment has exceeded the body’s ability to handle it."

Since we’re talking about Malnutrition here, we’re going to focus on…

What Goes In

I am reading the most marvelous book called Fast Food Nation.

It is amazing. It is fact filled. It is not just about food. It is about business, and capitalism, and advertising. It is about values. It is about life. It is about the stuff we put into our bodies with hardly a second thought.

It is also about malnutrition.

There’s a really cute commercial on TV with a brand new dad holding his brand new daughter. The commercial talks about her first words, her first steps, her first … french-fry.

It’s a McDonalds's commercial. The fast food industry wants you to start your children off early on their food because in later years, these will become their "comfort foods." Having a bad day? You deserve a break today! Had a fight with your spouse? Here, eat this. Boss is a butt-head? Try a BIG MAC!

It’s all the children who were initiated early into fast food who as adults eat at their McDonalds, Wendy’s, Carl Junior, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, and all the rest four to five times a week. Are you getting proper nutrition? No. It’s not about nutrition. It’s about making money and keeping you coming back. It's about taste. It's about image. It's not about nutrition.

Now I’m not about to tell you that the fast food industry doesn't consider nutrition at all. They are constantly trying new things (in 1991 McDonalds hired a team of 45 PhDs to help develop carrot sticks, that never quite panned out) like salads and meatless burgers, but the American public truly demands empty calories in their comfort foods: "Hundreds of millions of people buy fast food every day without. . . . [considering] where this food came from, how it was made, [or] what it is doing to the community around them." [p. 10]

Oh, that question above? All those ingredients? What are they?

The Answer:

All those ingredients add up to: Artificial Strawberry Flavor.

By the way, many of those ingredients are natural chemicals that come from natural things. If you pull them from a natural substance they are called natural flavors and if you create them in a lab (same exact chemical) they are called artificial flavors. The line between natural and artificial is quite thin. Is natural better? Well take a look at natural almond flavor: it has a bit of cyanide in it whereas the artificial doesn’t.

Why bring up this here? Well, it is the food additives that keep us coming back. Junk food is all about taste.

Ray Kroc (not the founder, of McDonalds as it was founded by the McDonald brothers, but the entrepreneur who made McDonalds what it is today) was once quoted that the most important additive he ever used was a bit of white sugar in the hamburger buns. Why is this? Simple biology: when a bit of sugar is added to a salty food, the brain gets confused (one of the reasons for the existence of "excitotoxins") and we never get satiated (or full). We're constantly hungry. We order more. We get fat, but never full. Wonderful, eh? Ever wonder why you can't stop eating your favorite cookies? Well, here you have it. 

So, what’s so bad about Fast Food? The worst thing about it is it is highly processed. All the nutrition is gone. No enzymes. No fiber. No vitamins. No minerals. (Well, vitamins and minerals are added, but again, when rats were fed "fortified" foods, they did not live as long as rats that were starved. Go figger.)

Wherever processed (Western) foods have been introduced, we’ve introduced also Heart Disease, Cancer, Type II Diabetes, Brain Disorders, and Tooth Decay.

Additives are a multibillion-dollar industry. The biggest, most important additives are the "flavors."

There’s a series of laboratories off the turnpike in New Jersey that make at least 90% of all the flavors you will find at your fast food hangout (and a few of the top perfumes). These people make the standards and the fast food industry sticks to the standards. A McDonalds french-fry in Los Angeles will taste exactly the same as one in Paris, France. Flavor is what keeps us coming back. Flavor can make or break a product.

Here are just a few facts concerning fast food:

Every month approximately 90% of American children between the ages of 3 and 9 visit a McDonalds.

When McDonalds introduced the Teenie Beanie Baby into its Happy Meal, within 10 days nearly 4 Teenie Beanie Babies were sold for every American child in the above age group, 3 - 9.

Since Nixon’s administration, the fast food industry has worked closely with both Congress and the White House to oppose new worker safety, food safety, and minimum wage laws.

Not one McDonalds in this country is part of a Union.

A typical American eats about three hamburgers and four orders of fries each week.

In the 50’s, three quarters of the money used to buy food was spent to make meals at home; today, half the money spent on food is spent eating out.

In 1970 we spent $6 billion on fast food. In 2000 we spent more than $110 billion.

We now spend more money on fast food than on higher education, personal computers, computer software, and new cars.

We spend more money on fast food than on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music combined.

On any given day, one quarter of our adult population visits a fast food restaurant.

Americans drink pop at a rate of fifty-six gallons per person per year; that’s nearly six hundred 12oz cans per person per year.

The first restaurant opened in Disneyland was a McDonalds. Today, the two companies have come full circle to a merger.

A rhesus monkey will live only two years on a typical American diet.

A New Yorker could eat out every night of his/her life and never eat at the same place twice.

In 1993, District 11 in Colorado Springs became the first public school district to place ads for a fast food restaurant in its hallways and on the sides of its school busses.

Every day Americans eat about 18 acres of pizza.

In 1992, 1 in 4 Americans who ate breakfast outside the home ate at McDonalds.

The upside of all this is if you are less than typical, you’ll live longer. The additives in foods are in such small quantities that taken in moderation, they shouldn’t be that harmful, unless, of course, your immune system isn’t up to par.

Again, we simply want to point out that the key word here is moderation. If you visit a fast food place once a week and live a healthy lifestyle the rest of the week, then you are much better off than someone whose kitchen goes unused.

There is a saying in the Natural Medicine world: The more time you spend in your kitchen, the more time you’ll spend on earth.

Bon Appetite

Editorial Comment

The head of Archer Daniels Midland Corporation (supermarket to the world) said (this was recorded) to his Japanese competitors in a closed meeting: "We have a saying at our company: our competitors are our friends; our customers are our enemies."

We have allowed ADM to grow and become the largest agribusiness in the world because we liked their cheap food. They underballed the supermarkets, put small farmers out of business, and used cheap fertilizer and cheap pesticides and cheap labor to take over the food industry. This is the sort of person we have in charge of our food and who we've put in charge of our farm lands.

Want to do something about it? Buy organic. Organic farmers are "stewards of the earth." Organic farms will be here thousands of years from now. Conventional farming uses up the land, and moves to new ground. With only 6% of the earth farmable and the term "desertization" coming into the English language, let me ask: Where do we go when we've used up all the land? 

And please, do not tell me that science and technology will save us. It is science and technology that has gotten us here in the first place.


Our next newsletter (whenever it comes out) will let you in on another book on nutrition: The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children.

Have you ever wondered why our kids are misbehaving? Why the shootings? You can blame the parents, you can blame the schools, you can blame the government for outlawing God in schools (yes, we've all received these things in our email) but it's much, much simpler. We are what we eat and the food we eat is crap. Commercial baby foods do not supply the brain nutrients kids got in the fifties and sixties. It's very simple. Children raised on mother's milk and whole foods do NOT become problem children. Don't blame: feed them the nourishment their growing bodies and brains need. This is a must read.

Processed Meats Connected to Type II Diabetes

A reader sent me a story from Reuters, 2-26-02, by Keith Mulvihill about how the greater the percent of your diet is processed meats, the greater your chance of Type II Diabetes (in men--the study did not follow women).

We could focus on the actual statistics and how consistent this study is with others, but most importantly, this study (like so many others) illustrates two points we've made at the International Wellness Directory all along; one we've already stated in this newsletter: it's not what you do Saturday night that counts, but rather what you do the rest of the week.

If Sunday morning you pig out on bacon and sausages at a local brunch, but the rest of the week you do Johanna Budwig's recipe twice and have a stir-fry in olive oil, and even fast one day on fresh juices, you'll be doing just fine. However, it's the hot dog on Friday, the bacon on Monday, the sausage on Thursday, the cold cuts for lunch three times, and NO EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids — and they are not called ESSENTIAL because they are optional) then you are increasing your chances of dis-ease.

The other point is, it's not Fat that is bad, but the Type of Fat that is bad and the Proportion of bad fats over good fats. It's not as bad to eat bad fats as it is to NOT eat your Essential Fats.

Have we got that? It’s not that you have these bad fats in your body, but that your ratio of Essential Fatty Acids to Cruddy Fatty Acids is poor. The greater your EFA:CFA ratio, the healthier your body, mind, spirit.

Same with salt. It's not that salt in your blood is wrong—we need it; without salt in our system we die. It's not the amount of salt, but the potassium:sodium ratio. This is why we recommend Celtic Sea Salt. Celtic Sea Salt simply balances your blood and brings it back to something closer to the ocean. There are some startling similarities between healthy blood and the ocean.

I must tell you of a person (anonymous) I met in one of the chat rooms who laughed at the logic above, "Ha, I eat that stuff [processed meats] all the time."

If you need facts, then "Those who ate processed meats two to four times per week had 35% increased risk and those (who ate processed meats) five times or more had almost 50% increased risk of diabetes," according to Dr. Frank B. Hu of Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, who performed the study.

Now, you can play Russian Roulette all night long and never lose. This is possible. You can even flip a coin and get heads 100 times in a row, but the odds for that next coin flip are still 50/50. I prefer to do what doctors do. They play the odds. Doctors are not stupid. They might be misinformed at times, but they are not stupid. They play the odds. Those who do, live longer, healthier, and fuller lives.


If you laid out all the hot dogs eaten by 
Americans between Memorial Day 
and Labor day you’d circle the globe 16 times.

Thanx BRI


The Vocabulary of Wellness: 
Six Simple Words to Keep Chronic Illness in Check
by Madeleine Parish, [email protected]

When I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome seven years ago, questions taunted me like unrelenting harpies: What will I DO? How will I MANAGE? Who will TAKE CARE of me? To try to keep my fears and symptoms at bay, I studied up on my diagnosis, and chronic illness in general, became fluent in the language of dis-ability, medicafl research, insurance claims. I even started to find that, if I met someone new, my illness became my calling card. Not five minutes into a conversation with a perfect stranger, I would hear myself quoting study results, describing, in clinical terms, suspicions about retro-viruses and other prospective pathogens.

I talked about my illness all the time!

Gradually, I noticed the glazed look in the eyes of friends and strangers as I reviewed the latest research findings, or described in minute detail the effects of my recent treatments. Then I saw that I had allowed my illness to become my identity.

Over time, I realized I would manage just fine, even within the framework of chronic illness, provided I took responsibility for my mental, physical and spiritual well-being, and made health and healing my first priorities. In doing so, I needed to change my attitudes, behavior, lifestyle, even my vocabulary.

These six words helped me do just that:


Before chronic illness withered my penchant for independence, I took pride and refuge in self-reliance. Independence protected me—or so I thought—keeping me safe and invulnerable to rejection.

Then, when I couldn’t get out of bed for days, or pain wouldn’t allow me to negotiate stairs, I needed help. I had no choice. With my back against the proverbial wall, I saw self-sufficiency for the prideful defense it was, and that it no longer served me, that I needed to change.

So I dug inside for some courage, dusted off untested humility, and I asked for help (Please!). And when I did, I learned four things.

People’s responses weren’t always what I expected. Some I thought I could count on, I couldn’t. It seemed they didn’t want to be bothered. Others I thought would brush me off, responded with grace and generosity.

As a result of those responses, I began to get a different vision of myself, vulnerable, but still loved, respected, and valued.

Eventually, I found that the family and friends who wouldn’t or couldn’t help no longer bothered me, and I appreciated more deeply those who did.

Thank You

Oh, how I loved it at first! The way people scrunched their faces in sympathy when I said I had a chronic illness! I had what I wanted most, their attention.

It didn’t take me long to learn that, while I had their attention, I didn’t have their interest. Unless, of course, they were chronic rescuers, people given to latching onto someone’s misfortune as their mission, their justification, their hook into unhealthy co-dependency.

Self-pity is a turnoff to healthy people, and it keeps ill people so focused on themselves and fenced in by illness, that they fail to see that outside the fence, life goes on.

What is the best, most effective antidote to self-pity? Gratitude.

A friend with chronic back pain told me recently that she uses gratitude to take her focus off the negative and put it on the positive. For example, if she’s angry or feels sorry for herself that she can’t sit at her desk, she reminds herself gently that she has a desk to sit at. And she reminds herself that, even if she can’t do it right then, she has useful, productive work to do.

Thinking myself grateful doesn’t seem to work when I’m most shaky and self-pity is knocking for permission to enter. I have more success using gratitude as a tool if I take action by writing a list of all the things I’m grateful for. The act of writing, plus the tangible, undeniable list seems to work better and faster than a mental checklist.

The list doesn’t have to be long or complex. It can be as simple as the fact that I can feel the sun’s warmth on my face, or smell the honeysuckle’s perfume drifting over my neighbor’s fence.

If I’ve cultivated an "attitude of gratitude" on days when I feel good physically, when I’ve accomplished something I’ve worked toward, and when I’m surrounded by loving family and friends, I find it easier to come up with a list when I’m in a bad place.


"But you might feel better if you got out!"

"You mean you can’t stay just for dinner?"

One of the difficult lessons I’ve learned through chronic illness is how to set and keep limits on how much I allow other people, even those with good intentions, to interfere with my health.

When I first got sick, I wanted people to like me even more than when I was well, because I was so afraid that my health challenge would ruin my relationships. That it would mean I’d be left alone and miserable for the rest of my life. Trying to prevent that possibility, I accepted invitations and kept commitments even if I didn’t want to, or when I was concerned they’d affect my well-being.

To avoid disappointing a hostess, for example, I said yes to a party, even though parties, in particular, zapped my energy and required two or three days recovery time. Eventually, though, I learned to be more selective, and that I had choices. One, I could say a gentle but firm, "No, I’m sorry, not this time." Two, I could go and leave when I had to, and before I was exhausted. Three, I could attend just part of the party—the cocktail hour, for example, or dinner, or just stop by for dessert.

It was important that I participate as much as I could, because I didn’t want to lose touch with my social network. In time, a few "friends" couldn’t accept my limitations and stopped inviting me. Those who understood my necessary boundaries, stuck with me, good times and bad.


Back in the ’80s I had a boss who talked a lot about "creativity within constraints." When she did, I nodded, doing my best to look wise, or at least intellectually agile enough to know what she was talking about. But I didn’t. Sure, I knew what the words meant, but I couldn’t apply the concept to myself. Creativity? That was easy back then. After all, I was young, healthy, enthusiastic, ambitious. But constraints? What were they?

A few years later, illness taught me a lot about constraints, and how to say YES to the opportunities I found within limitation.

My first few months of chronic illness were spent in such pain that I hadn’t time, energy, or mind enough to consider creativity. Survival was my mode. Pure survival. But gradually my health began to improve. At first an occasional hour or two of feeling better, then back into the pit. Then the better times grew more frequent. Then one day I surprised myself by saying out loud, to an empty room, "I want to do something. What can I do?" The good times grew longer, and the bad times less frequent, and soon I looked out over the possibility of "doing something" for the next fifty or so years that I was likely to be around and found no answer.

One day I was bemoaning my conundrum to a friend. He listened patiently, nodding in all the right places, and when I finished he looked at me as if to ask if I really wanted to hear what he had to say. Sensing a moment of truth on its way, sipped from my cup of tea and braced myself. "For years," he said, "you’ve told me that you want to write. And all I heard was how you were too busy with one thing or another and didn’t have time. Well, now you have the time!"

With a clank, I set down my teacup and stared at him. YES, I thought. He’s right! But after I thought about it, I shook my head. I couldn’t imagine sitting at a desk and typing for hours on end. But I could envision working on a laptop that could travel from table to sofa to bed, writing a paragraph or a page as my muse and body allowed. When my friend left, I picked up the phone, called a local office supply store, and ordered a laptop.

Two days later it arrived. I signed for it, took it from the deliveryman, and carried it inside, holding it like a sacred vessel that held my future. It was!

Some days I couldn’t think. Some days I could think, but not write. But some days I could tap out a few sentences, then paragraphs. Then I wrote an essay. And another. A piece of fiction. And another.

Chronic illness may have imposed new constraints, but I always have the power to learn to live creatively within them.


Desire, the Buddha professed, is the root of all suffering.

No way! I thought when I first heard that. Desire got me promotions, new cars, nicer clothes, a better tennis serve. It’s what keeps me striving, aiming higher, trying harder, running faster…. Oh, now I see. Desire also kept me thinking that what I had wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t good enough, and that the only answer to "not good enough" was MORE.

After I became ill it became apparent to me that, if I wanted to live at all peacefully, I needed to learn the difference between wants and needs. Because if I lived in a state of unmet wants, I would be not only chronically ill, but chronically miserable, too.

The reality is that, even if I am in physical pain, or I don’t otherwise feel or look as I would like, and even if my bank account is dwindling, or my wardrobe isn’t up to snuff, if I stay connected to my spiritual source and to loving family and friends, my basic needs are met.

I don’t want to be sick. But I don’t need to be physically well to be happy. When I hear the MORE MONSTER rearing his head, when I feel his self-effacing steam trying to wilt my sense of self, it’s important for me to say one word, clearly, firmly, confidently: Enough!

Madeleine Parish is the author of A Pilgrim’s Way—Meditations for Healing, available as an e-book at

Choking on food is the seventh leading cause of death in
(swallowing it might just be the first, considering what we all eat!)

Thanx BRI

 Feeding Tubes & Starvation

People ask me where do I find the time to do all this research (since I farm and write and lecture). Well, one of my secrets is this: I listen to audio tapes while I drive.  One of the tapes focused on Dr Lawrence Dorman from Independence MO, who reported on the following.

People being fed through feeding tubes were monitored closely and suddenly it became clear that after a period of time, they were showing signs of malnutrition. Their diets were supplemented, modified, but no changes. Dr Dorman tells us that it took Harvard Researchers to figure out the cause.

So, let's give you a little microbiology class here (don't worry, it's really interesting stuff): When a cell dies (and they do and have to be replaced) the dead cell is sloughed off and is gathered up by the spleen which cleans up the mess, pulls the RNA out of that cell and ships it off to the thymus gland. When we chew, two hormones (this is what the Harvard Researchers found) are released: one to start digestion (this they sort of knew already) and another is triggered to tell the thymus gland to release this RNA so that it can gather up the nutrition needed to go replace those cells that need it. Makes sense, eh?

This is why people on feeding tubes get malnutrition: the hormones to trigger the release of the RNA are not released and the body doesn't know what to do with the nutrition. The solution?

Have the patient chew food and spit it out.

Now, being the investigative journalist I am, I called Dr Dorman with a question: Ok, so why do we take supplements? We don't chew our supplements, we swallow them down. The necessary hormones are not released. 

His answer? Yes, that is true. They are subject to the laws of passive digestion and as you know, supplements are highly condensed nutrients at levels not found in foods; very, very high levels. Well, they sit in our blood and organs till we do chew and release the hormones that trigger the thymus to release the RNA and, there you have them sent to the locations needing them. The problem with the feeding tube patients was that they "never" chewed, hence they never released the necessary hormones to trigger the events needed to use the nutrition.

Meet The People in the
International Wellness Directory

 This certainly IS the best part of this job. We here at the directory are all volunteers. The people in our directory who know this offer us free treatment, and in return, we write them up. This is a win/win situation for everyone: for our listings, for our volunteers, and for you, our readers. 

First I want you to meet some wonderful healers. I ran to Duluth to meet Mary St Michael. Well worth the trip! Then I went to the Twin Cities to meet Vicki Green (I've known her for years; she is a true supporter of our work) only this time it was to experience her talents. We had fun. Vicki is such a sweet, gentle soul. Next I met a friend of Mary's by the name of Nancy Lindgren. Another wonderful and powerful healing! Oh, and later I drove to the far end of the Twin Cities to get a Facial Rejuvenation from Carla Albers

I've also been privileged to get to know Lucy Jackson, who seems to have been part of the wellness community since Jesus worked his first miracles. Everywhere I turned, I met people who knew Lucy, so, I just had to also. She's been kind enough, because of her connections, to volunteer to sell advertising for the Directory. 

Now the next people I'm about to introduce you to are listed under the category, Psychics/Readers. We are consistently asked why we list Psychics and Readers, or what psychics and readers have to do with wellness.

The answer is quite simple: it has to do with Psychoneuroimmunology. Studies abound (because they're quite simple to perform) on this subject of psychoneuroimmunology. You see, every cell in your body has receptors for brain chemicals, even your immune system cells. When the brain produces "bad" chemicals from "stinking thinking," depression, worry, etc, these attach to our immune system cells and suppress it. However, when the brain produces "good" chemicals from joy, and happiness, and love, our immune system cells get these chemicals and it is empowered.

As I said, these studies are easily performed. A tube is put into your mouth and your saliva is captured. You are then shown movies: happy, funny movies like the Marx Brothers, or Candid Camera, or even a movie of Mother Theresa when she was working among the poor and if your immune system is stimulated by what you are viewing, immunoglobulins will be found in your saliva. 

The same thing goes for a good reading, whether it's from an astrologer or a palm reader or a tarot reader or just a plain old new age psychic. For one thing, we are careful about who we list. We try to keep the predators out of the directory, the ones who charge $3.99 a minute and try to rip you off in any number of ways. 

A good reader will always put a positive spin on what comes up. Let's face it, nothing is written in stone. We were all given free will. And since the good readers are so positive, this boosts our immune system. This is why we list them. Anyone believing in this and attending a good reader will have her/his immune system boosted, and every time over the next few weeks to the next few months, when the person thinks back on the reading, again s/he will get a boosted immune system. It all boils down to this; this is why we list psychics and readers and astrologers. 

Now if you think this new age stuff is all poppycock or it goes against your religion, then don't read on. We respect your rights and beliefs. This is the good thing about living in a free country. We are all free to our beliefs, and we here at the directory don't wish to step on anyone's beliefs.'ve been edified and warned.

So now you can meet Linda Beaty (from Duluth) and Rose Schwab from Brooklyn Center. 


More Americans die in January than in any other month. 

Congratulations! You made it! 

Thanx BRI



The Average American eats 20.8 pounds of candy a year.

Thanx BRI

Another Fine Mess

Monsanto, the fine people who brought you the excitotoxin Aspartame (and subsequent brain tumors) is going to court in a little town in Alabama. It seems that for some fifteen years, the fine folks at Monsanto dumped PCBs into the local rivers and lakes. There is no legal allowable limit of PCBs in your body (not yet, but the present administration might try to change this) and they are known carcinogens. Carcinogens? Did I say that? They're just plain poisons. They kill fish on contact. Well, the fine folks at Monsanto are presently going through a little class action law suit that could cost us all (do you really think Monsanto will be paying for this?) billions and billions of dollars.

Monsanto is no longer in the chemical industry. They now make Genetically Engineered Foods; foods that these fine people have assured us are perfectly safe.

If you have trouble believing these folks or the democratic and republican politicians who've supported their efforts for years, you might consider joining the Green Party.


Notes From The Underground

This is a brand new column we will start in this issue and try (I said, TRY) to keep it up as long as we can.

There are times when we "hear" things that we cannot confirm is the absolute truth (whatever the heck that is). Before we publish something, we like to get at least three independent references, or else we will tell you that this is something we cannot confirm. So, the things we will talk about here are things that people in the community pass on to us...and if they eventually do turn out to be "wrong" we will tell you. Until then, we will leave it up to you to believe or dismiss what we report here. Personally, I happen to trust my sources, though I also know two things: There are NO sacred cows (what we believed yesterday can be overturned by further research tomorrow) and my sources are honest people; the key word being people: people make mistakes. With that said, hey, you have to hear these.

There is a European homeopath who specializes in Cancer. This homeopath has developed a series of blood tests from which homeopathic remedies are designed. This homeopath has never lost a patient. MD Anderson has asked this physician to join them. The response was "no." People who cure cancer fear for their lives. They don't like attention. This one likes to work silently while helping cancer patients.

This next bit of info came from two people who have seen a video tape that Greg Braden takes on lecture tours. It is a video of an ultrasound of a solid tumor. The tumor shrinks and disappears in under a minute. No adhesions, no scars, no collateral damage. How is this possible? Over the patients stands three physicians, all of them Qigong Masters. They focus their collective energy on the tumor and it disappears in under a minute. People all over China flock to these physicians. 

Finally, I've discovered that not all of the Rife microscopes were destroyed. Yes, they destroyed his research, but he'd apparently made more than one microscope. One exists in Mexico where it is guarded in a vault. They have not tried to reverse engineer it because they don't feel that they have anyone smart enough to understand how it all works. Rife was a rare genius who violated the laws of physics and created a microscope that could see things smaller than waves of light. He was the first person to see a live virus. Today, we use electron microscopes. They kill the virus. We cannot see a live virus.

The story of Rife is interesting, go read it if you haven't. It might anger you.

Now here is something else that I learned about Rife and his work. Not only was he the first to see a live virus (and many other firsts!) he also saw viruses change into bacteria and bacteria change into fungus. This is called Pleomorphism. It was theorized in the 19th century. Many feel that we've proven (a few times) the existence of pleomorphic microbes, but the medical community will not address them. Only the "Alternative" community addresses them and this keeps the Alternative Community at odds with the Medical Community. Why?

Well, conventional medicine is controlled by the Pharmaceutical interests. There is a drug for every disorder. Doesn't matter the side effects or whether the drug just controls symptoms and never really heals a disorder, we have turned our medicine over to the pharmaceutical interests.

Now a pleomorphic microbe will change due to the "terrain." Our bodies can be acidic or alkaline. Alkaline is better. Diets high in meat cause the body to become acidic. A microbe can change due to the acidity of the body. 

Pharmaceuticals do not affect the terrain. They are aimed at attacking a microbe. This is why pleomorphic microbes are not discussed in Medical school. Pharmacology cannot treat them. Pharmacology cannot treat the terrain. 

Alternative Medical professionals treat the terrain. We know how to keep the body alkaline and how to maintain this. Alternative Medical professionals treat the individual; the body/mind/spirit of the individual. This is the only practical approach to handling pleomorphic microbes.

To meet the person who organizes and chairs the yearly International Symposium on Pleomorphic Microbes In Health And Disease, go visit Dr Jensen's web site

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Can Cayenne Cure Cancer? 

Dr Richard Schulze had a patient with a deadly brain tumor, and only a 5% chance of survival using conventional medicine. He came to Schulze for a consultation and asked if Cayenne Pepper would help. Schulze replied, yes, but you have to do massive doses. So the patient began taking a teaspoon of cayenne in a glass of water ten times a day for a month and a half. Returning to his oncologist, they discovered that the tumor had been totally dissolved. Schulze explains this phenomenon thusly: tumors survive because the healing power of the blood is cut off, allowing tumors only to get the nutrition they need to survive. Cayenne not only increases circulation to heal cancers, but helps prevent DNA damage that can lead to cancer.

If you like hot things (from just a little hot to "hey, my tongue fell off") then you must visit here: Mo Hotter Mo Better.

Weight Loss Study

We are currently performing a weight loss study. There are 20 people and two groups. One is the experimental group and the other is a control group. However, we've just lost two people and we need two more. We need two women, shoe sizes 7 or 8. That means one must have one size and the other must have the other.

You must also agree to: stay on AOL till the duration of the study, not to discuss this with anyone online, send me your initial weight, and weigh yourself at approximately the same time every five days (usually before going to bed) and get that to me. The study will last 90 days. 

The first two people who fit those sizes who can agree to the above will be in the study. 

Sorry, this is limited to people on AOL. Write me.

Call for Volunteers
Want to help?

Again, we're reaching out to our readers asking for a little help. Asking for help works. We asked for web space, and RoadkillRob came forward with 50MB. We've asked for proofreaders, and poof, got them. 

We need more proofreaders. Our proofreaders proof for clarity, spelling, logic, cohesiveness, and the usual. We need to take some of the burden off of our proofreaders, and we also need backup (Two heads are better than one!)

We need artists. Do you like to draw? Do you own a scanner? Let's see your stuff. A little artwork will brighten up these pages. You will keep the copyright of your artwork and we can link the drawings to your site if you want or to your email address. You tell us.

We need a cartoonist. By cartoonist, we need someone who can establish a style, characterization, and maintain that. 

We need contacts in the music industry. We're about to make some videos (this summer/fall after the book comes out) and we need music or the rights to use music. Since we are a non profit and don't sell our work, attaining rights is usually pretty easy; though just a lot of paperwork. But we do need some contacts in the music industry also for future projects: fundraising for cancer support, etc. Do you know someone way up in the industry? Paul McCartney? Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson's monkey? Tina Turner? Willie Nelson? The Beach Boys? (Someone stop me or I'll start dating myself!) 

And we need writers. Do you want to see your work published? This is the place. You've read our newsletter and articles at our site. You know what we're looking for. How long? As long as it takes to tell the story.

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