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Blessings Everyone,


People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

These past weeks have been difficult for everyone. Many of you noticed that there was no September newsletter. With the attack on New York and the Nimda Worm hitting our site on the web, I took time off from normal activities.

Even with the time off, I, like many of you, am emotionally exhausted. I could spend this entire newsletter on the health of our nation, but we've all read and watched and heard so much; that might be an overload. I did create a page of a variety of things I've found on the web (that many of you have yet to see, I'm sure) as well as a few Flash/Shockwave tributes that are heart-felt and beautiful (if you don't have Flash or Shockwave installed in your browsers, go to
to get them) . I've put them all on this page: 9-11-2001; and added a little personal piece at the end.

Our site is back up, we've got lots of good information, and again, we'll start with . . .

In this Newsletter:

1. Online Friends Update

2. Letters (bout the Big Lie)

3. Holism - The Body/Mind Connection

4. Holism - The Spiritual Connection

5. Update - Dr Sam Chachoua and Induced Remission Therapy (not a good situation)

6. Depression and Nutrition

7. Guiltless Salt

8. Update on the Agaricus Mushrooms

9. Say Hi to Dr Dan Harper

10. Celebrate Fall (Healthy Jelly - Potassium Broth - Pictorial: Fall Colors)

Before I get started, is there anyone out there who is great at making macros for Word? Apparently, they've changed the syntax on me, and my old macros that created the Wellness Directory don't work anymore. PLEASE. We need a volunteer to help us create a pretty hefty macro for Word.

Online Friends Update

Yup, we've received a few new pix of friends in AOL's Cancer Support Chat Room. Michelle (Luvmykitn4you) sent us a new pic and we finally got a picture of Michael and Kati (and Kati's little brat, Jen). Stop by and say Hi. Remember to say a little prayer or think a good thought for those with the Heart below their pic (would you like to see an animated, beating heart there? It will make the pages load just a tad slower. Write me: [email protected]). Lots of new faces. Lots of new prayers. Stop by: Online Friends Page 18

You don't have to be on AOL to send us pictures or request prayers
(Prayer List)
. Just send them to me with a short blurb and tell me whether to print your email address or not. And if anyone wants to start a Cancer Support Chat Room at MSN, go do it and send me the link and I'll forward it on to all my readers.

And for you people who go to sites to see changes, but don't, well, we have some
Browser Tips
for you. Learn how to see the newest page each time you visit the site!

Between three and four million cases of
cancer worldwide
-- 375,000 in the United States alone --
could be prevented annually through dietary change.

SOURCE:American Institute for Cancer Research
and the World Cancer Research Fund



I'm still receiving letters about the miracles of Willard Water. If you don't have it yet, here is a link to the Willard Water site:

Two people have already sent their praises of the
Wonder Gel
sold there. They said that sore muscles and joint pains were gone a few minutes after rubbing it on. And the praises of how fast water is absorbed are still coming in. One from a little league umpire who "umped" the finals all weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, and sang us the praises of Willard Water. He says next year he'll try the Crystal Energy.

We also received a letter from an oncology nurse telling us that our Big Lie series upset her. She said that people battling cancer don't need to worry about whether drug companies are killing them (and suppressing successful therapies) or hear about the politics of the cancer industry; she said they need hope and compassion.

I once believed this too. But since that time I've lost way too many friends online and I'm angry. It's about time we all get angry. We are locked into a medical system controlled by the FDA and Pharmaceutical interests. The pharmaceutical industry makes money only if we are sick. The FDA is a criminal organization. Plain and simple.

Were all Americans who have been touched by cancer to form a Political Action Committee, it would be one of the most powerful PACs in the land. They could force the FDA to be overseen by a committee of citizens. They could force universities to test non-toxic substances. They could pressure hospitals and physicians to try less toxic and nutritional therapies first before they cut, burn and poison.

But will we? I remember an old document that started out: "We The People... ." Together we are powerful, but one patient, alone, with cancer, is a puppet to the system.

Here's another letter we received, and perhaps we should change the heading here to:

The Big Lie

I love your newsletter. Here's a big lie. Health Care Practitioners who are so called experts in the field of autism spectrum disorders want their patients to get better. Our 12-year-old has been on the NIDS [Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome] protocol for a year and a half and is doing very well. No, she is not age appropriate yet but she is much closer and makes daily progress. Her speech is age appropriate expressively but receptively she is still a few years behind BUT she asks me for word definitions now when she does not understand something so that is progress! Since all of the children on the NIDS protocol get better (although not all will become normal) you would think that it would be very well received ... not so. There are just too many people who don't want change and that includes many parents! We are making progress but at a snails pace! You are doing a great job! Kathy

(If you are interested in Autism or childhood behavioral disorders, here is a link to a wonderful site that Kathy sent to me concerning this protocol:
And while we're on the subject, you must read this article: "New Research Indicts Ritalin.")

Yes, a good point: Do healthcare experts want you to improve? ONLY IF YOU DO IT THEIR WAY. In this newsletter is an article I've been writing for three years: "Depression and Nutrition
." It has taken your author well over three years of research and testing to get off his drugs and break loose from the chains of clinical depression. You'd think that my caregivers at the VA hospital would be supportive. Nope. The first response I got from my psychologist was, "Well you come back in six months and we'll see."

Don't expect support from your oncologist if you want to try alternatives. I've even spoken to a friend who wanted to try MGN-3 for his Hepatitis C. His physician (at the VA hospital) said that if he used the MGN-3, he'd refuse to treat him. Now, how often do you have to remind your physician of his Hippocratic Oath?

Can you name the largest selling
(category or type)
of over-the-counter drugs in America?
(Answer at the end.)

Holism - The Body/Mind Connection

In our continuing series on Holism, I thought it was about time to introduce you to two interesting aspects of the Body/Mind connection. The first is "scientific."

There is a test you can take in which you give yourself a certain number of points for each "life situation" that you are presently going through (or have recently gone through). A death in the family? 50 points. Recently arrested? 40 points. This is how it goes and at the end you add up your points and if you are over a specific number, you have a greater than 50% chance of getting sick.

Scientists call this new science: Psychoneuroimmunology

The other connection goes a bit deeper. It is considered by some to be "New Age." Dr Bernie Siegel employs this with his patients, and he is not considered "New Age." The problem with this
theory is that most people reject it right from the start. For some reason this whole wonderful modality of healing always boils down to, "Are you telling me I asked to have cancer? That I'm causing my own cancer?"

Sadly, this is NOT even close to what Louise Hay and Bernie Siegel are trying to do with their clients, patients, and friends. They are trying to save your life,
EVEN when confronted with a TERMINAL illness. It's not about blame, it's about taking responsibility; about going inside to do some house cleaning; it's about deep, deep, deep healing: Body/Mind Connection.


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Speaking of a Few Cents

I want to thank Susan Kubany & Bob Heinmiller for their contribution of $150 to keep our site up and running. We've found a site provider for $15 bucks/month, so that works out to ten months.

And I want to thank
Marc Arciero (father of Goaliecup) for his contribution of $1000.00. Just as I'm plowing through the back room to find space for our new $15,000 printer (to produce the next edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota
) Marc came through with this donation. It will certainly buy lots of paper and help to save countless lives. Thanx Gang! You're beautiful people!

Men who donate blood have a 30% reduced risk of
heart disease compared to those who do not.
The difference is attributed to reduced levels
of iron following blood donation.

SOURCE: David Meyers, M.D., University of Kansas,
in the journal Heart Research and
the World Cancer Research Fund

Holism - The Spiritual Connection

I try to avoid (at all costs) discussing religion. My proofreaders tell me I have. This link is for you people interested in reading about the Spiritual Connection to Healing
(remember, the mind is like a parachute; it works best open).

Why does Bin Laden place his best troops in the front lines?
Because a mine is a terrible thing to waste.

Update - Induced Remission Therapy

Some of you will remember the story on Dr Sam Chachoua and his Induced Remission Therapy. If not, here is the article; at the end is the update: The Truth Will Set You Free.

The update is this: The judge reversed himself and instead of awarding Dr Chachoua (Cha-CHOO-wa) 10 million dollars, he gave him back his original investment of 11K. Dr Chachoua is now bankrupt. His organization came to
us for help. Apparently they liked our article on him.

Dr Chachoua wants to save lives. He wants his therapies given a clean, honest study. Sadly, he's refused to even attempt to do a study on cancer because THE CANCER INDUSTRY IS JUST TOO POWERFUL. He's tired of fighting. This is so sad. He has a cure that has been documented by the people who tried to steal it from him. Think of the lives being lost because Dr Sam has no connections to the Pharmaceutical Industry and hasn't got the backing to do a simple study.

He is looking for a site to do a study on heart disease or AIDS. Sadly, most places studying AIDS get government funding and even though Dr Chachoua has proven in a court of law that he can reverse AIDS, no one will talk to him. It seems we really don't want to cure AIDS just yet. There are far too many "undesirables" who are candidates for death by AIDS.

If we don't help Dr Chachoua get a study started, and started fast, we will either lose him to Asia or Africa where AIDS is rampant now, or he will grow old and take his cures for cancer, heart disease, and AIDS to the grave with him.

If any of my readers out there can help Dr Chachoua get a study going in this country, please contact us as soon as possible: [email protected]

Depression and Nutrition

We don’t get infections because we don't have enough antibiotics running through our bodies. We don't get cancer because we don't have enough chemotherapy dripping into our veins. And we don't catch a cold because we didn't drink our NyQuil®.

Throughout history we've discovered groups of people (in foreign lands) who have never suffered from cancer or heart disease . . . until we introduced them to our food and farming practices.

There is a nutritional factor to every disorder you can name and here is just one more: Depression And Nutrition

The Big Lie

Health Care.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love this one. Cracks me up.

I'm sorry. Yes, we talked about this in our last issue, but I'm still laughing so hard I can't breathe.



Guiltless Salt

Everywhere you go you are told to watch your sodium intake. Well, that stuff on your table, that pure, white, dry, crystal sodium-chloride is pure poison. Toss it out.

This month's Wellness Tip
is all about a natural salt that is so good for you (even heart patients) that you can put it on everything: Celtic Sea Salt

Update on Agaricus Mushrooms

We recently introduced you to the Agaricus mushroom. This is an amazing, and relatively cheap, immune system booster. Its effects are greater than MGN-3, which impresses me because MGN-3 is so much more expensive than this mushroom. With a little competition perhaps the price of MGN-3 will start to drop.

When this little guy was discovered in the rain forests of Brazil, 80% the natives who ate it lived well into their hundreds and they had never heard of heart disease or cancer.

Well, I found you a distributor. . . as I'm writing this, I get a phone call from the company in Brazil. They too like what we're doing at out web site and they want everyone to know that they are looking for more distributors here in America. If you want to get it really cheap…and make some money selling this great product and help people to heal, go to:

I have a distributor who can furnish you with these mushrooms in all their forms: tea, extracts, extracts with Pau D'arco and Cats Claw, teas, you name it, AND the dried mushroom itself which is a culinary delight. You like stir-fries? Add this mushroom!

Here is my distributor: [email protected] or call Jana at 928-282-9362

I have my mother on them, my neighbor on them (for pneumonia) and I'm taking them as a preventative (and in my stir-fries).

The Big Lie
We need conventional (scientific) farming to feed the ever-growing population of the world.

The food industry is right up there with the pharmaceutical industry, cancer industry, and oil industry where power and money is concerned. They'd love for you to believe this one. The truth is the exact opposite. Today, the only way a small farm can compete with the big agribusiness farms is by using organic farming methods.

Additionally, organic farming methods are "sustainable" farming practices. Conventional farming destroys the land. This we know, but no one wants to admit it. In California, my 1990 figures were this: 190 acres turns to desert every day. I'm sure this hasn't slowed much since then. The history of agriculture has been (for centuries) use up the land and then move on. (At some point, we'll have to ask ourselves, where
do we go from here? Mars?)

Here, from our first edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota
is an article entitled "The Cost of Inorganic Farming." The dates and figures are old . . . not that I don't have time to research the latest numbers, but we all know that they've gotten bigger and I just don't want to get worked up. OK?

Figures are gathered from the CRC Handbook of Pest Management in Agriculture, Vol.1, 2nd Edition, 1991 from an article entitled "Environmental and Economic Impacts of Reducing U.S. Agricultural Pesticide Use."

Increase in pesticide use since 1942................3000%
Increase in pesticide strength since 1942...........1000%
Loss of crops due to pests in 1942..................31.4%
Loss of crops due to pests (1991).....................37%

The study goes on to estimate the total environmental and social costs per year due to the use of pesticides:

Human pesticide poisonings..............................$250,000,000
Animal pesticide poisonings
(and contaminated livestock products)....................$15,000,000
Reduced natural enemies.................................$150,000,000
Honey Bee poisonings and reduced pollination............$150,000,000
Losses of crops and trees................................$75,000,000
Fishery and wildlife losses..............................$15,000,000
Government Pesticide pollution regulations..............$150,000,000
Total Cost..............................................$955,000,000

Who pays for this? NOT THE FOOD INDUSTRY. You do.

The moral of the story is: when you battle nature, you lose. It is best (as organic farms have shown) to work with nature and use it to your advantage. Organic farms have, on the average, fewer losses to pests than conventional farms.

Buy Organic. You get what you pay for. And the land will be around tomorrow to grow more food.

Say Hi to Dr Dan

I recently got a phone call from Dr Dan Harper. He liked our website so much, he felt he had to call. He said we have the best site on the web. This must mean that he practices our kind of medicine. Yup, he does. So now he's listed in the Wellness Directory of Minnesota, and if you have a chronic degenerative disease and not a lot of money, take a trip out to Montana (cheap hotels there) and meet with Dr Dan Harper:

Hamilton Clinic
302 S Delaware St
Conrad, Mt 59425
(406) 271-4189

Dr Dan has moved.

Celebrate Fall

Chinese medicine tells us that the earth gives us what we need when we need it. This is harvest time, so let's take advantage of it.

First off, here is a jelly recipe that will help you to reverse cardiovascular illness and scrape some of that plaque off your arteries every day you use it.

You've heard about the
French Paradox: their diets are high in fats and yet they have a very low incidence of heart disease. The secret is their wine. But you DON’T have to drink wine to get the benefits of the grape.

The secret is resveratrol
and other bioflavanoids found in the skin of the purple grape. An even better grape is the Concord Grape, and if you've been paying attention in our previous newsletters, the wild counterpart to any domesticated fruit is even more potent and a much better medicine (let your food be your medicine).

Here in Minnesota we have a wonderful Wild Concord Grape
. It's small, tart, and potent. Go pick yourself a bunch, then pull off the stems and make the following.

Wild Concord Grape Jelly (and Grape Juice and more...)

You'll need at least (approximately) 3 1/2 pounds of Wild Concord Grapes. Most recipes tell you to add only a half cup of water to the grapes. These are potent. We used about two cups of water for that amount. Bring to a boil and then simmer covered for ten minutes. I like to smash up the fruit even more after that. Then put all this into your jelly bag or cheese cloth and let drip until it stops. Next, you will want to let it sit overnight in the refrigerator (dunno why, but was told it's best) and most recipes will then tell you to filter again in the morning before making jelly. DO NOT STRAIN OR FILTER. We're not trying to make pretty jelly; we're making healthy jelly.

Settled at the bottom will be most of the "stuff" you would want to strain, but we're saving that for later. So, let's make some jelly.

Scoop 4 cups of juice into your pot. Mix up your calcium water and blend in the pectin with the sugar. We do not want to use plain white sugar (ever). We are using Sucanat™. Most grape jelly recipes call for 1/2 to 2 Cups of sugar. We used 3 cups of Sucanat™. You can taste while cooking, so go ahead and add more Sucanat™ if you have to. These grapes are strong. (
Update: we've made the recipe again, using one cup of honey. It turned out perfect. You can mix the pectin up in the honey just like you did in the sugar. It is now an alkalizing recipe.)

Put 4 teaspoons of calcium water into the juice and then blend 4 teaspoons of Pectin powder into the Sucanat™. Then start cooking and add the pectin/Sucanat™ combo. It's done when you drip a few drops onto the stove and you can blow on it and see it jelling (usually sticks to the stove).

Now, you have this wonderful juice left over that is very thick and very dark blue/purple. Add some water to get a nice consistency and add some maple syrup to flavor. You now have the best darn grape juice in the world.

Studies showed that drinking grape juice daily started to reverse atherosclerotic plaque in just three weeks. This stuff is better than any grape juice you will ever buy.

Now, you also have all those seeds and skins left over in your jelly bag. Toss that into the blender and blend it up at the highest speed. Then freeze it all up in little plastic bags of about a half a cup each. Over the winter, when you have your breakfast yogurt, put a teaspoon (or so) into your yogurt. It's crunchy, and it contains those wonderful bioflavanoids, vitamin C, and something else.

You've heard of pycnogenol? Comes from, one place, grape seeds? Powerful antioxidant?

Let your food be your medicine. The seeds should last all winter and even on into the summer if you've made enough. Best antioxident protection you will ever find!

And the Jelly is guilt-free. Use it daily to keep your arteries soft and subtle and free of plaque, and know also that the bioflavanoids are also preventing cancer cells from taking off.

Next, because of the harvest, this is the perfect time to get your pH back to normal and flush away unwanted salts and acids, not to mention giving yourself a good concentration of vitamins and minerals (if all ingredients are organically grown).

Potassium Broth

Fill a large pot with 25% potato peelings, 25% carrot peelings and whole chopped beets (half-and-half), 25% chopped onions and garlic (more onions than garlic), 25% celery and dark greens. Add hot peppers to taste (or cayenne pepper). Add enough distilled/purified water to cover vegetables and simmer at a very low temperature for a minimum of 2 hours. Strain and drink only the broth. The veggies "could" be eaten, or composted (I feed them to my chickens). You should make enough for two days, refrigerating the leftover broth. Do not store for more than two days. Drink up!

Fall Art

And finally, the fall brings us glorious colors here in the Midwest. Here is a link to Fall Art

We've added some Nature Shots
to our web site, and there are now three pages of Fruits of the Earth (Page 2, Page 3) with some great pix. Then, because Fall is such a colorful season, I created a pictorial called Celebrations of Color after running into a cone flower that was just amazingly pink and while out picking tomatoes and…well, take a look.

Some will wonder what all this has to do with Wellness? In the scheme of things, these little things are the reason we exist. The reason we go on living.

"Believe that life is worth living, and your belief
will help create the fact."

William James


The largest selling category of OTC drug in America are Antacids. This is even more of an astounding fact when you realize that up to 85% of all those suffering from "Acid Indigestion" or "Heart Burn" suffer because of too little stomach acid and not too much.

How is this?

As we age, we produce less stomach acid and fewer enzymes. Without these agents to assist our digestion, food ferments and bubbles in the stomach. Even that small amount of acid, when hitting the esophagus, is painful. Taking an antacid neutralizes all the remaining stomach acid and cuts the pain. However, it takes even longer to digest our food, it never really gets fully digested, and we don't get the nutrition our bodies need.

Over half of America has two to three bowel movements a week. The digestive process in a healthy human being takes 24 hours. Do the math.


* * *


Well, that's it for this edition of the Wellness Update. The pain of this past month will eventually go away, but the memory will live forever. God bless you all and bless this nation. We truly need a loving and merciful higher power at this time.


My thanx to Janet and LeAnn for proofing my ramblings.