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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

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Lots to tell in this newsletter: More faces in Online Friends and, sadly, some we have to say goodbye to; Bill Moyers speaks out about a special form of patriotism (found only in Washington); and more on the Big Lie (weíre giving it to both sides this time). Lots and lots and lots. I received only one letter since our last newsletter. Someone asked me if I was a feminist (because instead of writing "they" I write s/he meaning she/he).

Funny, but just recently a local politician was quoted as saying, "Iím not a feminist, butÖ."

Words sure take a beating, donít they? Iíll bet this local (female) politician doesnít even know the meaning of the word "feminism." If you look it up in a dictionary, you will see that a feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for women (unless the definition was written by someone who wants you to believe differently). That is all. Now, for those of you who have another connotation for the word, I assure you that your connotation was not gotten from a dictionary. Maybe you got your definition from someone like Pat Robertson, who, at the 1992 GOP convention, said: "Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians."

Iím not sure where this guy got his definition of feminism or where our local politician got hers. Sheís certainly not up on her history, especially since without the feminist movement sheíd never be running for office today. As a biblical scholar, I could point out to you passages where Jesus believed in the equal rights and equal treatment of women, making HIM a feminist. In fact, it was the only time in all the Gospels where Jesus broke a law, a Jewish law. He broke the law to inform a woman that in the eyes of her creator, she was equal to a man. Interesting story, but you would have to know Jewish law to catch it.

Personally, Iím a feminist for one good reason. I believe in equal pay and equal rights for all women for one pretty darn good reason: My mother was a woman.

In this Newsletter:

1. Online Friends

2. Selenium - Prevents and Fights Cancer (not to mention heart disease and stroke)

3. The Health of Our Planet Ė Say Goodbye/Hello to Patriotism

4. The Big Lie ó Western Medicine is the Best Medicine in the World

5. The Big Lie ó Alternative Medicine: Natural Means Safe (and more)

6. Update - Dr Sam Chachoua

7. Say Hi to Dr Kristine Westrom

8. Interviews: Holy Gray of Magic Motion Equine Massage

9. Aspartame Class Action Lawsuit

10. Anthrax & Cipro

11. Beyond Medicine ó Secrets of a Zen Master

Online Friends

We've started a new page, Page 19 of Online Friends, and we've just run out of space. So, we need someone else to donate us their AOL web space. This is very easily done.

You create a new screen name and password, then send me the name and the password. Also, tell me when the best time to work on the site is, since when you are on your screen name I cannot get on, and when I am on with your new screen name, you can't get on.

Someone sent me a link to another cancer support chat room online: Please tell me if it works and what's there.

Someone else sent me a link to a wonderful poem all aboutówell, go read it. It's about this war we're fighting.



Selenium recently came to my attention while conducting research for our next hard copy edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesotaô. In between the hundreds of phone calls to people thinking Iím trying to rip them off by listing (and promoting) their business in our directory (for free), I came across an interesting term: Southwestern Stroke Belt.

Did you know there was such a thing? Apparently, the people in the Southwest of this country suffer from more strokes than the rest of the country. It seems that the states with the lowest levels of selenium in their soils have the highest rate of stroke.

Selenium also works with glutathione in arming our immune systems. Diets poor in selenium are asking for trouble and with the cold and flu season upon us, if your diet lacks selenium you can expect to be hit with a bug. Another benefit of selenium is that it helps to detox toxic metals (aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic). As already written here at our site, internal organs, toxic with these metals, seem to attract and allow viruses and bacteria to live and thrive.

As for cancer prevention, well you might have heard about selenium, but the odds are you will hear more about chemotherapy and radiation and surgery, since these are the money making solutions to cancer. But for those of you who would rather avoid these toys of the local hospitals, hereís some info thatís been around for a while.

In December 1975, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a landmark, double blind, placebo controlled study performed on over 1,300 patients. People treated with 200mcg of seleno-methionine (the organic version) had a 37% reduction in overall cancer incidence with a 50% reduction in cancer mortality. In this same study, prostate cancer incidence was reduced by 63%. A follow-up study produced a 66% reduction in the incidence of metastatic prostate cancer.

Now you might find a bit of selenium in your one-a-day multivitamin, but it is usually either not enough or the wrong kind. Over 200mcg (note: these are micro-grams) of the non-organic type can be dangerous. Between 200mcg and 500mcg of the organic type can be safe, for most people, with a higher dosage being dangerous.

So learn to read labels, or better still, get selenium from your diet. Remember, organic foods are higher in nutrients than factory farmed foods (no matter what your government wants you to believe: always keep in mind that your life takes a back seat to the GNP).

Foods high in selenium are whole grains (white bread is deadly; "wheat" bread is no better because its simply white bread with food coloring), garlic, onions, fish and shellfish, red meat, organ meats, chicken, eggs, red grapes, and broccoli. Because selenium works in synergy with vitamin E, you can expect to find it in the right proportions in those foods high in vitamin E. Personally, I prefer organic, free-range eggs for my selenium since this sort of egg is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, B12, zinc, and amino acids.

Quotation of the Month:
"Whether due to ignorance or laziness, exposing the body to stress will
produce a diseased state of the body. Stress is the only means of tearing
down health resulting in disease, our bodies paying the price for violating
the laws of nature (our wrong doings). We do not Ďcatchí a disease or illness;
we earn it. We must Ďworkí for disease."
(Source: Online Health & Nutrition Newsletter Vol. 5 Issue 11b"Spirit of Health")

Bill Moyers
on the Health of Our Planet

Most of us felt a surge of patriotism when New York was attacked by terrorists. We all felt we must stand together to fight this blight upon humanity. We were no longer Republicans or Democrats, blacks or whites, men or women; we were all Americans.

Well, this would have been true in an ideal America, but in the real America, in the name of Patriotism certain factors in our society forged ahead to complete the rape of our planet.

While Greenpeace cancelled its 30th anniversary celebration, and the Sierra Club, the Environmental Working Group, and other environmental organizations ceased all activities for a period of mourning, the opposition surreptitiously went to work banging ahead their agenda of destruction in the name of profits. Even our president, while asking everyone to stand behind him in this struggle, backed down from going after soft money in the off shore banks; money that finances international terrorism.

Health and wellness begins in the individual, extends to the community, and then to the planet. It also works backwards. When the water of this planet is no longer potable, when the air is no longer fit to breathe, the cockroaches (they survived when the dinosaurs didnít) will once again prevail.

For the full story, Iíve reprinted a speech by Bill Moyers at our site for you. Here is the link: Keynote Address by Bill Moyers.

The Big Lie

Western Medicine is the Best in the World.

We do have the best diagnostics in the world, without a doubt. Our trauma medicine is second to none. If I get hit by a beer truck, please do not take me to an herbalist. Take me to a trauma center. On the surgical forefront, weíre developing some amazing new technologies that will change the face of medicine throughout the world.

However, overall, our medicine still gets a "C-" on its report card, and guess who wrote the report card.

The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Yup, just this past summer, JAMA came out and admitted that American Medicine kills 250 thousand people a year. They also admitted that this figure is only an estimate and that it is a LOW estimate. They want the reader to consider that these are only the death figures, and that they do not take into account patients suffering from adverse side effects of modern medicine ranging from disability to discomfort.

As amazing as it seems for JAMA to admit this, if you go to their site, you wonít find the article any more. It seems it was getting too many hits. Letís face it, something like this should certainly make the headlines, but it didnít.

Every two weeks, more people are killed by medicine than died on September 11th. Where is the outrage? Where is CNN? Where are flag wavers calling for carpet bombing of medical schools?

Ironically, we pay for this abuse. And even more interesting, itís subsidized by the government. Letís look at some of "their" figures as to the cause of medically induced death:

12,000 - unnecessary surgery
7,000 - medication errors in hospital
20,000 - other errors in hospitals
80,000 - nosocomial (picked up in the hospital) infections
106,000 - adverse effects of medications

Now donít go adding up these figures cuz youíll find 25 thousand missing. Iím afraid to ask how they died.

Iíve often sent you to the World Health Organizationís web site, but here are some of the figures from there (our ranking among other nations):

When you consider how many lives are lost through conventional medicine, the really amazing thing is how often Alternative medicine is attacked for being dangerous. Doctors everywhere are using scare tactics to keep their patients from using alternatives. Is it your life they worry about? If it was your life, then theyíd warn you against conventional medicine. Iím pretty sure itís your business they worry about. They certainly don't want to lose your business.

Here is a great article for you to read that was sent to us. Itís about the changing face of medicine:

Your Turn!

Someone recently suggested the big lie: "America: Land of the free," and began rattling off a list of things Americans are not free to do, have, consume, or pursue. So, if you can think of a freedom we Americans are lacking, send it to either David or [email protected] and we'll list them in our next newsletter.  

"There are 800 million hungry people in the world; 34,000 children
starve to death every day. There are those who consider this a
tragedy, and then there are the biotech companies and their countless
PR firms, who seem to consider it a flawless hook for product
branding. It is an insult of the highest and most grotesque order to
turn those who live from day to day into the centerpiece of an
elaborate lie [i.e. that biotech crops will feed the world]. The
companies who make [GE foods], and the flacks who hawk their
falsehoods, offer us a new definition of depravity, a new standard to
plunge for in our race to care least, want more, and divest ourselves
of all shame." Michael Manville, Welcome to the Spin Machine.


The Big Lie
Alternative Medicine

Some readers are tired of my bashing conventional medicine. I often wonder how telling the truth and backing it up with facts and figures can be called "bashing."

Well, letís take a look at this side of the coin for a while, not out of fairness, but simply because the alternative community must either police itself, or some grandiose government organization will be built (designed by the AMA and FDA) to do the policing.

Natural means Safe.

Wrong. Uranium is natural. Arsenic is natural. A phytochemical is still a chemical. Yes, for the most part, herbs and vitamins and acupuncture are all safe. But that is for the most part.

Here are a few examples:

St Johnís Wort: This is a drug. If you are taking it, there can be some very dangerous interactions with other drugs.

Selenium: too much is toxic.

Magnesium: great for the heart, for thinning the blood and reducing clots. Taking too much will cause your body to "dump" its supply of essential minerals.

Ephedra: a great weight-loss tool and naturopathic therapy for lung disorders such as asthma, however, if abused it can cause death. (I still do not want the FDA to regulate its use. Too many people are dying from regulated drugs today too.)

Always tell your physician what you are taking to avoid complications. If your physician tells you to stop taking everything, then find a new physician, one schooled in alternatives, or at least one who knows something about what you are taking. For every trip I take to see an allopathic physician, I attend an alternative physician.

A Medical Doctor is your best source for alternative medicine.

I hate to say this, since many of my friends are medical doctors, but all medical doctors learn conventional medicine first (for the most part) and then they have to pick up their knowledge of nutrition, herbs, acupuncture and the rest ON THEIR OWN. There are many fine alternative physicians with MDs and without. Each person should be judged on her/his own merit. Just as there are quacks in the Medical Profession, there are quacks in the Alt Med profession as well, and some of these wear the title MD. 

Andrew Weil, MD put his name on some worthless herbal formulas. Has he removed his name yet? 

Hereís an article about a very famous and respected physician who now makes his diagnoses over the phone on his radio program: [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

Any doctor diagnosing over the telephone is a quack just looking for a malpractice lawsuit.

Never go it alone. Your health demands that you attend a "physician." Whether naturopath, allopath, homeopathóeven on a running path, if you're serious, you still need a coach. Get a good one.

By the way, the biggest supporters of our work at the International Wellness Directory are Medical Doctors who have gone much further than their initial education, to learn how the body heals. So don't ever think that we here at the International Wellness Directory want to trash medical doctors; we want to encourage all of them to see beyond their spoon feeding by the pharmaceutical companies; we want them all to become healers and teachers.

Alternative Medicine Cures Disease.

Yes, no, and maybe. First off, the bulk of Alternative Medicine is designed to re-balance a system that has been put out of whack, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Secondly, there are some alternatives that are very much like conventional medicine, except that they are not yet accepted (because they were not made by the pharmaceutical interests who presently hold our medical system in their death grip).

All medicine was once alternative. At one time, antibiotics were alternatives. At one time any form of chemotherapy was an alternative. At one time washing with antibacterial soaps before operations or before delivering babies was considered an alternative.

Anyone promising you a cure is a quack. A good physician, no matter what background, will never promise you a cure. S/he will work with you, teach you, assist you, and help you to heal yourself. This is a physician. A physician can be allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic, Chinese, chiropractic, etc. A label means little. A true physician is defined by his/her humanity and compassion as well as her/his skill and knowledge. A true physician inspires you, teaches you, coaches you in returning to good health and maintaining it. A true physician treats human beings, not patients, and the true physician treats the body, mind, and spirit of those human beings.

A traditional Chinese physician accepts no payment when a patient becomes ill. It is a traditional Chinese physicianís job to keep all her/his patients well. If the patient has been attending the physician and still gets ill, the physician helps restore the patient to health without pay, because s/he was negligent in her/his job: keeping you healthy.

The Testimonial Lie.

Many alternative health products from vitamins to amino acids to rare products from India come to us with tons of terrific testimonials. The truth is, nothing works all the time for all the people. What works for one person can do nothing for another. Testimonials are the worst form of "proof" as to the efficacy of a product or therapy. If ONLY one person in a thousand is helped by something, this will be the person the advertisers choose to make a testimonial.

We live in a society that believes in science. To test something means to track its record with real patients. Iím not that much in favor of double blind studies (neither patient nor doctor knows what the patient is getting; either the experimental substance or a placebo) when a personís life is at stake. In these situations, the group getting the placebo is usually condemned to death. With statistics gathered to date in cancer research, one need only work with an experimental group, giving them the experimental treatment and comparing their results to past studies rather than comparing their results to a placebo controlled group. There are a good number of ways to go around using a placebo controlled control group and still have a valid study.


If you were freeze dried, like coffee, 90%
of your weight would be the real you.
What would the other 10% be?

Answer at the end.



Hot off the AP: of the $633 million spent in the first half 
of last year by interest groups and labor unions lobbying 
the federal government, guess who topped the list with 
$8.5 million dollars. The American Medical Association.


Dr Sam Chachoua Update
Good News/Bad News

We have more bad news concerning Dr Sam Chachoua. It seems heís just lost another big court battle. Funny how that goes. He won the first one and was told heíd get 10 million bucks for his suffering. Then the judge reversed himself and said heíd get his original investment of 11 thousand dollars back (not even enough to pay for the lawsuit) and now, theyíve gone so far as to open the door so that Cedars-Sinai Medical Center can now sue Dr Sam. Wonderful. Rumor has it that the people at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are trashing Dr Samís name throughout the country, calling him a quack. This tactic is designed to halt all chances of Dr Samís therapy getting a fair trial here in America.

Itís hard to imagine that a medical center whose sole purpose is to help patients is trashing a therapy they know to be effective, they know could save lives, all because they canít get a piece of the action. (Remember, we have proof that it works because of the initial letters written by the center. They once praised it up and down.) What a joy to live in a nation where medicine and justice are tied together by the lowest common denominator: the buck, or as Mark Twain once said (and I paraphrase), "In a court of law there sit twelve people whose purpose is to determine who has the best attorney."

Well, Sam canít afford a good attorney. In fact, Sam right now canít afford his next cup of coffee. Theyíve beaten him to a pulp, his health is failing, but luckily, because of you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Because of our (yours and mine) efforts, weíve found two places in Africa to do a study on AIDS and possibly cancer. Cancer is something he would like to avoid studying, but if done, he wants to do a controlled study simply because those people whoíve come to Dr Sam in the past came to him after being slashed, burned, and/or poisoned and when they returned to their oncologist, healed, the oncologist took full credit for their recovery, saying, "So, the chemotherapy finally kicked in."

We also received one lead in Canada. So far, no one in America wants to find a cure for AIDS, probably because so many "undesirables" have it or will soon have it.

Again, if you know of anyone willing to help finance a study for heart disease or AIDS, please write us as soon as you can.

Say Hi to Dr Kristine Westrom

Dr Westrom recently opened her private practice in St Cloud, Minnesota. She is board certified in family practice and blends the best of conventional medicine with alternative medicine focusing on holistic treatment (treating the entire person and not the personís disease). We discovered her and sent her a postcard inviting her to list in our directory. She went online, liked our site and sent me a letter. She told me: "Organic food and proper nutrition IS our medicine."

We welcome her to the International Wellness Directory and to our mailing list. Perhaps one day she will honor us with an article.

Kristine Westrom MD
Alternatives in Health
501 West Saint Germain #307
Saint Cloud, Minnesota 56301
"Honoring the Mind, Body and Spirit to promote wellness and healing."


And now a word from our sponsorÖ

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Holly Gray
Magic Motion Equine Massage

This again is another preview to the upcoming edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesotaô. I love to meet people in the directory, interview them and sample their "wares." It is the only perk to this job (besides getting wonderful letters thanking me and blessing me for the work). Sometimes I get a psychic reading or a hypnosis session or a good massage. This time, Buster, my horse got the massage. Click here to meet Holly Gray.



"Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the
instruments of the wise."
Samuel Lover


Aspartame Class Action Lawsuit

It is official! Betty Martini, a staunch detractor of Aspartame and defender of human rights, has finally gotten her class action lawsuit underway. If you or someone you know suffers from aspartame poisoning or are sick and think aspartame (Equal and NutriSweet are two brand names) might be the cause, you can go to her site and fill out a form to be part of the lawsuit.

In this lawsuit, besides the makers of Aspartame being named as defendants, the FDA is named also. Perhaps this is our (as Americans) one chance to take them down and show everyone what they really are and who they really work for.

Some of the major symptoms of Aspartame poisoning are seizures, brain tumors, and eye problems/blindness. Minor symptoms are headaches, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, hives, itching, etc. For a list of symptoms attributed to Aspartame, you may go here:

For a great little story about a young lady and her science project that demonstrates that the FDA passed Aspartame either without testing it, or in spite of testing it, go here:

To get a hold of Betty Martini, you can write to:

Mrs. Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
(on the opening page youíll find a link to the class action lawsuit)

She also recommends you visit and

Anthrax & Cipro

First off, let us state right up front that for MOST OF US, the odds of contracting anthrax are hundreds of times less than winning a state lottery. If you are afraid or if you forward fear-mongering emails to your friends, the enemy wins. The purpose of terrorism is to make you afraid. The way we battle terrorism at home is to live our lives as usual. Yes, it is difficult, for most of us are still in pain over the events of September. But letís not play into the hands of the terrorists. Besides, there is no evidence that the Anthrax letters are even linked to bin Laden. For all we know, our wonderful media could have incited some good old-fashioned American basket case to start sending off Anthrax. It wouldnít be the first time.

Now, for those of you who are out purchasing (or thinking of purchasing) Cipro, you must read this article about Anthrax and Cipro

Next, you should know there are alternatives to Cipro; homeopathy offers a less toxic solution:

Now, if you need a good laugh concerning the "anthrax scare" you might want to check out these links: and

Can You Help?

Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous is a membership organization that helps people who cannot help themselves; people who are being abused by the system whether it be the courts or their landlords or their families. They do great work in spite of being understaffed and underfunded. Most of their income is from volunteers doing Tarot/Psychic readings and donating those funds. If you want to help out, click on one of the links below, or write to [email protected] and volunteer, or you can even ask for a tarot reading, the proceeds will go to Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous.

Click one of the following links to make a donation:

$10 $15 $25 $50 $100

Living in the NOW

Since starting our sections on holism, a lot of people have come to me with questions about living in the present moment. Instead of answering all of them, let me give you this example.

Have you ever been in a crisis or accident when suddenly everything that happened seemed like it was happening in super-slow motion?

I remember in High School, there were three of us in the front seat of a car. I was in the middle and my buddy on my right was messing with the door when it suddenly opened and he fell out. When I saw him falling, it was too late to grab him; he was too far away. But I remember seeing it all in super-slow motion. The weeds and road we passed were not out of focus. The look on his face was frozen. He slowly hit the sand along the side of the road and slowly began to spin.

At that moment, I was living entirely, absolutely, incontrovertibly in the NOW. I was not thinking about the dance that night or what I'd wear or if that cute blond I saw last time would be there. I wasn't thinking about how broke I was and where I could get a couple of bucks in case we decided to go somewhere afterwards. I wasn't interested in my personal self-esteem, my body odors, my hair cut, the time of day, or what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was frozen in that moment.

This is where you can get by living in the NOW. You CAN get to this place where time stands still. The martial arts masters are there: when a punch is thrown, they see it coming in slow motion and it is easily blocked or pushed to the side. 

With the books recommended, and your continuing desire to be present and awake, you too will slow time, and step into the gap between the past and present to a place of unlimited possibilities, and peace of mind.

Beyond Medicine
Secrets of a Zen Master

I got a letter from a reader once asking me why everyone refers to Zen Masters all the time. "Weíre just ordinary people with ordinary lives and ordinary families. We donít have time to meditate and chant twelve hours a day. And when was the last time a Zen Master had to come up with two thousand dollars for car payments, house payments, and medical bills? Why doesnít someone give us information we can use instead of this pie in the sky stuff?"

Here is my reply.


If you were freeze dried, like coffee, 90% of your weight would be the real you. What would the other 10% be?

It would be the little critters that call your body their home, from the good bacteria in your bowel to the bad bacteria in your bowel to the critters living in the hairs on your head to the critters living on your teeth to the critters living in your eyelashes.

Critters are more populous than originally thought. While looking for places to store our radioactive waste (funny how no one thought of this before building nuclear power-plants) scientists discovered that below the surface of the earth are bacteria capable of eating through our toughest containers. It is now assumed that if we were to weigh all of the life on the planet: insects, plants, animals and humans, and then weigh all the bacteria inhabiting the planet, that the latter, the bacteria, would outweigh the former, all the other life forms. Interesting.

To get a bit more philosophical as to our physical makeup, consider this: If you ask a biologist what substance makes up most of the body, the biologist will answer, "Water."

If you ask a physicist the same question, the answer will be, "Nothing."

Look at it this way. Youíre having a cup of coffee. Pretend that cup is the nucleus of a hydrogen atom and that the hydrogen atom is bonded with two oxygen atoms to make up a water molecule. Now, ask yourself, how far away are the nuclei (plural of nucleus) to the oxygen atoms. Inches? A few feet?

The oxygen nuclei are approximately one city block away from your cup of coffee. They are held together by a powerful energetic bond, but NOTHING is between them. When you consider this, you will know that there is more NOTHING in this universe of ours than SOMETHING.

No wonder the first words every child hears upon entering this world are, "You are my greatest miracle."

Bless you all,


My thanx to Wendi, Janet, and LeAnn for proofing my ramblings.