Blessings Everyone,

First things firstÖ

This is actually not the newsletter I originally wanted to send you. I am presently working on it. It is one of the most important pieces Iíve yet to publish anywhere, but I'm just not ready to share it with you -- TILL I UNDERSTAND IT FIRST. Your next newsletter will be about this woman in Europe who took on the cancer industry, won, and helped more people heal from cancer than Sloan Kettering, the Mayo Clinic, and MD Anderson all added together. She did it using food and Iíve interviewed a man who has taken her research a step further and has made, what I consider to be, the best food product Iíve uncovered in all my years of research.

The next newsletter will also finish up our discussion on Poly-MVA. Iíve learned that the Genius who created it, Dr Merill Garnett, is on AOL. Weíve established a dialogue and this article will take time because heís really over my head. Some of you have called me a genius. I am no genius; I am a reporter. This man is a genius, and it is minds like his that will lead us into an new millennium of healing without torture. I shall try to get him to come visit us in AOLís Cancer Support Chatroom. Iíll certainly notify you all when he will be there if he agrees, but ask your questions at your own risk. This guy is brilliant. Iíve yet to ask him, "How are you?" for fear Iíll get an answer on a cellular level. So, when I understand Dr Garnettís work, I will pass it on to you.

Before We Continue . . .

I want to thank Dino for pointing out a mistake in the last newsletter. Of all those people listed who died of heart attacks, well, there was one that isn't dead. I thought Iíd caught it and removed him, but Tommy Lasorda is still very much alive, though he did suffer a major heart attack.

Now, the reasons I did want to get this newsletter off is weíve received a ton of mail that is pertinent and I am calling for volunteers.

Call for Volunteers!

As many of you know, I am trying to publish a book on Cardiovascular Wellness. What many of you donít know is that this is also a directory. In the directory we list naturopaths, homeopaths, MDs who practice integrative medicine, clinics, etc. We also list progressive organizations and non profit organizations. Our theme has always been: Healing the individual, the community, and the planet.

The directory is mainly for Minnesotans; the bulk of the listings are here in Minnesota. However, many of our listings are all over this country and around the world. Our list of cancer clinics and organizations spans the globe.

We have over 4000 people to contact by June 1st. We need volunteers throughout the states to make phone calls, confirm the information, and get a web site and email address to list also.
If you would like to make some phone calls, send me your city and state, and I will send you a list of people there (if there are any), and instructions. I would like to do this electronically, therefore you must have WordPad (came w/ Windows 95/98) and know how to use it.

Also, if you would like to donate a few long distance calls, tell me that too. The first ones to volunteer will get the list as soon as I can create it and a little script telling you what to say and how to report changes back to me.

If you live in Minnesota, inside or outside of the Twin City Area, could we use you. We already have a volunteer in the St Cloud area, but boy do we need more.

ADDITIONALLY: if you have someone in your neck of the woods who should be listed; someone who practices integrative or preventative or wellness medicine, please send me their name, address, phone, web site, email address, and tell me what it is they do.

Normally we would just send out a mailing, but this time, our database is just too big to handle and weíve spent most of our money on building the web site.

Thank you all for caring.


People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

In This Newsletter:

Letters Weíve Received
Chemo Brain Drain - Proving the obvious
Suzanne Somers - Linda McCartney - Steve McQueen
Tetracycline -- An old drug, a new cancer therapy?
Curing Cancer In Outer Space
What You Drink: Coffee
Health Care Freedom of Access - Coming soon to your state.

Letters Weíve Received

Where do I start? One happy reader loves our site so much, she and her husband have offered to host our web site for free. So, come October, instead of scraping together enough money for another year, weíll be hosted for free and the money we scrape up can go back into office supplies and research (yes, research can cost).

We thank you, Susan and Bob for their generous offer. May this be the start of a long, healthy relationship!

Next, I got a letter from someone wanting to know my qualifications for writing my web site. I should have ignored him. I asked if heíd read my entire site. He said he hadnít. So I told him to read my site. That my site stood for itself. He didnít understand. He felt that only a doctor should give out health information. I tried to explain that doctors know about drugs but few of them know about health; that in China, you pay your physician only when you are healthy, because it is her/his job to keep you healthy. Should you get sick, the physician doesnít charge. He still wasnít satisfied, so I told him that I am qualified to do it just as the Wright Brothers were qualified to make the first airplane. They did it and that proved their qualifications, because they certainly werenít pilots.

Then I got this letter from a reader who asked me to print it:

"You are right when you say that you cannot be a victim. And that you CAN afford organic. I am a single mother on disability. And I eat 100% organic. It is just a matter of priorities. You do what you have to. You eat less. You walk where you want to go. I will be moving in order to be near places that sell organic so that I do not have to drive 70 miles each way to shop twice a month. But I do it. I do not have new clothes, I don't have any extras at all (except AOL and that is on an old computer that was given to me). So, please! Tell people that if I can do it, ANYONE can do it!

Also, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your newsletter very much. I eat raspberries regularly, tomato products, and cabbage, have nixed a toxic relationship, got back into church, exercise regularly, and surround myself around loving people. It's saving my life! I know there are no guarantees, but I am happy."

This letter really cheered me up (it is because of letters like this that I continue to do what I do). I know how hard it is to admit that we are responsible for our health. I hear it all the time. Just the other day in the Cancer Support Chat room, I was told that I was making people feel guilty talking about nutrition. That "they donít know" where cancer comes from. That "no one knows."

The big lie: No one knows.

Scientists have been growing cancers in labs since the twenties. If they know how to grow them, they must know something.

I have never wanted anyone to feel guilty for being sick.
I want people to feel empowered. If you believe that your health is in your hands, then you can help yourself to heal.

My first introduction to medicine beyond drugs was when my mother got cancer and I was struggling away in college (do I want to be a doctor? a veterinarian? a scholar? a tennis player? a writer? a boob?) I had heard about this book by this doctor, a Bernie Siegel. I bought it for her: Love, Medicine, and Miracles. In there Dr Siegel talks about his ECAP group (Exceptional Cancer Patients). These people always beat their death sentence (outlived their doctorís predictions). They had a few things in common. #1. They answered an unqualified "YES" to the question, Do you want to live to be 100? Just YES. No, well, if Iím healthy and I have something to do. Just YES.

#2. They worked with their doctor. They did their homework. They changed their diets, said daily affirmations, learned yoga. They and their doctor formed a partnership, each learning from the other.

The Exceptional Cancer Patient is empowered to help heal his cancer. (It was from Dr Siegel that I first learned of my responsibility for my health.)

So there was this person in the Cancer Support Chatroom (only one AOL, sorry) telling me that "they donít know. Thereís nothing you can do. Nobody knows." This person isnít just wrong; this person is DEAD wrong.

When diagnosed with cancer, Siegel points out, people respond with one of two attitudes. One goes home and gives everything to the Salvation Army. The other goes home and begins writing a novel. Guess who lives longer?

They donít know?

They knew
something back in the twenties, thatís for sure. They knew how to grow cancers in the laboratory. There is a process to growing cancers in rats and this process was written into their procedures. In those procedures they warned against feeding the rats whole grains and whole foods, because the tumors would start to shrink and disappear.

Science has known about the connection between nutrition and cancer for decades and during this same time, they've fought tooth and nail to suppress nutritional therapies. The American Cancer Society took Dr Gerson to court in the fifties trying to stop him from practicing medicine. He was practicing nutrition.

The ACS knew all about nutrition and cancer and fought against anyone using these therapies till the 1980s when, because information on nutritional therapies was just too prevalent, they gave in, and today, youíd think they discovered it.

I nearly blew up my television the other day when a program mentioned the American Cancer Societyís Nutritional Guidelines to beating cancer. If youíve ever been to an ACS gathering, you know they serve you the most carcinogenic food they can find. They refuse to push organic foods because a lot of their funding comes from the food industry using these chemicals and from the companies making these chemicals.
Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that 80% of Breast Cancers are linked to pesticides, they refuse to recommend organic foods and opt to give you EnsureÖto ensure the growth of your cancer. Look at the sugar content of that bottle of Ensure, then read this:

A mouse model of human breast cancer demonstrated that tumors are sensitive to blood-glucose levels. Sixty-eight mice were injected with an aggressive strain of breast cancer, then fed diets to induce either high blood-sugar (hyperglycemia), normoglycemia or low blood-sugar (hypoglycemia). There was a dose-dependent response in which the lower the blood glucose, the greater the survival rate. After 70 days, 8 of 24 hyperglycemic mice survived compared to 16 of 24 normoglycemic and 19 of 20 hypoglycemic.


If you must eat sugar, read this article: Cancer Loves Sugar

Moral of the story: Do Your Homework. Itís your body, your health, your cancer. Form a partnership with your physician. Teach your physician about healing. S/heíll thank you.

I also got a letter from a person who sent me a link to an NBC news article about vitamin companies ripping off consumers. Or was it CBS? Oh well, yes, there are no standards or controlling agencies that oversee vitamin companies.

PERSONALLY, for this we should all be thankful. The FDA oversees prescription medications and 120,000 people die yearly from them. Buyer beware. Do your homework. In the televisions program, NOW Foods brand passed all of their tests. Shaklee makes great stuff. Standard Process Labs is the best by far, but you have to order them through a physician or chiropractor.

Let me change the title here.

Retraction: I Goofed

For years Iíve been warning people that St Johnís Wort is an MAO inhibitor and if you take it you must follow dietary restrictions or risk terrible headaches and possibly death.

Well, I just found out that St Johnís Wort is
NOT an MAO inhibitor.

You see, there are two camps out there: the conventional medical camp and the alternative medical camp. There is a third camp, who call themselves Integrative Medicine, a combination of both (which is a great place to be) but even within this group, the individuals lean toward one of the two main camps.

I learned that St Johnís Wort was an MAO inhibitor from the conventional medical camp. This same group attacked chromium a while back, and I bought into it. They said it was a carcinogen, and for one year, at my site, I warned people about it.

In an effort to scare people away from using St John's Wort, they called it an MAO inhibitor. Personally, it's still a drug to me and I, having been diagnosed with depression some 4 years ago, have beaten my depression with nutrition, qigong, and meditation. 

In both camps there are quacks and charlatans, geniuses and healers, idiots and predators. In both camps youíll find people trying to make a living, some trying to help people heal, and some whoíve been brainwashed into thinking theyíre doing the right thing but are actually doing damage. So? Who to believe? It is a tough question.

Personally, I tend to go believe those in Integrative medicine and naturopathy and Chinese medicine. As stated earlier, a traditional Chinese physician gets paid only when you are well. Naturopathy is based upon very simple assumptions: you are what you eat; and what goes in, had better come out. People ask "Well, if it goes in doesnít it always come out?" If it did, we wouldnít have diverticulosis, heavy metal toxicity, and hundreds of other disorders.

Even in Integrative medicine there are people whoíve sold out. Take the guru Dr Andrew Weil. I received a letter from someone whoíd seen Weil on 60 Minutes where he'd been attacked for lending his name to some herb and supplement companies. Yes, Weil sold out. None of the companies he put his name to are worth anything. I would never recommend them. The letter thanked me for being more honest than Weil, and more knowledgeable too. It seems Weil still recommends an aspirin a day for heart disease. To his credit, Weil had to build and maintain a practice these past twelve years whereas I was luckier, having nothing to do but research and learn (and heal).

Each side is trying to thrive and survive. Conventional medicine lately has been attacking vitamins and supplements (they do this every now and then).

First they attacked by telling us that we didnít need vitamins and supplements because we got all we needed in our diet. Then, when we all stopped laughing at that one (we all knew that the Standard American Diet [SAD] was devoid of enzymes and fiber not to mention vitamins and minerals), the attack became: Beware of megavitamins.

There was a wonderful piece of garbage circulating the web a year or two ago that attacked vitamin C because in large doses it can cause diarrhea and kidney stones. First off, yes, it causes diarrhea and in Europe theyíve been recommending large doses of vitamin C for constipation because itís much better for you than a laxative. Secondly, there is no proof whatsoever that vitamin C is connected to kidney stones. This was concocted by people who think we get sick because we donít have enough chemotherapy or antibiotics in our blood stream.

When we didn't fall for that, they hit us with: vitamin companies have no standards. I hear that from my doctor all the time. So, I tell him, Iíll take an extra one just in case.

A recent paper that conventional medicine is currently waving up and down warns of potential dangers of herbs and vitamins and possible interactions and suddenly weíre being told how dangerous these "natural" substances are, like Ephedra. I was at a site that calls itself "alternative" by a retired physician who agrees that dangerous substances like Ephedra should be controlled, but not your normal vitamins and minerals and herbal products. Last year, 4 people died from Ephedra. Last year 130 people died from Viagra. Viagra is controlled.

The key word here is "possible." Where are the actual figures? If these things are so dangerous, where are the figures? Show me the bodies. The reason conventional medicine wants Ephedra off the market is so they can prescribe their diet drugs, which just happen to kill more people each year than Ephedra ever did. Yes, you should be careful taking Ephedra. You should also be careful crossing a street.

11,000 die annually from illegal drugs
120,000 die annually from prescription drugs

Who to trust?

I guess the secret is "follow the money." Who has more to gain or lose in this? If itís the patient, the human being who is ill who has the most to lose or gain, then Iíll have to believe it.

Here's one more cute story about the people we've put in charge of our health:

Can you name the drug that had no disease?

Once upon a time there was a drug invented that had no disease to cure. The drug company marveled at this wonderful drug. They sat and stared in awe at this potential moneymaker, and pondered: if only there was a disease it could cure. Annie Antibiotic was beginning to lose favor, as newly graduated physicians had been taught to prescribe her with care. Prince Valium's patent was running out, so the profits had to be gained elsewhere. The pharmaceutical companies were stumped. What do do with this new cure and no disease? 

Finally it hit them! Let's make up a disease. They had to work fast and create a ton of paperwork backing up studies that proved absolutely nothing with all new interpretations. They had to disseminate this newly created information and get it into the hands of medical students and the peer journals. So they went to work diligently reworking old studies and publishing, publishing, publishing, and within a very short time, there appeared a new disease in the medical books. And to cure this new disease stood tall the new drug with a new name: Carl the Cholesterol Killer. The pharmaceutical companies were very happy with their new money maker and Carl had found his mission on earth. He was going to cure High Cholesterol, a brand new disease. 

High cholesterol is not a disease. High cholesterol does not cause heart disease. If you are on a cholesterol lowering drug, spit it out and find a doctor who knows the truth. In the US, the people with the worst plaque on their arteries (most heart attacks) have cholesterol levels lower than 200. In Japan, people have enormously high cholesterol levels yet very little heart disease. This is the greatest medical rip-off of this new millennium. If you want the truth, go here: The Cholesterol Myths and read read read.

Finally, we got a letter from a woman who says our site saved her life. She says that the doctor who told her sheíd be dead in less than six months, was buried last fall, and that three years after her death sentence, sheís starting life over. Weíll take a look at her letter in our next newsletter.

New Study Finds Chemo Brain Drain

(The following was sent to me by a reader and was originally published in the New York Post, on March 29th, 2000. It is written by Andy Geller.)

Chemotherapy dulls the minds of cancer patients, leaving them with poor memories and muddy thinking, a new study says.

Cancer patients often complain of "chemo-brain," or woolly-headedness, during chemotherapy treatment. While doctors tell them it will go away, until now there has been little attempt to see if the problems linger.

The Dartmouth Medical School study found that people who get chemotherapy are twice as likely as other cancer patients to score poorly on various intelligence tests some 10 years after treatment.

Doctors say this suggests aggressive treatment with chemotherapy may be unwise in people in the early stages of cancer.

Psychologist Tim Ahles tested 71 patients who were cancer-free after getting chemotherapy an average of 10 years earlier for breast cancer or lymphoma. They were compared with 58 who had been treated with radiation or surgery alone.

Overall, the chemotherapy patients scored significantly worse, although most were still thinking clearly.

However, between one-quarter and one-third of the chemotherapy recipients scored near the bottom in at least four of the nine areas of intellectual ability that the research measured.

Only half as many of the patients who got surgery or radiation did that poorly.

Presently, the results yesterday at a meeting of the American Cancer Society in Tampa, Fla., Ahles said the findings are unlikely to surprise many patients.

He said that when he discussed the results at a meeting of cancer survivors, they seemed relieved that scientists were finally taking seriously a complaint they have made for years.

Ahles said that many years after treatment, some cancer survivors say they still have trouble remembering and concentrating.

Some say they need a calculator for math problems they once could have solved in their heads. Others have to read a page twice to absorb what is written.

(For those of you who have had chemotherapy, I will say this here and now: DUH!)

Suzanne Somers - Linda McCartney - Steve McQueen

There has been a lot of talk about Suzanne Somers in the chat room.

The papers and tabloids have already trashed her. They've made her look like an idiot for her decision. And since none of us have talked to her, we really do not know anything of her decision other than what the media wants us to know.

I remember hearing a while back (in the chat room), "Linda McCartney tried alternatives and when she finally went to get chemotherapy it was too late and she died."

Even further back, I heard, "Steve McQueen went to Mexico and he died."

I'm going to have to change the title of this article.

Why I Dislike Chemotherapy

(I have been accused of telling people not to do their chemotherapy. Wrong. I have never and will never tell someone who is doing chemo to stop their chemotherapy. If a person believes the chemo will help, that belief alone can save his or her life. I will only offer information on alternatives to chemotherapy if the person has not yet started and does not know there are other options, other alternatives, or after the person has used up his chances of a successful recovery through chemotherapy and is looking for, or is ready to hear about alternative. I will always offer information on supplements to fight the side effects of chemo.)

Someone recently asked me if I would ever do chemotherapy.

If my particular cancer responded to a particular chemotherapy at a rate of 75% or better, I'D BE AN IDIOT NOT TO DO CHEMO.

I play the odds. I know enough about the immune system to keep the side effects down and I would not do the chemo straight, as the protocol called for, but rather I would use Insulin Potentiated Therapy. If you don't know what IPT is, then go here and read: IPT

HOWEVER, if you take away from the equation all the chemotherapies and all the cancers that have a success rate of 75% or greater, do you know the average success rate we are left with?


That's nothing. That's the placebo effect. The sugar pill effect. I don't like those odds. 

Next reason: Chemotherapy does not cure cancer. Chemotherapy kills cancer.

And in killing cancer, it does terrible damage to the rest of the body, to the healthy cells in the body. Sadly, patients are not told the full extent of the damage and possible damage to the body prior to receiving chemotherapy. I have many friends who died from the collateral damage or who now have lupus brought on by the chemo. Then there's the brain damage that no one mentions, but every chemo patient realizes as the fog rolls in. 

Talk to an oncologist about this "collateral" damage, and s/he will tell you, The human body has amazing recuperative powers. It can come back from all this damage.

Then ask her/him, if this is so, why not let the body heal the cancer in the first place?

Do alternatives cure cancer?


Let's back up a bit here. We're going to have to define our terms.

Curing is what doctors and medicines do. An antibiotic cures a disease by destroying the bug causing the disease. It also does collateral damage. Do I use antibiotics? Only when called for. Most of the time I help my immune system beat off the bug. There have been a few times when the immune system was going to lose this battle and I opted for antibiotics rather than a coffin. After taking an antibiotic, I detox and rebuild the good bacteria in my digestive tract.

18 million courses of antibiotics are prescribed for the
common cold in the US per year. Too bad colds are
caused by viruses. 50 million unnecessary antibiotics
are prescribed for viral respiratory infections.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Healing is different from curing. A doctor cures; a patient heals.

The human body is designed to be a self-healing entity. If given the right nourishment, the right mind set, the right water, the human body will heal itself. This is so well documented, I don't even know why I'm telling you this, except that we seem to have forgotten it. When you catch a cold, you don't call the local cemetery to buy a plot thinking it will turn into pneumonia and kill you. If you slice your finger open, you don't automatically panic thinking you'll bleed to death (unless you're a "bleeder"). So why automatically think cancer is a death sentence? 30% of all cancers go away on their own. This is not due to luck.

What is an alternative? Well, doing nothing is an alternative to chemotherapy. And you have a 30% chance.

Alternatives do not cure cancer.

Alternatives help the body to heal. And when helping your body to heal, everything works when you do

And you cannot cheat.

We cannot destroy thousands of years of history by stating that Linda McCartney tried alternatives and died. We do not know what she did or how she did it.

One failure does not mean the failure of ALL alternatives, especially when all of us know someone who had chemotherapy and died. I know too many.

We all know someone who went in for a Bone Marrow Transplant and afterwards went straight downhill. We all know someone who is battling for their life from the side effects of chemotherapy.

If chemotherapy really helped to heal cancer, there would not be the five-year waiting period. People look forward to this five year anniversary as if it were some magical moment in time, when all it is is a
statistical figure. You could, statistically speaking, make it to that five-year period, and die right after. Again, it's called playing the odds.

If I were to get cancer next week and die the following Monday, the cynics among you would say, look at that; all those alternatives and what did it do for him? The knowing among you will say, he got 20 extra years he wasn't guaranteed.

There is no escaping death. It is as much a part of life as birth and in some cultures it is celebrated just as we celebrate births here.

Did Steve McQueen die of his cancer? I've interviewed his "doctor." His doctor, William Kelly, is a dentist, actually. Merill Garnett, the inventor of Poly-MVA is a dentist by trade. I interviewed Dr Kelly for my previous book, the articles from which are the basis of the web site. Dr Kelly wrote a book called the One Answer to Cancer: neat theories based upon bringing back to the body what it's missing, including a spiritual side. Very holistic. Dr Kelly told me that Steve McQueen was nearly healed, that he had received a phone call from him and that Steve was excited and angry. Steve had told him he was going to blow the lid off the cancer racket. Kelly thinks his phone was bugged. It would have not been the first time in the history of medicine that moneyed interests were intent on suppressing a successful therapy. McQueen had an encapsulated tumor in his liver. He wanted it finally removed. During the surgery, they opened the liver, and the tumor fell right out. This was his last tumor to go. That evening he was awake, happy, and speaking with Dr Kelly. He reiterated his plan to expose the government's suppression of successful cancer therapies. The next day, he was found dead of a heart attack. Kelly claimed that McQueen had no history of heart disease. An induced heart attack, by the way, is the easiest and most common covert method of murder. A person is injected with a clotting mechanism and is gone in minutes.

(For a very interesting piece that most of you will find unbelievable, there is a copy of a booklet online that Dr Kelly is forbidden to have. I'm not sure I buy this, even though it's well documented, but supposedly the Supreme Court will not allow Dr Kelly to have a copy of this little booklet he published. Also, if you are offended by staunch religious views, do not read this book. Dr Kelly is also a minister, his views are a bit off center, though his heart is in the right place. His cancer therapy involves the entire body/mind/spirit approach. So, for further reading on Kelly's Answer to Cancer as well as the story of how he and his therapies have been attacked, go here:

Another Reason I Dislike Chemotherapy

Last week I received a letter from someone whose father was diagnosed with advanced cancer. There was no hope, according to the doctors, not a chance that chemo would work. But the doctors were putting him on chemo anyway. To me, this is tantamount to murder.

I am not alone in my dislike for cancer chemotherapy. Dr Loraine Day taught medical school. She was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She refused chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. She refused because she taught medical school and knew the odds. She also knew that chemotherapy doesn't cure cancer, it merely kills it, and not all the time. She healed herself using a wide combination of alternatives and, most important to her, prayer. Her story (books and videos) can be found at

Healing is not easy. Chemo is easy, because the doctor is doing all the work. Healing means doing everything yourself from cleaning out your house of toxic chemicals to preparing meals of organic vegetables to ending each evening with a meditation and a prayer of thanks. Every minute of every day is dedicated to your healing. It is not easy, but it is rewarding. 

In the next newsletter we shall discuss helping the body to heal from cancer by employing the holistic model; to heal from anything for that matter.

And what is holism? We are body, mind, and spirit. I've spent a lot of time on those first two in articles and newsletters, but so little time on the last, mainly because it's not proper to push religion. Well, I'm not religious, but I do have a nice relationship with my creator. I've mentioned in the past a database of 3000 people who spontaneously reversed their cancer. I've told you that the one thing they had in common was that they were able to transcend their cancer, to transcend their fear of their cancer, and to transcend their fear of death. I've failed to mention that they had something else in common: they all had a loving relationship with their higher power.

Can you name the most expensive work of art ever commissioned?
(Answer at the end of this newsletter.)

Tetracycline - Old Drug, New Cancer Therapy?

Yeah, it's been around a long time. (Did you know that we've wiped out syphilis? Heck there are bunch of diseases that exist only in test-tubes because of modern antibiotics.)

But recently, they've discovered that a relative of Tetracycline, called minocycline, has some antiangiogenic properties.

Do you recall the antiangiogenic drugs of about three years ago? Let me explain.

Tumors need lots of blood. They have a relatively high metabolism rate and have to be fed, so as they grow, they produce more blood vessels. Producing more blood vessels is called angiogenesis. Drugs that stop this growth are called antiangiogenic drugs. There has been lots of hoopla over these new drugs, however, they do not kill the cancer, they merely control it.

There is lots of hoopla because pharmaceutical companies are making these antiangiogenic drugs and they have relatively few side effects, although there was NO hoopla when natural antiangiogenic substances were discovered (first) because the pharmaceutical companies weren't gonna make a buck off of them. They were Shark Cartilage and genistein (from fermented soy products).

Antiangiogenic agents are only a part of the journey in healing cancer.

Let's check out another way of dealing with these tiny new blood vessels in this next article....

Curing Cancer In Space

Like an episode in the early Star Trek series, a physician holds a tiny instrument up to you for a scan, and after getting a reading, he makes a few passes with it and, poof, you are healed.

At the University of Washington, they've just received a grant to make that little instrument. It will be a portable ultrasound device. We know already how ultrasound can see inside to diagnose (with limitations) but did you know that ultrasound can also cure?

An ultrasound can cook tissues. Cancer, having a high temperature already (this is why a thermogram is preferable to a mammogram; see Mammography Versus Thermography ) is very sensitive to heat.

This is something we've known for years also, but has been suppressed, as it's not a very lucrative therapy.

In Mexico, at Dr Donsbach's Hospital Santa Monica (he's left the US to practice these more inexpensive but successful and suppressed therapies) they have been killing tumors for nearly 10 years using a focused microwave. The tumor heats up, begins to "over-metabolize", the tiny vessels to the tumor are very weak and are easily damaged by the mere 9 degree rise in temperature and bingo, you have yourself a tumor that begins to die and is cut off from its food supply.

Here's the good Dr Donsbach's web site:

So, now we're going to find out shortly (3 years, it is estimated; but I'm not sure; I don't know how long it takes to spend 3.6 million dollars) if this is a viable cure for cancer in outer space.

The focus is on outer space because it's not bulky and easy to pack. Yet, interestingly enough, it's here on earth where we have the cancer and no one is using ultrasonic cancer therapy anywhere (except in this nice laboratory at the U of W).

What a world.

Can you name someone who died from being cropsick?
(Answer at the end of this newsletter.)

What You Drink - Coffee

In our series on What You Drink, we would be remiss if we didn't talk about nearly everyone's favorite poison: Coffee.

I love a cup of coffee in the morning, but only with cocoa in it. I love my Mocha Coffee.

I know it's not good for me, but don't drink cup after cup of coffee till I'm ready to go fold the dirty laundry or vacuum the sidewalk on my motorcycle. I have one cup and that is it till tomorrow.

There are more than 1,000 chemicals
in a cup of coffee. Of these,
only 26 have been tested,
and half caused cancer in rats.
Smithsonian Magazine 12/95

I recently received one of the newsletters I subscribe to in which coffee was battered and bruised for the following reasons.

The caffeine, oils and acids in coffee irritate the stomach lining, which can cause excessive production of hydrochloric acid leading to a variety of digestive ailments. Decaf, which contains the same oils and acids as regular coffee as well as traces of methylene chloride, brings on the same increase in stomach acid.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach produces an even greater increase in stomach acid, and can cause stomach pain almost immediately in some people.

Research has shown a definite link between coffee drinking and ulcers. One study of 25,000 men showed that those who drink coffee have about a 72 percent higher risk of developing ulcers than those who don't.

Coffee affects the lower esophageal sphincter which controls the opening between the stomach and the throat. When there is a change in the pressure of this esophageal sphincter, a reflux of stomach acid comes up into the throat causing "heartburn." Some people already have an abnormality in this sphincter which coffee exacerbates.

Coffee tends to slow down the passage of waste through the small intestine and speed it up in the large intestine.

[From the October 2000 Idaho Observer]

If you have cancer, you'll want to avoid drinking coffee for what it does to your liver and you'll want to take a coffee enema for what it does to your liver.

Yup, coffee acts upon your liver differently depending on how it is taken. If taken in the form of an enema, it stimulates the liver to detox, tossing off the garbage it's been collecting, directly into the colon where it will be expelled with the coffee. For more on Coffee Enemas check here: Cleaning House - The Correct Way to Detox

Drinking coffee suppresses liver function, and your liver is one organ that fights cancer.

If you are going to drink coffee, I ask that you purchase the most expensive kind. You see, we Americans have been ripping off the poor coffee growers for years. By not paying them a fair price, we've forced them to cut down rainforest to plant and grow more coffee. We've forced them to use artificial fertilizers.

Coffee grows well in the shade, just not as many beans are produced. Juan Valdez, were there such a person, would gladly urinate on your coffee beans because of the injustice the large coffee corporations have done to him, his family, and his people.

In fact, this is something that has been caught on camera (locals peeing into the holds where coffee beans are being stored for shipment) and is just one reason Equal Exchange and Greenpeace, along with coffee growers, formed a co-operative through which the growers could make a living wage selling their beans around the world. The coffee sold through this co-op is shade grown (saving rainforest), organically grown, and contains no urine. It is a little more expensive, but then again, what's fair is fair.

FrankenFoods - Boycott Starbucks

Though Starbucks has begun selling the fair exchange coffees, they refuse to use them as their standard coffees. Additionally, they keep claiming that genetically engineered recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone is safe, and that it's only a perception problem on the part of a minority of their customers that rBGH is hazardous.

Yes, they are using milk with genetically engineered recombinant Bovine Growth Hormones. There is a nationwide boycott of Starbucks, and this is one place you can make a stand on genetically engineered foods.

Dangerous Fats

Cream substitutes have been linked directly to cancers (especially skin), heart disease, type II diabetes, and behavioral disorders. Why? Partially Hydrogenated Oils. In Europe they are limiting their use, in America we're propagating their use. Why? Because America loves a good illness: our economy thrives when our people are sick. Go figger.

Actually, these oils last forever. You can leave them out and they never go rancid. They are found in the new flavored coffees at your quick stop or gas station.

The human body wasn't made to have oils in it that last forever. Well, at least in my opinion. If you have proof that these oils are actually good for us, please step forward. The American Heart Association has been telling us for nearly 50 years that these oils were better than butter. However, they finally broke down and said they weren't all that good and to limit consumption. The truth is, they are deadly and if for anyone wondering why kids have cancer in this world, the oils pregnant mothers consume become the oils in each cell of their child's body. Please read labels.

There will be more on these oils in the next newsletter. In fact, I have news of good oils to counter the effects of these man made oils.

Health Care Freedom of Access
Coming soon to your state.

Last year, the Governor of Minnesota signed into law a "Complimentary and Alternative Health Care, Freedom Of Access Act." The act permits unlicensed complimentary and alternative practitioners to practice in Minnesota. To practice without being tossed in jail for practicing medicine without a license.

We have gone over 200 years without freedom of choice in health care. It was one freedom our bill of rights did not guarantee the people of this country.

Minnesota is now the only state in the union guaranteed freedom of choice. If I wish to attend a witchdoctor, that is my right. If I wish to be a witchdoctor, that too is my right.

Look to New York and California to follow. Look for the AMA and Pharmaceutical industry to try to block passage. If you've ever wanted to join in a good fight, this is it. Your freedom is at stake.

(or maybe the closest thing to an answer)

Can you name the most expensive work of art ever commissioned?

I'm not sure about this one, but my money is on the Food Pyramid. It cost the US Government over 400 million dollars to produce. Why? Well, every time they tried to release it, wham, they were hit with a court injunction. The meat industry didn't like how the meat looked. The milk industry wanted to be lower on the pyramid. The cheese didn't look tasty. The grain industry, getting the choice location at the bottom, the foods we're supposed to eat more of than the others--well, they didn't want to be there. Why? Because the meat industry eats up most of the grains they produce. If humans began eating more grain, it might put them out of business!

Well, the fighting went on for months and months and finally it was released: The Food Pyramid. A great success, except that nutritionists tell us it's a bit off. The bottom area of grains and carbohydrates is wrong. In our society, our carbohydrates are just too processed, giving us too many empty calories. Were our grains whole, well yes, then perhaps they should be at the bottom.

The cancer diet would put vegetables at the bottom (raw) and fruits above.
If you'd like to see this "priceless" piece of work, go here:

Can you name someone who died from being cropsick?

Cropsick is an obsolete medical term for an illness caused by too much eating and/or drinking. You've all felt cropsick after thanksgiving dinner, I'm sure, at least one time in your life!

Well, Attila the Hun, that kooky character who burned and pillaged the known world of his time, died on his wedding night. He was not given to eating and drinking to extremes in his everyday life (he had his youthful figure and washboard abs to worry about), but on his wedding night, he gave in to the festivities, gorging himself on food and drinking heavily (as a confirmed bachelor would probably do at his wedding). During his sleep he suffered a nosebleed and was too drunk to notice. He drowned in his own blood.

Now there's a story to tell the grandchildren, eh Mrs Hun?

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April 30, 2001

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May 2, 2001

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