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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

In this Newsletter:

1. Welcome to Spring (Spring things to do for your health)
2. Johanna Budwig Revisited or How To Cure Cancer
3. Poly-MVA - The Finale (New Chemotherapy (nontoxic) and available now.
4. Supreme Court Strikes Down Medical Marijuana
5. A 1984 Study: Reversed 100% of Cancers With Phycotene
6. The Holistic Healing Model *
Body, Mind, Spirit
7. Online Friends

This is the most important newsletter we have sent out to date. I hear so many people ask, "When are they going to find a cure for cancer?" Others, having used all conventional medicine has to offer seek a miracle. Others, hearing of an alternative that seems to work for some, complain "Why don't they tell us about these things?"

The simplest answer is this: the cures are here, they've been here for centuries. Cancer is big business, and your cancer is profitable to many people. So if it works and if its cheap, don't look for too many multi-billion dollar pharm companies fighting to sell it. They are most likely fighting to suppress it, control it, synthesize it and then extort the dying.

Today, according to the Office of Alternative Medicine, for every person with cancer who does chemotherapy alone, there is one person doing either a combination of conventional and alternative treatments, or just alternative treatments alone. And because this latter group is surviving longer than the former, the cancer industry is now starting to come up with some answers to cancer. The industry now has to compete with the alternative crowd. And most of the drugs being released copy the actions of alternatives, preventing the growth of new blood vessels or stimulating the patient's own immune system to battle the cancer. Interesting stuff. The stuff Johanna Budwig's been using and lecturing about since the fifties.

In this newsletter you will learn of a cancer therapy that has healed more cancers than the National Cancer Institute has ever cured. You will learn of a new chemotherapy that is non-toxic. You will learn of things that have been around for years and how the FDA suppresses information about them. You will be introduced to "actual" holism; total, body/mind/spirit healing.

If you need a miracle, will you recognize one when you see it?

In Just Spring
(when the world is puddlewonderful)

OMG, it is finally here. Longest winter I can remember. Plants are finally popping out of the ground, the first daisies are up, irises are all in bloom this very minute, AND THE GLACIER IS RECEDING.

As I go for walks I hunt herbs and spices. The Chinese have an interesting philosophy I'd like to pass on to you: The earth provides us what we need when we need it. Well, the Bible says something like that too, but DO WE LISTEN?

As I go for walks now, I spot those things that are good for us in the spring.

Young Tender Nettle: a great blood tonic. You might need gloves to pick them, but pick the young and tender ones, boil up some water, remove from the heat, drop in the nettle, cover for five minutes, add honey and lemon and enjoy. It is a great tea and cleanses your blood.

Dandelion Greens: your liver loves these little bitter leaves. Pick them and toss them into your salads.

Raspberry Leaves: teas from these leaves are considered good for practically anything, including female problems. During fevers, herbalists recommend hot baths and lots of Raspberry Leaf Tea.

What is the most potent antioxidant
found in your herb garden?
(Answers found at the end.)

Spring is good for everyone. It makes us get out and walk. Walking is the best exercise on this planet, bar none. Now is the time to start shedding those winter pounds we all got hibernating. Do a little gardening. Take a class in Tai Chi or Yoga. Do something. If you live in Minnesota, call me up and we'll play tennis. 763.689.WELL I LOVE TENNIS (sure wish I was better at it).

This year I've begun my first true perennial garden (the cat has already found the catnip), I've got 4 little vegetable gardens started, and I have begun raising a horse. And, as always, I'm taking pictures and there are links at the end of this letter to some interesting shots you might like.

We're also raising some 60 baby chicks that will soon be released to eat the mosquitoes on this property (they are the worst I've ever seen this year). Because the feed store cannot guarantee that my feed is not genetically engineered, this year
I've switched to organic feed for the chicks. It's nearly twice as expensive, but the first thing I've noticed is that none have gotten sick yet. Normally, by the 4th week, one or two become droopy, sluggish, and I have to add some antibiotics to their water (for about one week). I lose three or four a year, usually. Not this year though. Everything else is the same, just the change to organic feed, and they are healthier. No antibiotics.

One more point of interest: I was recently sent a book about cayenne pepper called Left For Dead. It's written (mainly) by a man who saved his life using cayenne pepper and then built a company to sell and distribute cayenne pepper pills called the Heart-Foods-Company. If you've been to a health food store lately, you've probably seen their product. It comes in a green container that looks like a snuff container. The cover is red, white, and green.

I was sent this book because I'm currently writing a book on cardiovascular wellness, and yes, I had already read up on cayenne in conjunction with old Dr Christopher, the master herbalist who saved many a patient from heart attacks with his cayenne concoctions. So, as far as reading more about cayenne goes, I don't really need to. The thing is, this is a wonderful book, and Dick Quinn is a wonderful writer (his wife and son co-authored the book). He absolutely despises conventional medicine because they left him for dead. He once believed in conventional medicine and spurned the alternatives. Conventional medicine ripped open his chest, replaced his cardiac arteries with arteries from his leg, sewed him back up, and when that began to fail (you really have only an average of 4 years to live after this operation) his doctor dismissed him as a failure. There was nothing they could do (short of doing it all again) and he was outraged. When he discovered cayenne, and used it, and felt the difference right away, he was even more outraged; outraged that the arrogance of "science" laughs at herbal remedies because they are not scientific. They've only been around for thousands of years, have tons of clinical evidence behind them, but they lack the science that no one is willing to finance because they cannot be patented. He blames ignorance and arrogance for the deaths of thousands of people ("arrogance justifies ignorance," he writes), and for the suffering and side effects they must endure in the name of science.

For instance he points to a case in which a patient on Halcion shot her aging mother repeatedly on the eve of her birthday and placed her birthday card into her hands while she lay there dead. The jury found her innocent because of the influence of the drug Halcion, while the pharmaceutical company had the temerity to claim on television: "There is no scientific proof Halcion caused the woman's behavior."

Dick states: "The benefit of the doubt goes to the drug. You must prove your case scientifically. Maybe you have to murder your mother in an FDA laboratory."

So the book is not just on the miracles of cayenne, but how when he began his company, the FDA nearly shut them down. They could not make any claims about their product because the claims had not proven, at least to the FDA. So, Dick had to leave the company to promote the product.

Interestingly enough, I've had to do the same thing. Many of the things I find I believe in so much that I sell them. I sell them for a couple of reasons. They help others, it's nice to make a little profit, and I get to buy them much cheaper than retail.
But I've actually had to leave these companies so I can tell you the truth. Later on in this newsletter you will learn about Phycotene. If you go to the sites that sell Phycotene, they cannot tell you what it can do for you if you have cancer. But I can. I can no longer sell Phycotene or buy it at cost, but I can tell you the truth, which is, it can reverse cancer entirely and quickly. The operative word here is "can." Even I cannot guarantee a cure, and we'll see why in the Mind, Body, Spirit section of this newsletter. Because I gain nothing in this interaction, I can tell you the truth, and the FDA, FTC, and George Bush cannot stop me.

If you want to read this wonderful book, written by Dick, his wife and his son, click here: Left For Dead.

One more book that I've discovered Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by Dr Russell Blaylock.

Blaylock, a neurosurgeon, drops a bomb, but on the food industry in particular for their tasty additives that affect us all and are particularly dangerous to the young, the elderly, and those at high risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Everyone should read it.

His thesis is this: we eat foods that taste great but have no nutritional value. They're stimulating the pleasure center, but the part of the brain that measures nutrition realizes the body is starving and so it tells you to eat more: one reason why we're a nation of fatties. Next, the part of the brain being stimulated by the flavor enhancers can begin to burn out (due to over-stimulation) causing all sorts of mental problems.

Johanna Budwig Revisited
How to Heal Cancer

There is already a bit of information on my site about Johanna Budwig and her simple recipe for healing cancer, yet I'll bet that fewer than 5% of my readers have ever tried her recipe. Why? Because it's too simple. Science is complicated. To stop cancer you must attack, cut, slash, burn, kill, destroy!


This woman has helped to heal more cancer than Sloan Kettering, the Mayo Clinic, and MD Anderson all together. The reason people don't use it is because
it is too simple.

I will give you the link soon, but I want you to read it with an open mind, especially because the Cancer Industry in Germany took her to court and she won. Her simple formula successfully treated cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and behavioral disorders (it has also been known to reverse Type II diabetes).

Now for a special bonus. I've discovered a company that has taken her research one step further. If you grind up flax seeds, they go rancid in fifteen minutes. This company has patented a process that keeps ground flax from going bad. They have created the best product I've found in all my years of research: it is water soluble, stabilized, contains all sorts of extra goodies, and they are offering my readers a 30% case discount.

Click here to read about how to heal cancer: Johanna Budwig.


More than 25% of US commercial seed
suppliers have found corn contaminated
with genetically modified variants
not approved for human consumption.
SOURCE: USDA, April 2001

The Finale

Two newsletters ago I started a piece on this new chemotherapy. I wanted to finish this piece earlier, but there was so much I did not understand about it, and its inventor, Dr Merrill Garnett told me that there are facets to this formula that even he has yet to understand. So, I'm in good company. However, that doesn't help my readers. So, I've re-read his book, re-watched his video, sent off dozens of letters to scientists, friends, and psychics. I've even spent some time on the phone with Gary Matson who left his high paying job to help distribute this medicine. He is very dedicated. He lost his wife to cancer.

So, do I now understand how Poly-MVA works? Like little Johnny whose mother suspects him and calls out, "Johnny, are you spitting in the fish bowl?" Like little Johnny, I have to answer, "Nope, but I'm getting close."

Dr Garnett spent 30 years searching for a compound that would either transfer a charge from a cell to the compound or transfer a charge to the cell from the compound. He wasn't sure at first which action he was looking for, but working steadily for thirty years on a biological problem has the added benefit of allowing one to delve into the philosophy of life itself, even if it is at a cellular level. In his book, First Pulse, he asks the question, "What is life." He'd seen so many parts of it in his microscope. But which part was life?

Then it hit him, his compound would transfer a charge to the human cancer cell, because life was the transfer of energy.

If you'll take a look at the articles on Qigong, you'll find that though the Chinese study anatomy, their physicians never dissected a cadaver. Why? Because Chinese medicine is about the "life force" and there is no life force in a cadaver. That life force? It's called Qi (pronounced chee). Qi is energy.

Later in Dr Garnett's book he states, "The energy runs downhill. And down at the end of the hill is oxygen, with a tremendous hunger for electrons." If you've already read the linked story on Johanna Budwig, you'll smile at this statement here, because she said practically the same thing.

After mixing some 20,000 compounds, Dr Garnett came upon palladium. Within a very short time, because of all he'd learned from his previous compounds, he knew he was on to something, that this was the metal he needed. He began mixing compounds, the ones that stabilized (in which the palladium remained a part of the solution rather than settling on the bottom) he tested on mice with tumors.

He found he could transfer a charge. With a bit of experimentation he could transfer it at the rate he needed. And one day, his mice stopped dying.

He examined the cancer cells in his mice and they were all set on self-destruct. The healthy cells were unharmed. It had taken thirty years, but now the end was in sight. He discovered that the transfer of energy caused a three and a half degree rise in his cultures, in other words, a fever. He wanted to buffer his solution so as not to cause a fever.

Now, as a student of natural medicine, I find that a fever at this point is not a bad thing, in fact, it would be a good thing. Why? Well, for one thing, here we are destroying cancer cells. Yes, some are reverting to normal, healthy cells, but many are being destroyed. The lymphatic system cleans up this mess. Yes, Dr Garnett's Poly-MVA has antioxidants and other things to help clean up this mess, but with every degree rise in temperature the lymphatic system moves twice as fast. With a three and a half degree rise in temperature, the lymphatic system moving 12 times faster. My choice would be to keep the fever and clean it all up as soon as possible. However, when Dr Garnett set out, he aimed at a nontoxic chemotherapy. If it caused a fever, it was not entirely nontoxic. So, he and his son solved the problem quite nicely transferring both a positive charge and a negative charge at the same time, opposite charges, and there was not heat built by this transfer.

Dr Garnett then, while applying for a patent, registered his solution as a supplement (antioxidant) in Mexico. This was one smart move. Had the makers of Anvirzel registered their formula as a food supplement before claiming it cured cancer, it would be available today. Instead it is being studied at one location in the US and can be purchased only if you fly down to Honduras. Anvirzel is nontoxic too. But still, you cannot buy it in the US. Go figger.

When I first reported the dosage of Poly-MVA, little did I know that as I was writing, they were changing the dosage to make it a more aggressive therapy. Here it is:

2 tsp 4 times a day for one week.
2 tsp twice a day for 12 weeks.
1 tsp twice a day until symptoms and tumors are gone
to 1 tsp daily maintenance.

The cost rises, and so you have a $3,000 price tag on your cure. If you find this expensive, you've not yet been extorted by modern medicine. We pay for drugs twice in America. Our tax dollars go into their research, and when they are prescribed, we pay again. We pay outrageous prices. As Dick Quinn writes in Left For Dead, the FDA has guaranteed the drug companies monopolies, "so they can extort money from the dying."

$3000 is not that hefty a price tag, and if you order it (800-960-6760) all at one time, you will get 10 bottles of Poly-MVA for that $3000. That is one very good discount off the retail price ($480/bottle), and you can be sure that the shipping will cost more than what the distributors are making on this sale.

While taking Poly-MVA, because it needs free radicals to be fully active (and transform them into energy) you must keep your vitamin C intake to 500mg/day (1000 mg/day maximum) and vitamin E at no higher than 400IU/day. The alpha lipoic acid in Poly-MVA helps to clean up the mess as it is a very powerful antioxidant.

There are currently some 50 studies taking place in the US using Poly-MVA but none are open to more patients. Outside the US Poly-MVA is being used widely with great results in Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, South America, and Europe.

As stated previously, even Dr Garnett doesn't yet know all that Poly-MVA is doing at a cellular level. He is transferring an electron to the DNA. Thus the compound is described as a DNA Reductase. However there is evidence that it can repair genes damaged by cancer. Once inside the cell, Poly-MVA interferes with the particular energy metabolism (anaerobic) of the cancer cell by changing the tumor's cell properties. No harm occurs in normal cells.

I have only one problem with Poly-MVA and that is the palladium. Palladium is listed as a potent carcinogen. And yes, I once was a chemistry student and I am aware that in solutions something that is toxic can be rendered harmless. The FDA and "distinguished peer journals" assure us that in Poly-MVA palladium is harmless. However, that is now. What about in five years? Does the palladium remain in this solution? Is it passed or stored in the liver? Does it have to be detoxed from the liver? Does this solution ever break down and let loose the palladium? I would like to see these questions answered before I ever recommend it as a preventative. But until then, we do know that Poly-MVA is a potent weapon against cancers and especially brain tumors, most of which have had only prayer up till now.

Currently the people who are distributing Poly-MVA are creating a database of survivors and at the same time, trying to discover why it works at times and why it doesn't work at other times. So far, they can say that it is least likely to work on patients with high levels of steroids and/or a poor immune system. Patients who've undergone lots of radiation or a have been through a battery of chemotherapies would be smart to attempt to rebuild their immune systems before starting Poly-MVA. Additionally, in brain tumors, once the tumor gets to the brain stem, Poly-MVA is ineffective. It has been theorized by Dr Steven Sinatra that this is because the brain stem has few blood vessels; there is no delivery to this point. Personally I would investigate measures to potentiate the Poly-MVA such as DMSO (for penetration) or
aloe vera, or possible cayenne pepper (potentiates anything its taken with) or perhaps administering the Poly-MVA using Insulin Potentiation Therapy. These are just a few of the possible routes to try in the future.

For more information on Poly-MVA call 800-960-6760. There are a lot of people alive today who would not be if it weren't for Poly-MVA. To read about survivors go to http://www.polymvasurvivors.com/.


Pharmacology comes from a Greek word.
Do you know what that Greek word means?
(Answers found at the end.)

Supreme Court Strikes
Down Medical Marijuana
One Strike - No Balls!

Taking the lead from Justice Clarence Thomas, our twelve skirted magistrates got down and played doctor this past month. With little or no formal training in medicine, no time spent working in a hospice, and certainly no experience at dying, these so called justices shoved aside all human attributes of care, concern, and compassion and unanimously refused to allow dying persons one more hit off their bongs.

Normally, the cloak room where one hangs his or her backbone before donning the dark robes of justice, was, this past month, filled to the brim also with the hearts and minds of our distinguished old farts who will certainly continue to rule in favor of pain and death as long as everything is cloaked in science.

This victory for the DEA and George Bush is exceeded only by its hypocrisy. Apparently it's perfectly fine for 120,000 people die from prescription drugs each year (because drugs are science) while no one be allowed to get relief from an herb our creator planted long before the FDA was ever formed. So much for freedom.

Just luckily, it doesn't end here. Why? Because
YOU are the law. Not them. So far to date, no dying person has ever been convicted of growing or possessing or smoking marijuana by a jury of his/her peers. Why? Because juries have a heart.

What some people do not know is that
a Jury is the Law. You are the law when you are on a jury. You can determine if a law is just and if it should be applied in this case. I'm sure there are some sour pusses out there who would deny a toke to someone whose life is on the verge of collapse because of some catastrophic illness (compounded by the poisons medicine has graciously supplied), but luckily, most people do have a heart and it takes 12 to make a jury in felony cases.


Who Is This Person?

Yes, you've seen him, but who is he?
The Wellness Tip of The Month
has the answer.
Click Here.


I was in the Cancer Support Chat Room (on AOL only) the other day and mentioned a study in which researchers were able to reverse all tumors in all their experimental hamsters in just 4 days using Phycotene. One smartass responded, "I'm not a hamster."

I resisted the urge to explain to this person that his/her chemotherapy was first tested on rats (with not nearly as good results as the Phycotene study).

But the incident did bring up an important point that has led me to write about holism: When we study the effects of substances / protocols on animals, two things
DO NOT happen that occur when we study the same thing on human beings.

1. There is no placebo effect (where a patient gets better on sugar pills because s/he THINKS s/he is being cured).

2. There is no blocking.

Blocking is interesting. Studies abound concerning blocking. It was first theorized by Western scientists that the reason acupuncture worked for the Chinese better than is did for Americans was that it was a "cultural" thing; that the Chinese were culturally raised, or affected, to believe in this stuff. However, subsequent studies on animals showed that it worked and it worked well because animals do not block. In our studies, the Americans studied were blocking the effects of acupuncture.

If you want, you can block the effects of aspirin, antibiotics, or any other drug you are given.

The article on Phycotene, an amazing product that can help you cancer, is here: Phycotene.

But for now, we shall change the subject to:

Holism - Healing Body, Mind, Spirit

So, you don't believe a drug or therapy will work, and you do it anyway and it doesn't work. Self fulfilled prophecy.

But there is another side to this coin. Let me tell you a story I heard some years back when I first began my research.

This fellow had cancer. He had visible tumors. His doctor put him into a study and he received a new experimental drug telling him that it was the best stuff on the market. His tumors began to shrink immediately. But two weeks later, the patient read in the paper that early results of this new drug showed it to be worthless and he was back in the doctors office worse than ever; his tumors all back and even larger. The doctor took him aside and told him that many of the people in the study were long gone anyway and this was their last hope and no, it hadn't worked on them. The doctor explained, "But with your cancer and others who've not yet done chemotherapy, they're showing wonderful results. Almost miraculous results." The patient continued on the treatment and continued to get better and better. He began to gain weight, the visible tumors disappeared, his attitude was much better. And one day he picked up a newspaper and read that the study was ending; that the drug had failed to pan out. He read that, basically, the drug was worthless. He died the following week.

The mind is the most powerful drug in the world. Click Here to read the rest: Holism.


The most potent antioxidant found in your herb garden is Oregano. Besides being chopped up and put on a pizza (blend it into the cheese with fresh garlic and add it AFTER the pizza is cooked (just long enough to melt the cheese) and your pizza will smell heavenly. Of course it goes great in spaghetti sauce, but chop it up and add it right before serving so you don't cook it very long. And don't forget to pinch off some fresh leaves and put it into your salad. Your body loves it!

Pharmacology comes from a Greek word for poison. The irony is this, the first chemotherapy (chemotherapy has come to mean cancer drugs today, but the word chemotherapy actually means any chemical medication) was Dr Erlich's Magic Bullet; a cure for syphilis called 606 (because there were 605 failures). It was made from poison, arsenic. It was a lifesaver, though it did kill a small percentage of the patients using it.

Bless you all,