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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

Before I begin, and since we've received two letters telling of their successes, I must tell you first that I received a letter from someone who said she truly enjoyed receiving info on updates about the AOL Cancer Support Chatroom people and new pictures posted in Online Friends, but since she had to wade through so much advertising to get to these places and since her mailbox is filled with enough junk mail , that if my letters continued to be this way to remove her from my mailing list.

Obviously, this person did not read the last newsletter, for there was not one advertisement. But it does bring up a point, mainly that many of you do not read this newsletter and that you are looking for the Online Friends pictures and updates on our friends. So, from now on, for you, I will post all the Online Friends updates and updates on friends as well as prayer requests near the beginning BEFORE any advertisements. Any personal stuff, like my photography or updates on my family (of animals) will be at the end of the newsletter.

As to my advertising, if you'd like to know, so far, in the past three years we've been paid right around $120 for advertising (at our site and in this newsletter). The site has cost over $1000.00 for three years. I purchase many professional journals in order to get you this information and you don't want to know how much these subscriptions cost.

Additionally, we do not sell a thing at this site (other than our publications) so that you will receive unbiased and truthful information with no conflict of interest. And, of course, I've never been paid a dime for this work, which suits me just fine, mainly because I'm far richer than even Bill Gates who seems to feel he doesn't own enough yet. Personally, I have much more than I need or want and seeing friends heal their lives makes me the richest man on the planet.

In this newsletter: we have a person who pulled his wife out of hospice in seven days after receiving a copy of our last newsletter. We have a woman who found our site after she was given a death sentence by her doctor and who is alive today, free of cancer, and outlived that doctor, who died of a heart attack seven months ago.

We have a retraction to make. We've pulled IHT off our site. We've tossed the perpetrators out of our directory. Read on for the full story.

A new cancer weapon, a little controversy, and much much more including some new photos of the fruits of summer (and my very exotic chicks who are now 8 weeks old).

In this Newsletter:

1. Online Friends and Prayer Requests
2. Apology to those of you who read this using Netscape.
3. Retraction: IHT and its promoters have been removed from our web site and directory.
4. 10,000 Times More Powerful than Adriamycin and NON TOXIC (Nearly buried by the pharmaceutical industry but available to you over the counter).
5. Success Stories - Phycotene Pulls Woman Out of Hospice in Less Than One Week - And MORE!
6. Growing Bigger Better Plants (food/fruit) Organically
7. One-Third of Cancers Linked to Diet - DUH!
8. Soy Controversy - more to follow in upcoming issues
9. Holism - The Power of Prayer - Scientific Evidence (for those of you who need it)
10. The Fruits of Summer (some very pretty photos of healing things growing all around...and my very strange new chickens. Here's one: Silky 9 wks old - Close up
11. Summer Safety/Wellness
12. This Just In: Vioxx, Celebrex May Up Risk of Kidney Failure, Heart Attack

Online Friends Update
and prayer requests

We've received new pictures of our friends, most of whom have been touched by cancer. On Page 17 we finished off the page with one brave little boy who's got the fight of his life at such a young age. We start Page 18 saying good-bye to some of our friends. Sadly, too many of them died from their therapy and not from their illness. But below are some new smiling faces. TipieToes visited my little farm and I got a few pix of her (one that is posted there). If you have a picture to send or you pass this newsletter on to someone; I will continue to post pictures till the day I die, because when people come to view your pictures, good thoughts, good prayers, and good energy are all created and sent to you wonderful people. Prayer works, and we'll show you later on in this newsletter. Here's a link to the Prayer List. Will you please visit and tell me which ones to remove so we may keep the prayer list smaller.

And for you people who go to sites to see changes, but don't, well, we have some Browser Tips for you. Learn how to see the newest page each time you visit the site!

Vitamin E can be dangerous if you smoke
and consume lots of polyunsaturated oils.
But ... odds are, if you are this person,
you don't read this far in this newsletter.
Source New England Journal of Medicine

For Netscape Readers

I was shown how this newsletter looks in Netscape and I really apologize. I write this using Microsoft Word, FrontPage, and AOL's Text Editor. There are NO standards shared by these three programs. Its a crazy industry filled w/ mixed standards. All I can say to you is that from now on, when this newsletter is sent, a copy of it (much more readable for you) will be posted at my site, at this URL:

Additionally, all past newsletters will be available (shortly). Just go to and click on
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Fat Facts
As many as one-third of Americans are overweight.

The fat and the near-fat pay some $30 billion per year
in the effort to lose weight.

Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour

Licking a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie.



As many of you know, I have to be very careful when relaying information to you, as I am responsible for what I write and for what you read. What I do pass on to you is well researched. It must come from a reputable journal (JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, etc.) or I have to find at least three separate sources before it goes in this newsletter or on my site.

However, having found three sources for the wonderful results BioPulse Hospital in Mexico was getting using a newly resurrected Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic Therapy (IHT), I felt this was enough to go ahead and list the therapy at my site.

Well, we've just found out that

1. their numbers were exaggerated (faked),
they funneled all the information we found from other sources,
3. and they are in big trouble.

Now, even though IHT might still be a viable cancer therapy (anecdotal evidence by the first physician using it for cancer still stand today, but it will have to either be tested thoroughly or a clinic will have to give it an honest evaluation) we have removed it and BioPulse from our site and from our directory because THEY were the only people using it.

Again, I apologize to all of you for this error in judgment, as all the people fooled in this one are presently apologizing to their readers.

Let me assure you that capitalizing on people suffering this terrible disease is horribly disgusting to me, whether it be some hospital in Mexico offering false hope, or some drug company in America charging outrageous prices to pour poisons into you.

There has been a lot of talk about the genetics of cancer, about people having a genetic disposition and a growing number of people who tell you "cancer runs in the family." Scientists have been isolating genes for about 40 years. So...answer the question of the month...

Question of the month is:
How may Oncogenes (cancer genes) have been identified so far by scientists?
(Answer at the end.)

10,000 Times Stronger than Adriamycin

This is one amazing story. It comes to us from the Health Sciences Institute's monthly publication, Members Alert (one of the journals I subscribe to) and the whole story can be found at:

If you don't want to read the article at that site, I will summarize it here for you and give you some background.

The National Cancer Institute began to categorize and explore plants that fight cancer back in the seventies. These plants are found by interviewing so called "primitive" medicine men and women from tribes hiding away in the bushes of Africa and South America. The NCI really isn't all that interested in these discoveries, but they did receive a large grant to do it and because the people of the world want the truth to come out (that "cures" already exist) they continue to collect, study, and categorize herbal preparations from around the world.

Do not expect their findings to make the headlines. Most are kept quiet and appear on internal reports. Sadly, their first reports on Graviola appeared in 1976, but they appeared only in their internal memos. We heard about it 25 years later after millions have died from cancers it could have helped to heal.

The NCI did funnel the information on Graviola to a pharmaceutical company that tried for seven years to synthesize it, but could not. They then tried to bury their research but a worker with a conscience spilled the beans and now everyone will learn of this cancer therapy that is more powerful than known cancer drugs (in laboratory tests) and yet does not come with the side effects of standard chemotherapies. In fact, Graviola actually enhances your immune system, gives you extra energy (rather than knock you down), and will not do permanent damage to your brain (as everyone knows but no one likes to talk about when dealing with chemotherapy).

What do we know about this Graviola? It hunts down and destroys prostate, lung, breast, colon, and pancreatic cancers, leaving healthy cells alone.

We've put Graviola into the online site: Alternative Cancer Therapies, at this spot: Graviola.

Success Stories

I received a letter from someone who had been passed a copy of my last newsletter on a Saturday night. The next day he went to a friend's house (his friend sold Microhydrin) and asked if he had any bottles of Phycotene (something I talked about in that last newsletter). He bought two bottles and took them to his wife who was in hospice. She was having trouble keeping down food and was on a liquid diet (which stayed down pretty much) and he started opening the capsules and dumping them into her food as he fed her. He gave her ten capsules with every meal. By Thursday she was up and out of bed. By Friday she wanted to go swimming with him (he worked out daily at a pool). Her doctor came and wanted to set up a CAT scan appointment for her, to which she responded, "You gave me a death sentence and I'm finally feeling better and you want to fill me full of radiation? No way!" So, she settled for a blood test to show tumor markers, which were nearly zero. On Sunday she left the hospice and went home.

I immediately wrote him back asking for updates and permission to print his letter and if he'd keep us all informed over the next few months, but he didn't get back to me until just last week. His letter was really short. He apologized for not being able to help me, as he and his wife were leaving for Europe where they plan to vacation for the next two years.

This and other stories will be published in a new section at my site (newly revised) called Success Stories. I want you to all help on this one! If you know about a success, someone who beat cancer despite being handed a death sentence; someone who beat it either after using conventional therapies or by avoiding conventional therapies, send it to me and I will publish it (after I check it out). The above story is listed as Jeff's Story.

At this site now are two more stories; one about a woman who was told to go home and die, but found my web site and is now cancer free and has outlived the doctor who told her she was terminal. This letter filled me with tears. Susan's Story.

There is another story about a person who healed his "terminal" cancer by going blueberry hunting. You gotta read this one! Frank's Story.

Growing Bigger Better Plants Organically

I am so proud to introduce you to Dan Carlson, a man who set out to end world hunger and is doing it. He's developed a technique to make plants grow bigger, faster, better and produce more food. He is living on the cutting edge of agricultural science, doing all this organically, is supportive of all the progressive discoveries that aid in creating more food using less energy, and is one hell of a person to know.

He is in the Guinness Book of Records for growing the largest (longest) indoor plant ever: a plant that usually grows 18 inches tall grew to 600 feet. When he called to update, they told him not to bother, because no one would ever surpass the 600 foot record. He had doubled it, and it still continued to grow (using his product) but was cut back a bit by his kids messing around. You know how kids will be.

I will link you to his site for now. I hope many of you will purchase his growing kit for your gardens. And hopefully, by next fall (or next spring) I will finish a write up on a full review of his products (yes, I hope to test them here on my farm) and have a great story for our upcoming publication (which I will let all of you read first).

His product is called Sonic Bloom and you will find it at

One-Third of Cancers Linked to Diet

I really have to laugh sometimes. We are a funny people. We don't believe anything till someone in authority tells us. I had my site reviewed by another site and received some very high marks but lost points because I am not an authority. Well, not exactly, as I am an authority simply because I've done the research, but I don't have MD or PhD after my name. And I can understand this. Our beliefs in science and medicine are very much like our religious beliefs in that a physician wearing a smock with a stethoscope around his neck parallels a priest in his collar wearing a cross around his neck (or a rabbi with his earlocks and accouterments). For more on this parallel you should really read Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD.

Here are a few links to Dr Mercola's site where he reports that the medical communiity is finally recognizing the importance of proper nutrition. And no, he won't tell you how the medical community for the past 60 years has been telling us that nutrition has nothing to do with our health and how they've been suppressing nutritional cures and taking doctors to court for practicing nutrition and destroying the lives of some wonderful healers. But, let's let bygones be bygones. The American people are not as stupid as doctors once believed, but we still aren't as smart as we should be, especially when it comes to prevention.

We are the most overfed and undernourished country in the world. The problem is we don't look starved and we don't die of starvation, we die of malnutritionally related illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

Your body contains between 300 and 500
chemicals that were not around prior to 1950


Soy Controversy

More and more, in my reading, I am coming across articles that are beginning to question the benefits of soy when weighed against the drawbacks. The first bad thing I read about soy was that men in Japan who consume soy have a higher incidence of Alzheimers (the more soy, the higher the incidence) and that soy contains a lot of aluminum (that it pulls from the ground).

Then some of the nutritional newsletters I subscribe to began lambasting soy. Next,Dr Mercola's newletter (online) sent me this story:

The interesting thing in the above letter, beyond soy's possible detriments, is that the FDA labs that were testing Genetically Engineerd soy did NOT find the same problems with their soy. THIS is positive PROOF that the labs testing GE foods (Frankenfoods) are NOT testing them thoroughly. GE foods might be the safest foods in the world (although I doubt it) but they are not thoroughly tested, we don't know the long term effects, and consumers have a right to know if the food they put in their bodies is created by their GOD or by human scientists. It is up to each of you to contact your people in Washington and tell them to make sure GE foods are labeled. UNLESS YOU ARE EATING ORGANIC FOODS, YOU ARE EATING GE FOODS...RIGHT NOW.

Back to soy: I have contacted some scientists/nutritionists at Loma Linda University. They are very big on Vegetarianism there and on soy. I will report back to you on their take on the soy controversy in (hopefully) the next newsletter.

Holism - The Power of Prayer

Funny, but we began our discussion on Holism in the last newsletter, and since that time Dr Mercola's newsletter came out and talked about the power of prayer. So, I will add to our site a piece on prayer, since this is such an important tool for healing, especially doing some deep inner work healing. But for now, I will send you to Dr Mercola's site (not being lazy, just being frugal w/ my time :o) As the good doctor writes at his site: "There appears to be no question that prayer works. We have many studies now that document that. The science is very solid in excellent peer-reviewed publications. The science is so solid, that it is criminally negligent for physicians not to recommend it."

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer - More Evidence
Prayer/Religion/Faith Index

The Fruits of Summer

I've been out and about taking pictures here on my farm. I might just the largest wild flower garden in the world: eight acres that just grow wild flowers. I call it a garden cuz once in a while I'll toss out some seeds. I can keep a garden this size because I don't water it and I certainly don't cultivate it. I have a very Jewish attitude towards my wildflowers: if they grow they grow, if they don't, they don't.

Here is a link to my page on the web The Fruits of the Earth (which will grow and grow as I take and categorize more pictures), but for you in a hurry, here are some links:

My Chicks (8 weeks old)
Chick(1) - Banty Hen

Chick(2) - Top Hat/Polish
Silky Close-up

Growing Wild
St John's Wort
Wild Strawberry(1)

If you go to the page, The Fruits of the Earth, you will get a short explanation of the pictures as well as the benefits of any particular herb. For instance, did you know that many vegetarians raise chickens because they eat mosquitoes, wood ticks, and other creepy crawlers?

Summer Safety/Wellness

If you live in an area that has mosquitoes and biting flies, you probably spray yourself down with insect repellent before heading outside. If you use one with Aloe Vera, you'll not only keep skeeters off your skin you'll keep them from getting under it.

Aloe Vera
PENETRATES your skin. I recall a study where people's ankles were slathered with Aloe and a chemical that was metallic tasting. Within fifteen minutes, the subjects, without knowing the aim of the study, reported having a metallic taste in their mouth.

Unless you feel you must have insect repellent in your blood stream, perhaps it would be best to avoid these Aloe solutions.

There is a crop of "all natural" insect repellents appearing in stores. Sad thing is, most don't seem to work very well. I know this because I've purchased many of them. They just didn't work in a place where 150 mosquitoes can be on you in seconds. Diluted peppermint soap works for a while. Everyone seems to like Skin So Soft®, but like peppermint soap, the effect doesn't last long. Cedar oil is a known insect repellent, I've seen it used in wool washes; reports tell us it's just as good as using mothballs.

If you're out camping and want to keep biting flies away, a sheet of Bounce® fabric softener hanging out of each shoe seems to work. I was a summer camp counselor the year I discovered this little trick. I took campers on canoe trips through the Minnesota Boundary Waters. On my first trips we were nearly eaten alive by these little buggers, when someone suggested to me the Bounce®. The next trips we used the sheets and had hardly a bite. So I know this one works. I think I also stuffed one in a hat or a kerchief; something on my head.

Skin Cancer/SunBlockers

The sun has taken a lot of blame lately for skin cancers when there is plenty of evidence that consumption of unsaturated fatty acids and trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) has a BIG part in this type of cancer. Even Dr Johanna Budwig's research concluded that certain wavelengths of sunlight vibrate at the same frequency as the chemical bonds in unsaturated fatty acids (and partially hydrogenated oils) that can give rise to early mutations; mutations which eventually become cancers. Do not expect much money poured into research here. The key word is "food industry."

One preventative measure is taking water soluble flax oil, either through Budwig's Recipe, or with the product we discovered some issues back, Omegasentials. (We've arranged for a case discount for my readers at Simply the Best.)

I'm not big on sunscreens, mainly because I don't like to put any chemicals on my body; I've read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. There is one sunscreen that is actually good for you. It is a simple 10% solution of ascorbic acid (that you can find at any health food store and even at some pharmacies) and water. You can add your Aloe Vera to this one. Apply it 15 minutes before going out and keep applying it liberally. It's good for your skin. Wear light loose clothing and a big old hat. Tanning should be done in small bursts. Avoid burning. And remember that you can get burnt even on an overcast day or in the water or just playing and not remembering the time. It is healthier for your skin to get a little tan than to avoid the sun altogether.

If you should burn, one solution is to soak towels in apple cider vinegar, another is a bed bath in Willard Water (my choice would be Willard Water and Crystal Energy.) Finally, there is Aloe Vera, but if you have the plant, that is the BEST way to use Aloe: raw and fresh. Slice a piece down the middle and scrape the gel out with a fingernail and apply liberally. Again, using the Willard Water and Crystal Energy combo first then the Aloe, is your best bet; you should feel better soon. Willard Water is used in burn units. Another new development for burns is Far Infrared coverings/sheets. Far Infrared is something we'll have to look into in the future. It boasts amazing feats and is not THAT expensive.

Liquids: Do not forget to drink the combo too (or fresh, pure water), room temp, 8 - 16 - 24oz per hour, depending on your water intake prior. Eight - ten 8oz glasses per day is recommended for a
NORMAL day. For every caffeinated or alcoholic beverage you drink, you need two times their amount of pure water (or the WW&CE combo). Add a little heat and you can require still more. Makes sense. Stay hydrated.

Oh yes, if you drink alcohol, stay where you are or let someone else drive. Get lots of sleep before driving long distances. And take in the fruits of summer each day.

Vioxx, Celebrex May Up Risk of Kidney Failure, Heart Attack

For the full article at WebMD, go to:

Readers of this newsletter were introduced to Lyprinol in a previous issue (300 times more potent than Ibuprofien with no side effects: To obtain Lyprinol: (Pharmalink International Limited) 800-981-7157 or for the best price we've found, go to:

And we've introduced you to Omegasentials and Johanna Budwig's Recipe. For our readers, you can get your Omegasentials at a discount from Simply the Best. Take one to two scoops a day, remove partially hydrogenated and polyunsaturated oils from your diet and within a month or two your arthritis pain will subside and you'll not only prevent heart disease, you'll start to reverse it. How can I say this? The research has been there since the fifties. Cancer too responds. The research is there.


Not one oncogene has been found. This does not mean that they don't exist. However, always keep in mind that environment can be the culprit and not heredity: families have the same habits, buy the same (toxic) products, eat the same foods, live in the same area, drink the same water.


Blessings to all!

Misha Update (11 mos old): Misha Misha1 Misha2 Misha3

My thanx to Janet, Kathy, and LeAnn for proofing my ramblings.