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Before we continue, I want to thank all of you who sent me cards and letters over the holidays. Some of you know how difficult Christmas can be for me (arrived in Nam on Christmas morning) and I really and truly appreciate all your support. However, instead of going nutz this Christmas (or nuttier) I did something proactive and wrote a little essay about my experience in Nam. It's Only a Game.


In this Newsletter:

1. A Cure for Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, and AIDS...yes it was suppressed, but....the news is out and NBC has called it: "THE MOST EFFECTIVE THERAPY AGAINST CANCER AND AIDS IN HISTORY"

2. Alternatives To Ritalin

3. More new faces in Online Friends

A Real Cancer Cure

If you've been a regular here, getting these little updates, well, you know about some of the things we've published at the International Wellness Directory; you know about suppressed therapies. The best (or worse, depending on your viewpoint) involved Roy Rife and how they systematically destroyed him and his research.

Well, this time it's about Sam Chachoua and how he came up with a cure that suddenly launched death threats against him and his associates.

I'd first heard about Sam when researching cancer therapies for the second edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota
. Most of the articles in that edition are now on the web for free and are updated regularly (well, when we find something new).

I'd heard about this man who was using tissues and cultures from people with lupus to cure people with cancer. There were no publications in his name. It was always someone else talking about him as there was nothing out there written by this guy.

I'd heard that he made lecture tours and promoted his ideas that way. Since then, I've discovered that it's almost impossible to get a paper published if you are not affiliated with some large university or prestigious hospital.

Because there wasn't much to go on, we never mentioned him in our second edition. After publication, the next we heard of Sam Chachoua was when he was jailed in Mexico (this made the news) for practicing medicine w/o a medical degree. This was a shocker, since Sam is a physician. He graduated w/ honors from a medical school in Australia.

Next we heard about his taking Cedars Sianai to court, claiming that they stole his research and his sera (plural of serum) and that they were trying to suppress his cancer cures and .... goes on and on.

Well, have you noticed lately all the hubbub in the news about new cancer cures on the horizon using this new science of genetics? Vaccines and the like?

You will hear even more, because the cancer cure that people in California tried to hard to suppress, is now back in the news. Dr Sam Chachoua took on the establishment, proved his case to a jury of 12, and won. Yes, someone actually took on the establishment and won. That is why you heard on NBC news,
"THE MOST EFFECTIVE THERAPY AGAINST CANCER AND AIDS IN HISTORY." Everyone loves a winner! And you just cannot suppress something that was proven in a court of law.

Here is the story: The Truth Will Set You Free

The Following Story is old...check w/ your representatives for updates.

For those of you who want to have access to safe treatments that are still in the testing phase, ask your representative to pass HR3677 the Thomas Navarro FDA Patient Rights Act (to restrict the FDA's authority to deny patients access to investigational drugs/therapies).

For your representatives' email or snail mail address, go here: http://www.webslingerz.com/jhoffman/congress-email.html


You can reduce your risk of kidney stones
by drinking 8 - 10 glasses of purified
water each day
by taking a calcium supplement
(but the right calcium...bone calcium).

Just Say No to Drugs (Ritalin)

Is there really such a disease as ADD and ADHD? Well, not before 1980. Now we have seven million kids on Ritalin and schools are getting kickbacks from the drug companies ($1,000.00/head) for diagnosing them.

With schools like this, Beethoven would have been jailed, Mozart institutionalized, and Linus Pauling vivisected.

We used to call it "misbehaving" but now it's so much more popular, not to mention "in," to have a disease, especially a designer disease.

Yes, there might be something in the "disease" factor. A Doctor Goldberg has discovered that an overactive immune system cuts off impulses to parts of the brain leading to autism and some forms of ADD and ADHD, but....has your ritalin riddled child been diagnosed by the standards of the Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (NIDS) or by the 6 of 18 symptoms psychiatrists are handing out to school nurses: fails to pay attention, fidgets, interrupts, and basically acts like a kid. For more information on Goldberg and his work you can go here: http://www.nids.net or you can go to Dr Goldberg's site (and learn about Ritalin and Cancer!) at http://www.neuroimmunedr.com/

Does Your Kid Have a Problem or is S/He Just Being A Kid?

In the late fifties, there was a classic study done using kids who showed signs of excessive hyperactivity. They were separated into two groups. One group continued on as usual, the other group had their diets modified only. They were fed whole foods without preservatives or additives.

The results were amazing. The kids not getting additives and colorings and junk...returned to being normal kids. All signs of hyperactivity disappeared.

It's a classic study, but today, nobody bothers.

Alternatives to Ritalin

First, rule out the obvious: poor nutrition, too much sugar, lack of sleep, problems at home or school.

Have your child tested for allergies. Keep in mind that an overactive immune system can be the cause; removing allergens can be a solution. There are two books by Dr Doris Rapp, Is This Your Child? and Is This Your Child's World? Both are excellent insight into the role of allergies and ADD (ADHD).

Nature's Plus has a great nutritional supplement called Pedi-Active A.D.D. containing two brain boosting nutrients, phosphatidylserine and DMAE. It is sold in most health food stores.

Dr Whitaker recommends amino acid formulations that target neurotransmitter activity, such as Brain Link and Teen Link. They are available from the Pain and Stress Center in San Antonio, TX at 800-669-2256

Most of all, teach your kids to eat healthy meals not filled with food additives and food coloring. Processed foods are for processed people. Most of us have been touched by cancer. Starting good habits of eating organic whole foods will cut your risk of cancer by 80 to 90%. Heck, just a bit if folic acid in a daily multivitamin can lower your colon cancer risk by 75%.


Every year, at least
two million people
pick up an infection
from a hospital

Online Friends

We've got some new pictures posted at Online Friends, and sadly, very sadly we've all lost our good friend Shandy. She was always so positive, helping others, and never complaining (cept about her fried, ahh, well, it was a female body part). She always made everyone laugh, never had a bad word for anyone. And she never told anyone how badly she felt. Modern medicine wasn't good to her. They'd fix one thing only to have another go wrong.

Personally, I'm missing Shandy an awful lot. Her fiancée was devastated by her leaving. We are all a bit worse for her passing. I hope you'll all say a little prayer of comfort for all those affected by Shandy's passing. My only hope is to be as strong as she was someday. She was, and will always remain in my heart, one tough and positive cookie.

Keeps on sending me your pictures. If you want a little prayer said, just mention it and I'll tag your pic. Remember, according to the stats on these pages, people stop by regularly to say prayers and visit with the lovely faces that grace this earth, our friends who are battling cancer or are supporting friends who are battling cancer, and just plane friends on this Internet who can use a prayer or a good thought sent their direction. Stop by, say a prayer, think a good thought, offer up good wishes for all of us. Together, whether we live or die, there are no losers, because love and prayers unite us all forever, under one roof.

Bless you all,