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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

1. Online Friends

2. Send A Message to our Troops Overseas

3. We Need Some Help

4. Over-The-Counter Drugs - YOU MUST READ THIS

5. Reishi Mushroom - Another weapon against Cancer

6. Cold & Flu Season

7. Chuck Wyatt's Heirloom Tomatoes

8. Blow Up Your TVs


Online Friends

Sorry, but we do not have more pictures to share with you, but we do want to tell you that RoadKill Rob (RK1385) has donated 50MB of space to Online Friends.

Over the next few months I will be moving everything there (THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SPACE YOU'VE GIVEN US IN THE PAST) and I will send out links to you. Also, because the site is so large, and we have some pretty creative people on this mailing list, I will be posting some movies there that you may view or download. Terry's (TipieToes) sister made one from some of the pictures at Online Friends that I will post as soon as I learn how to create a streaming video from her movie (or if someone would like to purchase Learning Quicktime 5 and donate it to us; it sure would be better than trial and error)

We Have Another Success Story!

One of our Online Friends, Dawn (AHealingAngel) has won her fifth (or sixth -- I've lost count) battle with cancer. Click here to see her: Update.

Links That Don't Seem To Work

Many of you write to me saying that this link or that link doesn't work. Sometimes, you are right, cuz I'm very human and I do make mistakes, but MOST of the time, it's simply AOL, and because of the high volume of traffic we get, we have what I like to call, "trafficulty."

The cure is very simple: Hit Reload (on AOL 6.0 and higher) or Refresh on IE or Netscape.

For those of you who don't know what Reload is on AOL, well, here's a picture (from AOL 6.0):

The picture is from the top left of the AOL screen; the curved arrow (it's grayed out in this example) to the right of the circled "X" (Stop) is Refresh. To make sure you have the MOST up-to-date web page (some of you complain that you can't find your picture that I said was already posted) hold down the control key (Ctr) and click on the Refresh Arrow. On a Mac, I'm not sure which key parallels the Ctr key. Sorry! (Though I'm told there IS a Control key.)

And if that does not work, just try again later. But let me reassure you, the pages usually come right up by clicking on the Refresh; at least that's been my experience so far.

Again, a special thanx to RoadKill Rob for his generous donation to our cause.

Happy Holidays to Our Soldiers Overseas

In the past there was Operation Dear Abby where Abigail Van Buren listed in her column addresses you could use to write to soldiers overseas. However, with the tightened security and weirdos still packing anthrax for Christmas, this program has been shut down.

The reason for this newsletter coming to you at this time is that I hope all of you will try to send a message to our troops overseas. I'm not too crazy about this new war, but no matter who or what I won't support, I will support our troops.

There are two ways (so far that I'm aware of) to get them a message. Stop into Circuit City and make a short video for them or go to Any Service Member and send an email off. (Link no longer works)

Please do this as soon as you can. I remember my Christmases in the Military, and they weren't fun. In fact, one Christmas will haunt me all the way to my grave: I arrived in Vietnam that morning.

I had a friend/neighbor here helping me by cleaning up as I worked on the computer and she came over and asked me why I was crying. I said, "I dunno. I'm just writing a letter to our men and women overseas." She asked to read it and then said, "Hey, you should keep a copy of that…maybe put it in your newsletter. It might inspire others to write to them."

Now normally I don't make my mail public, but ok, here goes. This is to our young men overseas:

As an ex-soldier, I send Holiday Greetings to all of you, my young brothers and sisters. I want you to know how proud I am of you. I wish I could be there to help you, to lay down covering fire, to tend your wounds, to lend a hand, but know that we are all there with you in spirit. You can be proud of your tradition and proud of yourselves.

We here at home are all behind you. We are praying that each and every one of you comes home alive and whole and soon. We're all praying that this doesn't drag out.

Should you ever hear a Cobra way up above you, and you look up but can't see it, know that it's just me...watching over you guys. We are, all of us, honored by your bravery and by your sacrifice.

Be well, my little brothers and sisters. Be well.

Go do it today! Nothing improves the morale of our soldiers more than messages from home telling them that we are thinking of them.

We Need A Little Help

As we get ready to go to print, we need two volunteers: one who is familiar with Microsoft Word macros and the Visual Basic language. We need help with just one huge macro.

Additionally, we need an attorney who can donate less than an hour of time to us.

Just write to [email protected]. Thanx.


Over-The-Counter Drugs
A Must Read!

In our last newsletter we pointed out that the Journal of the American Medical Association admitted that medicine is the third leading cause of death in America; that 250,000 lives are lost (a low estimate) yearly due to our system of medicine. But what about over-the-counter drugs?

Dr Garry Gordon was one of the four founders of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. One of the purposes of founding this organization was to study therapies not commonly accepted by the whole of American medicine and to publish their research in an attempt to promote safe, effective alternatives to conventional therapies. Dr Gordon is a medical doctor, a doctor of osteopathy, and a homeopathic physician. He changed his life and his medicine when at the age of 29 he was a candidate for heart surgery. As a candidate for surgery, he paid close attention to the outcome of the heart surgeries at his hospital, and after seeing that for every two who walked into the hospital for heart surgery, only one walked out, he began to rethink his profession. This is what led Dr Gordon to change his philosophy, his medicine, and his life.

Today, Dr Gordon travels, speaks, writes, lectures, and runs a company that produces and sells some of the best vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutritional products available. His vitamin/supplement company is Longevity Plus.

Here is what he has to say about over-the-counter anti-inflammatories:

"… although there are now proven benefits from taking a daily dose of aspirin and/or other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) [Motrin, ibuprofen, etc.], we pay dearly for these benefits with over 20 thousand deaths annually, and over 125 thousand hospitalizations, generally related to internal bleeding although liver and kidney damage are also far too common." []

Since these over-the-counter medications also thin the blood, he tells us in his lectures that over half of our blood supply is used up each year by people bleeding to death because of these drugs.

Now if that isn't enough to scare you into trying some natural alternatives, for those of you taking NSAIDS or aspirin for arthritis, you'd better pay attention to this: After a while Aspirin and NSAIDS will block the process of cartilage replacement.

This means that you might get some "temporary" relief, but in the long run, you're making the problem a thousand times worse.

One of Dr Gordon's favorite alternative therapies comes from Germany with over 40 years of research behind it. It is called Wobenzyme. We'll talk about this more in our section on Colds & Flu below.

To study the theory of evolution, scientists have developed digital organisms,
computer models of living things that simulate the basic characteristics of
life: they reproduce, eat, compete for limited resources, adapt to new
environments and produce genetic mutations.
(I'm acutely aware of this because one just moved into
my home where he rifles through my refrigerator all day long,
leaves beer cans lying around the house, won't let me
have my remote back, and stole my girl.)


Ganoderma Spores
Reishi Mushrooms (Revisited)

Because of our web site and because we produce this newsletter and books on alternatives, my mailbox is consistently filled with someone trying to sell me something new in the world of alternatives.

The most recent piece of spam was this "new" cancer cure called Ganoderma.

I quickly breezed through what they had to say and then I went on to the web to read about it (hoping to get something more objective than a sales pitch)

Plugging "Ganoderma" into the Google search engine (one of the best on the web: the first hit I got was entitled: Ganoderma Butt Rot.

Well that sounded like one disease I really didn't care to find in my future, so I immediately opened the link and discovered that Ganoderma was a fungus and it attacked only palm trees. So I was safe for now, just as long as my butt didn't grow a palm tree.

The next link I clicked on told me that the Ganoderma I was looking for was a fungus too, a mushroom, in fact; one that I've had posted at my site for some time, and I have personally used in the past. It's the Reishi mushroom.

Like the agaricus mushroom, right now my favorite among the healing fungi, the "active" portion of the reishi mushroom are the polysaccharides. If you've been to our site and have read about the immune system and supplements that stimulate it (or even the Alternative Cancer Therapies) you know that it is the polysaccharides in Anvirzel, aloe vera, and the agaricus mushrooms that are the active compounds.

Once again I must point out that I am not a reductionist. I do not believe in separating out the polysaccharides and using them alone, because, as in nature, these phytochemicals come to us in a group, and in nature they work together in orchestration to produce a synergistic effect. However, with Anvirzel I'll make an exception, since the plant the polysaccharides come from is poisonous.

It is the spores of the reishi mushroom that contain these polysaccharides and like the agaricus mushroom, they must be heat extracted. Thus cooking with reishi mushrooms actually brings out the healing properties rather than destroying them. The mushroom must be ripe and producing spores.

Now don't expect any pharmaceutical company to run out and start testing the effectiveness of the reishi mushroom. It is a natural substance. It cannot be patented.

Luckily, doctors and scientists in the Orient are not tied to the pharmaceutical interests and have for years been studying these tasty "shrooms" that…

1. Enhance and regulate the immune system and endocrine system; prevent tumors, improve circulation, increase resistance, and eliminate free radicals. (Some have stated that they improve immune function by 1000%.)

2. Inhibit DNA synthesis of cancer cells, promote macrophages and regulate T and B-lymphocytes (which stops the spread of cancer cells).

3. Reduce toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. (In the Orient, these are used particularly on terminal cancer patients as they prolong their lives while improving the quality of their lives and they relieve pain and make the patient comfortable).

4. Act as an analgesic (pain reliever) and affect the central nervous system as a minor tranquilizer.

5. Regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels; improve coronary circulation and reduce the formation of plaque on artery walls.

6. Enhance liver detoxification, improve liver function, and stimulate regeneration of the liver. (Used in the Orient for Hepatitis B and C, and their studies showed inhibition of liver cancer up to 86.1%.)

7. Improve lung disorders such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis.

Once again we see that the magic of mushrooms is quite powerful stuff. If you don't have cancer now, this is one powerful preventative, and since we are now growing reishi mushrooms in America, the price is coming down.

Again, an extract is much more powerful than the original mushroom because the extract is taken from many, many mushrooms. However, this only implies that you have to eat more (cooked) mushrooms to get the same effect, and the reishi mushroom just happens to be, like the agaricus mushroom, a very tasty treat.

It seems that Dr Fukumi Morishige, MD, PhD, from Japan is currently involved in studies of the reishi and its effect on cancers at the Linus Pauling Institute (which has received more Nobel Prizes than any other institute on the planet). It will be interesting to discover which mushroom, the reishi or the agaricus, wins as the best cancer remedy. So, stay tuned. (But in the meantime, eat your mushrooms!)

Dr Morishige has discovered thus far in his research that ingesting vitamin C with the reishi improves the function of the polysaccharides because the human body has difficulty assimilating them by themselves. Vitamin C assists in the assimilation, thus even small amounts of the reishi, used with vitamin C, are producing these same wonderful results.

You can read more of the good doctors work at:

For those of you science types who want to see a breakdown of "all" the compounds in the reishi and their biological (healing) effects, try this:

02/10/09 We have lost contact with the Mushroom People and as soon as we find them, we will update the following paragraph.

[And as an extra bonus, you can meet the mushroom people at They have been in the Wellness Directory of Minnesota since 1991. I have grown mushrooms from kits they sell and if you want to see some of their kits or plugs for growing the reishi mushroom in your back yard or basement, try these two links: and plugs]


And now a word from our REAL SPONSOR:


Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or Pagan, this is the time of the year for giving.

Here is a web site we want you to go to. Find a non-profit you want to support and send them something. They exist to help those who cannot help themselves. They exist to do the dirty work we either cannot do or choose not to do. They are working toward a kinder America. Many of them want to guarantee that when your great-great-grandchildren are having children, that those babies will have clean air, clean water, and healthy food and that they will have a world filled with diverse species of animals and plants. Many organizations are working for peace and goodwill.

In this season of giving, let's give back. Thanx. Network For Good


Cold And Flu Season

This is the time of year we are all reminded to get our flu vaccinations. I have yet to make a decision concerning vaccinations. I do know that from my work with animals that many lives have been saved by vaccinations, but then there's a lot of controversy surrounding vaccinations. It seems that the polio vaccinations of the sixties had over 200 various viruses that our technology of that period could not find.

Personally, I just don't get vaccinations any more. I work on my immune system, and I have had just one cold in the past three years since beginning this very simple program.

First off, try to keep to a minimum your intake of things that suppress your immune system. Refined sugar, is a very big culprit. The sugar from one soda pop will suppress your immune system for up to eight hours.

Sugar is really, really big this time of year, and even so called "good" sugars will put a damper on the best immune system. But, to avoid these processed sugars, you will have to read labels and perhaps start using Sucanat™.

All my baking is done with Sucanat™ and no one has every complained. If the recipe calls for "brown sugar" simply add the same amount of Sucanat™ with a bit of real maple syrup.

Next, that turkey you have sitting on your table is going to wreak havoc on your immune system. I've raised turkeys. They are not healthy animals. In fact, in Minnesota, to sell a domestic turkey alive, you must get a blood test done on it. Factory Farm turkeys are on antibiotics every day of their lives, except for the last ten days. Is this enough time to rid their tissues of all antibiotics? Nope.

The Center for Disease Control has admitted that part of the cause of antibiotic restraint bacteria is due to the antibiotics we put into our meat and poultry.

Antibiotics suppress your immune system. I personally take an antibiotic only after everything else has been tried and has failed.

So, buy yourself an organic, free range, family farm raised turkey. You will be doing yourself a favor and you'll be doing the small farms of this world a favor. They need your business, because they are the only farms caring for the land. Tomorrow, their farms will still be producing. The large factory farms? They are turning our precious soil into desert daily. Over 200 acres a day in California are turning to desert. If you don't like this, then only you can stop it, by voting with your dollars and supporting sustainable agriculture. Let's face it…there's no where to go from here.

Next, you'll want to boost your vitamin C a bit. Up around 9,000mgs for an adult, and scale it down a bit for children, depending on their size.

You know you've taken too much when you get diarrhea (you've reached your bowel tolerance level of vitamin C). So drop it back 500 to 1000mgs. The more pollution you live in, the more you need. If you smoke, stop. But…I know how hard that is, so you need much more vitamin C than a non-smoker.

Take a dropper full of echinacea each day for two weeks on, then two weeks off.

Next, find yourself a supplement you like to boost your immune system. Personally, I've come to love agaricus mushrooms. The reishi as we stated earlier, is also great. Colostrum with transfer factor is another good one (See Your Immune System - The Rest of the Story). Dr Gordon's site, Longevity Plus has one of his concoctions, Immuni-T (which contains, among other things, the reishi mushroom spores).

Or visit our site on the immune system to read up on other products.

Now, I'm going to tell you something that will shock and amaze you about bacteria and viruses that has only recently been uncovered, but first, here is a personal story of beating off a flu bug.

The night after I visited my neighbors where two of them had just gotten over a bout with the flu and one was deep in the throes of its full force, I awoke with body pains. Lying in bed actually was uncomfortable. I could not for the life of me find a comfortable position. My body just ached. Only after I was fully awake did I realize that I had caught their bug. I unplugged the coffee pot. No coffee for me that day, especially since it is my own concoction: mocha toka choka (coffee, cocoa, and Sucanat™).

Instead I took three droppersful of Echinacea tincture and I mixed up some orange juice and tossed in 20,000mgs of NOW foods Ester C. I put some water on to boil, and tossed in 5 agaricus mushrooms. I let them boil for 5 minutes, then let them simmer for 10 more minutes. I drank the juice and ate the mushrooms. I then went and did some qigong, after which I went to work.

By noon I was feeling pretty good.

By 3 in the afternoon, all symptoms of the flu were gone.

That's it.

Now for something really amazing about bacteria and viruses.

If you have thoroughly read our site ( you know that cancer hides from the immune system by coating itself with fibrin. The immune system isn't about to attack fibrin since fibrin is supposed to be in the blood stream; it is the clotting mechanism of blood.

Without fibrin, cancer cells cannot hide from the immune system, and this is why in a study of over 300 breast cancer patients, not one of them got metastases who took anticoagulant drugs (reduces fibrin in the blood serum). The drugs stripped the cancer cells of fibrin allowing the immune system to attack and destroy them.

Previously printed at our site was the discovery that microbes (viruses and bacteria) congregate in organs that contain high amounts of heavy metals. The latest news for you is that these same microbes, like cancer cells, ALSO coat themselves with fibrin and are protected from the immune system.

According to Dr Gordon, because of our diets, lifestyles, and the environment, our blood is in a condition of hypercoagulability. This merely means that it contains too much fibrin and iron and other things that cause blood to quickly clot. Bacteria and viruses coated with fibrin can go anywhere in the body undetected.

This is where his Wobenzyme comes in.

You might have heard about the latest theory on heart disease, that infections in the blood might just be the leading cause. Because of this, "aspirin" is absolutely the drug of choice for preventing heart disease. However, as you've seen above, there are possible side effects, one of which is death.

Again, Wobenzyme to the rescue.

WobenzymeMed is a synergistic combination of enzymes and the bioflavanoid Rutin that acts as an anti-inflammatory and blood thinner, and has been tested for over 40 years without killing anyone.

Stripping the fibrin from these invaders allows our immune system to destroy them, and the benefits are even wider reaching when the immune system is recharged, hormonal communication channels are reopened, and suddenly we're seeing this simple formula beneficial in treating autoimmune, rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases, inflammations, injuries, infections, and tumor illnesses, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, joint and muscle pain, herpes and other viral infections, cancer and hepatitis C, recurrent miscarriages and many other degenerative diseases.

I only wished I owned stock in this company.

So, let's put this all together one more time. To stay well through the Cold & Flu season:

Keep your sugar intake to a minimum.

Find a substitute to your antibiotic-filled main dish.

Increase your vitamin C. (NOW Foods' Ester C and some Super Ascerola Plus - which is a complete form of vitamin C)

A dropperful of Echinacea tincture daily (more if you feel something coming on; you can take up to an ounce a day that first three days) and then rest for two weeks. The rule is two weeks on, two weeks off.

A daily dose of your favorite immune system stimulant. (Check out Immuni-T or Immuni-T2 that has my favorite mushroom in it, the agaricus.)

Meet Chuck Wyatt 
and his Heirloom Tomatoes

Biodiversity isn't just a word, a subject, or a concept, it's your garden next year. Genetically engineered seeds are on the market, and if you want to avoid them, how can you tell? They're not marked. Now, if you believe like I do that our Creator provides better foods than we humans ever could (even in our western science, the theory of natural selection specifically states that we have been created and designed to consume what is "natural"), you'll probably want some "untouched" seeds for your garden next summer.

The Wellness Directory of Minnesota lists a site that sells nearly 400 varieties of tomatoes. Chuck Wyatt's Heirloom Tomatoes.

I had a colleague who had worked with Friends of the Earth in England, back when a group broke off to create Green Peace. She had also helped a seed bank get started. She told me that they, the seed bank people, received death threats.

I'd had no idea there were so many varieties of tomatoes until I discovered Chuck Wyatt's Heirloom Tomatoes, and they are all untouched by our in-human science. Where else can you order some Aunt Ginney's Purple or some Mountain Princess that have a short 56-day growing season? There's the Black Krim that started the "Black" tomato craze. And the Wapsipinicon Peach, a yellow tomato with a peachy-feeling skin. Or you might like to sample something from the breakup of the Soviet Union: The Perestroika, Glasnost (62 days) or Early Siberian (65 days). All of these are big producers; pretty tomatoes with excellent flavor.

Have fun, experiment, do something different, visit Chuck Wyatt's Heirloom Tomatoes.

This is not an advertisement, as we are not paid a cent to tell you this. It is information only. Enjoy your tomatoes.

Blow Up Your TVs

We aren't the first nor will we be the last to note that a steady diet of television will make most humans physically sick. Naturopaths tell us to "smash our TVs." The last thing anyone should do is go to bed right after watching the news. And if television has no effect on our children (as some idiots proclaim) then why is there even advertising? If advertising works, daily television, especially when the TV set is this brave new world's new Nanny, is rearing, shaping, and designing our children.

I met an artist in the eighties who had created a piece of sculpture, a brightly besplattered yellow-orange-red television set (made from a broken television set) with a brick, frozen in the moment, in mid crash, half way through the screen. One of the Twin Cities, MN television stations sponsored an event at which he won first place. He noted the irony as he recalled the story.

As One of the characters on South Park says, "I'm a Buddhist," I too believe in the middle way. Don't decimate your television set. Pick healthy stations, healthy programs.

The science of psychoneuroimmunology (a big word for: you are what you think) tells us that some programs will support a healthy immune system while some will suppress that same system. It's that simple.

Personally, I keep my set on Comedy Central when I want something in the background to tickle me. I have to be told what's happening on all the other channels.

I used to listen to network news. I used to be a "network watcher," a volunteer who watches television and gathers data as to how many people are killed during a period of time, how many fights, the size and seriousness of the fight (some fights are pie tosses, food fights), etc. etc. I did this back in the late seventies.

We were once told that the future would bring "opposing" advertising, or Counter Advertisements. Every time some huge multinational corporation ran an ad on television, it would be followed by a public service ad, produced by concerned people telling us their side. For example, if Dow Chemical ran a 30 second commercial about how great they are to the environment, Green Peace would follow it with something about the thinning rain forests, or dead fish floating down once fresh, clear rivers and streams; fill us in on that business's scorecard.

It never happened. The moneyed interests won out. Saturday Night Live has produced a few classics, but for the most part, non-profits just can't compete, even though the non-profits represent millions more people than the moneyed interests.

Since I refuse to watch it, I have to be told what's been airing on network news. I get enough news, if I want it, from the internet. I can quickly double-check every issue by hitting both conservative and liberal sites to appreciate the variance of opinion. But I have to be told what's on network news . . . and NBC, apparently, is back at it again.

The internet warned me (way back when) that NBC was airing a piece on Conventional Farming Versus Organic Farming, the brunt of the message being that organic foods were more dangerous than conventionally grown food. This was a long, long time ago. In one of our seminal newsletters I recall sending out a report I'd discovered later; a piece in which the original reporter of that story apologized for lying to everyone; that he'd been paid to say, well, crap.

I also remember back (late '80s) to this medical doctor in NBC's pocket who claimed that vitamins just make expensive urine, that we got all the vitamins and minerals we needed in our diets, without knowing our diets, of course. The average person eats one fast food meal a day. This meal is vitamin and mineral deficient, virtually devoid of roughage, and what else it contains you don't want to know.

NBC was the first to report the [faulty] study from Europe that "proved" antioxidants did nothing in preventing or reversing cancers. They never reported the next six months of people coming forward to show more and more holes in this study than in your tea strainer.

Now I hear, emphasis on "hear" since I haven't seen it, that they're at it again. Vitamin C Causes Heart Disease, Antioxidants Are Dangerous, etc., etc., etc.

Once again, the bigger the lie, the easier it's bought by the masses. This is why urban legends exist. We want to believe the outrageous. Why? Because we live in fear. For the most part, our belief systems have all started out based on fear (or were "fear based" as some say).

If we did wrong, we were going to be punished. If we are punished, we've done wrong. Doing wrong is wrong. I did wrong. I am wrong. And this phrase: I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong runs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and we soon believe it.

We don't want to be wrong. We want to be loved. And how can we be loved when we are bad?

So we make up urban legends and we don't feel all that bad anymore. Someone's got it worse.

Yeah, vitamin C causes heart disease just as poor schlunks wake up in tubs of ice with their kidneys surgically removed and I'm gonna get millions of dollars if I forward some email that's been around the world six times. Yeah. Bullshit. It's all bullshit, even that part about us being "unwhole," wrong, or bad. It's all bullshit. I am wrong I am wrong I am wrong; that's all bullshit.

We are body/mind/spirit. That spirit is as old as the universe and one with all spirit, the Great Spirit. We are one in spirit. We are one. You are blessed, loved, whole and loving. If you don't believe that, then do yourself and the universe a favor and just try believing it. Try believing that you are as precious as the lilies of the fields and one with your Creator; a Creator of pure unconditional love; a Creator who knows you can only be the best or worst you choose to be and who loves you just because you exist and are one with all things.

Do you suppose that most religions believe this, that this oneness is where they are mostly headed? in the long run?

If you still believe your Creator is going to punish you for what you've done in this life, well, maybe you have to believe that…for a while, until you can accept yourself as the Creator, the Great Spirit, accepts you (unconditionally).

I think that loving ones-self is not a sin. Never a sin. Each of us can reach inside and feel spiritual things such as the concept forever, when in reality we are not physical beings with moments of spiritual insight, but spiritual beings having a short (70 years is very short in the life of even our solar system) physical/mental experience. And if we are spiritual beings, then it is not only NOT a sin to love ones-self, but it should come naturally.

Loving ourselves means loving all things our spirits pass through, blend in with, and connect to: everything and nothing and to and through our Creator.

Love and fear are the only two emotions. All else is a mixture of those. Love heals, fear doesn't.

So, we have choice. We can choose to be the highest or lowest or bestest or worstest; and we can most certainly choose what we watch on TV.

Don't end your day watching the news. Your sleep is so important. If you have to watch the news at night, get some soothing music to listen to for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour. Perhaps you can leave it on to fall asleep to.

What we do reflects who we are. If we do healthy, we are healthy and I'll stand up to anyone who disagrees.

Happy Holidays to all you wonderful people. 
May you be happy, warm, loved, and filled with peace.

Happy Chanukah 



Bless you all,


My thanx to Janet, LeAnn, and Wendi for proofing my ramblings.