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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

Some of you will love this edition, some will toss it calling it garbage...so, at least hear me out, because, as usual, I've done my homework. We have lots to report on new "conventional" cancer therapies, but this should come as no surprise as a while back I told you that new therapies would start popping up simply because conventional medicine now has to compete with the alternatives. Dr Sam Chachoua proved his remedies cured cancer and reversed the progression of AIDs, Poly-MVA is proving itself, and many many people are coming forward attesting to noninvasive and/or nontoxic therapies that have saved their lives; so now conventional medicine can no longer hold back and must start producing results. Hence, Gleevec was shoved through in record time and others are out there ready to follow suit.

Also, we have evidence that the cancer epidemic was caused by the medical community. You doubt? in 1972, one of the heads of the FDA, Bernice Eddy, stood in front of Congress and predicted a cancer epidemic because of the contaminated vaccines.

So, you can see, lots to show, lots to tell, and here's part of a letter I received from a reader:


I used to think that it was ridiculous when people said that the cancer
industry really did not want to cure cancer. Unfortunately I now believe
that to be true. How else can you explain research being done on the same
type of treatment that has been a proven failure for 50 years? I mean why
would people even consider chemotherapy when for the vast number of cancers
it is essentially ineffective? Why is it even allowed to be used as a
treatment? The only explanation is that there is a lot of money in chemo and
it won't go away very easily because of that. It's sick. And since I've read
that 10% of the people in this country own 90% of the money I believe you
are right when you say these people don't want to lose control. The only
solution is to educate yourself well and take responsibility for our own
health, there is no other way. My younger son is now battling ear infections
the past three months. My wife was taking him to the doctor and always
coming home with antibiotics. Finally this last time I took him, looked my
doctor in the eye and said is there any other way because I'm not giving him
an antibiotic for the fifth time. Obviously they are not working. She
prescribed one anyway because she doesn't know any better. Of course I
didn't give him antibiotics, I did it the natural way this time. Garlic with
olive oil, Echinacea, essential oils, colloidal silver, omegaessential, and
flora. One week later the infection was gone. Now I can't let my guard down
but I need to take control of his health, it's the only way. My mother and
my wife kept badgering me and asking how I knew if it was working. My reply
was I didn't but I was not going to use a proven failure as a treatment. At
least this way I had a chance. Exactly the way I feel about cancer
treatment, why go through a treatment protocol that is a proven failure? It
makes no sense.
Name Withheld by me, David, your host.

So, in this newsletter we will examine how they get away with this. How doctors get patients to take chemo when everyone knows that in this case (take brain tumors) it is utterly ineffective.

And because of this next letter, we'll be starting something new called
The Big Lie. Some of you might wonder what this has to do with health, so allow me to explain: Holism is not just about treating the patient as a whole person, it's also about being a whole person.

Freud once said that the purpose of psychoanalysis is to fix up a patient and return him back into a society that is utterly insane. Holism demands we treat our brains and spirits as well as our body, and since our environment influences our health, well, now we're going to focus on our environment, our society, and take a look at the big lies.

What is a big lie? It's an assumption, whether spoken or tacit, that is so far from reality, that it allows myriads of little lies to slip right by unnoticed; little lies that would upset us and force us to rebel against our oppressors if they were not eclipsed by the Big Lies which we seem to accept so readily. Here is the letter:

Dear David,

Have you been paying attention to the cloning issue? It's driving me mad with everyone standing up against this .... harmless technology .... when they allow genetic engineering of viruses and bacteria and our food supply. Thank you for warning us about our food supply but here's a link I really think you should have:
(Name withheld by me, again.)

The Big Lie: Our president and our representatives all want us to think they care. The cloning issue is a great way to prove this because it upsets the religious community and strikes at our beliefs in the sanctity of life. If they really cared, our food supply would be made by our creator rather than by our scientists and no biological weapon (outlawed by the Geneva Convention already) would ever be genetically engineered.

I need your help! Send me your thoughts. Send me The Big Lies you spot in every day life. And I promise not only to help get them out, I'll give you avenues for your opinions to become actions (see the section on The Petition Site in this newsletter).



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In this Newsletter:

1. Online Friends Update

2. Computer Tips: Latest Virus and Something New for AOL/AIM

3. Conventional Medicine Finds Cancer Cures

4. The Big Lie

5. Mushroom From Brazil Cures Cancers at Astonishing Rates

6. How Much Power (Pharmaceutical Industry)

7. Update on Poly-MVA

Free Vedic Astrological Reading for Breast Cancer Patients (survivors and family members too)

9. The Big Lie

10. Update on Willard Water (and Crystal Energy)

11. Why People Choose Chemotherapy

12. The Petition Site

13. Fruits of Summer (update)

Online Friends Update
and prayer requests

We've received three new pictures of our friends for page Page 18. Here's a link to the Prayer List. Will you please visit and tell me which ones to remove so we may keep the prayer list short. The longer the list, the less time people spend.

And for you people who go to sites to see changes, but don't, well, we have some Browser Tips for you. Learn how to see the newest page each time you visit the site!

38% of all liver failures are due to Tylenol.
Too much Tylenol is deadly.
3 drinks & Tylenol is deadly.
Mixing cold meds with Tylenol is deadly.
Source: Health Alert June 2001, 18:6

Computer Tips
Latest Virus & Something New on AOL

I've been sent the latest computer virus at least a dozen times this past week. It isn't a particularly dangerous virus, but it spreads easily. For one thing, it comes from someone you know. The subject line is always different. Here is the "exact" text of the letter:

Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks

If you download and run the file (though it has shown up as a pif file, which is run if you run the associated program) it will send itself out. The nice thing is, I don't think there is an AOL version yet, and I've seen it only on my Outlook Express.

This Just In

A friend got hit -8/10/01 8:00 PM CST- (and her computer mailed it out to me) with this virus: SOFUNNY.exe. 

The text in the letter is: 
You guys have to download this! This really is funny!

Do NOT download SOFUNNY.exe. Just delete the whole thing.

Something New on AOL and AIM

Whether you are on AOL or on AIM (AOL's Instant Messenger) there is a new person to put into your buddy list: SmarterChild. Don't ask questions! Just do it. Say hi to him/her/it. It's not a person, but a cute program that will bring you news, horoscopes, weather, etc. And you can just ask it questions and have fun.

We all know that the oil industry is the
largest (grosses the most money) industry
in the world, but what is the second largest?

(Answers at the end.)

Conventional Medicine
Cures Cancers

Though the numbers published keep changing, it seems that nearly 90% of patients
with early-stage CML (chronic myeloid leukemia) responded quite well. Gleevec is the name of this medical breakthrough and compared to most chemotherapy, this stuff is quite harmless with abdominal discomfort, bone and joint pains, and fatigue being the only side effects reported thus far.

Gleevec specifically targets a protein responsible for CML and since there are three molecular mechanisms it targets and some of these targets are found in breast, prostate, lung, abdominal cancers, and leukemias, we can expect news on the effectiveness of Gleevec against these other cancers to hit the airways soon.

Gleevec is not only curing cancer, it's curing the doldrums on Wall Street as the stock just keeps climbing. It is a little pill taken daily and in one month your medical bill will be right around 3,000 dollars. And though no one can tell you the long-term effects of the drug, they will tell you that you will be on it the rest of your life.

Thalidomide is back in the news because it seems to help blood cancers and has few side effects. Another class of cancer drug in the news are the new smart bombs. These either target only the cancer, releasing their toxins only at the cancer site or they stimulate the immune system to target the cancer cells only. Again, these methods are not new to the alternative medicine community. The alternative community has been using this last method for years.

Take Poly-MVA, its effect is on every cell, but only cancer cells are injured by it.

Again, expect some new therapies to be hitting the airways as the race is finally on to produce a cure, especially since the cures are out there (have been there for centuries) and people are beginning to hear about them.

Happy Woman Magazine has a great
health assessment test at:

(this is especially here for Cindy - MrsLive4)

The Big Lie
"Here in the US we have the best medicine in the world."

We know we don't have the best Health Care System, because we don't have a Health Care System; we have a Disease Care System. But how about our science? How is our science rated? How successful are we?

In America we have some of the best diagnostics in the world. Additionally, our Trauma Medicine stands head and shoulders above almost every country on the planet except perhaps Israel, but then again, their doctors are our doctors. (During periods of war, many Jewish physicians leave their practices here in the US to donate time in Israel.)

But the truth is: No, we do not have the best medicine on the planet and here are the facts.

Fifteen years ago, we were rated 17th in longevity (adjusted statistics from the World Health Organization). Since that time we've incorporated ridiculous dietary standards: high carbs, low fats (low animal fats) and we created a new disease (an epidemic) called High Cholesterol. If you take all the money in the world spent on health care/medicine, we here in the US have spent half of it. Did we get our money's worth? Nope. Today we stand 24th in the rankings. Japan is number one.

In Japan their most powerful chemotherapies come from mushrooms and are nontoxic. They use our pharmaceutical chemotherapies only when all else has failed, as a last resort. They do not buy into the cholesterol myth. They treat disease with nutrition first, medicine second. They practice preventative medicine.

Although heart disease is the leading cause
of death in women in the United States,
breast cancer is the leading cause of death
in women between the ages of 40 and 55.
(American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures, 1994.)
For every woman who dies of breast cancer
11 women die from CHD.

Agaricus Blazei Murill
The most powerful chemotherapy in Japan today.

Found in Brazil, this mushroom is producing spectacular results, results heretofore never obtained by any other substance or chemotherapy. If you try to buy it in quantities online, you'll find yourself purchasing it from the Orient, the largest purchasers of this medical miracle.

In Brazil there is a health practitioner who raises these mushrooms and has sent out an open invitation to physicians throughout the world to come down and witness people being cured of deadly cancers using only this mushroom. He will put them up and feed them, all they have to do is get there. So far, only the Orient has responded to his invitation.

For more on this mushroom and some of the studies involved, go here: Agaricus.

How Much Power

In an article in the Washington Post former NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) editors Drs. Marcia Angell and Arnold Relman stated that:

Drug companies spend "two or three times" as much on marketing and administration as they do on research and development. Profits are twice their research and development costs. (GlaxoSmithKline last year made a 28% profit and spent 37% of its revenue on marketing and administration and 14% on research and development.)

Drug companies have low tax rates because they are permitted to deduct their marketing and research and development costs.

Drug companies have the largest lobby in Washington, DC, and "contribute copiously to political campaigns."

Drug companies also "spend lavishly" to influence doctors, funding and influencing "much of the continuing medical education" doctors receive. Last year the industry spent more than $8 billion to "woo doctors".

Many drug trials are managed by investor-owned businesses "beholden to drug companies" who "often insist" on how research is performed and reported or if it is reported at all.

Update on Poly-MVA

I have updated the article on Poly-MVA because some of my questions were recently answered.

As you know, I was leery about taking Poly-MVA as a preventative and about the long term effects. We do know that the palladium (normally a very toxic substance) is sequestered in the compound just as cobalt (another normally toxic substance) is sequestered in B vitamins. Poly-MVA is both water soluble and fat soluble. Being fat soluble was what bothered me because things that are fat soluble can stay in the body a long long time. However, we've just learned that Poly-MVA leaves the body after 24 hours. Thus, now I will recommend this substance as a preventative.

Also, there is a slight price increase for a quantity of 10 bottles. Previously, at the price we quoted (the price they sold it at) their office made a profit of 20 bucks. You cannot run an office on 20 bucks profit. So, in order to keep their office open and help people heal their cancers, they had to increase the price from $300/bottle to $330/bottle when ordering ten bottles. Keep in mind that when these people took over the distributorship the cost of one bottle was over $700.00.

And keep this in mind. Their office has not received one single negative letter from their customers. Yes, many people have lost loved ones to cancer who used the Poly-MVA, but still, their family saw improvement and they write letters telling of this improvement. They usually regret having chosen chemotherapy first or waiting too long to try the Poly-MVA.

At the survivor site, people are telling their stories of healing much more than the usual cancers, such as the one boy who went into full remission for ALL in just four weeks.

In fact, people are using Poly-MVA for a lot more than cancer. If you
want to read the stories of persons who have used Poly-MVA for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, various cancers, and Multiple Sclerosis: Click Here.

Free Vedic Astrological Reading
for Breast Cancer Patients

One of the listings in the Wellness Directory of Minnesota is a Vedic Astrologer (has the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree in it) and is performing a study on breast cancer patients. She is willing to give a free reading to anyone who can furnish her enough statistics to complete her study. In other words, if your mother had breast cancer and you can supply her with all the pertinent statistics, she will give you a free reading (and No, this is not Ms Cleo).

So, if you have breast cancer or had breast cancer, or someone in your family had it and you know the following information:

Date of Birth
Exact location of birth
Exact time of day (to the minute)
Date of Onset (as close as possible)
Date of diagnosis
Date(s) of surgery/surgeries
Date of remission (if in remission) or Date of death...

Contact Laurie Leigh Friese at [email protected] with this information.

Now, she will not do this through email but prefers to do it over the phone. You may email her to arrange a time to call her.  If you want the reading recorded, send her a check for $5.00 for the tape and shipping after she gives you her address.

Be patient, she doesn't answer her email that often as she's caring for her father who needs to go back and forth for dialysis treatments.

Laurie is a wonderful person and I hope you'll all try to help her out with her study, especially since a vedic astrological reading costs, usually, around $50.

Please Note: The Wellness Directory of Minnesota no longer lists readers, astrologers, etc.

Recycling one glass jar saves enough
energy to watch TV for 3 hours.

The Big Lie

Oh I could write for hours on this one, some will believe, some won't. So instead, why not just go and read the words of the experts:

Some people feel that cancer is at epidemic proportions right now. We were warned (by the FDA) in 1972 that this epidemic would come about because of contaminated vaccines. Here, go read an interview with an expert: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=23849

Some people say that AIDS was created in a US laboratory. Others state that they've found bodies from years back that had the AIDS virus. Read this: http://www.boydgraves.com/

Update on Willard Water
and Crystal Energy

We got this letter from one of our readers (and permission to reprint it!) and I must pass it on to you. Dehydration is the main cause of aging. As we age, our cells just don't get the water they need because our cells get a bit tougher and water's molecules are stuck together: thus our cells don't get the water they need. Using Willard Water, Crystal Energy, or both can give you back 4 or 5 years in just one month. That's the truth and the FDA can .... jump.


I am writing to tell you of my surprising and successful experiences with the use of Willard Water and Crystal Energy, products mentioned in articles in the MN Wellness Directory, and recommended by yourself.

I have always been very heat sensitive, i.e. getting sick as a child when the weather was very hot. Anything over 80 degrees is too hot for me. In addition, for quite a few years now I have been on medications that make me even more sensitive to the heat. I would drink a lot of liquids, but it made little difference in relieving the dehydration. My hands and feet would swell up so bad I thought they were going to rip open.

Since reading your articles, I have decided not to drink caffeinated beverages when it's hot. But that's about it...until I went to visit a friend of mine who uses your combination of both Willard Water and Crystal Energy. I tried them, thinking basically he was nuts, and I was very skeptical. We then went out and played tennis in temperatures up into the 90s. I obviously felt worn, since I'm a tennis beginner, but I didn't feel the usual heat sickness and dehydration I usually suffer from.

But I still didn't truly believe in the products until I got home, was not using either Willard Water or Crystal Energy, and was out mowing the lawn in 80+ degree heat. I got totally exhausted and ill even though I was drinking lots of water. My belly was full of water, but I was dehydrated.

I was about to go to a country music jam for 4 days where the temperatures would be in the 90s, and decided I should try the Willard Water, as I had suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration there the year before. (I couldn't get the Crystal Energy delivered to me before I left.) It was very hot at the jam and I drank a ton of water with Willard Water in it. I couldn't believe what a difference it made in the way I felt. I had more energy than usual, my feet and hands didn't swell up, wasn't dehydrated and I didn't feel quite so drained as I had before. My sister watched me use this stuff, and thought I had basically gone crazy, thinking nothing would help during those hot temperatures. But, she saw the difference it made in me and was very surprised.

I have since been using both the Willard Water and the Crystal Energy and it has made a tremendous difference in my ability to handle hotter temperatures. I still have to watch my time in the sun, but I am able to do activities in this heat wave we are in right now and have more energy to actually get things done, and stay hydrated.

I just wanted to let you know of my successes with these two products, and thank you for the informative articles on them. To everyone out there suffering in the heat, try these products, you will feel a huge difference.


Janet G.

That's it. These things work. I personally do not drink plain filtered water without either Willard Water or Crystal Energy or both. I carry a little bottle of Willard Water and Crystal Energy everywhere I go and add it to the water I buy. The simple fact is: people live healthier and longer lives when hydrated.

Here is a link to Willard Water: http://www.heartoftheearthmarket.com
And here is a link to Gloria's site: http://www.hearttoheartassociates.com or you can write to [email protected] for Crystal Energy.

Why People Choose Chemotherapy

When faced with a diagnosis of Cancer, fear is probably the greatest single reaction in most people. We all know someone who died from cancer. In fact, cancer is so scary a subject that it is often referred to as "The Big C."

Fear is a powerful motivator.

Some cancers do not respond well to chemotherapy. Cancers of the liver, pancreas, and brain tumors are probably the most common cancers we all know of that hardly respond to chemotherapy. Additionally, if the cancer has metastasized (especially after treating with chemotherapy) you can expect the odds of a successful outcome using additional chemotherapy to be even lower.

In brain tumors, chemotherapy is useless as it cannot pass the blood-brain barrier and never gets to the tumor - yet people still choose chemo.

Even with chemotherapy, some people are given less than a 30% chance of recovery, which, in my book, turns out to be a greater than 70% chance that the chemo will ruin what is left of one's life making his or her last days a living hell. Then again, it can almost guarantee it will shorten the time the patient does have, though they are often lied to and are told that with the chemotherapy they may get a few extra weeks or months. The reality is (and many of us have witnessed this, especially in the elderly) chemotherapy in some cases is deadly poison and the patient slips away after just one or two sessions.

There are nontoxic alternatives.

Then why do we choose chemotherapy? Most Americans, if given the choice between a nontoxic alternative and chemotherapy will choose chemotherapy. Why is this?

It has to do with "authority."

Let me tell you about Stanley Milgram. Milgram was a psychologist at Yale University. He conducted one of the most famous psychology experiments ever. Every college student learns of Milgram in their first psychology class. This experiment is so famous that even a television movie was made about it with William Shatner (Captain Kirk) playing the part of the famous Stanley Milgram.

Instead of me telling you the experiment, I'm going to get lazy and "steal" the explanation from this web site: [http://www.cba.uri.edu/Faculty/dellabitta/mr415s98/EthicEtcLinks/Milgram.htm] 3/10/02 -- We are so happy we "lifted" this information from this site as this link no longer works.  

Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University, conducted a study focusing on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience. He examined justifications for acts of genocide offered by those accused at the World War II, Nuremberg War Criminal trials. Their defense often was based on "obedience" - - that they were just following orders of their superiors.

In the experiment, so-called "teachers" (who were actually the unknowing subjects of the experiment) were recruited by Milgram. They were asked administer an electric shock of increasing intensity to a "learner" for each mistake he made during the experiment. The fictitious story given to these "teachers" was that the experiment was exploring effects of punishment (for incorrect responses) on learning behavior. The "teacher" was not aware that the "learner" in the study was actually an actor - - merely indicating discomfort as the "teacher" increased the electric shocks.

When the "teacher" asked whether increased shocks should be given he/she was verbally encouraged to continue. Sixty percent of the "teachers" obeyed orders to punish the learner to the very end of the 450-volt scale! No subject stopped before reaching 300 volts!

At times, the worried "teachers" questioned the experimenter, asking who was responsible for any harmful effects resulting from shocking the learner at such a high level. Upon receiving the answer that the experimenter assumed full responsibility, teachers seemed to accept the response and continue shocking, even though some were obviously extremely uncomfortable in doing so. The study raised many questions about how the subjects could bring themselves to administer such heavy shocks.

We choose chemotherapy because doctors are authorities. It doesn't matter that your doctor (probably) knows less about how the human body heals than your average cab driver. Your doctor is an authority on "medicine" and upwards of 70% of us will choose to put this toxic poison in our bodies, simply because of the authority she or he stands for.

For a wonderful little video on this experiment you should go here:

Perhaps I should mention that luckily, the children being born today are of a different "cut" than most of us. They do not respect absolute authority. Some feel we're raising a generation of brats, criminals, rapscallions! While others call them the Indigo Children. Check it out when you have time.

The Petition Site

Here is where you can have your voice heard. Petitions that are sent through the email ARE WORTHLESS! Only petitions that are online at a specific site that collect the proper information are valid and meaningful.

Here is The Petition Site: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/

Two petitions of interest:

Prevent the Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer NOW! This one was started yesterday. The American Cancer Society has never broached the subject of environmental causes of Breast Cancer because their biggest supporters are creating the toxins that promote breast cancers.

Don't Clear-Cut Our National Forests! We all know our newly elected president is interested in the environment, especially since even in the short time he's been in office he's tried to rescue a few endangered species, like the Double Breasted Oil Executive and the Thin Lipped Nuclear Power Plant Investor. But if you want to make sure that the work of our preceding presidents is not overturned by this fine young man, here's one to append your name to.

And one more little petition that needs to be addressed: NorthWest Airlines wants to quit carrying baby chicks. If they are allowed to do this, most of the chicken breeders in this country will fold and many exotic chickens will be put on the endangered species list. Little crazy chicken farmers like me will be stuck with standard chickens laying standard white eggs. And little girls like this will be hard to find: SnowBall. So, if you'd like to help out, here is another petition: http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/takeaction.asp?emailaddress=slmiller%40tvsonline%2Enet


The Fruits of Summer

Yup, more pictures. The second page of this series has some pictures of more herbs and flowers and some interesting insects and spiders. Many of you have told me how much you like my photos. I'm very happy to share them with you.

(if you don't get a full page of pix, you are not getting
the latest page: go here to learn how to get a new page:
Browser Tips)

The tip of the month is linked through here, but if you don't go here, perhaps you'd like to read about Echinacea (the cone flower), its history and its use: Echinacea.


The second largest industry in the world? Cancer Research. Take cancer research and mix it in with the pharmaceutical and health care industries and you've got yourself an industry larger than the even the oil industry.

Everyone gets rich when you get sick.

Now, if you really want to find a cure for cancer, cut the funding to cancer research. Yup, cut the funding. There is no incentive to find a cure. If someone finds a cure, they've just given themselves a pink slip and a trip to the unemployment line. If we want to find a cure for cancer, we have to offer an incentive to finding a cure. So, let's cut all funding and offer a reward. Then sit back and watch all the breakthroughs come flying in.

Blessings to all,

My thanx to Janet and LeAnn for proofing my ramblings.