The end of profitizing pain and suffering is now.

No more runs for the cure.
No more walks for the cure.

The cure is here and we're going to get it to people who need it.

Latest Update on Dr Sam: Response to Quackwatch.

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Trillions have been spent fighting cancer,
and yet we are no closer to a cure than was the father of medicine, Hippocrates.

Are you tired of walking/running for cancer, donating, and helping out all these so-called charities that get richer and richer while your friends, relatives, and loved ones continue to die from cancer at unprecedented rates?


We Have A Solution

It is time to get funding to a physician outside of the perpetual money-making machine; to get his therapy to people who need it.

Cancer is a money maker. In 2011, WSB-TV Atlanta looked into the American Cancer Society and discovered that the CEO's total compensation was $2.2 million per year. How many cancer cures did this person discover?

Your money, your energy, your hard work was going to fat cats while friends and family were dying.

We want you to do just one more walk. It's here and we're going to get it out. 

Let's Walk This Cure To The People Who Need It

Dr Samir Chahaoua's cancer therapy was described by the UCLA Medical School/Cedars Sinai as the most significant breakthrough in our history. Today his therapy is a quantum leap above what it had been when UCLA/Cedars Sinai had it.

No cancer charity has ever given Dr Sam a penny.



This Bullshit Stops NOW

Our goals:

  • To gather funding and distribute upwards of 80% to Dr Sam for his serum.
  • To get his serum to people who need it.
  • To furnish patients with grants to visit Dr Sam.
  • To educate the public on cancer and the politics of cancer.

To read about our unique methods we will incorporate to reach our goals, go here: Our Methods

To read about how you and your friends can help us out, go here: Your Help

To read about Dr Samir Chachoua, click here: Real Hope

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Know This

As soon as the public learns of us, we will be called quacks and swindlers, because the rules of modern medicine are the same rules of modern politics: Always accuse your opposition of doing exactly what you've been doing all along.

Such is life. Except your host here has worked to help people heal for 25 years and has never taken a cent for his work. They can't ever change that fact.



Documentary Pink Ribbon, Inc.

This is a must see movie. There are a few places you can find it. If you have Apple TV or a ROKU, search for it. You can find it on the Sundance Now Doc Club Channel, GaiamTV, and free on Docuramma. 

You can also purchase it on Amazon or see it for free on Amazon Prime.



Your donation will help people get Dr Sam Chachoua's Therapy

FACT: More than 1,600 people a day each die from cancer.

FACT: Today, if you live long enough you have a 50:50 chance of having cancer.

FACT: In 2014, Reuters reported that the National Cancer Institute's funding averaged $4.9 billion over the previous six years.

FACT: Based on estimates of the National Institutes of Health, overall cost for cancer in the year 2000 was $180.2 billion.

FACT: On December 23, 1971, President Nixon began the war on cancer, signing the National Cancer Act into law.

FACT: Since 1971, Americans have spent over $4 trillion (in today's dollars) fighting cancer.

FACT: Every now and then a news story reports a breakthrough in cancer research, implying that a cure is right around the corner.

FACT: We never actually seem to go around that corner. The cure for cancer never comes.

FACT: News stories of breakthroughs stimulate giving.

FACT: The money keeps rolling in.

FACT: It is more profitable to treat cancer than to cure cancer.

FACT: For "charities," it is more profitable for them to pretend they're doing something than to actually do something.

FACT: This ends now.