Online Friends
Page Four

Say a little prayer for our special people.



Kachites (Diane), the one who keeps our mailboxes full of jokes and prayers.

Rox and her fiancée Marc.

This is Mike (DYFOOTBALL), a long time visitor and supporter in our Cancer Support room.

Jenny (Redbean16) and Teapot303.



Gloria (Whenry2) from Cancer Support Room, with her husband.

Kathy (Chattyob) with her oldest son Brian, Rory, and her husband Tom. Kathy lost her battle with cancer in 1999.

Susan (Sassy33888), a cancer survivor.

OutBackMic, squamous cell nasopharyngeal carcinoma cancer survivor.

Chuck (BathBoy555), Karen (CWell68208) and the dog. Karen is battling breast cancer and winning.

Judy (JUDILOVI), a 3 year cancer survivor and a big supporter.

Marilyn (Ladynamaz) and family (daughters, Marie, Nenny, Franie, niece Teresa) at Hug Fest.

Here's Rob (EsyRider00), a big supporter in the CS room.

Marilyn (Ladynamaz) who says, "If you believe it, it will come true!"

This is Heather (Badnblond1), Quietskies's neighbor. She stopped in one day to give support. Maybe she'll drop by again.