Online Friends
Page Three

Please say a little prayer for our friends.


Rhonda and her baby boy.

My dear friend, Quietskies. When I was in Wash DC, she took me to see the wall. "Thanks, Kid, I really needed your strong shoulder."

This Robbin and Kelly. She is one of the first people I met online. She is a wonderful editor and always finds the typos in my writing.

We lost Rox in July of 2003.

This is an army bud of mine who I discovered online just recently. He flew scouts while I sat up above waiting for him to get into trouble, which he usually did. One day he flew a little too close to a tree and lost a skid. "Welcome home, Bill!"

This is SEIdoor (Sandy). Her daughter suffers from a very rare disease. Sandy is a sweetheart.

SerafinaG lost her daughter to leukemia and is a wonderful supporter of our Cancer Support room.

This is Tonya (top right). She lost her cousin to cancer and comes in to give her support. Her daughter, is the cutest thing you'll find on both sides of the Mississippi.

Our hearts go out to Trisha; she lost her husband to cancer.

Valerie (VVaughn), with her friends. She's the one in the middle.