First Do No Harm

For those trying to contact Dr Sam Chachoua, you need to read this page carefully.

I am Dr Sam's personal journalist/biographer. Most of the time I get things "first." However, my last email to Dr Sam went a little like this: Hey, Sam. Next time you decide to go on HBO, give me a heads up so I can rip my phone out of the wall.

After his appearance on HBO, he's become the busiest physician in the world, possibly the universe. Thus, you can guess that getting Sam to treat you is going to be challenging.

That is why I am writing this; to help you get Sam's treatment.

These are the diseases/disorders Sam can help you with:

  • ALS (he can stop it; he cannot reverse the damage)

  • Cancer/Leukemia

  • Heart Disease

  • Liver Disease

  • Diabetes (type two, not type one)

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Asthma

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Autism (in children; he's not reported yet on his results with adults)

If you have something not in the list you'd like to inquire about, it will take weeks to get a response from him presently.

Because hundreds of people are lined up to see Dr Sam right now, you need to know a few things.

First, Sam's serum is expensive. In 2011 it cost approximately $13,000.00 per dose just to make.  However since 2011, his serum is magnitudes more effective, so the cost of overall treatment has come down. Because Sam and his people are so busy now, we do not know the actual cost per dose today. That you will have to learn from his people.

Here is a video showing you its effectiveness in 2011:

Next, Sam expects payment from everybody. Just as Humane Societies do not let people take pets for free, Sam wants to establish value in this transaction. Let's face it, Sam is giving you back your life. How much is your life worth to you?

And there's another reason. Sam is convinced that the people he cured for free are the same people who've put his life in jeopardy. No good deed goes unpunished.

There is no guarantee. Sam has upwards of a 90%, possibly 95%, success rate. No oncologist has ever given back the thousands of dollars spent on chemo if the patient dies. The only guarantee you have is you are guaranteed not to get better if you don't do something.

The good news is there are were two foundations established to help people get Sam's treatment who cannot afford it. Sam's people will work with you to determine your costs and the amount that will come from the foundations.

There is no clinic. Dr Sam is a target and since it's harder to hit a moving target, Sam has no established clinic.

You will not get to ask Sam any questions. You do not get to interview him. It is up to you to learn all you can about Sam's treatment protocols and his successes, so you should go HERE and start reading.

You will be expected to get Sam your medical history, your latest blood work and latest scans if any. You are expected to work out with Sam's people payment. These must be in a form that can be transmitted via email.

If Sam feels he needs to meet with you, you will be directed by his people how to get in to see Sam. Most of the time, however, the serum is sent to you. Most of the time it's an oral serum and you will take it as instructed. If you need the injectible form, it is up to you to find someone to give you the injections.

Because there are hundreds waiting in line, Sam's people (like myself) are here to screen you. Those who need urgent care go to the front of the line. Also, those who can donate a good chunk of change to the foundations and those who can afford to pay will also go to the head of the line. This is because most people cannot afford the costs and the foundations are quickly being drained. People who can keep the foundations solvent are important to Sam and the rest of us who've given our all for over twenty years.

If you think we're hucksters, you need to read this: Who We Are. If you are too lazy to read that, then you should know that Sam does not charge for his time. He charges only for his serum. And I and the people at this site are non paid volunteers. We have been doing this for over 20 years and have not received one cent for our work. Here is a letter from our accountant stating that fact: Letter. We've been a non profit for many years. We are currently in the process of becoming a charity. This means that donations from companies are tax deductible, but donations from individuals are not. At least, not yet.

Very important. If you are skeptical and do not believe any of the above and need further proof, we advise you to go away and seek conventional help. It's not our job to appease skeptics.

If your company or you yourself wish to donate to our foundation (FACT Foundation for Alternative Cancer Therapies), go here: FACT. We thank you for your generosity and if you need to see Sam, we'll help you.


Sam is sending us his vaccine against HIV. If you have HIV, this will protect the cells that have not been infected against infection. If you don't have HIV, it will protect every cell in your body. You will need to keep in touch because once it arrives we will be selling it to build up our foundation to support Dr Sam.

Also, and this is important, I am working on a book about another cure for HIV/AIDS that has been around for 30 years. Sam is interested in it and wants to look at it under one of his huge microscopes. We do have documentation of 150 cases of full blown AIDS, with herpes complications, completely cleared up using this substance. I am slowly getting around to updating our site and completing a book on this substance, and you might want to get our newsletter because you will be among the first people in the world to see the actual molecule and the actual report out of the WHO study in Belize. Here's a link to the Newsletter. The solution is known as BACO.

Now that you have read the above and are aware of the entire process and what is required of you, you may write us and we will see about going to the next step.


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