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We've shrunk the tiny animated gif files on this page, sacrificing detail, but to allow them to load faster. Just read on as they load (they still take a little time).

First, standing with your feet spread apart, just a bit wider than your shoulders, hands relaxed at your side, begin swinging (turning) your body left and right, allowing your hands and arms to swing about. Then adding just a little momentum to your arms, begin slapping at your body (lightly). Slap your liver, your pancreas, your spleen, your tummy, your kidneys. Let the momentum of your swinging do the slapping. Send love and energy to all your organs. You are waking them up and allowing them to detox old stale energy. Do this for about a minute or so.

Next, we will work on the lymphatic system. Each exercise will be done on both sides (though the animations show only one side). 

Reach across and down and make a loose fist. Tap just above and to the left of the groin area, the large indentation there. Send love and energy to that area. Always keep in mind that intent is the secret to Qigong, the secret to healing. You are stimulating (waking up) your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system protects you against a myriad of diseases, including cancer of the prostate, colon, bladder, uterus, etc. So send it love and energy with every tap. 

Then raise your dangling hand as you tap upwards to your armpit. Again, your lymph nodes there need love and energy and you will awaken them to protect you against breast cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, etc. Tap away. Do this for as long as you feel it necessary. Keep in mind that were we to create an animation that shows exactly what we practice, taking as long as we practice, it would finish loading tomorrow. So spend as much time as you feel it necessary to empower your lymphatic system.

Next we'll work on the heart, lungs, large intestines, small intestines, and sexual organs (triple heater). We made this animation some time ago, and since then, we've changed our technique. Instead of using a loosely closed fist, we now keep the hand open, tapping with then entire hand to cover a larger area.

So, with your hand open, slap (tap, not hard, remember, this shouldn't hurt) at the same position in the picture with your fingers extending to just below the arm pit. This will help to stimulate both the heart and lung meridians. Then turn your free arm palm up. The heart and lung meridians (yin) are on the inside of your arm, extending outward to your fingers. Tap along them out to your fingers, then turn your hand over and work your way back on the outside of the arm. When you get to your shoulders, spend a little time there. You can use a fist or the meaty part of the bottom of your thumb. We Americans tend to hold a lot of stress there. Again, do this as many times as you feel it necessary. 

Now don't forget to do the other side. Some practitioners feel that if you did (say, that last part) three times on your left side, you should do it as many times on your right. 

Next we just want to brush ourselves off.

Pat yourself down your front a couple of times, then raise your left arm and pat down the side starting just below the arm pit. Next do your right side. 

Now we'll focus on the kidneys, and work the kidney meridian, stomach, spleen, bladder, you name it. Bend over and rub both kidneys vigorously. The kidneys are your core energy system. Women are lucky, they have two cores: kidneys and uterus. Men have only their kidneys. So let's take care of them.

Now begin tapping (slapping) down the outside of your legs, then up the inside to your groin. Again, do this as many times as you feel it necessary. When you stand (straighten up), do it in sections: keep your face pointing at the ground, bend your lower back upwards, then your neck and head. This will keep you from getting dizzy, as standing straight up can at once can cause the blood to rush from your head. 

To end your self massage, gather saliva in your mouth, rinse it around, and swallow down. Saliva contains many healing properties we ignore here in the West. It contains immunoglobulins, and since you've just done a loving and healing exercise, they will be very abundant in your saliva.

Massage your entire body. You might want to start with your neck (another place we hold a lot of tension). Then your shoulders. Brush off your arms (outward, downward), your chest, back, sides, then down your legs. Then while standing simply raise each foot and shake it a bit.

Now you can do your affirmations, say a prayer, and hop in the shower and get ready for work. You will very readily discover that you have more energy at work than you've ever had before. Keep up this practice and you will live a full, harmonious, loving, and healthy life.

Happy Qi!

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