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Cancer Loves Sugar

Every doctor learned back in medical school all about Otto Warburg's discovery; a discovery of humongous proportions, because way back in the thirties Otto discovered the main biochemical cause of cancer, or what differentiates a cancer cell from a normal, healthy cell. So big a discovery was this, that Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body's cells by an anaerobic [i.e., oxygen-deficient] cell respiration. -Dr. Otto Warburg

But what else does Warburg's discovery tell us. First off, it tells us that cancer metabolizes much differently than normal cells. Normal cells need oxygen. Cancer cells despise oxygen. In fact, oxygen therapy is a favorite among many of the alternative clinics we've researched.

Another thing this tells us is that cancer metabolizes through a process of fermentation.

If you've ever made wine, you'll know that fermentation requires sugar.

The metabolism of cancer is approximately 8 times greater than the metabolism of normal cells.

Okay, so here is what we can put together knowing the above: The body is constantly overworked trying to feed this cancer. The cancer is constantly on the verge starvation and thus constantly asking the body to feed it. When the food supply is cut off, the cancer begins to starve unless it can make the body produce sugar to feed itself.

The wasting syndrome, cachexia, is the body producing sugar from proteins (you heard it right, not from carbohydrates or fats, but from proteins) in a process called glycogenesis. This sugar feeds the cancer. The body finally dies of starvation, trying to feed the cancer.

Now, knowing that one's cancer needs sugar, does it make sense to feed it sugar? Does it make sense to have a high carbohydrate diet?

The reason Food Therapies for cancer even exist today (beyond the fact that they work) is because someone once saw the connection between sugar and cancer. There are many food therapies, but not a single one allows many foods high in carbohydrates and not a single one allows simple sugars, BECAUSE SUGAR FEEDS CANCER.

Why doesn't your physician tell you this? Hard to tell. Maybe your doctor feels it is his job to cure your cancer, not yours. Maybe because your doctor learned about Warburg, but never put 2 + 2 together; never put nutrition into the equation. Maybe because your physician didn't study nutrition. Heck, as late as 1978, the AMA's official position (found in the Congressional Record) was that nutrition had nothing to do with disease.

However, those who've paid attention to this sugar craving cancer stuff have come up with some remarkable therapies for cancer. Laetrile is just one: the glucose in laetrile is dragged into the cancer cell because of its need for sugar.  Hydrazine Sulfate, which stops the process of glycogenesis in greater than 50% of all patients with cachexia is another.

A Reader's Contribution

Be aware that refined carbohydrates are turned rapidly into sugar (mainly glucose) in the stomach to produce what body builders and others refer to as a “sugar rush”. This prompts the emergency production of insulin to do everything possible to keep blood sugar levels under control including converting excess sugar to fat; all in order to prevent blood sugar from reaching dangerously high levels.

The mechanism behind the sugar rush is simple; after refining, the carbohydrate molecules are much more accessible and of greater surface area than when they are attached to their associated fibre (which is removed during the milling process). The milling process breaks the carbohydrate down into much smaller particles than happens during normal mastication, and thus the increased surface area greatly speeds up their conversion to sugar. By this process, white flour, white sugar and even fruit juices feed cancer.

A little known additional consequence of this sugar rush is that it reverses the normal nutrient/blood flow to the teeth which normally occurs from the inside out. However, the hydraulic pressure inside the teeth reduces to zero, allowing harmful bacteria to attach to the exterior of the teeth and begin their metabolic chemistry which dissolves the enamel and underlying tissues.

Ron More, New Zealand,

A while back (2004), at the University of Minnesota, they were experimenting with a chemotherapy delivered in a "smartbomb." Here's the scoop: the drug is wrapped in a coating that stays intact as it travels through the body, that is until it reaches a location of no oxygen. When it reaches this "no oxygen" location, the coating falls apart releasing the chemotherapy to destroy the cancer, because the only place in your body where there is no oxygen is the cancer site.

Laetrile, as noted above, is a natural smartbomb; though not approved by the FDA. 

The results of the 2004 UofMN study must have been have been buried. Nothing exists on it. There are, however, lots of recent articles on cancer smart bombs:

Then there are the food therapies: aimed at starving cancer. Knowing what cancer loves, the cancer patient avoids them. Cancers likes cooked foods over raw (cooking destroys enzymes and heat sensitive vitamins), so check out our article on the cancer diet. And, do not forget, cancer loves sugar. If you dislike your cancer, then don't feed it.

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