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UV Light
Rediscovering the healing power of the sun.

You have been warned: wear hats, slather your skin with sun screens, the stronger the better, and don't forget to wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

We debunk these myths, show you how important the sun is to proper health, show you how water borne illnesses are wiped out by UV Light, and go on to show you a safe and effective therapy using UV Light. We've talked about this therapy previously, Photoluminescence, but this time we go into it even deeper and we list even more locations that offer it. Additionally, we now have an American company making the equipment. Tell your physician. It's safe, legal, and more powerful than antibiotics and it boosts immune function.

UV Light - Introduction

UV Light - Versus Chlorination

UV Light - Photoluminescence Therapy






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