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Products for Cardiovascular Wellness
From our book Bypassing Bypass, published in 2002

There is a ton of crap on the market. Everyone wants to make a buck, and the word holistic is a catch phrase, a hook, but slowly it becomes an empty, meaningless word. (See What is Holism.)

We cannot advise you on what to take or not to take, but we will tell you our favorites. It is up to you, working with a professional, to find your own program, maintain it, and reach your goals. There's a saying: “Obstacles are what you see when you drop your focus from your goals.”

The following are listed in no particular order. Many of the companies listed have been in contact with us and have been kind enough to furnish us with extensive literature on the effectiveness of their products in laboratory or clinical studies. We have tried many all of the products listed, and you can presume that the order they are presented to you are from the most familiar, most liked, to least familiar, and we really can't say anything about it beyond what we've been told.

Omegasentials™ is our favorite product. It is a food. Let your medicine be your food. This medicine/food saves lives, period.

Omegasentials™ takes Dr Johanna Budwig’s work and builds on it raising the bar on all nutritional supplementation.

Omegasentials™ is a Minnesota product. Omega-3 fatty acids have a long history here in Minnesota: they were first discovered at the University of Minnesota in the late twenties, and some 20 years later were named “Omega-3” fatty acids.

Stan Mann is the genius behind Omegasentials™. He invented a process for stabilizing milled flaxseed (it normally goes rancid in just fifteen minutes at room temperature). To this he added rice bran, many other nutritional co-factors to aid in fatty acid uptake (bioavilability) and metabolism such as magnesium, B6, B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, plus antioxidant spectrums to help control the living fire that is created when your cells are suddenly hit with this “super” oxidative nutrition. When cells find super nutrition, they dump their toxins immediately and without antioxidants to help clean up, you could get sick and feel terribly rotten from this process.

Stan is constantly improving the product. For instance, Stan is a Vegan. He does not eat any animal products. However, he realizes how important DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eiocosapentaenoic acid) is to proper brain function and so he has added a them to the Omegasentials™. DHA and EPA are “fish oils.” Just recently he’s informed us that he’s added enzymes to it to make it even more bioavailable (it is already water-soluble) and increase the uptake speed.

Omegasentials are available to our readers (and any lucky surfer to run across their site) at a discount. Simply the Best is the name of the company, and the name, Simply the Best came about because of our discovery of Omegasentials, which we called in an early paper on it, “simply the best form of omega-3s on this planet.”

Standard Process Labs is one of the best vitamin companies in the world. They might even be the best. Everything they produce comes from organic foods. They’ve been around a long, long time, making the best vitamins in the world. However, you can purchase them only from a licensed health care practitioner. Now Dr Bruce West has arranged with us to send you a special report on Heart Health (which was updated while we were writing this) that shows you his recommendations. You can then order his protocols (consisting of vitamins and supplements from Standard Process Labs) as long as you are under the care of a professional health care provider. He and we do not approve of self-diagnosing or self-treating. Contact Immune Systems, at 800.231.8063. This is Dr West’s company and they will help you get started.

Wobenzym® and Rutozym™ are already covered quite well in this publication. What more can we say about them? Enzymes are the sparks of life. No chemical action or reaction can take place in your body without enzymes. The human body was designed to be a self-healing organism, but the condi- tion of our environment today has pushed our bodies to their limits. These systemic enzymes will help to clear up the junk in our bodies, and clean up our thick, hypercoagulable blood. Every sick person must be on systemic enzymes, and every well person should too, if only to prevent chronic degenerative disease.

Matthias Rath, Inc. produces all of Dr Rath’s Cellular Medicine formulas we’ve listed throughout this publication. Here they are again:

Vitacor Plus — The Basic Vitamin Program for Everyone! This is the foundation of the Cellular Health Program and should be used alone or in combination with one of the following specialty formulas:

Relacor — A daily dietary supplement designed to support the normal process of blood pressure.

Enercor — A daily dietary supplement developed to optimize function of the heart muscle cells.

Diacor — A daily dietary supplement developed to optimize the body’s carbohydrate metabolism.

Metavicor — A daily dietary supplement developed to regulate fat metabolism and homocysteine production.

Immunocell — A dietary supplement designed to support the formation of blood cells and support cellular immune integrity.

Femiforte — A daily dietary supplement designed for women of all ages to support bones and joints.

ProLysinC — A daily dietary supplement designed to support the cellular health and stability of connective tissue in the body.

LysinC-Drink Mix — A dietary supplement designed to provide essential nutrients to maintain healthy connective tissue in the body.

VitaCforte — A balanced vitamin C dietary supplement with bioflavonoids.

Macrobalance Drink Mix — A daily dietary supplement designed to aid in regularity and weight management.

Arteriforte — A daily dietary supplement developed to support the strength and flexibility of blood vessel walls.

You can write to Matthias Rath, Inc, 2901 Bayview Drive Fremont, CA 94538, or call Toll Free 1-800-624-2442 or visit his website at:

Longevity Plus is the company for which Dr Garry Gordon is the full time consultant. They produce some very high quality products that, as Dr Gordon puts it, give you the biggest bang for the buck. He is enamored of Dr Rath’s fine work, he promotes other products outside of those at Longevity Plus, and he uses many fine products, including the ones he has designed.

His latest creation is FYI or For Your Inflammation which is designed to be used to complement Wobenzym®. He’s also created RM10 which is a proprietary mushroom blend that boosts the immune system, but unlike echinacea which you can take for a while, but then you must give it a break, RM-10 can be used daily.

Longevity Plus makes some very good products, using the best science and the best available forms of the vitamins. They also have tapes that are extremely informative. Just call or write them and ask for a catalog of their products. Longevity Plus, 800-580-7587 708 E. Hwy 260, Bldg. C-2, Payson, AZ 85541 (

Strauss Heart Drops from Strauss Herb Company were developed by Jim Strauss to heal his own failing heart. After a heart attack and facing bypass surgery, Jim Strauss decided to concoct his own formula combining herbs that supported a healthy heart and circulatory system. Today he shares his heart drops with thousands of people who support his work with amazing testimonials; many of them telling us how they bypassed bypass surgery. The formula? Garlic, cayenne, bilberry, motherwort, hawthorne berries, hawthorne leaves, white willow bark, and fruit drops. In Minnesota, you can call 763.574.0291 to get started, or go to The entire story is there at their web site.

Dr Richard Schulze’s Special Cayenne Tincture contains the fresh juice of Organic Habanero peppers, California Jalapeño, African Bird Peppers, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese peppers and should be in every first aid pack. Just as Dr Christopher learned that he could stop a heart attack in under a minute with a cup of cayenne tea, Dr Richard Schulze found that his tincture of Capsicum from mixed hot peppers can do the same. Is it hot? You bet. And as we pointed out earlier, Dr Schulze tells us, “You cannot die of a heart attack with a red face.”

Dr Schulze often tells the story of how he was waiting for a patient who was late, when he chanced to look out the window and saw his patient, in the front seat of his car, mouth open and passed out. He grabbed his tincture and ran to the car, whipped open the door and squirted two shots into his patient’s open mouth. He pulled the patient forward so he wouldn’t choke on the liquid (it doesn’t have to go down your throat to work) and got him to the hospital. En route, the patient woke up with tears in his eyes. Upon examination at the hospital, the patient was released with no apparent heart damage. Dr Schulze’s company is called the American Botanical Pharmacy and their phone number is 800-HERBDOC; web site: . He even has a free newsletter for you.

Heart Food Company makes the Heart Food Caps. The company was started by one of our hometown families from Minnesota, Dick and Paula Quinn. Dick’s story is interesting. He wrote it up in a book his wife Paula sent us called Left for Dead. He started the Heart Food Company to help others heal themselves. They make a good product, it’s found in nearly all health food stores, and if you can’t find it just call 1.800.CAYENNE.

In Paula’s own words: My credentials are limited to having been the wife of Dick Quinn, author of the best selling book Left for Dead and founder of the company I now operate, The Heart Foods Company, Inc. Dick discovered the healing benefits of cayenne after an emergency bypass failed to help his broken heart. As Dick would say, “First I had a heart attack and then I was subjected to an “attack on the heart” more commonly referred to as coronary bypass surgery.” Through a series of events chronicled in his book, Dick discovered the more natural way of healing. His desire to heal his heart through natural means was the beginning of his quest to discover what herbalists had known for years, namely, that given the proper nutrition the body has the ability to heal itself. Dick continued this journey which I referred to as his “magnificent obsession” until the day he died. He was a man of great conviction and literally sacrificed his life for what he believed in.

A lot has been written and documented about the healing benefits of cayenne; that’s why at The Heart Foods Company we use the premiere pepper, 130,000 heat unit African Birdseye. The value of African Birdseye cayenne is supported in Dr. John Christoper’s book Capsicum. The Heart Foods Company continues to manufacture Dick’s original high potency cayenne formulas exactly as Dick did. We believe that if the nutrients found in cayenne are what your body needs you will feel the difference. Be good to your heart and give us a call at 800-CAYENNE (800-229-3663) or visit our website,

Care Diem is the product of Aspen Benefits Group. It is the toctrienol form of vitamin E. It is cardio protective, helps reverse atherosclerosis, thins the blood, and helps to lower your cholesterol. You can order Care Diem by calling 800.539.5195 or by visiting their web pages at:

PalmVitee is a form of toctrienol that is distilled from palm oil. In one small study, 92 percent of the people taking PalmVitee after suffering a stroke experienced no further progression (28% actually improved). PalmVitee can be ordered from CompassioNet at 800.510.2010 or at their web site:

Freeze-Frame is five-step relaxation technique that creates entrainment of your nervous system. The results are so spectacular, that our military has trained thousands of officers at it (even more corporate officers are flying to the training center in California to learn it).

The HeartMath Institute, along with Stanford University, conducted some intense leading-edge research between the heart and brain and the ways in which this relationship affects physical, mental and emotional health and human performance. The results of these studies are no less than astounding. The results of these studies is called Freeze-Frame, a 60 second cure for high blood pressure while boosting your immune system, and ridding yourself of headaches, indigestion, insomnia, heartburn, and more.

The field of psychoneuroimmunology took a quantum leap at the HeartMath Institute when results of increased energy and mental clarity were flowing in from all who had learned this very simple technique. The Freeze-Frame program can be ordered by calling 800.450.9111 or by going to their web site:

We hope to review the product of the HeartMath institute in the near future.

We ask all those reading this to send us their favorite product for cardiovascular wellness. Contact us and we promise to check it out.

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