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Confessions of an FDA Employee


As you are aware, I am retired from the FDA, so you know how important it is that my anonymity be protected.

For six or seven years I was in pain. Whenever I went to my physician, I got pain pills and muscle relaxants. After years of complaining, I was told that my pain was all in my head. My wife finally convinced me to see another physician.

After a battery of tests, I finally got my diagnosis: fibromyalgia.

Then, nearly a year later, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctors said that it was so slow growing that I could have had it for years.

Knowing what I know from the work I once did, I knew there was little hope among conventional medicine, so I began my quest. I found your article on Prostate Cancer and I liked your honesty.

One of your newsletters hit home when you made the connection between fibromyalgia and cancer. Itís the yeast. So I started reading about alkalizing and 714X.

I read about the raspberries and wrote to you telling you how hard it was to get anything organic in my neck of the woods (the South ó and it will NOT rise again).

How surprised I was when you sent me that raspberry extract. When you said you were sending me something, I thought it would be a book or a CD. 

In your next newsletter, you told me about your latest discovery, alkaline water.

Well, I put it all together: my body is acidic and the yeast has started to flourish. It suppresses my immune system, takes over the body and works its way into the fabric (muscles). My prostate cancer is just another side effect of having a messed up immune system and messed up terrain.

Well, David, Iím happy to report to you that I am nearly 100%. I am truly feeling better than I have in years, and at 63, thatís something.

Iíve joined a health club. I play racquetball and tennis, and I lift weights and walk a mile a day. I still have some pain in my back, but that has subsided immensely.

My pH is 7.0. I do all the things youíve written about and my oncologist says ďItís a miracle.Ē My PSA originally went up when I began the Alkaline water but you told me that might happen. But now my PSA is quite normal, and the prostate tumor is smaller than a pea and still shrinking. I told my oncologist that the only miracle was that I found someone who knew more about cancer than the medical schools. He looked harshly at me asking, "And who would that be?" I answered, "Me."

I am no longer on his Christmas Card list.

I want to thank you and all your work for giving this old man the best retirement money could never buy. Thank you for all your hard work.


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