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New hope for cancer patients.
New hope for brain cancer patients.

The original article was first published in two parts in our online newsletter and is presented here with hardly any modification though a bit of duplication from part one to part two.

This new chemotherapy has shown promise in reversing all cancers, even multiple myeloma (bone cancer) and pancreatic cancer, however, for brain cancers, this is the first chemotherapy to break the blood brain barrier.

For a packet of information on this new chemotherapy, call 800-960-6760. For $6.95 you’ll get a basic packet of information, and for $24.95 you’ll get Dr Garnett’s book, First Pulse - A Personal Journey in Cancer Research and a video. This information is priceless, and though I don’t quite understand everything that Dr Garnett writes in his book, his writing is clear, precise, and nearly magical. The illustrations are paintings by his daughter.

To sum up what I know so far, it took Dr Merrill Garnett 30 years of intensive investigation to come up with this new compound. Dr Garnett, by the way, began his career as a dentist. After being released from the Navy, it hit him that he wanted more than ever to research cancer and find a cure and from the very beginning, he wanted to do this in the least toxic possible way.

This came about when he realized that, "The tumor is neutral. . . ." Anyone who’s had cancer does not view cancer this way. It’s a disease, it’s trying to kill me, it’s bad, it’s filthy, it's horrible. But as a scientist, he realized that it was not bad, not malevolent, but something to be understood. It was with this attitude that, "I thought I might as well find out how this thing was put together. It was at this point that I determined to restore the normal, rather than poison the abnormal."

Almost as an aside, he states: "I always knew there would have to be a departure from the poison-of-the-month club."

Now cancer is simply a normal cell that has gone awry. Something goes awry in its genetic code and, cut off from the correct path, it begins to grow out of control. In a healthy body, these cells are quickly destroyed by an alert immune system. But if the immune system is busy battling toxins, food and other allergies, heavy metals and the like, or is shut down because of stress, then the cancer takes off.

Dr Garnett states that if these sick cells just died, we’d have no problem. The problem is, they are sick, they are weak, but they are very much alive and they go out of their way to hide from the immune system. Like every cell in your body, cancer cells want to live. They have a survival instinct.

So Dr Garnett began reading Otto Warburg who was the first to describe the metabolic processes of cancer cells (and was awarded the 1931 Nobel Prize for medicine). The trouble was, Warburg had yet to be translated into English. So, with a German/English dictionary in hand, Dr Garnett set out to re-discover what Warburg had discovered a decade earlier.

When he finally understood Warburg’s work, he felt firmly within his entire being that the process by which cancer’s energy is cut off could be reversed, and this became his ultimate goal for the next three decades. Cancer is a "low" living form. It loves glucose (sugar) and metabolizes without oxygen (like many other primitive life forms including a host of bacteria and viruses). At that time his journey began, the conventional approach to cancer was, as he relates: "…to stop the growth of cancer we are forced to stop the entire organism in its tracks and bring it to the point of death." At the end of this journey, Dr Garnett states: "We’re going to put back what is missing in a non-toxic way; we’re going to complete the electrogenetic pulse that’s found in all higher living forms, in our cells, and in our physiology."

His 30-year journey reminds me of Thomas Edison’s search for the perfect filament. At one point Edison was asked if he ever got tired of failing. He responded that he hadn’t failed, but on the contrary, he knew thousands of things that didn’t work. Edison tried over ten thousand filaments before arriving at tungsten. At one point, Dr Garnett realized that his concoction would need a metal base. Like Edison, there were many metals to choose from, except that unlike Edison’s experiments, at the cellular level, metals change their properties depending on what they’re attached to. Also unlike Edison’s experiments which could produce only one result, Dr Garnett, along the way, published some of his results that lent further understanding to epilepsy and diabetes, leaving open the door to their eventual cures.

Dr Garnett eventually found his metal: palladium. It costs three times the price of gold. He found his energy: he created a molecular electronic device. The name of his chemotherapy is Poly-MVA. Poly for polynucleotide reductase (I’ll explain this as soon as I understand it) and MVA stands for minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

It is both water and fat soluble, which means it can cross the blood brain barrier. It is a powerful antioxidant that actually turns the toxins released by cancer into energy. Whereas standard chemotherapy drains most people of energy, people taking Poly-MVA find increased energy, improved appetite, weight gain, and increased strength. They also require less pain medication. To paraphrase the car commercial, "No, this is not your father’s chemotherapy."

Before I leave you and go back to researching this wonderful new therapy, I want you to know that there is no known toxicity level. It is available over-the-counter. You may go online and read testimonials from people who’ve conquered their cancers using Poly-MVA, many of whom were told to go home and get their things in order.

Do not expect your doctor to know about this new therapy. The patent is owned by Dr Garnett and his family, and Poly-MVA is sold by a little company out of San Diego (Advanced Medicine & Research Center, Inc. or AMARC) that is run by two men who both lost their wives to cancer: Dr Albert Sanchez, founder of AMARC and Gary Matson, chief cook and bottle washer. 

One more thing, Poly-MVA is not cheap. It costs a lot less than that chemotherapy your HMO is pushing (even though it costs just pennies to make) but Poly-MVA is made from something that costs more than gold. The average treatment lasts 4 months. The protocol is still in flux since it is presently being studied, but so far, here is what they recommend:

4 tsp daily for one week, then consult your physician 
(contact AMARC for a list of physicians using Poly-MVA)
whether or not to decrease or increase your dosage. 

Physicians have reported a better overall 
sense of well being, improved appetite and 
relief from symptoms with patients who ingest 
8 tsp of Poly- MVA daily for one to two months 
compared to 4 tsp. daily. This is especially 
appropriate in dealing with aggressive or late stage cancers.. 

This entire protocol, for four months costs just right around $3,000.00. Now, there are all sorts of rip-offs out there charging less or more than the people at Advanced Medical Research Center, the people who distribute Poly-MVA. They’ve turned up a lot of garbage labeled Poly-MVA that isn’t even close. So please be careful. AMARC will get it to you as cheaply as they can; they will follow your progress, they want to help, and they need your feedback.

To receive E-Mail Brochures immediately on this new chemotherapy as well as information on how to order it or the packet of scientific research on Poly-MVA, call 800.960.6760. And be sure to visit www.polymva.net. Then find the link for the testimonials. You might get lucky and read about Steve Chaney, Mushtaq Ahmed, and James Broullier who were given up as hopeless and were assigned to a hospice. With Poly-MVA they became the first patients ever to get up and leave that hospice.


Part II

Contents of Poly-MVA 

Lipoic Acid
Vitamin B-1-HCL
Vitamin B-2
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin A
Acetyl Cysteine
Formyl Methionine

In an attempt to truly understand the action of Poly-MVA,  I've re-read his book, re-watched his video, sent off dozens of letters to scientists, friends, and psychics. I've even spent some time on the phone with Gary Matson who left his high paying job to help distribute this medicine. He is very dedicated. He lost his wife to cancer.

So, do I now understand how Poly-MVA works? Like little Johnny whose mother suspects him and calls out, "Johnny, are you spitting in the fish bowl?" Like little Johnny, I have to answer, "Nope, but I'm getting close."

Dr Garnett spent 30 years searching for a compound that would either transfer a charge from a cell to the compound or transfer a charge to the cell from the compound. He wasn't sure at first which action he was looking for, but working steadily for thirty years on a biological problem has the added benefit of allowing one to delve into the philosophy of life itself, even if it is at a cellular level. In his book, First Pulse, he asks the question, "What is life." He'd seen so many parts of it in his microscope. But which part was life?

Then it hit him, his compound would transfer a charge to the human cancer cell, because life is the transfer of energy.

If you'll take a look at our article on Qigong, you'll find that though the Chinese study anatomy, their physicians never dissected a cadaver. Why? Because Chinese medicine is about the "life force" and there is no life force in a cadaver. That life force? It's called Qi (pronounced chee). Qi is energy.

Later in Dr Garnett's book he states, "The energy runs downhill. And down at the end of the hill is oxygen, with a tremendous hunger for electrons." If you've already read the story on Johanna Budwig, you'll smile at this statement here, because she said practically the same thing.

After mixing some 20,000 compounds, Dr Garnett came upon palladium. Within a very short time, because of all he'd learned from his previous compounds, he knew he was on to something, that this was the metal he needed. He began mixing compounds, the ones that stabilized (in which the palladium remained a part of the solution rather than settling on the bottom) he tested on mice with tumors.

He found he could transfer a charge. With a bit of experimentation he could transfer it at the rate he needed. And one day, his mice stopped dying.

He examined the cancer cells in his mice and they were all set on self-destruct. The healthy cells were unharmed. It had taken thirty years, but now the end was in site. He discovered that the transfer of energy caused a three and a half degree rise in his "cultures," in other words, a fever. He wanted to buffer his solution so as not to cause a fever.

Now, as a student of natural medicine, I find that a fever at this point is not a bad thing, in fact, it would be a good thing. Why? Well, for one thing, we are destroying cancer cells and this mess has to be cleaned up. Yes, some are reverting to normal, healthy cells, but many are being destroyed. The lymphatic system cleans up this mess. Yes, Dr Garnett's Poly-MVA has antioxidants and other things to help clean up this mess, but with every degree rise in temperature the lymphatic system moves twice as fast. With a three and a half degree rise in temperature, the lymphatic system is moving 12 times faster. My choice would be to keep the fever and clean it all up as soon as possible. However, when Dr Garnett set out, he aimed at a nontoxic chemotherapy. If it caused a fever, it was not entirely nontoxic. So, he and his son solved the problem quite nicely transferring both a positive charge and a negative charge at the same time, opposite charges, and there was no heat built up in this exchange.

Dr Garnett then, while applying for a patent, registered his solution as a supplement (antioxidant) in Mexico. This was one smart move. Had the makers of Anvirzel registered their formula as a food supplement before claiming it cured cancer, it would be available today. Instead it is being studied at one location in the US and can be purchased only if you fly down to Honduras. Anvirzel is nontoxic too. But still, you cannot buy it in the US. Go figger.

The cost for an aggressive 2 month protocol is $3,600.00. If you find this expensive, you've not yet been extorted by modern medicine. We pay for drugs twice in America. Our tax dollars go into their research, and when they are prescribed, we pay again. We pay outrageous prices. As Dick Quinn writes in Left For Dead, the FDA has guaranteed the drug companies monopolies, "so they can extort money from the dying."

$3,600.00 is not that hefty a price tag, and if you order it all at one time, you will get 10 bottles of Poly-MVA for $3,300.00. The distributors, when they took over the company seven years ago, were selling one bottle of Poly-MVA for $720.00. They eventually lowered the price to $360.00 wholesale. And when you purchase it, you get Clodronate along with your order for free. Dr Sanchez too lost his wife to cancer. He is very dedicated and is obstinately willing to do anything to save a life. 

Update 3/16/09: We've found that the price of Poly has dropped immensely since we originally wrote this article and you can get it for an amazing price. Just click on the bottle.

However, the best thing is this: no known side effects. No one has yet had a negative side effect from Poly-MVA. And even though many people who've used Poly-MVA have since succumbed to their cancer, not one family member has written back to AMARC with anything other than praise for this compound. Even while their dying loved one, ravaged by their cancer or by their therapy, having gone just too far to return, relatives still wrote to AMARC that they were thankful for the extra time and comfort their loved one had received using Poly-MVA.

While taking Poly-MVA, because it needs free radicals to be fully active (and transform them into energy) you must keep your vitamin C intake to 100mg/day (1000 mg/day maximum) and vitamin E at no higher than 400IU/day. The alpha lipoic acid in Poly-MVA helps to clean up the mess as it is a very powerful antioxidant. Keep all antioxidants to a minimum while using Poly-MVA. (Go to www.polymvasurvivors.com for other recommendations, or call 888-547-8020. Look in the section titled ABOUT POLY MVA.)

Poly-MVA is being administered to Cancer Patients by over 100 Medical Doctors throughout the U.S. in EMERGENCY CASES. Once these EMERGENCY CASES and other necessary requirements have been met, the results will be given to the FDA for approval to start FDA Trials. Dr. Garnett is in the process of moving into an FDA compliant clean room. Outside the US Poly-MVA is being used widely with great results in Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, South America, and Europe.

As stated previously, even Dr Garnett doesn't yet know all that Poly-MVA is doing at a cellular level. He is transferring an electron to the DNA. Thus the compound is described as a DNA Reductase. However there is evidence that it can repair genes damaged by cancer. Once inside the cell, Poly-MVA interferes with the particular energy metabolism (anaerobic) of the cancer cell by changing the tumor's cell properties. No harm occurs in normal cells.

I had only one problem with Poly-MVA and that was the palladium. Palladium is listed as a potent carcinogen. However, the palladium is "sequestered" within the compound as cobalt is sequestered in a B vitamin complex. And like the B vitamin complex, Poly-MVA is water soluble. It is also oil soluble, but it is water soluble, meaning we pass it within 24 hours. So, we know it is safe, and after receiving tons of testimonials, we also know that Poly-MVA is a potent weapon against cancers and especially brain tumors, most of which have had only prayer up till now.

Currently the people who are distributing Poly-MVA are creating a database of survivors and at the same time, trying to discover why it works at times and why it doesn't work at other times. So far, they can say that it is least likely to work on patients with high levels of steroids and/or a poor immune system. Patients who've undergone lots of radiation or a have been through a battery of chemotherapies would be smart to attempt to rebuild their immune systems before starting or while taking Poly-MVA. Additionally, in brain tumors, once the tumor gets to the brain stem, Poly-MVA is not as effective. It has been theorized by Dr Steven Sinatra that this is because the brain stem has few blood vessels; there is limited delivery to this point. Personally I would investigate measures to potentiate the Poly-MVA such as DMSO (for penetration) or Aloe Vera, or possibly cayenne pepper (which potentiates anything it's taken with) or perhaps administering the Poly-MVA using Insulin Potentiation Therapy. These are just a few of the possible routes to try in the future, while Dr. Sinatra has suggested that perhaps CoQ10 would help with the absorption difficulty.

One more thing, and this is interesting: Poly-MVA is being used successfully by people who do not have cancer, but rather who have MS, Endometriosis, Chronic Fatigue and more. There is one case of a complete remission in a person with ALL (Leukemia)  in just four weeks. You must read these stories at www.polymvasurvivors.org. There are a lot of people alive today who would not be if it weren't for Poly-MVA

The Survivors Website: www.polymvasurvivors.org  is not owned by AMARC and functions as an Independent Informational Site. Therefore it is the best source for detailed scientific information and anecdotal testimonies. The site also contains an extensive Practitioners List by state and country.

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