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Fran's Story

My Story:

In April 2001 I discovered a large lump on my left breast. Went to the doctors, biopsy done and sure enough, I had cancer. 5 cm tumor, Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Malignant.

Sent to Boston. Had first evaluation. As soon as examination was done, doctor suggested that he could get me into some “trails”. He kept on suggesting it during the exam and during time he ordered additional tests Went and had more tests. Cancer had not spread. Did not hear from him for over two weeks, so went for another opinion.

This time, there was a “team”. Surgeon, oncologist and radiation specialists. They all told me what I should do. Oncologist told me I had 12 months to live. Wanted me to have chemo to reduce the size of the tumor so that they could do surgery. I went home startled and scared. Didn’t know anything about cancer.

Started reading, looking things up on the internet. Then, called someone we knew, who had passed away, but her husband told me about “black salve” and who to call. Eventually decided to try the black salve.

Got a friend, who was a nurse, to stay with me for the treatment, which took several months. I was very ill, very painful, but eventually the tumor did come out, as I had been told would happen. Went back to Boston to the doctor. Surgeon told me, very good, but the cancer was spreading faster than I could get it. The oncologist still told me I had 12 months to live. Went back home to decide.

I now know that there was no proof that the cancer was spreading. For all we know, the cancer was gone and that was that.

Since I was scared to death from what the surgeon had told me, I decided, with the encouragement from my daughter to do chemo. I received Taxol. For 11 weeks I got treatment. I was fortunate, I did not get sick, but I did loose all my hair. I was taking a lot of vitamins at the time, and I believe this helped me a lot. The nurses told me the doctor would not approve of my taking vitamins during treatment. I told them I was doing it anyway.

Eventually, I showed the oncologist the pictures of the black salve treatment and showed him how I had gotten rid of the tumor. He said “it really didn’t happen that way”. Now I knew who was in denial! I got out of there, and I have not returned even though they kept calling me at home to come back to finish my treatment. In addition, I got a copy of my records, and reading them, I found out that the oncologist was still recommending a mastectomy versus a lumpectomy. The surgeon had seen the results from the black salve and had agreed to a lumpectomy followed by radiation, but not the oncologist.

I have since discovered that this oncologist should never have told me I had 12 months to live because at that time my cancer had not metastasized. At this time I had tests to see if I was estrogen positive/negative and the Her2Neu test. I was given Femara to take and told by the oncologist that I would have to take it for several years. Found this strange since he has always told me I would be dead in 12 months!

After the Taxol treatment, I had more tests. It was at this time that I found that I now had bone cancer. It is my belief that it was the chemotherapy caused it. I now had worse problems; I had cancer in my lower spine, sacrum and ileum.

Although I kept taking supplements, juicing, changed diet, ESSIAC tea, and anything we thought would be helpful, I decided it wasn’t enough. It was at this time that I decided to go to Mexico for treatment at one of the clinics there. I chose Stella Maris, Dr Alverez, who is well known. I was there for about 4 weeks.

Once I returned home, I stayed on his protocol. I also kept a better diet, took supplements and did some juicing. I was doing ok since the cancer was not spreading.

I eventually went to Ireland for a treatment called CLT Therapy. It was expensive, but after checking into it and speaking with a doctor in Boston who had tried it, I decided to go. I was there for about two weeks.

This treatment did not work. Actually it didn’t do anything and we have found out that the doctor there was a fraud.

Came home and kept the schedule I had before, supplements, diet, juicing, fresh air, etc. I also had regular checkups with a new doctor I had closer to home. This oncologist worked with me and ordered needed testing to keep track of my cancer.

Eventually we found that the bone cancer was spreading a little and the tumor in my breast was returning.

Since I had good results in Mexico, I decided to look into it again. This time, I had spoken with a friend who has worked with cancer patients for years, as she was a cancer survivor. She recommended a clinic in Tijuana and one in Mettamoris Mexico. Since my finances were not good, I decided to go to the one in Mettamoris, Mexico. It was less expensive and the doctor there had years of experience and good results. I had called and spoken to some of his patients.

After spending almost two months there I returned home to find that the treatment he had given me was not what he had promised and what I had expected. What I found when I got a copy of my records is that he gave me “chemo” shots and “steroids”. Now I knew why I was not feeling well. For the first time since I had my bone cancer I have had pain, and the pain has been increasing. In addition, the tumor in my breast is growing and spreading. 

I have spent the past few months getting chelation, taking supplements, and trying to stay on a good diet. I have been on pain medication and increasingly getting stronger meds for the pain. Since I have had so many IV’s, I have had to have surgery in order to put a “port” in to receive more chelation.  In the meanwhile, I am also getting “zometa” once a month from the oncologist in order to build the strength in my bones.

Since one of my friends who has cancer has told me about Balance 1, 2 and Electrolized water, I decided to try these along with her. I am doing that presently, but have not been able to discern whether or not is helping since I have spent the past two weeks ill with the flu.

It doesn’t seem as if anything I am doing lately is working since I find that I am getting much worse, most likely the result of the chemo destroying my immune system. Since I have been fortunate enough not to have had any bone pain for almost 2 ½ years, I am now having all those symptoms. On my last visit to my oncologist, she suggested I get my affairs in order and asked me if my family knew how ill I was. Her repeated suggestion, even though she did say it would not cure me, but it would stop the cancer in my spine for awhile and perhaps prevent me from becoming paralyzed, is to have radiation and perhaps chemo. She has also recommended Tamoxifin or another drug what is for estrogen positive patients. All of which I have declined.

I am now trying to decide what to do. My alternative doctor continues to recommend chelation, and supplements, mainly enzymes, coq10, and other vitamins, etc. he gives me. I am not finding that this is helping me since I have been doing if for sometime and I am not getting better at all.

That’s where things are at now, trying to figure out what to do next. Have some Poly-MVA to take, looking into ozone treatment, maybe going back to Tijuana, trying oleander soup, perhaps OPC.


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