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Revolutionary New Cancer Screening Test

In June 2000 the FDA approved a new cancer screening test called DR-70. It is a simple blood test the screens for 13 different cancers all at the same time. Clinical studies have been conducted all over the world and the results showed that it detected cancers of the lung, colon, stomach, liver, pancreas, rectum, ovaries, esophagus, cervix, uterus, thyroid, breast and even malignant lymphoma. The test is simple, non invasive, and costs right around $100.

You will have to ask your doctor for this. Odds are s/he might not have heard of it. If s/he hasn't heard of it, the phone number to AMDL, Inc., the company that developed it, is 714-505-4460, or you can go to their web site at www.amdl.com