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Weight Loss
A Multi Billion Dollar Industry!

Anti-Marketing Campaign: We are not going to appeal to your emotions. We will not make you feel bad in order to make a sale. We are not going to demand you order now. We are not going to tempt you with extras and an exaggerated price tag slashed if you order now. We are going to give you good information at a reasonable price. I've just received an email with this subject: (Last Day) $2,049.00 fatburning system...for $67!

What bull!

There is no magic weight loss pill. There is only hype.

All over the web you'll find links to weight loss secrets. The teaser is never answered (eg., "Four Foods That Fight Fat"), but you will get a pitch and a special deal (Regularly $169.99 but today only $49.99) and within a week they'll want you to buy more and more and more. And they never tell you the 4 foods that fight fat!

I've bought every weight loss program I've come across over the past three years. I've read over 20 books on weight loss. I've tried all the diets. I've tried all the exercises.

There are scientific weight loss formulas. They involve keeping your blood sugar levels under control, keeping your hormones balanced, and keeping your body free of toxins, healthy, and balanced. 

You can starve off the pounds, but you will not be healthy and your body will bounce right back. I know this, I've been on a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain for the past seven years.

Well, this is over. I've put together everything I've learned into a diet and exercise plan that has knocked over 30 pounds of weight off my body in less than 30 days. I am now maintaining my weight, eating foods I like, but still following a few simple rules.

And I've written up all the secrets in this booklet.

Reasons NOT to Purchase My Book

  1. You hate to cook. (If you want to eat processed or genetically modified foods and don't have time to save your life, eat healthy, and spend some time in the kitchen, this book is not for you.)

  2. You want to save money. (If you are not worth ONLY THE BEST FOODS, this is not for you.)

  3. You don't have time to exercise. (You'll learn right away that dieting without exercise is a waste of time. Weight loss is all about total health and wellness. If you don't have time for you, then this is not for you.)

How This Program Works & What You Will Learn

As all my readers know, everything we publish at this site is based upon science. This diet and exercise plan is no exception.

The diet is planned to keep your blood sugar levels from spiking. When blood sugar levels go up, fat is not burned but stored.

The exercises are designed to help you burn fat up to 36 hours after you stop exercising. (No, that is not a misprint: up to 36 hours after you stop exercising.)

The recipes are designed with multiple purposes: low glycemic index, good fats (that help you burn fats), lower calories, and optimal hormonal levels (leptin levels) for optimal fat loss. You will learn how to cook all over again.

One final point: you will learn how to cheat. On diets, we all cheat. This plan will give you healthy options for cheating.


Once you've purchased the program you will get a link to special pages just for you where you can share your experiences, find additional tips and tricks to lose weight, and get updates to anything I find that should go into future printings of this book. This area is also where you can ask questions and find answers. Though we will tell you about new products we've discovered for weight loss and where to get them, we'll never ask you to buy another thing. This is your area, free.


"I just wanted to write a quick note. I am on my second week of your diet and it is going great. I was worried about the fasting days, because I love to eat, but they went great. I was very satisfied with the lemonade and drank iced tea also. I'm going through a lot of lemons, the kids are going crazy for the lemonade to. I was surprised that the first day I started to feel hungry was smoothie and veggie day! I feel full faster, so I'm eating a lot less. I lost 5 lbs my first week. Thank you for writing this diet, I believe it will work for me."  Beth T

More Testimonials


This is from a person who wishes to remain anonymous. They are photos of his digital scale. The photo on the left was taken the first day of the diet; the photo on the right was taken one week later.

These results are not common, but the person who took these photos is not common. This person took the diet plan very seriously:

Day 1 ─ Four sessions of intense exercise with some rebounding (small trampoline) while watching TV.

Day 2  ─ Three sessions of intense exercise with rebounding.

Day 3 ─ Three sessions of intense exercise with rebounding and two walks after meals.

Every day started with qigong and at least 15 minutes of exercise. Meals were followed by a walk. The evening news was watched from the rebounder. This person even cheated in the evenings, on almonds and green bananas.

* * *

"I can't believe how healthy I am! I went to my doctor and my numbers are perfect! My blood sugar is normal and my blood pressure was perfect. I lost 28 pounds in 4 weeks and my doctor says my diabetes looks like its under control. You are so right. After I get to my target weight, I'm going to modify this program to keep my blood sugar under control. You have made it so SIMPLE!" Mary B  



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