Destined to be a Collector's Item

Reprieve and Other Shorts
by David Bonello

The editor and author of this site is selling a complete collection of his short stories in a handmade book with a wooden cover.

Only 100 copies will be made, each one numbered.

The book will be handmade by Kristina Peterson, who will make you the cover of your choice; any simple design or the title of the collection, wood burned (in calligraphy): Reprieve and Other Shorts. You may check out her work at

Actual book will be (approx) 6" X 9"

Inside you will find YOUR name on the third page; a dedication to you and signed with my illegible signature. (See example on the right.) 

Each book is numbered (1 of 100, 2 of 100, 3 of 100, etc).

And then you will be regaled with 15 stories guaranteed to whack you upside the head. Every one of them (except for the most recent; last three) has been published in literary magazines and journals; most of those have won awards; and in my 40 years of writing I've amassed about $400.00. (And my mother told me writers never prosper!)

Most of these were a part of my master's thesis, which was judged to be ahead of its time by the reviewers/professors who all agreed that each was a an exhilarating experiment in prose with a poetic flare.

For a hint, a taste, a preview of this book, CLICK HERE.

Each book sells for $300.00 and will be shipped free to a good home.

To get the lowest number (every collector knows you want to get one of the first ten in any set), you'd better hurry.

Currently Selling: Number 7 of 100

Collectors Edition of Reprieve and Other Shorts with Free Shipping

Images of this collector's item:

Here is one wood burning image.

This is one I requested; a cone flower.

As you can see, all hand sewn.

The dedication page.

Copyright and title pages.

The title story; hand sewn.

If you would like Kristina to make you a different cover, that's up to you. You can visit her site: and even choose from something there.

About Our Mission (and why we are fundraising):

Our organization has been on the web for over 20 years. At last count, this site consists of nearly 2 million words. We are non-paid volunteers. None of us who have worked here have profited a single cent. We have helped thousands of people, many of whom have written us, thanking us for saving their lives, and we are still thousands of dollars in debt, stemming from a frivolous lawsuit that cost us over $30,000.00 in court.

The reason for the lawsuit: We scooped the nation and published a story about a man who was selling a fake cancer cure pure fraud and raking in half a million dollars a month. He sued us for defamation of character. When the Feds got through with him, he was convicted on 18 felony accounts. And we still had to pay our attorneys to represent us in this case.  

Our Foundation FACT: Many of you know we've formed a foundation to help get Dr Sam Chachoua's therapy to people who need it. We cannot do a thing (print brochures, create its own website, etc.) without cash flow and our credit cards are maxed out. This is why we are fundraising.

If you cannot afford this collector's edition of Reprieve and Other Shorts, we have other options for you that aren't quite as spendy. Go here: Hand Made Books.

The author now makes hardcover versions of this book, the second printing, and they too are available here:
Hardcover Handmade Book